Monday, March 28, 2011

Kroger makes the official announcement ending doubles in Houston

For those of you that were waiting for an official word from Kroger, go here!

Keep in mind, I was informed Houston is the MOST competitive grocery market in the US (at least according to Kroger). Don't you think your doubles and triples are next on the cutting block?
Join the facebook group Kroger Couponers here to see what you can do to convince Kroger to change their minds!

$10 Gas Card from Kelloggs in Exchange for 10 UPC codes - Limit 5 per household

WOW! Kelloggs has a really awesome new rebate going on right now. Simply print the form and send in 10 upc codes from the list of participating cereals and you will get a prepaid debit card for $10! Limit 5 per household but must all be mailed separately.
You can read all the fine print and details here.

Even though it shows the form is good until 12/31/11, keep in mind it does say while supplies last so act fast if you are interested in this deal.
Participating cereals include:
Kellogg’s All-Bran® Original cereal,
Kellogg’s All-Bran® Bran Buds® cereal,
Kellogg’s All-Bran® Complete® Wheat Flakes® cereal,
Kellogg’s Smart Start® Strong Heart Antioxidant cereal,
Kellogg’s Smart Start® Strong Heart Toasted Oat cereal,
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® cereal,
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® Touch of Honey cereal,
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran® cereal,
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran® Crunch cereal,
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran® Extra! cereal,
Kellogg’s Crispix® cereal,
Kellogg’s Product 19® cereal,
Kellogg’s Mueslix® cereal,
Kellogg’s® Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal,
Kellogg’s® Lowfat Granola with Raisins cereal,
Kellogg’s® Lowfat Granola without Raisins cereal,
Kellogg’s® Fruit Harvest Strawberry/Blueberry cereal,
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies® cereal
All must be 10 oz or larger.

And, you can head here to print coupons for some of these.

Thanks Kim in my couponer group for the heads up!

Kroger List of Cities affected by the removal of Doubles and Triples

I have been getting many inquiries as to what stores or areas are being affected by the coupon policy change in Kroger Houston (posted about here).  Since I will be away from my computer for several hours today and will not be able to respond to these inquiries right away, I have decided to post the list here I received this morning.  I inquired with my contact as to what all cities are going to be impacted and here is the list I was given:
Texas City






La Porte




League City


Missouri City


Sugar Land


Hedwig Village





Bryan-College Station Lucky for you, you are being spared!









The Woodlands




Be sure to join Kroger Couponers on facebook for up to the minute information about the peaceful fight to get Kroger to reconsider.

$5 Printable for Tangled 4 Disc Set

If you did not do the Amazon deal for Tangled I posted here, then you might want to log into your DisneyMovieRewards account and get a $5 coupon off the purchase of the 4 disc Blu Ray Combo Pack.
According to the Target ad they are going to have this combo pack on sale for $24.99 starting tomorrow when it is released.  In addition, you can get a free Golden Book with purchase. 
If you were a lucky one that got the Easter Home mailer catalog, inside you will find a $5 coupon off any Disney Blu Ray.  Combine that for $10 off and get the movie for just  $14.99.
Then, you can go here to print a rebate for $5 back when you buy 2 Success Rice and the movie.  Not sure where I am going to get the Success Rice yet since Randalls only carries the BIG one for way to much.  Might have to check out the dollar stores.   If you are doing this rebate, don't forget the $1/2 Success Rice coupon printed here or in this past Sunday's RP insert.

We went to see this movie in the theatre and it was really really cute.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Pot pies at Safeway (Randalls, Tom Thumb)

Sometimes it is great to have coupon buddies that call you about a deal they found and somethings it is NOT so great. Today, it was both, lol.
I really needed to be at home preparing for a business trip and cleaning my house (my poor husband has to be Mr Mom this week, hah)
Well, I could not stay cooped up and cleaning when I had free pot pies to get!!!!! I have not seen pot pies for free since 2 years ago when Kroger had them on mega and had a blinkie right in front of them!

Anyway, on to the deal!

The first store I stopped at I rarely shop, but I needed to drop off a ton of recyclables(my trash pickup will not collect bottles) and it was nearby. Well, this particular store has these single serve Marie Callender's Pot Pies for $1.99.  They only have turkey and chicken in this size.  I grabbed 8 for a total of $15.92.
Well. $15 is the magic number to get to use that in ad coupon for for $5 off a $15 frozen food purchase!
I did this
8 pot pies @ 1.99 = $15.92
-$5/15 in ad
-8 $1.50 off any Marie Callender's or Claim Jumpers pie* from the Safeway frozen food booklet.
= -$1.08!!!
*This coupon does picture actual pies but says ANY pie and the packaging of these clearly has the word pie (I had NO issues using these at two stores :)

While there I was excited to see the Blistex was FINALLY on sale for $1. I had those Blistex .35 coupons from 1-16 SS
clipped just waiting for a sale.  Hurry because these expire on 3-31.  For those of you that shop the Williams Trace store in Sugar Land, I left the rest of them next to Blistex since I won't be shopping again before they expire. :)

Also, the Simply Orange (and lemonade and apple ) are $1 right now, so free with the .50/1 coupon found in the most recent copy of Diabetes and You at Walgreens.(I found this about a month ago at one store and emailed Courtney a picture in my car I was so excited when I saw these!)

