Saturday, June 18, 2011

BTFE run at HEB - great way to roll my $10 P&G catalina

Can I say, I am truly in LOVE with HEB? I am getting more and more groceries for next to nothing since I started shopping there!
I went to test out the BTFE promotion I posted about here.
There were tons and tons of Yellow B coupons everywhere!!!!  As I have told you before, the B Yellow coupons can be combined with regular manufacturer coupons for a double dip!  You can print their coupon policy and take it with you as proof, if needed.

I was extremely excited to find a $4/4 Cheerios Yellow B coupon.  I combined that with the $1/2 General Mills cereal coupons in tomorrows paper (we get an early edition in Houston).  Finally a cheap deal on Cheerios (only cereal my hubs will eat and we were down to only 3 boxes GASP!!!!!)
Well, I also happened to still have my Cottonelle free home mailer from the Get Fresh promotion I posted here.

This is what my transaction looked like:
7 Cheerios $2.68 each
1 HN Cheerios $2.54
1 Bisquick pouch* .77
1 Cottonelle tub $2.22
Total : $24.29
-2 $4/4 YQ for any Cheerios
-4 $1/2 insert 6-19 SS
-$2.22 Cottonelle tub
-$10 oynso from P&G rebate = .07 oop

Then I earned a $5 oynso (with NO expiration date on it!!!!!)

So basically a cost of $5.07 for 8 boxes of  cereal and the Cottonelle and Bisquick
or ~.63 a box with the Cottonelle and Bisquick being free!

*On the Bisquick, I want to make sure you note there is ONLY ONE pouch that works for the promo!  ONLY the one with the btfe on the bottom of the package will work.  Here is a picture of the right one and a wrong one, don't get the wrong one if you are doing this promo!

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.    
See my disclosure statement here.


April said...

Were the yellow coupons on the aisle near the cereal? Did you happen to see an expiration date on them? I have not had much luck shopping at HEB b/c it always seems that the yellow coupon has the M code. This sounds awesome though!!!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

April, I have noticed more and more B coupons at HEB these past couple months. I did speak with my store's manager about this and he said they are actually manuf. coupons too but the manuf. decide whether they will be a B coupon or an M. Apparantly the manuf. reimburses HEB from 2 separate accounts and that yes the B can be combined and all stores should have gotten a reminder memo about this. SWEET. I will be posting a list of other B coupons I found and the prices of the item later (going on a date right now with the hubs to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow :)

Kristin said...

Great deals, Stephanie! I hope to make it to HEB on Monday, but who knows! :)

April said...

Thanks for the info! Enjoy your date!

Anonymous said...

at what HEB you shop at? I am having bad luck with my HEB even with B yellow coupons.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! always appreciate your great posts!


Amanda said...

can you "roll" the $5 oynso??

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, I shop at various stores, depending on where other errands take me. I have had no issues using B coupons at the following HEBS:
Mo City
Mission Bend
Mason/Highland Knolls

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Catalina prints the instant the 10th item is scanned so it most definitely should roll :)

laforge2001 said...

Thanks, Stephanie! This was a great find! I only wish I had more than $1/2 coupons!

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