Monday, June 6, 2011

An Innocent Survey of My Readers - if you don't mind

This survey is just for my own personal viewing and reviewing.
Readers if you would not mind filling this out at your convenience*, I would appreciate your contribution. This blog is privately run and all comments and surveys are personally read by me eventually.

(Be assured no one will see these responses but me- but please be constructive in your criticism, I DO have feelings)

*just want to add I personally HATE the word convenience or all derivatives! This word is a personally road block in my head and if it was not for spell check being smarter then me and reminding me it was spelled wrong I would get it wrong EVERY TIME! Why is this word such a road block for me?????

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.    
See my disclosure statement here.


Anonymous said...

You left out 0 in the kids question. Hope I get to keep reading even though I don't have any kids. ;-)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, I put how many (if any) assuming if someone had no kids they would leave blank :P Hmmm, might have to block you from reading my blog now for giving me a hard time ;P

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