Coupon Lingo

Learning how to be an "extreme" couponer is similar to learning how to text, there is a whole new set of lingo and acronyms you will see used.  Here is a list of the more common ones you will see quite often on this and other savings blogs and coupon boards
General coupon terms(alphabetically)
BLINKIE - coupons found in those little red boxes next to products at grocery/drugs stores (you've seen them, they hang off the shelves and used to have lights that flashed hence the name blinkies)
BOGO or B1G1 - buy one get one
BTFE - box top for education, worth money to schools, find more info here
CAT/CATALINA- coupons given to you at the register with your receipt
CRT - cash register tape or receipt from store (you typically need to submit these for rebates)
ECOUPONS/EQs/LOADABLE - electronic coupons you can load to your grocery loyalty cards(there are currently several distributors of these)
   CELLFIRE/CF - cellfire
   PGESAVER/PGE - Proctor and Gamble esaver
   SHORTCUTS/SC - shortcuts
   UPROMISE - upromise
HOMEMAILER/HM- coupons sent via snail mail
IMO- in my opinion
INSERT- coupons found in the Sunday paper.  There are 4 distributors of these as listed below
   GM - General Mills
   PG - proctor and gamble
   RP - Red Plum
   SS - SmartSource
  *When you see a listing for an insert coupon it will look something like this "12-31 RP" This means it 
    was in the Red Plum insert on Dec. 31st.
IP- internet printed coupon
MC/MANQ/MFG - manufacturer coupon
MM - money maker deal(you end up getting back more than you pay)
MIR - mail in rebate
OOP - out of pocket (how much you have to pay at register)
OYNSO- on your next shopping order (coupon that can be used for subsuquent transactions)
PEELIE - coupons found on actual product that you peel off
RAIN CHECK- slip of paper given at store to guarantee sale price after sale period
TEARPAD - coupons found on displays at stores
TIA- thanks in advance
TQ - Target store coupon
TMF- try me free rebate
UPC- bar code that is scanned at the register(you typically need to include these in rebate)
WYB - When you buy
WT/WINE TAG- coupons found around the neck of wine bottles
YMMV- your mileage/manager may vary(what works in one store might not work in another)
RR - register rewards(Wags version of oynso catalinas)
7day coupon- store coupons found in the weekly Wags ad
IVC - store coupons found in monthly coupon book(usually at the front of the store with the ads)
WAGS - Walgreens
ECB/ECBS- Extra care bucks(CVS version of oynso catalinas)
CRT - store coupons that print on your receipt

YQ - yellow coupon, in store coupons unique to HEB

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