Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Money maker on Yet MORE Cereal - Safeway (Randall's)

Well, if you have not figured it out yet, right now is a GREAT time to be stocking up on cereal for the year. If you are STILL looking for some cereal to load your cabinets (or just to donate), maybe you would like a few (dozen) boxes of Crispix?

This again incorporates a few deals combined to make a stellar steal of a deal.

1. Randalls has a sale making Crispix $1.99 a box when you purchase 4 or more in a single transction.

2. Crispix is a participating cereal for this $10 rebate I have mentioned before (you need 10 participating upcs per rebate, limit 5 rebates per household).

3. Specially marked boxes of Crispix (pictured above) qualify for the codes for a $5 gas card (you need 4 codes per $5 gas card, limit 30 codes PER PERSON-not household!)

So, being the math nut, I will just say the least common multiple of 4, 4 and 10 is 20. (now you certainly don't have to buy 20 boxes, but 20 boxes will use up ALL your UPCs and ALL your codes perfectly, and the transaction will look like this)

20 boxes Crispix @ 1.99 = $39.80
-6 $1/3 insert 6-5 RP
= $33.80 paid at the register
20 codes qualify you for 5 $5 gas cards = -$25
20 upcs qualify you for 2 $10 rebates = -$20

So $33.80 - $25 - $20 = Profit of $11.20!

If you don't want to go extreme:
10 boxes Crispix @ 1.99 = $19.90
-3 $1/3 insert 6-5 RP
= $16.90 paid at the register

10 codes qualify you for 2 $5 gas cards(with 2 codes to spare) = -$10
10 upcs qualify you for 1 $10 rebates = -$10

So $16.90 - $10 - $10 = Profit of $3.10!

*Note - I am not to blame if employees and other shoppers look at you funny for buying 10 boxes of cereal at a time!  Also, if you choose to go REALLY extreme and do 30, please speak with your store about ordering some for you.  I went today and had the store order for me.

While there, I found a few clearance finds I will post in a separate post :)  Overall a good shopping day.

And NO worries, this ends NEXT Tuesday NOT today :)

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Tammy said...

AWESOME! This is what I am trying to learn to do.. Stock-Pile! :) I just have one question: If your using the UPC codes for two seperate rebates how are you able to send one code to the two seperate places? Thanks!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Tammy the first rebate requires the upc, the second requires a unique code printed inside the box, so this turns into a double dip deal

Kristin said...

Stephanie, any tips/tricks for getting your store to order for you?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for all the great deals...you just know how to do it right!

I'm so happy I got my Crispix!! :)
and I will be happier when I get my GC in the mail.


Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Kristin, there was no trick, I just asked the stocker if they had more Crispix in the back and he said no but I would be happy to order some. I said, well I want 30, so he said, I will order 2 cases for you and then more for the shelf, they will be here tomorrow! Super easy, nothing special, just asked :)

GlennJ said...

Stephanie - I have not yet rechecked the promo website (will here in a bit), but I believe the Cars 2 promo (4 codes -> $5 gift card) ends tomorrow (6/30). So while the sale may not end until Tuesday, there isn't much time left to get the "double-dip" savings!!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

GlennJ, you are partially correct. The Cars 2 promo does end on 6/30 HOWEVER it ends in 2012 not 2011 so still plenty of time to double dip on this :)

GlennJ said...

Never mind about the Cars 2 promo - the date on the website is June 30, **2012** ! Sorry about that!

GlennJ said...

Thanks for catching my mistake!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

:) GlennJ I hope I didn't come across rude(seems sometimes I do without realizing it)
I know I make tons of mistakes and you had me do a double take myself because I don't want to have readers be out that much money and find a deal dead :(

GlennJ said...

Not rude at all!

The reason I had posted without double-checking FIRST [which in retrospect would have saved us all some time ;) ] was because I had misread the date the very first time I used the promo and marked it on my calendar as such - so I wasn't just going by memory.

And again, thanks for catching that mistake so quickly!

Kristin said...

Hmmmm. Maybe I'll try the one that's a little further out. Thanks! I hate that Pasadena doesn't have a Randalls.

katychick said...

Hmmm-what would my husband say :)

Kim said...

Have you ever ordered the promo items & have yours come in without the promo on it. The reason I ask is because I would like to do the 30 crispix too but I did the last randalls promo with the movie tickets & some of the cereal boxes (same cereals) had the cars2 promo & some didn't I wouldn't want the 30 boxes if the boxes didn't have the cars promo, do you think maybe the ones without the promo were older boxes. Just wondering how you would handle a situation like that. Btw love your site, thanks for all the good deals :)

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Kim, they had a few boxes on the shelf with the code and 2 without. The ones without the codes had a best by date of Dec 2011 and the ones with the codes are dated March 2012. Using this, I am hoping the warehouse has a first in first out policy and thus my order should have all coded boxes.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is the promo on other cereals or just crispex? I'm really wanting to try this deal in the next few days. Thank you for all you do!!!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon crispix and rice krispies are the only two cereals that work for both the 10 rebate and the 5 gas cards promo. There are however other cereals on sale for 1.99 that have the car codes and some cereals are 1.99 with no codes.

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