I also noticed the Go Gurt with 50% tags @ 1.99 each.  So .99 each and I used a .75/2 insert from the 2-13 GM.  These are also specially marked to get a free Chiller tube with 2 UPCS :)

And finally, I noticed the Reach toothbrushes were marked on sale for $1.72.  The $4 oynso catalina wyb 4 is still active, so I used my $1 coupons to make this a small money maker!  (too many inserts to mention so just go here and enter Reach in the search)

Then, after CVS, we were pretty close to another Randalls and my mom wanted more pot pies. Well, we couldn't find the small ones here, but we still made a good deal on the 2 serving pies.  They had a wider selection of varieties on these so this is what we ended up doing:
4 pot pies $2.79 each
1 Morningstar Farm $3.99 -50% sticker
-$5/15 coupon
-$6 (4 1.50 off pot pies)
-$1 Morningstar farm from booklet I found about 3 weeks ago at Kroger and Randalls (expires 3.31)
-$2 for 50% off sticker
= $1.15 for 4 pot pies and 1 Morningstar Farm.
Not free but good enough for me

CVS Money Maker deal - No coupon required

I did not have any plans today of going to CVS since the deals are not that great and I am preparing for a busy workweek.  Well, my mom was here for a visit and she had $16 worth of ECBS she had to use up tonight to off we went to CVS.
I ended up only getting this for myself since it was such an easy money maker with no coupon required!
This concealer was priced at just $5.99 at my store and after purchase it printed a $7 ECB.  This was a $1.01 money maker and I didn't even have to dig for a coupon.
Now, if you don't mind digging, check the 3-6 SS for $1 or check for $4 peelies(thanks for that info Court).

I don't have a picture of what my mom got because she took her stuff with her, but we did the Pledge deal for her:
Buy $12 get $4 ECBs
Bought two multi surface sprays and 2 furniture care
Used 2 Bogos
Paid $6 and got back $4.

We also got the Skintimate (blue bottle doesn't beep with coupon) $3.49
-.55 from this weekends inserts or All You mag
Paid $2.94 and got back $2.50

She got the concealer above.

And we went ahead and got her some Cadbury Eggs on sale for .87 buy 1 get 1 (limit 6)
We got 10 because I had a CVS $2 off 10 homemailer

.87 x 10 = $8.70
- $2.61 for bogo on 3
- $2 CVS homemailer
- $5 for 5 .50/2 tearpads (we found these at a Shell station we gassed up at)
= -.91 and my mom LOVES Cadbury eggs

Then my mom had to get a Coke (she is as addicted as I am to Diet DP ;P )

Yoplait Kids Giveaway - 1st 20 readers get free Yoplait

My kids LOVE yogurt. What I love is that they think it is treat I am rewarding them with (shhh, don't tell them it is good for them, lol).
Yoplait kids is great for our family because it has 25% less sugar and contains NO high fructose corn syrup. Yoplait Kids also contains both calcium and vitamin D. My little one loves that Dora is on the package too (they have Cars as well).
Right now, Yoplait, in partnership with MyBlogSpark is giving away 20 FREE 4 pack coupons to the first 20 of my readers to click the free yogurt tab pictured above and putting in your email! After the 20 are exhausted everyone else will get a chance to print a coupon for .50 off one. Right now I know these are on sale at Randalls for $1.99, so just .99 for 4 tasty yogurt cups after doubling (or run to Kroger to stock up before they stop doubling)

Good luck everyone and be sure to visit Yoplait on Facebook to “Like” them.  Feel free to also follow Yoplait on Twitter to keep up with the latest news.

Disclosure: I was given a coupon for a 4 pack of kids Yoplait and offered this giveaway to 20 readers from Yoplait through MyBlogSpark.  No other compensation was given to me for this post and as always all opinions are my own. 

For the first 20 who get the free yogurt through the link above, please also provide me your email address in the comments so I can get your contact information for your coupon to be mailed.  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview - 3 inserts!

WOW, big coupon weekend!  We are slated to get 3 inserts (2 SS and 1 RP).  Hopefully they are all HIGH value since we are running out of time to double/triple at Kroger :( (Kroger Corporate Affairs, 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202)

Go here or here to view what to expect.  Remember there are regional variances to coupons

Kroger ending doubles/triples in Houston market

I am fielding a lot of inquiries as to where I have read this information and how I know this without a link to a source.  I have to tell you, I received a letter from Kroger about these changes and I will cut and paste the letter below for your reference.  Hope this clarifies some of the questions and conerns you have:

Good Afternoon, Stephanie,

It’s come to our attention that you may be receiving questions about our new coupon policy and are uncertain how to address these inquiries. As we prepare to notify households by mail of the discontinuation of our double/triple program, a key component is educating our front-end associates about the change to equip them to handle customer questions. Our front-end associates and Customer Service Managers (CSMs) were recently informed of the change. We are aware that this information has begun to circulate and as a result, some shoppers may be turning to you for answers and clarification about our policy. Additionally, erroneous information has been posted on other blog sites and savings forums.

We acknowledge that these are issues and questions you must address with your readers now and we welcome you to do so. We’re in the process of finalizing the new coupon policy and have decided to share it with you prior to April 5, in the meantime, the information listed below should prove helpful in responding to any questions about the matter.

Ø   As we openly shared with you on Monday at the VIBE, we absorb the cost of doubling and tripling coupons - not the manufacturers - and it’s a sizeable expense each month. Our data shows that only 7% of households take advantage of doubling and tripling. Although more costly to us a company, more than 19% of households take advantage of the fuel rewards program.
Ø  With the growing popularity of digital coupons, mobile apps and manufacturers producing coupons valued at more than 50 cents, we feel it’s an ideal time to test out a new money-saving program and discontinue double/triple.  There’s a possibility we may re-introduce double/triple by hosting special shopping events intermittently. 

Ø  We will still continue to accept coupons at face value. Part of the new policy states there is a limit of one electronic or paper manufacturer coupon per item. The opportunity to stack is no longer available. A digital coupon and manufacturer paper coupon may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. More than 130 digital coupons are available daily at

Ø  If you have loaded an electronic coupon to your Kroger Plus card, then the digital coupon will apply before the manufacturer paper coupon. A digital coupon cannot be removed from a transaction once redeemed.

Ø  In addition to accepting coupons at face value, Kroger still offers a number of ways to save. We saved Texas shoppers more than $25 million in 2010 through different programs including the Pick 6 wine discount, generic drug pricing ($4/30-day supply and $10/90-day supply), everyday 10% senior discount for shoppers who are 59 and older, and fuel rewards.

Ø  Through the fuel rewards program, shoppers save 3 cents per gallon everyday at Kroger Fuel Centers. There are 67 Kroger Fuel Centers in Greater Houston. Customers can save 10 cents per gallon at Kroger Fuel Centers and more than 500 participating Shell locations in the area when they earn 100 fuel rewards points.

