About Me

I started my practical couponing in 2003 (before it was cool) while pregnant with my first child. My husband had just lost his job and I went into panic mode at the cost of raising a child and how we would survive (did I mention I am a Type A personality?)  I now have 2 kids and love the thrill of the hunt and getting many household and personal necessities for free (bonus if I get paid to buy them :)
This blog was started in 2008 by myself and 2 other couponers to share some deals we found and to highlight when we would be hosting coupon classes.  I became the primary owner soon after and now I am the sole contributor/writer.  This blog has become a labor of love as time allows.  Couponing is my passion and hobby. BUT I also hold a full time outside the home job, do my best raising two kids, do ALL the shopping for this household and a large portion for 3 others, and blog about my savings adventures in hopes others can save as well.  When there is time left, I also volunteer my talents as the Randall's moderator for Hotcouponworld.
I will be the first to admit, my pictures are horrible, my grammar and spelling leaves something to be desired, and the total order of this blog is typically in chaos, but I know how to save money and with luck, I might actually teach you a thing or two.  So stay awhile and have a read.  Hopefully I can help you save money too.
Just know if you came to this blog for all the matchups every week, that is NOT what I do.  I specialize in the unadvertised, the clearance finds and the exceptions to the rules. There are many blogs that can report the weekly matchups( I read them myself) I highlight a few of those and then post everything else I find personally that I feel is a HOT deal you might want to try to jump on.  If you can stand the chaos, sit and chat, I love the interaction :D

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