Friday, June 24, 2011

HEB - Sweet deal on Juicy Juice and Cars 2 promo

If you have a Disney Cars fan, you might want to head over to HEB before going to see the movie. They have quite a few deals going on that when combined make a pretty sweet offer.

Hopefully I don't lose you on this one!

First offer: There is a promotion that if you purchase ANY 4 Juicy Juice products in 1 transaction, you will get a catalina for $5 off a movie ticket.(Multiples are working on one transaction!  I did 8 JJ tonight and got 2 45 vouchers) This catalina can ONLY be used for the movie Cars 2 (thanks imm)

Second offer: There are Yellow Coupons near the Juicy Juice that will earn you a free die cast Cars 2 car when you purchase 2 Juicy Juice slim packs

Third offer: There are mail in rebates on several Cars 2 displays advertising a free backpack (you do have to pay shipping of $2.99) when you purchase $10 worth of Cars 2 merchandise from Mattel (the die cast Cars qualify!)

Fourth offer: The Juicy Juice slim packs are a Box Top for education item, thus qualifying for the Buy 10 get $5 catalina advertised here.  You can do this offer in multiples in 1 transaction.

Possible way to combine all this:

4 JJ slim packs $2.99 each
4 boxes of cereal (gonna use Cheerios in my example) 2.68 each
2 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes $1 each (or any other 2 BTFE items)
2 Cars 2 die cast cars ~ $3.47 each

-$4/4 YQ coded with B
-2 $1/2 insert 6-19 SS Cheerios or .50/1 from this weekend
-.50/2 BC potatoes peelies (or other BTFE items)
-2 YQ for free die cast cars

= $18.18 oop
Get back: $5 off Cars 2 movie voucher, $5 oynso catalina and your a little over half way there to scoring the free backpack!

So ~ $8 for 4 multi packs JJ, 4 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes potatoes, and 2 die cast Cars!

WOW, I would be scooping up this deal if I had little boys.

Special thanks goes to Courtney, Imm, Jenn and Angela in assisting me with photos, details and the brainstorming :)

*Edit: Make sure you read the comments as readers are finding some goodies if you are not interested in doing the free cars and btfe program but want the $5 off coupon for the movie tickets.

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Amanda said...

ahh, this was posted an hour after I had went to HEB already.. oh well. only a couple more days left, right?

Brittany said...

Thanks for this one, I was only able to get one free ticket with Randall's promo last week! I did the BTFE cat. last week, can they be rolled? Keeping my fingers crossed that I can find more bisquick since I don't have the betty crocker peelies.

Heather said...

Ok - what if you bought 8 of the Juicy Juice - in one transaction - would it print you two $5 movie cats?? I was thinking basically the same above transaction but instead of cereal (because I already bought a pile of cereal and used all my cereal SS coupons) - could I just buy 8 Juicy Juices??

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Brittany, yes it rolls, it prints right after the 10th item is scanned.

Heather, we have not confirmed whether 2 will print in the same transaction or not and my store does not carry the cars so I have not been able to personal test the theory. There are other fairly cheap items you could purchase, like 4 pack yoplaits are 1.95, with 1/2 coupons out.

Heather said...

Hmmm! I might go up there in a little bit and try to find out! I have some of those yogurt coupons and they are on my shopping list - that might be the way to go....

Anonymous said...

In last sundays coupon insert, where i found out about the movie coupon deal, it states limit 1 $5 movie coupon to be printed per transaction. This isnt to say another one wont print if eight are purchased but there is a limit of one stated in the offer.

Heather said...

Ok - I went this morning and this is what I did. I needed five movie tickets, and three of the free cars.

First, I did this three times...

JJ Sparkling Beverage - .89 each
X 4 = 3.85 OOP
$5 Movie Cash Back

JJ Slim Pack - 2.99 each X 2
JJ Sparling Bev X 2
1 Die Cast Cars - FREE
8.07 OOP
$5 Movie Cash Back

Then I did one big transaction that I won't list here - too long... but I basically got four more Juicy Juice Products, plus six other box top products... which got me my $5 Catalina for the box tops plus the $5 movie cash. I also got a pile of other stuff using other deals I that are off topic of this post (Pantene and Waffles/Strawberries) - lol. Anyway - all in all I spent a little over $50 and got $25 dollars back in Movie Cash and got a HUGE pile of groceries. I'm on a couponing cloud right now - lol. Headed to see Cars 2 this afternoon!!

OH - and for sure it has to be seperate transactions for hte movie cash - we tried doing 8 JJ products but it wouldn't print the second movie cash... so for sure has to be seperate transactions.

Amanda said...

I was wondering about the back pack mail in, I didn't see a display in my store, is there another way to find out about it, or get the mail in thingy??
also the $0.89 JJ "sparkling beverage" the PP bought 4 of, that does that really count towards the $5 movie voucher???
if so where are those found?

Anonymous said...

Amanda, yes if you purchase the .89 cents Juicy Juice carbonated drinks the deal still works! I just purchased 16 cans (four separate transactions) and recieved four $5 off catalinas! I am so excited!!! Paid $15.66 total!! I also called my local thatre and asked if the coupons can be used for the early bird showing and they told me yes, so we will definately be watching CARS 2 tomorrow morning. ; )

Brittany said...

Amanda, I have seen the same displays with the backpack forms at Walgreens. HTH. :)

Heather, Thanks so much for telling us about the singles! DS already has a cars backpack so now I'm thinking I'll just buy these instead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! We were already going to see the movie Friday, so I stopped by and did this deal for the $5 movie vouchers; then to top it off, my son found a brand new $25 AMC giftcard in the parking lot as we were walking up to it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - you should probably return the $25 AMC GC to customer service at the store. That would be the honest thing to do.

Susan said...

Thank you so much for posting about this. I made my very first trip to an HEB store today just to do this deal. I had to drive 30 miles to get there but I decided it was worth it because I have 2 little boys and we were already planning on see the movie. I did end up spending $55 on groceries but I got $20 in movie money and $28 worth of cars toys along with all of the food I got. Now I just need to find that rebate form for the free backpack!!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Susan if you don't fnd it let me know I got extras just in case for my readers :)

Anonymous said...

ANON- We didn't find it @ HEB, we found it in the AMC parking lot.

Brittany said...

A total SCORE at HEB! I was able to find the single cans in the clearance section for .25 each. :) I was able to get 4 of the $5 off movie tickets, and 16 cans of juice for just $4! I had only planned on getting 4 cans since I only need one more ticket, I have a friend that will be very happy to get the extra $5 coupons though!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Brittany, that is an AWESOME score :)

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