Thursday, June 9, 2011

Even More Meat Winetags!!!!!!! WOW!

I didn't really have to be anywhere in particular at lunch today so I stopped into Kroger to look for new tearpads. Instead I found meat tags galore!

On the Ravenswood Zin (one of my personal faves I might add), was the following:
Save $2 now off fresh pork ribs.  Min $4 fresh pork ribs purchase required.  expires 8-15-11

Next, I found the one pictured above.  It reads as follows:
Save $3 now on beef (min $10 beef purchase required) wyb A1 Steak Sauce (10oz or larger) expires 7-30-11
Then, on the meat counter, I found this pork coupon which reads:
$1 off any purchase of fresh pork Expires 6-30-11

Wow! All in all a GREAT stroll through the store today.
(these were all found at the Kroger on Sweet Water.

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Brittany said...

I've also found the $1 off any pork. Yesterday I was able to find 2 packages of fresh ground pork at Kroger, roughly 1 lb packages which ended up costing .95-.97 per package after Q's.

Erin said...

Sutter Home wine has coupons on them also. Just got some from HEB. It includes .75 for Tabasco, 1 off Kings Sandwich buns, .55 off California Dairy, 2 off Colavita Olive Oil, 1 off Bic lighter, 1 off Renyonld wrap, .55 off California Avocados. :)

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