Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Staples - 6 Bounty Paper Towels for .99! And other cheap deals

I got an email today from Staples with various offers and it had a link to the weekly ad. Since my paper didn't have the weekly ad, I decided to check it out for freebate items. Instead, there was an AWESOME $3 off any purchase coupon! WOW!!!(click the left side that says a special offer for you).  I have to say I was super excited, knowing I should be able to get SOMETHING for free or close to it!
Well, when I got there, I saw these Bounty paper towels displayed up front on sale for $4.99.  Well, I knew I had a $1 homemailer coupon from the P&G Everyday savings booklets I ordered back in February.

(I asked at the front if I was able to use a coupon on this because of the strange wording on the coupon: min purchase requirement of $3 must be met with purchases to which no other coupon or instant savings offers apply.  I was not sure if that meant NO other coupons could be used or my min purchase had to be $3 AFTER the other coupons.  The manager stated that this meant as long as my purchase was $3 AFTER my manuf. coupon, I was good to use it, YAY!)
So, after the $1 manuf. coupon and the $3 Staples coupon, 6 rolls of Bounty cost just $1.07 or .18 a roll

There were a few other cheap items I found while there.  I might be back since coupon says limit 1 per customer per day!  Coupon expires 6/11 and might be a good way to stock up on some school supplies early.  (I was checking out their crafty stuff since my kiddos are now at home all day)

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Anonymous said...

Last time I was at Staples also saw the Crayola erasable crayons cleareance (2.xx) that go with those wipe off boards.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this... got a big box of clay for $2 with the coupon... thanks!

Anonymous said...

24 ct Ozarka water for $.99 (after $3 coupon) is a great deal.

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