Monday, June 20, 2011

Target - YAY Cheap Qtips! - Happy Anniversary Honey!

YAY! Ok, as a couponer, I have learned (and taught) that you cannot be brand loyal if you want to really really save. Well, that mentality only goes so far, especially when you have a non-couponing spouse.
One item my husband refuses to compromise on are his cotton swabs! NOTHING, I mean NOTHING can replace Q-tips and if I do not bring him home Qtips, he would actually go out to the store and buy them himself FULL PRICE (GASP!)
Well, as you may know, Q-tip coupons do not come out too often and deals on Q-tips are also rare indeed.  You have to imagine my excitement today when I was told by a coupon buddy that I needed to look at the Target ad (THANKS IMM <3 ).

This week, Target has a deal on select Dove or Q-tip products.  When you purchase 4 participating items in a single transaction, you get a $5 Target gift card.  All the Q-tips along the wall at my Target were clearly marked for this promotion so naturally I grabbed the cheapest ones to optimize my savings.  These 170 count Q-Tips were $1.89 each.
4 x $1.89 = $7.56 - $5 gift card = $2.56 + tax* = $2.77 or just .69 each!

What is even better is I used my earned $5 ShopKick Target gift card to pay part of it so really really cheap deal since that was FREE!  (read my write up on Shopkick here)

*For you Tx readers, I noticed something cool with taxes.  It seems the gift card reduced my taxes on this order.  My taxable amount was only $2.56 NOT the full $7.56.  That's cool!

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Kari said...

Your husband, too? I thought my husband was the only one brand loyal to Q-tips...and yes, he would go buy them at full price without batting an eye! (Mega gasp!!)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

lol Kari, my dh has it bad. Once I brought home J&J swabs thinking he just wanted A name brand, not generic!!! WELL I had to use the rest of those because he HATED them!

Kristin said...

Very timely! I'm out of cheap q-tips. :D

Charitykc said...

I went to Target on Fry and I-10 and I couldn't find that size. I'd like to find those. Help/Suggestions??? Thank you for your post and help in advance!

Reagan said...

LOL just had this same discussion at the class I taught last night! My hubby won't let me bring home any peanut butter except JIF!

Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

The week of 07/02 at CVS they will have a good deal on Q-tips, almost as cheap as Target. Cheaper if you have a $/$$ coupon plus you can use your CVS money (ECB's) & save your "real money" for something else!!

judi42mil said...

Im not sure where to put this. I was in the Target on Westheimer Pkwy in Katy. The Mngr (Delores) refused to take my internet printed coupons. She said mfr. coupons has to be out of the paper. Besides not taking them she was so rde to msh I knew where to report her. Is this true?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

judi, that manager was misinformed. Their policy clearly states they take ip's as long as they are not for free items

also, their website has printables that are manuf coupons. I would contact corporate

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