Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HOT Cereal deal at Randalls (Safeway)

WOW! Randall's has it going on if you are still in need of cereal! Especially if you want to catch a flick at the theatre too!. There are so many ways to run this promotion, so hopefully I can explain it to its full potential and you can mix and match to your liking!
Obviously the cheapest way to do this is going to be buying ONLY Rice Krispies (because they are the only cereal that is participating in all 3 parts of this deal)
BUT, seriously, I personally do not want THAT many boxes of Rice Krispies.
So, here are the offers and my suggestions:

Offer #1: Randalls is giving you a catalina coupon for a free movie ticket, up to $12 when you purchase 5 Kellogg's cereals in a single transaction (limit 1 per transaction)

Offer #2: Specially marked boxes of cereal have Cars2 codes inside which can be input on this website for a selection of rewards (including a $5 prepaid debit card or $5 in concession cash- an evoucher for 4 codes, limit 30 codes PER PERSON, you can only enter 8 codes a day)

Offer #3: There is a $10 rebate form here for 10 UPC's from select Kellogg's cereal (Rice Krispies is the only one that is on sale, has the Car 2 code and is on this rebate form, Crispix is also on the form, but they are $1 more in store, limit 5 rebates per household)

Ok, the Rice Krispies, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks and Froot Loops are on sale for $2.49 each. Purchasing 5 in a single transaction, will net you a free movie ticket catalina (pictured in front) and 5 codes to the Cars 2 promotion, so basically a $5 gas card, and a spare code. I chose to mix and match with cereals I had printable coupons for, found here.

I plan on purchasing 20 boxes of cereal in 4 transactions of 5 each.  I hope to make 10 of those Rice Krispie treats, so I will qualify for 1 $10 rebate, 5 $5 rebates and have 4 movie tickets.
Here is how my total should look:

20 boxes of cereal @ 2.49 each = $49.80
-1/2 Rice Krispie printable
-$1/2 Frosted Flakes
-.70 Corn Pops (at least 2 of each coupon, more if I print from multiple computers)
-10 rebate
-25 (5 $5 rebates)

=$9.40 total for
20 boxes of cereal and 4 movie tickets!

If I print from 2 computers, I could save an additional $5.40 making my total just $4!!!!!!

If I just purchased Rice Krispies, my cost would be .80 with 1 computer or a profit of $4.60 with 2 (I would get an extra $10 rebate, making up the difference)

Also, in my pic, you will notice a coupon for $1 off fruit wyb 2 boxes of cereal.  If I choose not to print coupons from my second computer, I can use 2 of these each time to get myself some cheap produce.  Combine that with the $1/5 store coupons I keep finding at the front of the store, and I will really be doing well :)

I know this post is probably gonna create lots of questions.  There are just so many combos you can do with this deal!  ENJOY!

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.   See my disclosure statement here.


Kelley said...

Do you know how long it takes to get the rebates?

GlennJ said...

Thanks for posting again about this great deal conjunction! I am still trying to decide whether to get these at Safeway or a certain chain that starts with a K and is otherwise an "ogre".

So far, the advantages I see at Safeway would be the movie ticket cat offer (don't think it's at Kroger) and the possibility of the $1/5 store Qs.

However, I will probably end up getting most of my haul at Kroger as their current Cars 2 inspired Mega gives Kellogg's cereals a price before Qs (but after mega discount) of $1.99 [DFW region pricing]. They also have a lot of Kimberly-Clark products in the mega too (for that promotion). Plus they're more convenient for me - I can walk there faster than I can drive to Safeway.

Anonymous said...

Question...If I buy 5 RC's in one transaction couldn't I use 2 printable Q's save $1.00/2 AND two save $1.00 on produce coupons as well?

Jennifer Zimmermann said...

Where at the front of the store are you finding the $1/5 coupons? TIA! :)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Kelley, promotions state 4-8 weeks, so not sure how long other than those guidelines.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

GlennJ, yes, I am a bit excited about the free movie ticket :)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, yes, technically using coupons in that fashion is correct, however, the coupons are going to beep so it is going to be a YMMV of whether your cashier will push through or not.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Jennifer, there is a stand up display that mentions Simple Nutrition and has the booklet in a little pocket on that display. I have seen this toward the front of the store or near the weekly ads at at least 4 different stores.

Jennifer Zimmermann said...

Awesome! Thank you so much! My kids love Coco Krispies, and I was looking for a reason to stock up! I actually shop at the store in Pecan Grove but will drive into Katy to find the coupons if need be. lol Thanks! :)

Ashley M. said...

AWESOME! Here is my deal scenario:
#1 Transaction
6 boxes Rice Krispy Cereal
Use 3 $1/2 coupons= $11.94

#2 Transaction
4 boxes Rice Krispy Cereal
Use $1/2 coupon (which leaves 2 w/o coupons)
2 boxes corn pops
Use .70 coupon and $1/3 coupon (which covers the other 2 rice krispy cereals)
Final Price: $24.18 before tax
I will Receive:
2 movie tickets
1 $10 mir
3 $5 gc's from the cars2 promo
That is $25 back plus the tickets!!

Anonymous said...

At our Randalls we were able to use both the Kellogs coupons, and the produce coupon. No issues with it. The manager said the coupon is actually on the fruit, not the cereal. Makes sense to me!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Sweet anon, it is correct usage but some stores will not allow the combo, glad yours did

Melanie said...

Does the Cocoa Krispies count towards the 10 rebate? It is not written specifically on the rebate form.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Melanie, I do NOT believe the Cocoa krispies are part of the $10 rebate since it just say Rice Krispies on the form. I will not be submitting those for the $10 as I don't want to risk losing my other upcs and getting rejected.

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