Friday, April 30, 2010

Printables Should Reset Tommorrow!

It is officially the last day of the month, so if there is a coupon out there to print, get to printing it today!, Smartsource and RedPlum will most likely all reset tommorrow and that means 3 things:
1. Some coupons you will be able to get 4 copies of per computer if you print today and they reset those
2. Some coupons will go away today and won't be available to print tommorrow
3. Some NEW coupons should appear that we will be able to print.

Tommorrow, the following sites might also reset
Betty Crocker
Box Tops For Education

I want to apologize again for my lack of shopping posts, but I have been taking a breather this week and have a FULL shopping schedule lined up this weekend. Hopefully, my husband allows me to do it and I will be back to posting the HOT deals I find.

Also, don't forget to head to
tommorrow to load up on the new coupons that should be up!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baskin Robbins 31c Scoop Night TONIGHT

Sorry for the late post, just have my head in the clouds this week:
TONIGHT is 31c scoop night at Baskin Robbins. From 5-10pm you can pick your favorite ice cream flavor and pay just 31c.Join us for 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins and help us honor America’s firefighters with a $100,000 donation to the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC)National Junior Firefighter Program.Participating stores will reduce prices of small ice cream scoops to 31 cents*. At some locations, you may also have an opportunity to make a donation to local fire charities.To find a store near you, go here.

Disney Movie Rewards - Free 25 points and an important Update

Here is a code for 25 free points to Disney Movie Rewards: FPSNN83JX9

Thanks Erin.

Also, a special update for those of you that get the monthly email newsletter. Do NOT delete these emails before scrolling to the bottom for your free 5 points. In the past, Disney just posted the code on the bottom of the emails so they could be found all over the blogosphere. Well, I guess Disney didn't like that much because I noticed my last newsletter did not have a code, but rather a unique link embedded for me to redeem my 5 points.

So, if you want your 5 free points monthly, READ the bottom of the newsletter and click on your unique link.

How many points do you have and what are you saving up to get? Don't forget you can redeem your movie ticket stubs for select movies. AND they offer this online now with the use of a digital camara, so you have nothing to mail in!!!!! I am still waiting on them to approve my submission of my tickets for Alice in Wonderland.(keep your stubs until you get approval just in case there is an issue)

Shopping deals around town

Sorry for my lack of posts again this week. Been super tired and we have had company in town, so not much time to take pics, post transactions etc.
So, instead, I want to use this post to tell you about the sales I do know about! I have done some of these and others I have not and cannot confirm working or not.
I typically don't like just giving matchups and deals since so many blogs already do that. And I really don't like posting deals I have not confirmed myself since they may not work for locals. BUT, since I have not had time to post, I am gonna do it anyway(at least this once!)

So here goes

Airwick Freshmatic compact $3.99 - $4 insert 4-25 SS = FREE *not confirmed by me, so not sure if coupon beeps or not

Benadryl $4.49-$4.99 Purchase 2 - $5/2 insert 4-11 RP = 3.98-$4.98 Earn $5 RR *as of Sunday, the $5 was not printing, I am hearing rumors it is no, so do this at your own risk

Stayfree maxi pads 16 or 24 count only $2.99 - $2 insert 3-28RP = .99 Earns $2 RR -Confirmed!

Plackers Flossers 90ct $2 - .50 insert 4-18RP Earns $2 RR - confirmed but watch to make sure it rings $2 and not $2.99 as some are ringing incorrectly

Clio Beautytrim hair trimmer $4.99 Earns $4.99 RR - look in cosmetics for a tray as well as on the shelf - I have yet to find any but I did find an empty tray at one store :(

2 Reach toothbrush $3.99 each - bogo 1-3 RP - $1 3/7RP - $4 in ad coupon= OVERAGE

Skintimate Shave cream(a new bottle, not the regular ones) $2.99, Earns $3 RR - some magazines also had coupons for this like Cosmo(thanks greenie!)

Schick Quattro Titanium 3 count mens disposables $5.99 - $4 insert 4-25 SS Earns $3 RR and $1 RR *might be a glitch? but I confirmed it yesterday to be working

Hallmark Greeting cards: Purchase 8 receive $5 RR. This appears to be working on the .49 greeting cards if you can find them. I cannot, so cannot confirm

I will add other stores as time allows (shhhh! I am at work, lol)

Free Jack In the Box Deli Trio with any Purchase

I want to start out by saying sorry to all my readers in Austin, TX, Beaumont/Pt. Arthur, TX, Boise, ID, Lake Charles, LA, Seattle, WA, Tulsa, OK, Twin Falls, ID, Waco, TX, and Yakima, WA, because for some reason, this offer is not valid there :(

For everyone else, just go here to print your coupon and head to Jack in the Box to get a free sandwich just by purchasing ANYTHING on the menu. Coupon is good through Sunday. ENJOY!

Thank you Merecedes V for the heads up!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contest for Kroger shoppers - Win a Shutterfly Photo book!

Do you want to win a free Shutterfly 7x9 Photo booklet from me? (code for free book and I will provide the cost of shipping)
If so, head over to HCW to enter a contest I am hosting. This is open to ALL Kroger shoppers(or family of Kroger stores). Submit your entries on the contest post only, email entries and comments left on this blog are not acceptable forms of entry.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Good dog deals at Safeway! Maybe some cat finds too....STAY TUNED

I had a rough day at work today pretending to be an accountant(ok, maybe not but meetings today exhausted me).

So, I am just going to highlight items at Randalls(Safeway) I found tonight that I don't think I blogged about before.

Pup peroni dog treats on sale for $3 each - $4 worth of shortcuts loadables(got a new one in my account today!) - 2 $1 IP's

check your shortcuts and maybe these will be free for you too! Thanks SallyAnn for the heads up!

Green Giant canned veggies .69 each - 2 $1/3 cellfire loadables = .07 for 3 cans!

Mighty Dog canned food .65 each

Catalina deal buy 6 get $1, buy 12 get $2, buy 24 get $3(24 is the WORSE OPTION-DON"T DO IT!!!!!)

