Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reader Spotlight - WOW - Awesome Diaper deal at HEB!

Ok, you readers remember me posting about this P&G deal going through June 21st at HEB!
Well, reader Donna just sent me this pic of the AWESOME SUPRISE she got while ringing up! She saw a concurrent promo advertised for Pampers products (good through June 20th) to earn a $5 Pampers coupon wyb $20 worth of Pampers diapers and wipes.
Combining this with the $40 promotion on my post here, she expected to get $15 oynso back BUT in some possible glitch she got back a $10 AND a $15 oynso!!!! WOW!!! DEAD, printing only 1 now!
This is how her transaction played out:

2 Pampers diapers 8.97 each
1 Pampers wipes 2.37 each
1 Gillette Profusion power razor $9.74
1 Gillette Profusion manual razor $9.94
2 Gillette Profusion shave gels $2.94 each
-2 $2 Pampers Fiesta booklet manuf coupons (there are also $1.50 insert coupons)
-2 $4 Gillette razor coupons
-2 YQ for free shave gel wyb razors

BUT she got back $25 in oynso catalinas in addition to a $5 off a future Pampers diaper purchase WOW!!!
 *I imagine this is a glitch, so your mileage may vary on duplicating this deal.  Also, keep in mind, the promo does say the catalinas are not to be used on P&G item purchases (I still don't understand why P&G doesn't want us buying more of THEIR products- they put this same silly writing on RR)
Good luck on scoring a similar deal OR BETTER.  Wonder if I can convince the hubs to let me go out shopping after work!

Thanks again for the picture and breakdown Donna, definitely a sweet deal.

ETA: It seems the glitch has been fixed and only 1 catalina is printing.  There are still some deals that can be had for relatively cheap though!

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Lauren said...

This glitch has been going on since the deal started and many of my readers have reported it happening too! I did the deal 3 times with different products and each time got both cats :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the Fiesta Coupon booklet found?

Kristin said...

I have the Fiesta coupon, and it does say it's for a jumbo pack, not the size here. I have a home mailer for $2 off though.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Kristin, these are the jumbo size diapers so I am confused?

Kristin said...

The 27 count package doesn't say jumbo. My youngest wears size 4. I thought the jumbo packs were 40+ count? I didn't use the $2 off coupons because of that... I could be wrong, though. The Pampers website isn't very clear.

Kristin said...

Maybe I'm just confused. Lol wouldn't be the first time. This is Kristin, im just on my phone.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Kristin, I went to the store tonight to do the deal for my niece and the packages DO say Jumbo on them but it is very small and in the corner, easy to miss. I know when my kids were in diapers JUMBO was in JUMBO letters, not JUMBO is tiny.
Hope this clarifies it, if not, I do have a pic of the tiny Jumbo wording

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, not sure where you are located but the Fiesta booklets can be found at Fiesta grocery stores. Not sure what other areas of Texas they can be found in but they are all over Houston.

Kristin said...

Lol I'm out doing it right now. I needed diapers anyway. When my big kids were in diapers the lettering was huge. My bad. :)

Charitykc said...

Can you use the Pampers coupon to do future transactions or like at Walgreens it will cancel out the printed coupon???

Kristin said...

I used the Pampers coupon on a second transaction and received my cats with no problem. :)

rh said...

has this deal not printed both cats for anyone??

Stephanie said...

I just went to HEB on Fry & 99 and it didn't print out both for me. Is there a particular HEB that is printing out both?

Anonymous said...

My HEB in Sugar Land didn't print 2 for me either.

rh said...

anyone have this work for 2 cats today??

Becky said...

I've visited the HEB off Pin Oak (by Katy Mills Mall) & the 2 cats ($25)didn't print. The training pants are printing the $5 off cat as well as the $15 if you're not needing diapers.

rocki_u said...

I went to the HEB on Pin Oak as well and the 2cats didnt print. I did four different transactions wasnt sure if this was why it only printed one $5.00 cat and one $15.00 cat. It was still a really good deal to be. I was able to purchase $265 in products which included meats and paper goods and juice all for around $44. So THANK YOU so much for the tip. I was in need of diapers and my hubby was also very happy to get 8 razors, 8 shaving creams :)

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