Ø  Rewards points can be earned in the following ways:
o    Spend $100 on groceries, earn 100 points. ($1 = 1 point)
o    Spend $50 on gift cards and we double the points. (1 $50 gift card = 100 points)
o    Fill or refill 2 prescriptions at a Kroger Pharmacy. (1 prescription = 50 pts)

A more thorough outline of our coupon policy is to come; however, we want to equip you with the key messages so that you can address your readers’ concerns now. Please feel free to encourage your readers to use their coupons before the double/triple program expires on Wednesday, April 13,

If I can provide any additional information at this time, please let me know.

As always, thank you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Day Double Coupons Died in Houston

Ok, this first part is how I cope with the upsetting things in life.
Sing this to the beat of American Pie:
Bye Bye my free Sara Lee Pie
With no doubles and no triples I think I might cry
Kroger will give me face value instead
Come April 13 we all will cry
Singing this will be the day doubles died!

Ok, (sorry, but songs help me cope with depressing news) I wish I didn't have depressing news for you Houston and surronding area residents (yes that means you Galveston and Bryan/College Station, Orange, Clute) but unfortunately I do.

It is the executive decision of Kroger to put a stop to double and triple coupons in Houston and surronding area starting April 13, 2011!  This information came directly from the district office and I can try to answer your questions and concerns.  Those I cannot answer, I will forward to my contacts with hopes of getting answers for you.

Excerpts from Kroger:
 With the growing popularity of digital coupons, mobile apps and manufacturers producing coupons valued at more than 50 cents, we feel it’s an ideal time to test out a new money-saving program and discontinue double/triple.  There’s a possibility we may re-introduce double/triple by hosting special shopping events intermittently.  

We will still continue to accept coupons at face value. Part of the new policy states there is a limit of one electronic or paper manufacturer coupon per item. The opportunity to stack is no longer available. A digital coupon and manufacturer paper coupon may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. More than 130 digital coupons are available daily at

 If you have loaded an electronic coupon to your Kroger Plus card, then the digital coupon will apply before the manufacturer paper coupon. A digital coupon cannot be removed from a transaction once redeemed. 

I strongly urge you to use your .35 and .50 coupons NOW before doomsday!

Kroger is working to draft a more detailed coupon policy and the instant I hear about it, I will be sure to share it will all of you!  Please leave your comments and I will be more than happy to forward them to Kroger.  You may also want to visit Kroger on their facebook page and share your feelings on this very sad news.

Also, if you would like a wealth of information about Kroger and to join a like minded group of couponers that are upset with these changes. please visit the Kroger Couponers group a fellow couponer (that I admire!) has created.   Join us in our boycott in hopes Kroger will reinstate doubles and triples in our region. Thanks Dealz for the support group <3
We hope to cause a change like the Pampers Dry Max moms did!

Walgreens - yay for overage!

Stopped into Walgreens yesterday after my drs appointment and got some goodies :)
I have already mentioned the Almay deal, but for those of you having difficulty using the coupons on the wipes and cleaners, there are several items that are priced at just $5.59 making them only $1.59 after both coupons.  Still a profit of $3.41 after $5 register reward!

A weekly deal that works well with this is the Plackers.  Priced at just $2 they generate a $2 register reward.  I have been buying these to roll my $2 Post catalinas for a few weeks ago.  Then, I grab one of the Almays and a Chips Ahoy up front for a filler, pay just ~ .30 each transaction to turn my $2 into a $5.  AND the cashiers were more than happy to ring up multiple transactions because they get a little bonus for selling the Chips Ahoy :)

One more HOT deal I took advantage of was the Osteo BiFlex.  This week it is on sale for $9.99 and generates a $1 RR.  Well, they seem to ALSO be on bogo sale, so I was purchasing two at a time @9.99
and using the 2 $6 insert coupons from the 3-6 RP for a PROFIT of $2.01 during each transaction.  I bought a few clearance toys with the overages.
If you don't have 2 $6 inserts, you could use 1 $6 and one $3 IP, pay .99 and get back $1.  I don't personally use this, but my dad does and these pills get expensive.  If you don't use them, you can always donate them to someone that does or a local charity.

Thanks Mercedes for the heads up on the Osteo Bi Flex

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Huggies $3 Printable!

Huggies has added a $3 printable coupon here.  Print now before the print limit is reached.

Rue La La has Spanx, soon to add Kitchenaid

If you signed up for Rue lala back when I posted here, you might want to see if there is something you currently want with your $10 credit. Right now, they have Spanx on their site and tomorrow, they will be adding KitchenAid!  They even have Spanx for men (modeled at that!)
I think I am gonna scout out the Kitchenaid selection tomorrow to see what I can score for a good deal.  Don't forget, we only have until May 31st to use up this credit.  Of course, not a great deal if you buy something you normally would not just because of a sale.

New Pedigree printable - Close to free at Kroger

There is a new printable for Pedigree canned dog food here.
These are still currently on sale at Kroger on their mega sale for .50 each wyb at least 10 participating products.  (they ring up $1 and then register takes off $5 at the end of the receipt for each 10 participating items, see matchups here and here).
Well, there is also a catalina promotion right now on these: Buy 8-9 get 1.00, buy 10-11 Get 1.50 or buy 12 or more and get $2.00 oynso.

Scenario example:
Buy 9 cans @ $1 each
-$3 for 3 Buy 2 get 1 free coupons (assumes you have at least 2 computers)
Buy 1 Aquafresh training toothbrush @ $1.50
-$1 for 1 .50/1 IP
-$5 for mega event
= $1.50 oop and earn $1 catalina back for a cost of .50 for 9 cans and 1 toothbrush(hey you can even use this brush on your dog :)


You can buy 10 cans, use the 3 coupons and pay $2 oop but get back $1.50 for same overall results of .50 for 10. (thanks facebook reader Robin for an easier scenario, lol)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UPDATE: Free $30 Shutterfly Credit for members of MyPhotoWorks!