I purchased 12 @ .65 each

- 2 $3/5 insert 3-28 SS

-2 free insert 3-28SS(cashier took off .70 instead of .65)

- 2 .70 loadables (don't ask me why two came off, I loaded ALL the new pet coupons and noticed 2 .70 deductions instead of 1 $1 deduction)

= $1.20 oop

Earned the $2 so .80 profit on dog food and my friend will be more than happy to take it off my hands for her rescued doggies :)

I can't print most coupons at work, so didn't get a chance to try these, but there is a $1 loadable for Purina cat treats and there is a $1 IP here grr (print limit reached and I didn't get any either)! I noticed some for 2/$3.50 today so $1.75 each.
edit, there is a bogo in 1-21 SS that has potential. There are also several other pet loadables you should load just in case.

Potential .25 overage but I will try to check for sure tommorrow(if work allows!)

Have you gotten your FREE Fig Newtons yet?

I love Fig Newtons, but I don't like paying the price for them and they don't often come out with coupons. Well, I was excited to find out they are offering a $1 off coupon on Facebook and this week, CVS has the 8 oz boxes for just $1 so 100% FREE. I got 4 boxes, but I must admit the girls and I made a good dent in them on the way home so only 3 boxes made it to the picture, lol.

Just go here to "like" Newtons and you can print your own coupons(limit 2 per person per computer- I used my dh's account too, lol)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cvs Quick Run for NY cosmetics

My friend told me earlier in the week I could get free NYC cosmetics items at CVS but I just had not made the time to get out to one. Well, I was out on another errand and was near a CVS so I stopped in not really expecting them to still have inventory. I was WRONG!!!!! They were fully stocked and even after I left there was still TONS of stuff.

Anyway, about the NYC, they are b1g1 FREE this week(ends tonight) and we got $1 off coupons in last weekends Red Plum insert. Since CVS takes 2 coupons on bogo, as long as you get an item priced between $1.72(to match the wording on the coupon) and $2, they will ALL be FREE.

I got 36 different items of NYC cosmetics including
Nail Polish
Duel eyeliner pencils
2 pack eyeliner pencils
Liquid Eyeliner
Lengthening Mascara
Cover Sticks
Liquid Lip shine

I also picked up some Emeralds nut snacks 12/$10 with $2/2 tearpads I have still from Randalls. I was also mailed a new CVS card with a $5/$30 purchase on it and they said once I used it, all my info would transfer over and it DID! Yay, my old keychain card was on its last leg(I actually have it taped to an old Albertson card since it lost all its laminate and is very flimsy)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Nortons Internet Security/Utilities Bundle Free After Rebates

Just got my weekly email from and saw this bundle pack is free after 2 mail in rebates* through April 29th. is also allowing FREE shipping, so this is a GREAT deal for those that need to update their internet security. This is good for 3 computers.

On price cut for $70, you can mail in for a $45 rebate simply with proof of purchase.
There is a second rebate of $25 for those with proof of ANY previous ownership of a stand-alone or pre-loaded version of any Norton or Symantec software or another company’s antivirus, firewall, antispam, antispyware, utility, or back up software product.
After both rebates, you will basically be out the tax and the cost of your stamps!
Limit 1 rebate per household.

Mens Rockport Deckside Mens shoes for under $10!

Unfortunately for me, my husband informed me he doesn't like these, but this a really great price for those that have husbands that are not as finicky about their shoes, lol.

They are only selling size 8-13 in Mens and they will not be avaiable for shipping until May 16.
Shipping comes up at $5.99(at least for me) for a final price of $8.23 for these shoes. Hmm, I wonder if my dad will wear them? I could order for fathers day gift.

Thanks Sd for the heads up

GREAT Brookshire Brothers Printables

I don't post many Brookshire Brothers deals because I don't get their ad and they are really not located close enough for me. However, I was forwarded these coupons and want to post for my readers that do have a store close by.

Between now and Tuesday, you can get a free O Organic 6 oz yogurt cup (limit one coupon per customer) and a free Marcal Small Steps 4 count toilet paper(must make an additional $10 purchase to use this one)

Thanks TexasCouponers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good deal on Stouffer's Family Entrees!

Right now Stouffer's has a wonderful coupon for their facebook fans.
You get a choice between coupons, but if you choose the Entree coupon, it is for $2.50 off any Stouffer's Family Size Entree. Normally these sale for $7+ at Kroger, but right now they have them on sell for only $3.99. So after coupon, just $1.49 for a family size entree for any meal. Great for those nights I just don't feel like actually cooking!
While you are at Kroger, you might want to scout out the organic department, especially if you like Annie's mac and cheese. I saw a sign at one store advertising it for 3/$1. I am assuming they are trying to deplete overstock from the last mega deal, so it is possible to find it cheaper at some stores.

Dog food overage to pay for my cat food at Petsmart

I don't have a dog, but if they pay me to buy dog food, I will buy it. I have family members with dogs, so it certainly does not go to waste.
Currently, there is a $3 off ANY SIZE insert coupon for Purina Beneful dog food in the 3-21 SS. Petsmart sells a trial size for .99(found on clip strips around the store) so:
I purchased 10 @ .99 each = $9.90
1 Science Diet cat food $27.99 (with Pet Perks card)
-9 $3 Beneful coupons (I gave him 10, but he missed one)
Tax = .90
Cost oop : $11.79 for 17.5 lbs of cat food!

Thanks to HCW for the heads up!

Sunday Coupon Preview -

Normally I like to use the Sunday Coupon preview but I was a bit disappointed to see it is not posted yet for this week.

Well, I stumbled upon a really good preview at WeUseCoupons.
Just click the link, then in the pull down menu, select Coupon Resources and Coupon Preview, then you will be able to see the next few weeks previews.

