Sunday, June 12, 2011

Randalls(Safeway) Gift Card deal - Earn $10 OYNSO

Currently Randalls has a gift card deal that I overlooked (6/6-6/19/11. When you purchase a participating $50 gift card, you will earn a $10 oynso catalina. The particpating cards are Kohls, Nike, Lowe's, JcPenny and Itunes(?). This promotion is in the ad and is a good deal if you're already planning on spending money at these locations. Courntey sent me her picture of her shop. She was already planning on spending money at Lowe's so she took a detour to Randall's first. This do need to be done in separate transactions and the catalinas expire 7 days from date of issue.

Thanks Courtney for the reminder, seems we are gonna stuff at Lowe's too, so this is a good deal!

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qrazyguy said...

I have been thinking of doing this. Also the $50 purchase will qualify for you a .10/gal discount at a Randall's fuel station (screw you Kroger!)

Also if you have a Discover card right now they are giving %5 cash back on grocery store purchases for the month of June (you have to sign up for it online) so use it to pay and get another $2.50 cash back :-)

qrazyguy said...

Well, I take it back, I may be wrong about the gas discount, gift card purchases possibly won't count toward the $50 threshhold, sorry about that :-)

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