WOW!  I just got this in my email and I had to laugh, because the email continued to say:

We found a great place for your 1 photos and we can easily transfer all your photos to a free account at Shutterfly, the leading photo services company.  Even better, when you transfer your photos to Shutterfly, we'll give you $30* to turn the pictures you love into award-winning photo products, or an Archive DVD.
*Offer valid only for customers who transfer their PhotoWorks photos to Shutterfly through 11:59pm EST May 2, 2011.

 HA HA!  I have exactly ONE photo there but they are giving me a $30 credit to Shutterfly, woo hoo!
It has a direct link that you click on through your email, so if you think you have a PhotoWorks account, you might want to check your spam folder for this offer!

UPDATE:  Reader Angie just went to her account on MyPhotoworks and was able to get the $30 credit AND she used SHIP30 code to get free shipping!  She did not get the email but since she had 3 pictures at MyPhotoworks she was still able to get it!  Thanks Angie for the comment

Free Chick Fil A Thursdays Starting March 24th in Houston

Yay!  I LOVE my Chick Fil A and now for the next 4 weeks I can get a free breakfast every Thursday!  YUMMY!
Just head to your local Houston Area Chick Fil A each Thursday morning between 6 am and 10:30 am and get the preselected freebie while supplies last.  Limit one per person.
If you don't live in the Houston area, be sure to check your stores for a similar promotion.
I will meet you in the drive thru :)

Thanks Susan for helping me get my fix for free <3

Walgreens HOT Almay Money Maker!

Ok, I got this deal from my good coupon bud IMM93 but I can't say with 100% certainty where she got it because she is a coupon ho like me! lol
Anyway, I am glad I have such awesome coupon buds that know I cannot know everything going on at every store all the time!  This is where I think it is VERY important to find a coupon buddy or NINE ( I would have said seven since it is a lucky number, but I have always been partial to 9). *

Anyway, my bud told me that select Almay was on sale for 30% AND we had $2 insert from 3-6 SS.  Not only that, but that awesome book you see pictured can be found in the HBA(that is health and beauty aid section for those non-retail workers) of your Walgreens stores(if you don't see it, ask your BA- Beauty Advisor at the cosmetics counter).  Inside is a Walgreens coupon for $2 off Almay!
Combine the two and you have yourself an awesome money maker and great opportunity to start your register reward stash for those of you that are a little light in the pockets right now!

The four Almay items pictured above were all on sale for just $4.19 each.  After the $2 manuf coupon(hand over this one FIRST) and the $2 Wags booklet coupon, they were just .19 and I earned a $5 RR for purchasing 1 participating Almay product!  Sweet $4.81 money maker!
Even if you don't wear makeup, there are many items to get you started at Walgreens and then you can donate them, I know several Women's Shelters who would be more than happy to take donations of these items!

*If you need a coupon bud  in your area of town, feel free to leave a comment here and perhaps you can find one(they don't even have to be in your area of town, just someone that can do half the research for you and report back to each other, I would love to help hook you guys up :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kroger Mega Run - a few New finds thanks to my evening out with Kroger

As some of you are aware, I got to go out to a Kroger Sponsored Blogger event last night and in true couponer fashion I had to shop!!!! (I mean come on, a Kroger I rarely go to; I am gonna scout it out).  I am sorry to report the store was seriously lacking in tearpad coupons (don't worry, I let our hosts know, much to the snickers of the other bloggers there, but I don't care, I have always been a couponer first.  Shoot, I was a couponer before it was cool and we had to sneak them out of our purse to avoid scrutiny)
Anyway, I got there 1 hour early (I like to be very punctual when I am being invited somewhere, work on the other hand is another matter, lol).  Well, there was no one awaiting my 1 hour early arrival so I took this opportunity to SHOP! (as any TRUE couponer would)

Well, I have to say, I did find a few more deals at Kroger that I don't have already posted in my matchups here and hence the reason for this wacky post.
First, for those of you with infants, or possibly future infants, future grandma's or you simply want to donate to a good cause (shoot even if it is only for the reason you need 2 more items to round out your 10, I don't care, it is free, go get you some!)
Aquafresh Infant toothbrushes are $1.  I noticed these about 4 nights ago and came home and did a search to see if coupons existed. I really wanted printables for the kids toothpaste again, but instead I found these infant toothbrushes.(that's ok, I am visiting BFF next weekend and will give them to her for her new daughter :)

Another HOT thing I noticed was the Motrin PM was on the mega sale (how the heck did I miss that????).  They are $2.99 regular, but $2.49 after mega (hello, can you say $6/2 coupon from 1-9 SS makes these a PROFIT!)  Oh and quick tip, at this store, they "appeared" to be sold out since I went to the regular aisle and it was MT(as in empty!)  BUT, THIS IS WHY YOU READ MY BLOG!!!!!!!  I found a stash!!!!
Go to the register and be proud to look like a fool ( I was).  There were little cardboard displays on the pegs where the candy is hanging or even on the pegs facing the actual registers (as in you are in line, it is your turn and they are checking you out and you look to your left and so, oh, yeah, I needed batteries and Motrin PM, thank my lucky stars they are right here at my fingertips!)  Cha CHING!!!! Pay dirt

And finally, to round out my 10 items I went ahead and took the plunge and grabbed more of these Dole Fruit Crisp bowls.  My kiddos had one each over the weekend and really seemed to enjoy them.  They are only .49 each after mega event and coupon from 1-9 SS but if you purchase 4 in a transaction you will get a .75 oynso catalina (thanks to my good coupon buddy Dealz for that tidbit <3)

And since I was there and I had the coupons, I went ahead and threw in 5 Starkist tuna pouches(apparantly two are still in the car and I did not feel like going back out!)
They are priced at $1.50 and will trigger a $1.50 oynso wyb 5,  I went ahead and got them since I had .50/1 IPs (no longer available)   Made all 5 cost $1 which my mom is more than happy to pay.
If you have these $.50 IPS remember they expire 4-12 so don't delay in redeeming them!!!!!!