Also, for those of you living in Houston, I have some great news from one of my readers. Stephanie D had this information to share with us:
I was able to buy the Saturday paper with the Sunday inserts at the 99 cent only store. They are $1.50 now but that is better than the $2 I've been paying!
Thank you Stephanie, I am sure you have made other readers very very happy

Edit: I have had several readers remind me you can also order the Sunday only paper directly from the Chronicle for just $1.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Good Deals at Safeway

I can't help visiting Randalls everytime we get new loadable coupons. I never know what they are gonna give me free or pay me to take home. This is just a random sampling of some of the deals you should be able to find at your store too. I know many people prefer pictures over just straight matchups, because then you have a visual image of what exactly the item you are searching for looks like.
These items have been purchased over the course of 2 days on two different Randalls cards along with other items not pictured that I picked up to cover overages or a shortage at my home. Hopefully this will help you plan a successful trip to your local Safeway (Randalls, Tom Thumb)

Yoplait Delights yogurt on sale for $2.50
- $1 cellfire and/or shortcuts
- $1 3-21 SS
(look in your reduced bins, I found one 50% off so got paid to take it out of store with 1 loadable and 1 insert)

Bisquick $2.89
-.75 cellfire
-.60 shortcuts
-$1 insert 3-28 SS
(I had two cellfire loadables so got paid a little to take Bisquick out of the store)

Cascadian Farms cereal $3.29
-2 $1 cellfire
-$1 IP
(I purchased 1 @ .29 but heard there is a $2 oynso cat deal if you buy 2, so with 2 IPs and after cat, you can get two for .29 each)

Green Giant canned veggies .69 each
-2 $1/3 cellfire
= .07 for 3 cans of veggies (who says there are not coupons for healthy food!)

Windex multi purpose cleaners $1.99 wyb at least 3(marked at $3.50 each on the shelf)
-$1 insert 3-21 SS or $1 IP
Earn $2 catalina per two you buy
Purchase in groups of 2 with a minimum of 4 at a time

Kraft cheese promotion Buy 5 get $5 off instantly
I purchased 4 cream cheese .49 each after discount
1 Kraft cheese singles $1.99 after discount
-$1 booklet coupon for singles(found these in a sandwich booklet near the meat dept at Randalls)
-.40/2 booklet coupon for cream cheese (1 doubled- found these on a jello display at Randalls)
=$1.75 for 5 cheeses
(there are rumors around the blogosphere that the minis are included and there are .55 blinkies, but the store I shopped at does not sale the minis at all, so I could not confirm this for my area)

Not pictured (too lazy to go outside to pull from freezer)
Delimex 60 count taquitos on sale for $9.99
-$3 in ad Randalls store coupon(with $10 purchase)
-2 $3 shortcuts coupons
-$2 insert 4-11SS
=-$1.01 (dh was excited that I finally brought home taquitos again, I was excited they almost paid for my cheese!)

YMMV as this was a clearance GREAT deal
3 Ziploc freezer bags $4.49 each with 50% off stickers(because the boxes were beat up)
1 Ziploc freezer bags $4.49 no sticker
Purchase at least 3 and they ring up $2.49 each instead, but NOT before the 50% price takes off from 4.49
This is confusing but it looked like this

4 @ 2.49 each = 9.96
-3 x $2.25 for the 3 50% stickers = -6.75
-.50 Kroger Jewish calendar coupon doubled(manuf coupon) = -$1
-.40 insert doubled 3-21 SS = -.80
-$1/2 insert 3-21 SS = -$1
=.41 OOP
BUT there is a cat deal that when you buy 4 freezer bags you get $2 oynso
so they paid me $1.59 to take 4 boxes out of the store
*IT PAYS to check those clearance racks!!!!

Other deals I know about, but I don't have the loadables to make them free
Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker potatoes are .99 when you buy 4(mix and match) in one transaction
If you have enough loadables, you can possibly make these free or profit
Don't forget to print coupons to help(check my left column for betty crocker and boxtops website)

Green Giant boxed vegetables $1.67 each
-.50/2 cellfire
-.50/2 shortcuts
-.50/2 IP
= varies!

Free Safeway reusable shopping bag with in ad coupon and $40 purchase(these are nice bags and I have been able to get several when presenting coupon first!)

Does anyone see anything I am missing?

Thanks goes to SD for the Delimex deal and the Windex cat info

Edit to add contributions made by my readers:
Pepsi or 7-up 2 liter, $.69
-Use .25/1 hangtag
Total: FREE or .06 MM

Skinner Pasta, $.79
-Use $.50/1 peelie
Total: FREE or .21 MM
Thanks to Shawn M

Pup_peroni dog treats $3
-$2/2 shortcuts (possible multiples)
-$1 shortcuts
-$1 IP
Total: varies based on how many loadables you have
Thanks to Sallyann

Samples that hopefully will NOT get lost in the mail

Do you ever wonder if your samples you order sometimes get lost in the mail? Well, seeing as this one is coming from the US Postal Service, let's hope there is 100% delivery success. Just go here and see if you qualify and sign up to receive a Sample box in May!
Hmm, do you think they can say "not responsible for lost or misdirected mail?" lol

Edit: I think I fixed the link, sorry about that

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

P&G Money Maker deal at Safeway!!!!!!!! YMMV

I was at Randalls and saw the Gillette Fusion manual razors marked 50% off clearance sale.
Well, since I knew they were part of the P&G Spend $25 get $10 catalina deal, I decided to purchase them and give it a try.
3 Gillette Fusion razors $10.99 each - $5.50 each 50% sticker - $4 P&G insert = $4.47
Tax: .37
Cost oop: $4.84 AND it printed the $10 OYNSO
$5 MONEY MAKER!!!!!!!
Good luck with the search for these at your store.

Safeway Earth Day Savings x 2

I already told you about the GREAT Earthday savings coupons cellfire has to offer in this blog post.

Well, I hope you listened and added those coupons, because last night Cellfire reset and guess what? Those coupons are available AGAIN!!!!!!

