Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reader Spotlight - 15% off at Staples AND a free reusable bag

Alright this is MY blog so I get to go on tangents(Being a math major I simply LOVE that word and here is a wonderful example of its defintion, lmao) so I am doing so!
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my readers? If not, readers I LOVE YOU, I truly truly do. You put up with these random emotions of mine. You put up with me being inconsistent with my posts. You put up with my horrid grammar. You put up with my rabbit trails (which btw drives my husband NUTS!) And most importantly, you keep coming back for more abuse (and random non-sense!) For this I LOVE YOU.
AND I have to admit I do LOVE my chat feature. Though I know it is NOT perfect (and NO I do NOT GET PAID to have it on my site!) you readers ROCK!!!! Seriously. When I am overworked and overwhelmed with being a mom, having a full time job, having a full time coupon obsession, trying to actually blog this coupon obsession and the nagging reality that my body does require at least 4 hours of sleep to function in society up to civil standards, you guys truly step up to the plate. Lately I have not had a ton of time to read blogs, forums, the net, my emails, my texts, my tweets, etc and I miss stuff. Well, thanks to you dedicated FEW that keep coming back for my abuse, I thank you!!!!

So, now to topic, special thanks this week goes to Brittany (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) Not only did Brittany tell me about this HOT Staples coupon before I read it anywhere else but she sent me some AWESOME coupons for one of my true obsessions(OMG thank you!!!!!)
Anyway, Brittany saved me exactly $10.05 tonight simply by posting in my chat something she read(who knows where she read it, but I thank her for doing so- and readers, if you post where you get it, I will thank that site too :)

Brittany posted that Staples is offering not only a free reusable bag(I love these btw!) but also a 15% anything you can fit in said bag(yes computers and a few other items are restricted- can't really blame them on those restrictions). I was SOOOOOO excited that Brittany posted this because I had exactly $30.20 in Staples rewards that expire at the end of the month and I was planning on using that for my toner cartridge. WELL thanks to Brittany's post, I saved on a purchase I was making anyway! Here is how my transaction played out:

1 Brothers cartridge $69.29*
-$2.30 price override*
-$10.05 for 15% discount
- $30.60 in Staples rewards
Tax: $2.17
= $28.51

YAY! I am so excited!

So Brittany saved me an extra $10 on my transaction! SWEET!
*Price override was because it scanned for a higher price then what the shelf tag read(make sure you check your prices!)

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.   See my disclosure statement here.


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