And finally, I had four more Yakisoba .50/1 coupons from 3-13 SS.  Well, they are everyday priced at .88 at Kroger so free after doubling.  Well, even though the coupons do not expire until May, I hate sitting on FREE with doubles because you never know if things will  change or stores will always be out of stock.  I mean Randalls only doubles 1 like so if you have 10 it means 10 trips.  If you have these coupons, don't delay, go get them now so you are not out like a crazy person come expiration date(I know I do that far too much)  Go get them NOW while it is NOT urgent!

Free Milk - Thank you Walmart and Breathe Right

I have to admit I have had the $1.50/1 Breathe Right (1-30 RP) strip coupons clipped for a long long time.  I was working on getting them free at Kroger, but that was such a pain because they beeped and then I would have to explain the adjusting down, yada yada yada (yes I am a Seinfeld fan!)
Anyhoo, I decided to keep them in my coupon purse because I am just lazy and didn't want to file them.  Well FINALLY I found the trial size at Walmart (I actually went in scouting out for other things that would match some high value catalina coupons I have been scoring at Kroger).  They were on a clip strip (that is retail speak for those little plastic holders of small items like this- at least that is what we called them in MY Walmart days).  Everyday price of .97 WHOOP!!!!!!

So, what did I need tonight?  Milk.  I could not have planned this better if I had tried.  Grabbed 12 Breathe Right that gave me exactly $6.36 in overage.  Hopped (ok, I slowly walked but picturing me hopping would be so much more entertaining) over to the dairy case and what do you know, milk $3.18!!! Apparently Walmart got the memo that I was already having a crappy day and I was not a woman to be messed with today and they decided to tilt the Earth and align the stars for me to send me home in a good mood!

Total spent: 12 coupons, about 10 minutes and ZERO in actual cash!

Good luck, I hope some of you find these too and let me know what goodies you spend to overage on!
(And YES I know I am especially zany on this post but it is my blog and I can do whatever I want to nah nah nah nah nah nah!)

New Cellfire coupons available for loading

Cellfire has reset their coupons.  You can currently load the following list of coupons to your Kroger and Randalls (Tom Thumb) cards.  I suggest loading to your Randalls since you have to option of using the paper coupon over the loadable if it is a higher value.  Kroger has not quite got the bugs worked out yet to offer this same feature thus you are forced to use ecoupon or nothing if it is on your card. :(  (The only way to avoid this glitch right now at Kroger is to load the coupons directly from their site so you can remove them if need be)

ZYRTEC® Allergy Save $2

Cortaid® Save $2

Save $2.00 on any Cortaid® Anti-itch product.

PB Toaster Strudel® Save $.50

Save $0.50 when you buy TWO any flavor/variety Pillsbury® Toaster Strudel® Pastries.

Green Giant boxed Save $.60

Save $0.60 when you buy THREE any variety Green Giant® Frozen Boxed Vegetables.

NV Granola Bars Save $.50

Save $0.50 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor/variety Nature Valley® Granola Bars (excludes Nature Valley® Granola Thins).

BC Fruit Snacks Save $.50

Save $0.50 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor/variety Betty Crocker® Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot®, Fruit Gushers® OR Fruit Roll-Ups® fruit flavored snacks.

Gardetto's Snack Mix Save $.50

Save $0.50 when you buy any flavor 8 OZ. OR LARGER Gardettos® Snack Mix.

Wheaties® cereal Save $.75

Save $0.75 when you buy ONE BOX Wheaties® or Wheaties Fuel® cereal.

Cheerios® Cereal Save $.55

Save $0.55 when you buy ONE BOX Original Cheerios® cereal (the one in the yellow box).

Cinn Toast Crunch Save $.55

Save $0.55 when you buy ONE BOX Cinnamon Toast Crunch® cereal.

MultiGrain Cheerios® Save $.75

Save $0.75 when you buy ONE BOX MultiGrain Cheerios® cereal.

GG Valley Fresh Stmrs Save $.50

Save $0.50 when you buy TWO any variety Green Giant® Valley Fresh Steamers® frozen vegetables.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bonus Box Tops Offer for Kroger and Affiliate Stores

I just got an email from Box Tops letting me know of a bonus offer that started on Friday.  You do have to log into your account to activate this on your card, but once you do, you are set.  Then, everytime you purchase 3 participating Big G cereals in a single transaction, you will receive 20 bonus box tops toward your selected school.  That is the equivalent of $2 FREE money to a school of your choose!
If you are not familiar with Box Tops, you might want to check out the information here.  Each one is worth a dime to the schools and with our crazy coupon ways, those dimes add up FAST!  If you don't have a participating school, consider at least signing up a local school for the free money since these are automatic savings.  If you want to take it a step further, consider saving the box top logos off your boxes of products to trade or even donate to a school nearby! 
My kiddos school only had about 138 kids and generated over $300 in one year!  That was $300 that went straight to more playground equipment and supplies :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walmart Run - Got fresh fruit with overage!

Walmart restocked the 40 count Gain @ $1.87 so I used the $3 insert from 2-13 RP to get some overage to pay for fruit for this week. I broke the Gain and fruit up in two transactions since P&G coupons limit you to 4 per transaction.
I also went ahead and got some more trial size Purex sheets with the $1 insert 3-13 RP. They are only .97 before coupon and come with two sheets.
I spent $1.46 for everything pictured and some grapes (not pictured because my family wolfed them down, lol)

Free Cream of Wheat at Walgreens *YMMV

Ok, this is one of those deals I have been avoiding because it is kind of a pain.  Also, keep in mind this is not a regular stock item so you might have to shop around for a Walgreens that has these.  These were found up at the front near the registers, but I have also seen them in the center aisles in some stores and some in the little 4 ways between the front end and the photo lab.
These Cream of Wheat boxes are priced at $1 and we have $1 insert coupons with no size restrictions from the 1-9 SS.  These coupons do BEEP and say no item sold for this coupon (hence the reason this is a pain of a deal).  I spoke with the manager of the store before hand and showed her my coupons.  She agreed they could be used on the boxes and prompted the cashier to manually enter them.  YAY!  Free Cream of Wheat in varieties that look super yummy!
For those of you interested that live in Sugar Land, I left a TON at the store on Hwy 6 and Williams Trace and the store manager said she just wanted them GONE, lol.  They have a long date until expiration too (Nov and Dec 2012 !!!!!)