That means you should have 2 sets of many of these coupons on your card now! I know I have Randalls on my shopping list today
Here is the complete list of coupons made available today on cellfire
Safeway Stores Earth Day Promotion
(Only available for redemption at Safeway stores)
$.55 2-liter bottle of Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale (regular or diet)
$1 KRAFT Mayo or MIRACLE WHIP Dressing (22 oz or larger)
$1/2 OSCAR MAYER LUNCHABLES Lunch Combinations
$1/2 NABISCO 100 Calorie Packs Cookies or Crackers (48 - 68 oz)
$2 MAXWELL HOUSE or YUBAN Coffee (30 oz or larger)
$1/2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables
$1 Cascadian Farm Cereal
$1/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars
$1/2 Original Cheerios cereal (the one in the yellow box)
$1/3 Green Giant Canned Vegetables
$1 Cascadian Farm Frozen Vegetables OR Frozen Fruit
$1/2 any flavor/variety LARABAR Bars
$1/2 SunChips multigrain snacks (105oz)
Safeway Only Mother’s Day Special
$1/2 17.5 Oz+ Betty Crocker Cookie Mix AND ONE TUB any flavor/variety Betty Crocker Frosting
$.75 any flavor/variety Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mixes
$.50 any flavor Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes
$1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls OR Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis Bowls
$.75 20 Oz+ Original Bisquick OR Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix, OR 10.6 OZ Bisquick Shake n Pour Pancake Mix

Kroger & Safeway & ShopRite Stores
$.50/2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables
$.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals
$.55 Original Cheerios cereal (the one in the yellow box)
$.55 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
$.40 any flavor Box or Pouch Betty Crocker Potatoes (Except Potato Buds)
$.55 any flavor 32 OZ Yoplait Yogurt
$.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls OR Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis Bowls
$1 Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit
$1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks
$1 Yoplait Delights Yogurt Multipack
$.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls OR Grands! Sweet Rolls
ShopRite Only (Starts Sunday April 25)
$4 on a Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover Starter Kit
$.55 off towards the purchase of 1 ShopRite Lactose Free Milk 64 oz
$1 off toward the purchase of 1 ShopRite Microwavable Spinach Bag

Monday, April 19, 2010

Randalls Finally did the P&G deal

I got more Pop Tart coupons in the mail today and since my friend Kim reminded me of some Calendar rebates we ordered many months ago, I decided to take advantage of that money maker. I also still had 1 $2/2 blinkie for Scrubbing Bubbles, 1 .50 any Scrubbing bubble(I think from a magazine?) and 1 more $5 for the Extend a Clean. I also decided to try out the P&G catalina promotion finally(Spend $25 in participating products, get $10 oynso back)

Here is what I did:
10 Poptarts .89 each wyb in groups of 5 - 3 $1.25/3 insert = $5.15
1 Peter Pan Crunchy peanut butter $2.59 - 50% off sticker = $1.29*
2 Healthy Choice entrees $2.29 each (not pictured but I got the Hawaiian Chicken) - 2 $2 shortcuts - $1/2 homemailer = -.42
3 Scrubbing Bubbles cans $1.99 - $2/2 peelie - .50 magazine coupon = $2.97
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean $6.99 - $5 insert = $1.99
1 Ivory soap 3 bar pack $.99 - $1 P&G ecoupon -.25 P&G insert tripled = -.75
3 Swiffer refills $7.99 each - 3 .50 P&G inserts(1 tripled) = $21.97 *
2 Nivea Lip care $2 - b1g1 coupon from All You magazine = $1*
2 Reusable shopping bags $1.99 each - $1.99 in ad coupon* = $1.99
-$10 catalina
Tax: $2.65
Cost oop: $27.83

I earned a $4 catalina for the Scrubbing Bubbles and a $10 catalina for purchasing the P&G Swiffer items(they were marked higher on the shelf so I was glad I got the $10 catalina even though they rang cheaper)
I will also mail for the $10 Kelloggs Calendar rebate I mentioned and the $10 Swiffer refills rebate
So final tally: $10 + $27.83 - $10 - $4 - $20 = $3.83 final cost

*I had a lot of "trials" I was doing with this order.
The Peter Pan, I was hoping the two .75 shortcuts loadables would come off making it free but they didn't so I paid for that
I was expecting a loading for the reusable bag to come off but it didn't so I paid $1.99 for one of those
I was hoping the Nivea Lip care would auto deduct the regular shelf price of over $2 but it did not so I paid $1 for the two of those
Also, I had to go to the service desk to ring the poptarts on a separate receipt. I had my kids with me and forget I needed two receipts!
All in all, I think it was a good run!

Kroger - Unexpected Money Maker find today for me!!!

Decided to hit up Kroger again since we just got some $1 off Temptations cat treat coupons. Makes them just .49 a bag and I wanted to get another movie ticket with their Digital promotion.
While there, I noticed the Wheaties Fuel were on in store special for $1.50 and I had some $1 coupons from a Spring Savings booklet I was given at a demo at Randalls. Well, since those coupons expire on April 24th and this was an instore special, so not guaranteed in all stores I decided to use all 10 at once. I am soooooooo glad I did!!!!! At the end of my transaction, two unexpected $4 oynso spit out with thanks from General Mills. Well, it seems a catalina promotion just started today that for each 4 you buy, you get a $4 oynso. That made the Wheaties a money maker and definitely not something I was expecting.

Also, while there I noticed the Lawry's Marinade is on sale through tommorrow for $1, making them free with this weekends .50 insert coupon doubled.

Here is my scenario broken down:
10 Wheaties Fuel $1.50 each - $1 booklet coupons = $5
3 Lawry's Marinade $1 each - .50 insert = FREE
10 Temptations 2.1 oz $1.49 each - $1 insert = $4.90
-$5.5o oynso catalinas
Tax: .03
Cost oop: $5.43

Earned 2 $4 oynso catalina for Wheaties and 1 Digital Choice catalina I will redeem for a movie ticket
Final tally: $10.46 - $8 and a movie ticket = Final cost of $2.46 for all that is pictured and a movie ticket

Simply Go-gurt Winner chosen

Sorry I cannot provide a graphic of pic today. I am on my home computer and don't have the same software as work. Anyway, picked comment #8:
Kyle and Ali said:
My guy is still little but his favorite snack is blueberries!.............

Winner has 48 hours to contact me or a new winner will be selected.
Thank you everyone for entering your comments!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Safeway run - cheap ice cream!

