Sunday, December 16, 2018

HEB Run with Digital Coupons and Piggybacking

I noticed quite a few really great digital coupons from HEB and noticed several might actually piggyback which is 100% approved by HEB coupon policy.                                                            
So with a little prep work at home I had a rough idea of what I was shopping for in order to optimize my outcome and everything worked PERFECTLY.

I got everything pictured above for just $18.50 after HEB digitals, 1 paper coupon and ibotta

Here is my deal breakdown:
Charmin Essentials toilet paper 24 roll $10.97 x 2 = $21.94
HEB allergy tablets $2.96
HEB shredded cheese $1.69
HEB bake shop bagels $1.49
Meal Simple Coconut Shrimp $3.14
L'oreal EverFresh conditioner clearanced $4.49
Carefree original liners $2.64
Stayfree Maxi Pads $2.53
Crest Kids Sparkle Fun $1.97
Promised Land 12 oz milk $1.24 x 2 = $2.48
Central Market Organic milk gal $5.48
Total before any coupons: $50.81

And here are the coupons that came off:
$5 off your basket when you spend $50 or more
$3 off your basket when you spend $30 or more
$5 off your basket when you spend $20 or more on HH cleaners, paper products and/or laundry
$2 off your basket when you spend $2 on cold, allergy or sinus medicine
$1 off your basket when you spend $1 on packaged cheese
$1 off your basket when you spend $1 on bread, bagels, buns or English muffins
$3 off your basket when you spend $3 on HEB Meal Simple
$1 off your basket when you spend $1 on hair care
$2 off your basket when you spend $8 on hair care, oral care or feminine products
(items highlighted above in red it was I used for this coupon to come off)
$1 off Charmin 4 ct or larger
$0.50 off Kids Crest toothpaste 4.2 oz+
$1.50/2 Promised Land 12 oz 
$0.75 Promised Land 12 oz (I had two 1.50/2 digitals loaded but not sure why the second one even came off and at half value?)
$1 L'oreal Paris homemailer (this was the only paper coupon I used and since the ones above used for hair are all basket offers, this is allowed per HEB policy)

I paid $23.60 at register and am redeemning for $5.10 back from ibotta:
$1.25 Carefree offer
$1.25 Stayfree offer 
$0.25 Any pads offer
$0.24 Any Organic milk 1/2 gal or larger
$2.10 L'oreal Ever offer

As you can see I had two cart purchase $ value coupons stack together ($5/50 and $3/30 with a $50 purchase)
As well as the shampoo applying for the $2/8, $1 off hair care and still allowing a manuf. coupon

Happy Shopping and good luck!  If you don't already have an HEB digital account, you should certainly consider getting one.  
If you don't already have an ibotta account, I would certainly recommend one of those as well.  Every penny saved adds up.

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