HOT Printable $4 off 4 Chex Mix Or BC fruit snacks!

Sorry, appear to be gone now. WOW! Head over here to print this AWESOME coupon for Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardetto's or Betty Crocker fruit snacks. This is a manufacturer coupon that does not have any mention of Winco on it, so can be used anywhere were printable coupons are accepted. Now to get a sale on one of these items!

Thanks Couponpro.

30% off diapers and wipes on Amazon - I got 100 diapers for $3.65!

Wow! Lucky me. My BFF just had a baby last week and I wanted to get her the thing every new mommy never has enough of, DIAPERS! Well, I stopped into a Babies R US store last week and picked up a free BabyTalk magazine. Inside was a $10 off code for any purchase in the Baby Store at Amazon. Combining this with the 30% off they are currently offering on select diapers and wipes (15% for Amazon mom which is free and 15 % for Subscribe and Save)and free shipping, I was able to get her a box of 100 diapers for only $3.65! That is just 3 1/2 cents a diaper!!!!!(hopefully she doesn't read my blog before she gets delivery this week, lol)

There are several other diapers and wipes that are cheap you might even be able to score some for FREE!
*You can choose to cancel subscribe and save anytime after your shipment arrives if you change your mind :)

HOT! Free HP paper at Staples - After rebate!

WOW!  I have some awesome coupon buddies that always try to keep me in the know!  Courtney emailed me this picture she took at her local Staples store.
Right now, you can get Hp multi purpose paper for FREE after Staples EasyREbate.
Just go here first and print 2 copies of the HP Colorlock $1 off coupon (sort by office supplies to find it quicker.

Then head to Staples and grab two of the pictured papers @ $5.99 less the $1 coupon. Go home and log into Stapleseasyrebates and submit your rebate for $9.98 back! EASY. All you end up paying is your tax rate on $9.98 WHOOP!

CVS this week!

CVS has some pretty good deals this week! Here is what I did(sorry for the blurry picture):

4 Triscuits $2 each - $1 IP = $4
8 Honest tea $1 each - $1/2 tearpad = $4
Earns $5 for purchasing $15 in participating items

4 Reach floss $1 - $1 insert 1-9 SS = FREE

4 Pantene gel clearanced $1.37 - $1 insert 2-27 P&G = $1.48

2 Crest toothpaste $3.49 - $1 blinkies or 2-27 PG(regional) = $4.98
Earned $5 in ECBS

1 Allegra 5 count $6.99 - $2 IP or insert 3-6 SS= $4.99
Earned $6.99 in ECBS

-$5/25 emailed coupon
OOP: 13.58 in ECBS and .92 in cash
Got back: $5 ECB, $6.99 ECB, $5 ECB and $1 ECB(green bag tag)
Profit of $3.49!

On the Triscuits deal, you can also get a $1 printable for Wheat Thins here, but I could never get mine to work?

Better Than FREE Snicker Eggs at Kroger!

My husband was wonderful to watch my kiddos yesterday so I could have 5 blissful hours of mommy time. I used that time to do my favorite activity, COUPON SHOPPING!
It was a GREAT day and I was so exhausted I went to bed at 9 pm and didn't get anything posted, lol.
So hopefully I will spend some time today getting my deals posted.

Right now Kroger has a catalina promotion for a $5 coupon off the purchase of a gift card(excludes Kroger cards, and prepaid debit cards cat ends 4/23). Just purchase $15 worth of Mars/M&M products(Dove, M&Ms, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Twix) and you earn the coupon.
Well, lucky for us todays Red Plum insert has $1/2 Mars Easter candy! Kroger sells the Snicker eggs for .50 each, Whoop! That means free candy AND if you have enough coupons, free $5 toward a gift card! (not to mention the gas rewards you will be earning by shopping Kroger)
So, I got 30 Snicker eggs and used 15 coupons and got my $5 (don't fret, the store I went to had over 9 boxes of these Snicker eggs, so not even close to wiping the shelves)
Or, I have heard word that the M&Ms will be going on sale this coming week, so wait to use these coupons and combine with some M&Ms regularly priced .89, but on sale for .50. Use the buy 2 get 1 free coupon from 3-13 RP to still snag a decent deal!
(I hear word catalina is working on presale prices)

Ex scenario (assuming you get at least 5 papers)
10 Snicker eggs $5
12 M&Ms $6 (but should count as 10.68)
-$5 for eggs (5 coupons)
-$2 for M&Ms (4 b2g1 coupons @ .50 sale price)
= $4 oop and earn $5 off gift card plus have lots of candy for Easter or donation!

Thanks to my friend Dealz for the cat and sale information :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vocalpoint, another free sample - Frosted Mini Wheats

Yippee!  I love Frosted Mini Wheats so I am super excited to get a free sample of their new Touch of Fruit variety!  Again, this is for VocalPoint members, so if you are not yet a member, hopefully this is incentive to sign up.  Now, you should have a complete breakfast with the this freebie, the coffee creamer and order the Spec's coffee from Recylebank, lol. 
*Off topic, but I just have to laugh when I see picks of cereal in milk.  As I child I watched a show on how they do commercials and did you know milk is usually watered down glue?  Not only that, but they go through tons and tons of boxes of cereal to find the perfect pieces of cereal to be on camara.

Thanks Sarah.

50 Free Points from RecycleBank

RecycleBank was featured on TV recently and to reward us, they are offering up 50 free points to existing or new customers.  Just log in to your account, or start one. 
Go to Earn Points tab, scroll to the bottom where you see Saw us on television.  Click the link and scroll down to the bottom where you should see a blue box that says "get my 50 points now".  Click that box and you will have added 50 points to your account just like that!

Don't forget to double check the Naked Juice and Coors game to see if they have reset for you.  If so, you can easily score another 60 points!  Use these points to get awesome free coupons from Honest Tea, Great American Cookie Company or even free coffee from Specs!

Thanks Courtney!