I stopped into Randalls on my way home to get some cheap Starbucks ice cream. I had two shortcuts loadables for $2/2 so thought I might be able to get a good deal. While there, I noticed the Bright Green Bleach was on clearance 50% off and all Bright Green cleaners are on sale for buy 2 get 1 free, so I threw those in. Here is how my transaction played out:

1 Gallon organic milk $4.99 (YIKES!)
1 Natures own Bread $1.69
1 Lipton tea bags $1.05 - 2 $1 shortcuts -.60 insert 3-28 RP = -$1.55
2 Starbucks pints $2.79 each - 2 $2/2 shortcuts - 2 .75 IP = .08 (only 3 flavors are $2.79, the rest are $3.50 each)
1 Nivea bodywash $3.99 - $2 ecoupon - $2 IP = -.01
2.45lbs Rancher's Reserve meat $10.05 - $2/10 ecoupon - $3.02 30% reduced sticker = $5.03
3 Bright Green bleaches $1.89 each - $1.89 (b2g1 free sale) - 3 .95 50% stickers - $1 ecoupon - $1 IP = -$1.07*
Tax: .24
Cost oop: $9.30
*my total should have been $9.40, but cashier accidently gave me only .90 discount on one of the Bright Green and so he said he was going to add the .05 as separate coupon. When he did this, it tripled it and gave me an additional .10 off(he was the store director, lol)

Earth day Savings at Safeway

While at Randalls yesterday, I found an Earth Day display with the above pictured coupon booklet. There are 3 coupons attached they might go GREAT with some loadables cellfire currently has available.

With Earth day fast approaching, Cellfire has partnered with Safeway, General Mills, Kraft and Dr Pepper to provide a variety of products that support re-use, recycling and organics. If you are not already signed up for Cellfire, now is the time. Just look for the coupons with the Earth graphics when loading to your card.
They have the following available to load NOW:
$1 *Kraft mayo or Miracle Whip 22oz+
$2 *Maxwell House/Yuban coffee 30oz+
$.55 Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Lunchables combinations
$1/2 Nabisco 100 calorie packs cookies or crackers (4.8-6.8 oz)
$1/2 Green Giant boxed vegetables
$1 Cascadian Farm cereal
$1/2 *Nature Valley granola bars
$1/2 *Cheerios in the yellow box
$1/3 Green Giant canned vegetables
$1 Cascadian Farm frozen vegetables or fruit
$1/2 Larabar bars
$1/2 *Sun Chips 10.5 oz +
*Notice the Kraft mayo and coffee coupons are also in the Earth day booklet for added savings
The Nature Valley Granola bars and Cheerios are part of the $5 off 5 promo going until Tuesday at Randalls
If you received the free Sun Chips coupon from facebook, might be a nice time to pair with the $1/2 loadable to get two bags cheaply.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Misc. good coupons you want to print

I have a scattered list that I hope to add to today(as time allows) of coupons from all over the web you want to print, load or get ahold of.
I was able to print the $3 Huggies coupon again

$1 Quaker True Delights oatmeal(should be part of $5 mix match deal at Randalls, making it .50 a box)
$1 Quaker Instant oatmeal or old fashioned oats(for above mentioned Randalls deal or I hear rumors it might be free at Kroger-unverified)

Bogo Velvetta cups (still cat deal at Randalls, making them ~.25 a cup)

Reset several coupons including a $2/2 for Starbucks ice cream
If you loaded the last one, then go here to print two .75/1 and get Starbucks ice cream for pennies at Safeway(some varities are $2.79 so .04 each after 2 loadables and 2 IPs)

Keep checking back to this post as I will be adding more coupons as I get my list together.

And don't forget to enter my giveaway, it ends MONDAY

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kroger design a bag - get a free REusable bag

I am excited to see Kroger has their design a bag contest going again this year. For the past 3 years, Kroger has made this contest around Earth day, you design a resuable bag and you can get people to vote. The bag with the most votes wins $1000! I never worry about the contest part BUT I design a bag every year because when you do, Kroger will add an e-coupon to your shopping card to get 1 free reusable shopping bag (valued at .99) from their store. I can NEVER have too many reusable bags.
Go here to design your bag and get your free bag added to your card.

Cheap Pop Tarts = Cheap Movie tickets

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of poptarts, BUT I saw a deal I could not pass up on specially marked packages of poptarts.
Right now they want you to Discover all the flavors of poptarts and in turn, they will let you pick a reward.

Have fun discovering over 25 flavors, set up a Pop-Tarts reward account here, and enter unique codes printed inside specially marked packages and for each 5 codes you can choose one of the following rewards:
25 Photo prints from Shutterfly
2 Boxes of Pop Tarts toaster pastries
5 Music downloads
1 Magazine subscription or
1 Movie ticket up to $12 (e-movie money)

I opted for the movie ticket as it seems this is the best value. Now, you need to be sure to read the fine print on this promotion because it is interesting and I don't want you to be mislead. You can only enter 1 code per flavor of poptarts per account. Each PERSON can redeem up to 25 codes for 5 total rewards, but that means you have to have purchased 25 unique flavors of poptarts! If you notice in my picture, each box has a number at the top right. Make sure you get 5 different numbers for your rewards. The good news is, it is not a limit of 5 per household, but rather per person 13 or older. I could only find 5 unique numbers, so I will be doing this in my husbands name, my name and probably give one to my niece for a gift.
The terms and conditions also state you can only enter 5 codes a day, so keep that in mind.

So now the deal:
Randalls has the Poptarts on sale for only .99 a box when you buy 5. (You must buy in groups of 5 to get this price)
In the 3/28 RP, we got $1.25/3 coupons for poptarts. So the least common multiple of 3 and 5 is 15, (I know math NERD)

15 Pop tarts @ .99 each = $14.85
-5 x $1.25/3 insert coupons
= $8.60
so for $8.60, I got 15 boxes of poptarts and enough codes for 3 FREE movie tickets(up to $12 as long as I have 3 people I can sign up since I only got 5 unique flavors) I looked up qualifying theaters and it appears the Imax near me is included, YAY!

The Randalls sale goes through April 20th so I hope I can find some more flavors at other stores before then.

Another way to do the promotion is to purchase 9 boxes with 3 coupons and 1 more of the participating mix and match 5 items promotion items. Quaker instant oatmeals are included for $1.50 and we have $1 coupons-so your math would look like this:
9 Pop Tarts @ .99 = $8.91
1 Quaker oats @1.50
-3 x $1.25/3
= $5.66 for 10 items and 2 movie tickets*
(*you are actually one code short of two movie tickets, but the terms and condition state the following:
Participants who are Pop Tarts Sprinkling members, MAY receive an email during the program period containing a code. After receiving the code via email, participants can have 1 code credited to their account by logging in and following the links and instructions to enter the code. To sign up to become a Pop Tarts Sprinklings member, visit )

Redbox- Rent 3, get 1 free

I just got this email from Redbox.
RENT THREE MOVIES between April 14-30 and GET ONE FREE* in May!After you rent your third movie, we'll email you a promo code on May 7th valid for the entire months of May. Pick any movie you want, it's our treat!
Just remember to enter your email address at the box to get credit for the rental.
Only paid rentals made during the offer period qualify. Limit 1 offer per customer.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KraftMaid Idea books are back- NOW GONE!

If you are planning some home changes, it is time again to snag this idea book from Kraftmaid. They have some really cool ideas I would have never thought about! Just click the picture and select request literature. Hurry, these usually don't last long.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Beer Clearance!

Stopped into Randalls for another round of Scrubbing Bubbles for my mom and found yet some more beer clearance. Since my dh is a beer man, I picked up these two six packs. They were supposed to be 50% retail price, but I guess they went on sale for $1 off each so I got them for slightly less than 50% each.

The Honey Brown was $6.99 - $4 -50% off = $2.99
The Sunsine ws $7.99 - $4.50 - 50% off = $3.49 (guess I should have bought both 6 packs for that price!)

If you have a beer drinker in your house, it might be worth checking your local Safeway clearance section!

Kroger- Free sponges, MM on potatoes now

I wanted to get a few more free BC potatoes before the catalina deal ends on Sunday and was happy to see they put the pouches on sale for .89 each. There is also a new Scotch Brite coupon for $1 off any Scotch Brite product and right now Kroger has the Green sponges on sale for $1 each, making them FREE!
Here is my transaction:
3 BC potatoes .89 each *
3 Scotch brite sponges $1 - $1 ip = FREE (these coupons did beep)
Bananas .89
-$3 oynso
Cost oop: .56

*There are .40 IPs that would make the potatoes an even bigger money maker, but I have used all mine up
You can get the ip HERE, HERE or HERE!

Also, don't forget to check Shortcuts for loadables.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Randalls - small shopping run

I really have not done much shopping lately. There have not been many deals going on and I needed to deal with taxes, new school enrollment, etc, so I really just have not been doing much couponing.

Well, taxes are done, deposit for new school has been paid, and the house got cleaned this weekend, so hopefully, I will start getting back into the coupon groove!

I heard I could get free Crab at Randalls and since I don't often buy seafood, I thought I would suprise my husband. I also finally ran out of Scrubbing Bubbles peelies, but that is ok, because with this weekends coupons, I can get a whole new type of Scrubbing Bubbles for free after coupons and catalina promotion.

Here is my breakdown:
6 Hillshire Farm turkey reduced for quick sale .69 each = 4.14
2 Scrubbing Bubbles starter sets $6.99 - $5 insert 4-11 SS = $3.98
2 Scrubbing bubbles refills $3.50 each - buy starter kit, get free refill IP = FREE
1 Pampers extra protection $9.99 - $2 esaver - $2 catalina - $2 in ad coupon = $3.99*
1.60 lbs green grapes @ .99/lb = $1.58
1 Trans Ocean Crab $1.99 - $1 in ad coupon - $1 IP = -.01*
-$1.50 oynso catalina from prior Suave
Tax: .34
Cost oop: $7.02 and earned $4 oynso for Scrubbing Bubbles purchase

*My transaction receipt looks very odd and my total should have been higher but one two odd things occured.
1. I was trying to purchase 2 crab packets with my $1 IPs but the second coupon beeped and they would not let me use it, I asked them to remove the 2nd packet from my order and somehow, it took off an additional $2.50 as well as the $1 in ad coupon he didn't remove.
2. I have an extra $2 off on the Pampers diapers and I don't recall seeing the cashier ring my coupon twice?

New Olay rebate for facial care!

Olay just sent me an email about a new rebate they have on facial cleaners. I am sure we will be able to find a deal between now and May 9(last day to purchase for the rebate) so you may want to print now or save to your computer before you forget.
Buy $50 worth of Olay Facial Moisturizers, Facial Treatments and/or Facial Cleansers
by May 9, 2010 and receive $20 rebate.
I will let you know when I find a deal for this rebate.

Simply.....Go-Gurt "Simplify your Life" Giveaway

I have another giveaway for you guys! Yoplait and MyBlogSpark was generous enough to offer me the opportunity to iffer the following to one of my readers:
Pocket Etch a Sketch
Weekly Planner
Seat Back Organizer
Simply... Go-Gurt free coupon*
*Coupon not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee

I have not personally had a chance to try this yogurt because to be honest, I have not been able to find it in stock at my grocery store! I do hope to try it soon though as we do love the regular line of Go-Gurt! I personally like yogurt as a snack option for my kiddos.

You have until Monday April 19th at 7AM to enter. I will choose and post a winner that morning(my birthday :P)

There are 3 ways to enter this giveaway (leave a separate comment for each entry)
1. Tell me one of your snack ideas for your kids.
2. Subscribe to my blog via RSS feed or email (if you already subscribe, let me know).
3. Tweet about this giveaway.

Disclaimer: MyBlogSpark and Yoplait provided me with one of these gift sets and is offering one for my readers. No other compensation was received and all opinions and words are mine.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Walgreens 20 prints for .20 Today only

Now that I ordered my FREE 4x6 pictures and my free 8x10, I might as well get another 20 prints for just .20! Then, I can just make one stop to pick them ALL up.
Today only, Walgreens is offering 20 4x6 prints for only .20.
This in ONLY available online but you can still choose to pick up in store so you get free shipping.
As long as you order before midnight and "pay"(with the code- 20PRINTS) online, your order will be waiting for you to pick up at your convenience later.ENJOY!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Walgreens - Free 8 x 10 Today only

Well, I ordered my 4x6 pictures and need to pick those up, so I might as well order a free 8x10 before I go.
Today only, Walgreens is offering 1 free 8 x 10 print online or in stores.To take advantage in store, print your coupon here.If you choose the online route, you can choose to pick up in store so you get free shipping to. I prefer the online route since all my pictures are saved on my computer and I just need to transfer them over. Another advantage of online is that I don't actually have to pick them up TODAY to get the free price. As long as I order before midnight and "pay"(with the code- BIG8X10) online, my order will be waiting for me to pick up at my convenience later.ENJOY!