Free Breve Creme International Delight Creamer from VocalPoint

Woo Hoo.  Yet another freebie from yet another awesome free site, Vocalpoint.  If you are a member of VocalPoint, go here to claim your free bottle of International Delight Breve Cream coffee creamer. (site is going a bit slow right now). 
If you are not a member, now is a great time to join.  It costs you nothing and you get to sample goodies for free:)

Thanks Mercedes.

HOT! New Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese printable

Whoop!  Head over here to print this new HOT .50/1 Kraft Homestyle mac and cheese dinner coupon.
These are on mega deal right now at Kroger for $1.99.  After coupon they will be just .99!  YAY!

Mamapedia Sweet Deal - Kids Party Zone Unlimited Play

If I was a stay at home mom I would definitely be purchasing today's Mamapedia Sweet Deal.  Kids Party Zone on Westheimer is offering a one year VIP Kid's pass for unlimited play during any workday (Mon-Fri) for just $50.
The VIP pass will give your kids admission to Kids Party Zone on any weekday of the year, where then can play to their heart’s content.  WOW, that would be great for those rainy days and your kids have to burn off energy.  Regular daily admission is $10 and the normal yearly pass costs $100.  So use it 5 times and you have broke even, more than that and it starts showing a positive return!
Keep in mind they are only open until 6 pm everyday so again, if you are a working parent, this might not work for you.

Fight me I'm Irish tshirt

This is just too funny not to post! Right now, Amazon has this tshirt on sale for just $2.99. You have probably seen the Kiss me I'm Irish, but this one is way better, lol. I love it! Free shipping for Amazon Prime or Mom members. I think I am gonna have to get me one of these and wear it out shopping during Black Friday, lol.

Sunday Coupon Preview - 2 INSERTS

Judging by the preview here or here, it is gonna be a light coupon weekend.  We should be getting two inserts and the only coupon that stands out for me is the Mentos gum.  What do you see that might have potential?
Remember, coupons are subject to regional variances in brand and value.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kroger March to Savings Run and matchups!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get some Kroger matchups posted.  I went yesterday to pick up a few items and I am a little disappointed in this sale.  There are some items that are decently priced, but I either don't use those items or I don't have the coupons to make them that cheap.  But, I know many of you do use some of these goods and might not have the stockpile built up yet, so will definitely want to take advantage of this sale.  Keep in mind, this March to Savings will continue next week as well, so plenty of time to get the items you are looking for.
First I will tell you what I did and then I will post other matchups for items I did not purchase.
My stores double up to and including .50 and triple up to and including .39

Non mega items:
Reach toothbrushes $1.99 - $.50 insert 1-9 SS = $3.96
*Earns a $4 oynso catalina so free
*If you don't have many coupons for this, I suggest you save them for next week at Walgreens where you will be able to make this a $2 money maker with the .99 toothbrushes (if they sale out, you can always do Kroger next week for this offer)

Sour cream and cottage cheese were just want items and I was using a $5/50 homemailer to pay those, no special sale on those items.

17 Kraft Jet Puffed marshmallows .69 each - 8 .50/2 tearpad = $3.73
*I was getting these to test the Kraft catalina, but didn't get it so looks like I have lots of smores in my future!

MEGA ITEMS(all prices listed are after mega deal)
Must purchase 10 participating items to save $5 instantly.  Multiple discounts allowed in same transaction. (To get pre mega price, just add .50 to each item)

48 cans Pedigree dog food .50 each
- bogo inserts 3-6 SS (took off ring up price of $1)
Final price : FREE

1 bag Pedigree dog food $3.99
-$3 insert 3-6 SS
Final Price: .99

1 Candle- lite candle .49 (clearanced)
Final Price: -.01

I spent $7.91 and got back a $4 oynso for the Reach for a final tally of $3.91 for all the above.

Dial liquid soap $1
-.35 insert 3-13 RP
Final price: FREE

Other mega item deals and matchups

Powerade .38
Several different tearpads out
Final Price: Varies

Sunny Delight .89
-.25 insert 1-16 SS
Final Price: .14

Dannon Danactiv $1.38
-$1 insert 3-6 SS
Final price: .38

Heluva Good Dips $1.19 (per reader Pheobie)
-.50 IP
Final Price: .19

Kraft Singles $1.49
-$1/2 tearpad or 2-13 SS
OR $1 IP for 2% singles
Final price: .99 each wyb 2 OR .49 for the 2%

Philadelphia Cooking Cremes $1.99
-$1.50 insert 3-6 SS or tearpad
Final price: .49

Birdseye veggies $1.69 each
-$1/3 insert 3-20 SS or $1/2 Safeway frozen food booklet(thanks Janky)
Final price $1.36 each wyb 3 OR $1.19 each wyb 2

Hungry-Man meals $1.78
-$1/2 Safeway frozen food booklet
Final Price: $1.28 each wyb 2

Pepperidge Farm frozen breads $2.19
-$1/2 Safeway Frozen food booklet
Final price: $1.69 each wyb 2

Tyson Boxed Chicken $1.99
-$1 insert for any'tizers 1/23 SS
Final price: .99

Smart Ones entrees $1.28
-$2/4 Safeway frozen food booklet
Final price: .78 each wyb 4

Motrin PM $2.49
-$6/2 insert 1-9 SS
Final price: -.02 wyb 2

Stayfree pads and liners $1.99
-bogo insert 1/9 ss
-$1 IP
Final price: $.99 for 2

Dole fruit Crisps $1.49
-.75 or .50 insert 1-9 SS
Final price: .74 or .49 depending on your regional coupon(thanks anon)

Franks red hot sauce $1.49
-.50 insert 3-13 SS
Final price: .49

French's spicy brown mustard $1.09
-$1 insert 1-23 SS
Final price: .09

French's yellow mustard $1.49
-.30 insert 1-23 SS
Final price: .59

Smart Taste pasta .69
-$1/2 insert 1-23 SS or IP
Final price: .19 each wyb 2

Kraft Homestyle mac and cheese $1.99
-.75 tearpad or .50 IP
Final price: $1.24 OR .99

Smart balance cooking oil $1.99
-$1 insert 3-6 SS
Final price: .99

Post Pebbles cereals $1.99 each
*Get $2 oynso wyb 3, $3 wyb 4 or $4 wyb 5
Final price: as low as $1.19 a box wyb 5

Hersheys Pieces or Drops $1.99
-$2/2 insert 1-30 SS
Final price: .99 each wyb 2

Nestle Pure Life 24 pack $2.79
*Catalina buy2 get $1, buy 3 get $2 buy 4 or more get $5
Final price: as low as $1.54 each wyb 4

Candle lite votives .29

Don't forget to play the online game daily to win instant prizes.

KraftFirstTaste - free Temptations Jello coupon

Are you a member of KraftFirstTaste yet?  If not, go here and sign up.  Membership is free and they have offers from time to time to sample stuff for free (in the form of a free coupon homemailer).
If you are a member, log into your account and see if you have this new offer waiting for you.  I logged in and got a coupon for a free 3 pack of Jello Temptations.  Woo hoo!

Thanks Dealz for the heads up on this.

Senokat Money Maker at Walgreens

I love finding rebate items to purchase at Walgreens and CVS. Free rebate items are a great way to roll RR or ECBS into real money again.
Right now, you can do just that with Senokat or Senokat S. There is currently a $7 rebate being offered by the makers of Senokat.

What is even better is the $3 printable coupon found here!
Now just head to your Walgreens and pick up the Senokat for ~ $8.29 or the Senokat S for ~ $8.99 BEFORE coupon. Apply the coupon and mail off the rebate and you got yourself a money maker and a great way to purge some RR! You can always donate the item if you don't use it.
Be sure the check the clearance section before buying. The last time this rebate was offered I found a clearance one and turned it into a HUGE moneymaker!

Thanks Mary for the heads up!

Donate $5 to American Red Cross for Japan and livingsocial will double it!

Wow! This is a great way to help out the people in Japan. For the next 16 hours, when you donate $5 to the American Red Cross, LivingSocial will double it and all funds will go to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.
I made my donation :)

Iams pet food rebates - Free bags with purchase*

Iams definitely does not come free very often, so if you really like them, you gotta take what you can get.  Right now, they have an offer for a free bag of cat and/or dog food when you purchase a bag.
For the cat bag, you must purchase a 1.8 lb or larger bag of cat food and mail in the form, your receipt and the upc and they will send you a coupon for a free bag up to 4 lbs.

For the dog food, you must purchase a 2 lb or larger bag of dog food and mail in the form, your receipt and the upc and they will send you a coupon for a free bag up to 8 lbs.
These rebates come in the form of a coupon for the free bags.

The fine print on the forms do state limited to the first 15,000 submissions.  This rebate started on Feb 1st.

If you have the P&G homemailer, don't forget to use your $1 coupon when purchasing the qualifier bag. 

Thanks Carol's Critter Corner.

Free Herbal Essences at CVS

This week CVS has the Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner on sale for 2/$5.97.
If you ordered the P&G homemailer coupon booklet, there is a coupon for $1 off Herbal Essences or Aussie.  Combine that with the bogo coupon we got in last Sundays paper and get them free after $2 ECB earned! Limit is 1 on this deal.

WOW! HOT printables for HEB shoppers! Free Salmon with purchase!

Wow! I have been cleaning out my inbox today and lets just say there are coupons coupons everywhere!
I got an email from HEB inviting me to print some of their coupons. Let me just say I was super excited to see these coupons are coded with a B. The B stands for big savings and the awesome deal with those is that you can combine them with manufacturer coupons per the HEB coupon policy, woo hoo!

First, they have a coupon for a free 12 oz bag of HEB Wild Sockeye Salmon with a $20 purchase. My mom shops HEB everyday anyway for her groceries so it will be super easy for her to get to $20. You can print that one twice and you have until April 12th to use it!
Also, I noticed they have a coupon for $5 off a $15 L'oreal Cosmetics purchase. Combine that coupon with the $3 insert from 1-30 RP and you are bound to get some cosmetics for free, and HEY, that is already $15 toward your $20 to get the free salmon.
Finally, they have a Buy 2 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner, get a free Suave Professionals Styler. Combine that with insert from 3/2 RP and you might get a decent deal on the Suave.
If you make it to the store before me, I would love to hear some prices!

Free Magazine Subscriptions - Parents and Womans Day

I stopped paying for magazine subsriptions a long time ago(except for a few specialty ones for my husband beer brewing and All You for me)
I just sign up for the magazines when they are offering free subscriptions or issues. This works great to score some HOT coupons that are only found in magazines from time to time.
Two new offers right now are a free 7 month subscription to Parents and a free subscription to Woman's Day.

For Parents, just go here and sign up for your free subscription.

For Woman's Day, just go here and sign up.  Make sure you skip past all the offers they try to get you to sign up for and you are well on your way to reserving free magazines.  The months that don't have any coupons, I take to HalfPriceBooks and resell to them for about .25-.50 a magazine.  I just drop in when I am already driving by so it is free money to me :)

Thanks mojosavings.

Pampers Gift to Grow - 10 more free points

Pampers Gift to Grow as released yet another free 10 point code. woo hoo.
If you are not yet a member, go here to sign up for FREE. Even if you don't have a kid, they have been offering so many free codes, you could get some nice rewards with no out of pocket expense. For just 700 points you can request a P&G coupon booklet:)

Then enter the following code to get you started:
T9PDXPKKGA3M4GK - 10 points

Other codes that might still be active to really get you going:
(If any of these are expired, please let me know)
500000Pampers10 - 10 points
SEP3PGW7NRKYWXK - 10 points
Go here (facebook required) to take a quiz to earn a 10 point code
pampers4momjfm1 - 10 points

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Driscoll berries- potentially free!

If you have ignored my prior request or simply were not a reader yet, you need to sign up for driscoll berries! When you sign up they will offer you a coupon for .50 a purchase of their berries! Most of the time their strawberries or bluberries go for $1 each which will make them free. Thanks to dealz for the reminder to sign up to this website!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Starkist Printable coupon - this link should work :)

Ok, you will want to print this .50 Starkist tuna coupon to net some free tuna at Kroger/Safeway with doubles. Woo Hoo!!!