Winner Selected for Safeway Giftcard Giveaway

Thank you everyone for entering. I had a great time reading all your stories. The winner chosen by is Sheri

Sheri said...
My favorite baking memory was that every time I visited my grandma we would bake blueberry muffins!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last day for a chance to win $25 giftcard

My giveaway ends tonight and one lucky reader is gonna win $25 gift card to Safeway and some awesome kitchen stuff. Easy to enter, only 35 signed up so far, so your odds are good.
Post comments here.

Target- Finally found some Schick Quattro razors

Few decent deals at Target, but I really wanted to go for the Schick Quattro razors. This is the ONLY razor I like and I am willing to pay for it! I am sorry for those of you that went after me as I will admit I CLEARED the shelf purchasing the 2 I found, lol!

Anyway, this is what my transaction looked like:
2 Airwick Imotion $6 - $5 insert 3-7SS- $2 Target IP (adjusted down to $1) = FREE
2 Schick Quattro razors $6.99 each - $4 insert 2-28SS = $5.98
3 Seventh Generation wipes $2.99 each - 3 $1 Target IP - $1 IP - $2/2 IP = $2.97
1 Ge Reveal Lightbulbs $2.49 - $1.50 Target IP - $1 insert 3-7SS = -.01
Tax: ?(can't find my receipt at the moment to get precise)
Cost oop: $9.xx ish and earned $5 gift card for the 2 Schick Razors and will mail in for $5 rebate on the Seventh Generation wipes!

Kroger- Boy did I do a happy dance!

I like going to Kroger on Wednesday and walking the aisles for hidden sales. Well, I went yesterday and was very very glad I did. At the store i visited, they had an in-store special on strawberries 2lbs/$1 and NO that is NOT a typo. Two pounds of strawberries for $1!!!!
As you can see in the picture I stocked up(cleaned, cut and froze them for smoothies - up late doing that hence the reason for my delayed blog post).
Well, I also decided to test out the new Digital Choice promotion they started (posted about here) for the free movie tickets option(Johnny Depp has been a busy man making movies:P)

I did 2 transactions(due to 3 coupon limit per transaction) and here is my breakdown:

Used my moms card:
3 Betty Crocker potatoes $1 each -.40 cellfire = $2.60
*3 Smart Balance sour cream $1.50 each - $1 insert 3-21RP= $1.50
*3 Snuggle sheets $3.50 each - $1 ecoupon - 3 $3 insert 3-28 RP= .50
*4 Purina One dog food $1 each - bogo insert 3-28SS?(took off 1.39 each-coupon beeped unmatched, cashier had to override) = $1.22
-$5 ecoupon for instant win game
Tax: -.30
Cost oop: .52 and earned $3 for potatoes and 1 movie ticket voucher

My card:
3 Betty Crocker potatoes $1 each = $3.00
3 Steamfresh veggies(not pictured) $1 each - .35 insert 3-21SS= FREE
*1 Smart Balance sour cream $1.50 each - $1 insert 3-21RP= $.50
*3 Snuggle sheets/liquid $3.50 each - 3 $3 insertv 3-28RP = $1.50
*6 Purina One dog food $1 each - bogo insert3-28SS?(took off 1.39 each-coupon beeped unmatched, cashier had to override) = $1.83
14 one pound of Strawberries .50 each - 2 .50 IP(no longer available) = $6
-$3 oynso catalina
Tax: .27
Cost oop: $10.10

I was happy with that since I got 14 lbs of strawberries, 2 movie tickets, I somehow earned 10 FREE Pampers Gift to Grow points catalina too?, and all these groceries. YAY

2010 Norton AntiVirus 3 user Cheap

I am sorry for the short notice, but I just found out about this today myself and it couldn't have come at a better time. My husband was just telling me I needed to find a deal to update our AntiVirus software.

If you have multiple computers, you might want to go to link here to score the 3 user AntiVirus for $44.99. This has a $20 purchase rebate and $20 upgrade rebate(you need to show proof of previous ownership of any company's antivirus, firewall, antispam, antispyware, utility or back up software). That makes it only $4.99(plus tax) to protect 3 computers.

Shipping is FREE! Limit one per household.
You can also have them mail the rebate forms to you but you need to request that on the product page.

Thanks Freebies4Mom for the heads up.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walgreens - 20 FREE Prints

I LOVE getting free pictures. Sadly, it is probably the only time I print pictures since I purchased a digital camara. Today only, Walgreens is offering 20 free 4 x 6 prints online or in stores.
To take advantage in store, print your coupon here.
If you choose the online route, you can choose to pick up in store so you get free shipping to. I prefer the online route since all my pictures are saved on my computer and I just need to transfer them over. Another advantage of online is that I don't actually have to pick them up TODAY to get the free price. As long as I prder before midnight and "pay"(with the code- PRINTS20) online, my order will be waiting for me to pick up at my convenience later.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just 8 inches - the kindest cut

First picture added for ANON!

The last couple of years, I have decided to become a hair donor. I like growing my hair out long, but I get rather tired of it come the hot TX summers and usually am ready for a change. Rather than have all that hair end up in a pile on the floor, I have my hairdresser chop my pony and then I can donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Children With Hairloss .
I prefer these two organizations because they are not-for-profit, they only require 8 inches as the min. for hair donations, and they will accept colored hair.
If this is something that interests you, please take time to read over each website to choose the organization that works best for your needs! I do know Pantene's will not take your hair if there is too much grey whereas Children with Hairloss will. It is certainly worth it to find out which organization your hair is a best fit for. I know I feel about 2 lbs lighter(it really weighs about that much) and feel GREAT about giving to such worthy causes.
ETA: Since I don't like having my picture up, I had dh take a picture of the backside. This is what my "do" looks like now with the front pinned back! (For Anon poster that wanted to see the "do" shot :P

Lack of shopping

Sorry for the lack of posts. I went out of town this past weekend and have not really done any major shopping fun this week.
I set out today for a Target run, only to find two ladies loading their cart with the last 10 Air Wicks in the store, so I got none of those. The Schick Quattro's were sold out-my favorite razor :( - so nothing there as well.

Headed to Kroger to drown my sorrows in shopping only to be told I could only use one like coupon per transaction-WHAT? (I did clarify the definition of purchase vs transaction and was able to proceed, but nothing spectacular to write about)

Went to Randalls on my way home only to have to pull out my Safeway printed coupons policy to use my bogo Velvetta cups coupons, sigh.

Anyway, I hope to get back in the grove of coupons and posting my finds for you guys soon, but this week has been ho hum and stores have not been very user-friendly this week.

Kroger Digital Choice program

Kroger has rolled out an exclusive promotion called Digital Choice in which shoppers are rewarded with 15 free music downloads that are iPod/iTunes compatible, 15 free ringtones supported by all major cell phone carriers or one free movie ticket(Fandango or Hollywood Movie Money).
From now through Saturday, April 17, whenever customers purchase any 10 participating items at a Kroger store in a single transaction they will receive a Catalina coupon that has a redemption code for one of the entertainment opportunities mentioned.
Printed instructions will appear on the Catalina coupon directing shoppers to to redeem their reward instantly. There is no limit on the number of rewards a customer can receive. The system will print up to five redemption codes on a single Catalina coupon. If a shopper buys more than 50 participating items they will receive two or more coupons.

Customers have more than 100 product options to choose from. A few highlights include Juicy Juice; Breyer’s Ice Cream; Colgate Total Toothpaste; Cottonelle Bath Tissue; and Skippy Peanut Butter. To view the product list in its entirety visit

Monday, April 5, 2010

FREE Yogurt link is LIVE!!!!


Simply......Go-Gurt 30 free coupons!

*This coupon offer for free Simply... Go-Gurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Coupons courtesy of Yoplait through MyBlogSpark

EDIT to add: You guys might want to check back, there was only 17 people on my blog when this went LIVE so I know they cannot all be out. I just spoke with a friend who had a similar giveaway and she said hers did something similar and 4 hours later people were getting FREE coupons. (sorry guys, I am just given the link and have no control over it other than that, so keep checking and let me know if you get a FREE coupon!!!!!! I would love to hear from my readers on this one)

100 FREE Points to Disney Movie Rewards

Want to boost your total another 100 points without a purchase? GREAT, enter these codes:

Disney Movie Rewards program.

Popular - 10 points
Partners - 15 points
Wildflower - 20 points
Online - 25 points
Green - 30 points

100 total points.
If you are not a member, consider signing up and entering all the free codes you see posted here and elsewhere and donate them. Disney offers many chances to donate your points and they will use them for various charitable events.
For instance, right now, with just 175, they will donate a tree seedling to a school!

Thanks katncaed from HCW for the heads up!

Come back to my blog at 7pm CST TODAY for FREE Yogurt!

I have got to say I love go-gurt for the convenience tube yogurt offers in lunch boxes. I can freeze and put in my kiddos lunch boxes, and by lunch time, they are thawed enough to eat, yet still cold like yogurt should be:)

Well, I was very happy to find out Yoplait has created Simply.... Go-gurt to join the rest of their Simply line of products.

"New Simply... Go-Gurt is made from simple ingredients moms look for and contains no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors. Each convenient portable yogurt tube contains a good source of calcium and vitamin D." (per MyBlogSpark and Yoplait)

MyBlogSpark has also been generous to provide me with a link to offer 30 of my readers a FREE coupon to try Simply....Go-gurt for themselves.(Sorry, coupon is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee.)

After 30 coupons have been claimed the link will change to a printable coupon for $1.10 of Simply......Go-gurt.

I am going to have this link start at 7pm TONIGHT so some of the 9-5 workers(like myself) have a shot at these too. Good luck everyone and don't forget to sign up for my $25 Safeway/Betty Crocker giveaway posted here.

Disclaimer: Simply....Go-gurt coupons are being provided by Yoplait and MyBlogSpark and I was not compensated in anyway for offering the micro-link. Opinions are my own about Go-gurt and only "quoted" portion of this post was furnished by Yoplait and MyBlogSpark.

Cellfire to reset tommorrow!

Time to load all those Cellfire coupons you have not yet loaded. Tommorrow we will be getting a new round to "play" with.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winner selected for HEB giveaway

I finally figured out how to cut and paste from! It might not be pretty, but I have limited resources at work.
Winner is comment #28:
My favorite Easter memory is getting the kids all dressed up in their Sunday best when they were little and seeing all the dyed stained hands to go with it. PJ Dailey

Winner has 24 hours to contact me or an alternate winner will be chosen!

Congrats and thanks everyone for playing! Check out my new giveaway here and good luck everyone!

Printables should be reset for NEW month

New month = New coupons and reset on others!If you had reach your limit, that should all be reset today.
.30/2 Grands biscuits (buy 6 @.98 at Kroger - 3 of these = 3.18 and earn $4 oynso back!)
$3 Huggies diaper
.50 Chex Mix (will be free eventually)
.50 Lifesaver strings and rings single pack (with doubles, potentially free)
.75 Imperial Sugar
.40 Betty Crocker potato (buy 3 pouches @1 at Kroger - 3 of these = .60 and earn $3 oynso back! OR Kroger has the double boxes cheap to make these free without money maker)
.50 Betty Crocker Warm delights(typically free with loadables)

.50 Domino Sugar 2 lb or larger(might make for cheap sugar)

.40 Betty Crocker potato(see scenario above and print from BOTH sites)
bogo Velvetta cups(get 4 for .50 after coupon and RR deal at Wags this week)
.50 Land O Lakes butter(regularly goes on sale for $1 making it free)
.50 Land o Lakes spreadable butter
.35 Owens sausage roll(keep an eye for reduced for quick sale at Kroger)

Upromise (these are loadables but load NOW before you forget)
.50 No Yolk noodles

These 3 you might want to check for Grands and BC potato coupons for the catalina deals at Kroger

.30/2 Pillsbury grands (see list above, print from BOTH sites)
.40 BC cookie mix(always a good coupon to have for Safeway)
$1 Nature Valley Nut Clusters
.50 BC Warm Delights

Betty Crocker
.40 Betty Crocker potato(see scenario above and print from ALL sites)

.30/2 Pillsbury Grands(see list above, print from ALL sites)

I will tell you the coupons I like when I have a chance to look over the new finds :)