Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kelloggs Coupon booklet found at Walmart!

Well today's shopping adventure at Walmart would have been a total bust but thankfully I found a couple good coupons while there. Everything I went for was sold out or everything I wanted to price match, they didn't carry the size :(
Well, on my way to these items, there was a demo table(although the demo person was mia?) with the pictured coupon booklet on it! I am super glad I strolled by this coupon booklet because included inside is a .70/1 Rice Krispies cereal coupon!!!! Well, the LARGE boxes of Rice Krispies are on sale at Randalls for $1.99 and fit the promos mentioned in this post here.

These are the coupons in the booklet:
.75 Kelloggs Eggo frozen item 5.3 oz +
.75 Kelloggs FiberPlus Cereal 11.5 oz +
.70 Kelloggs Crunchy Nut cereal 10.8 oz +
.70 Kelloggs Rice Krispies 9 oz+
$1/2 Kelloggs Special K cereals 7 oz+
$1/2 Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats 15.8 oz+
.70 Kelloggs Handi Pak cereal 6.48 oz+

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Harry Potter Double Feature in 3d - as low as $15!

For those of you following the Harry Potter Saga, the end is near! On July 14-15 Cinemark will be offering a double feature of the final chapter. For just $15 you can see both movies in 3D. Check out the page here to see if your theatre is participating.

Cinemark is also offering discounted concessions during the showing!

Thanks NewYorkDeals from SD!

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Hidden Valley Ranch $1 IP - Facebook

Well this is a bit odd. I received an email today from a pr agent telling me there would be a $1 coupon available on Hidden Valley Ranch's facebook page starting first thing tomorrow. I clicked the link provided to get a pic and to post here and what do you know, the coupon is printing NOW. I suggest you hurry here to print this coupon as it is first come first serve and they didn't tell me how many are being offered. Hidden Valley Ranch coupons are extremely rare and this one has ZERO size restrictions!!!!
The coupon expires 1 month from print :)

Right now Randall's has an in ad coupon for Hidden Valley at $1.49 each (limit 3).  Combine with this printable to get them for just .49 :)  Thanks Amy from my Chatroll :)

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Disney Movie Rewards - 25 free points, short survey

Yay, another easy 25 points to your Disney Movie Rewards account. Just go here and fill out the survey and get 25 points to your rewards.

Not a member yet? Sign up! It is FREE and they offer some really cool rewards, even some free ones!

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The Children's Place - Free Shipping and Clearance sale!!!!

WOW! Super excited that my kids don't have pesky ugly uniforms anymore and I can once again start shopping at The Children's Place. I love their clothes and I love even more their clearance sales. I am always able to find good prices and their clothes have been sturdy enough to hold up to my two hooligans.
Right now, they are having a Monster sale with up to 75% off in savings, an additional 15% off code (W7D2011) AND free shipping (that is $5 savings right there!).

I went through ShopDiscover with my Discover card to also get 5% cash back, but if you don't have a Discover card, you might want to consider the 4% cash back you can get from ShopatHome or Ebates.

I ended up purchasing 11 items.  Saved the $5 due to free shipping, saved an additional $5.46 with the 15% off code, and will get $1.55 back in cash back.
My cost was $33.50 after tax - $1.55 cash back = $2.90 an item. YAY!!!!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food Town Matchups June 29th- July 5th

Ok, I stopped in Food Town today for the full ad. All matchups are being done from full in store ad. To find a store near you, go here. Sweet Plums or Peaches

.69/lb Fresh Calabacita squash

.99 each Fresh Bunch Spinach

$1.44 Wishbone Ranch, Italian, French or 1000 Island dressing 16 oz
-$1 tearpad found at Fiesta
Final Price: .44 each

.33 Ortega mild taco sauce 8 oz
-$.50/2 any Ortega product 4-17SS(expires 6-30)
Final Price: .16/2

.55 Red Gold Ketchup 24 oz
-$.55/3 blinkie (found at Gerlands)
Final Price: $1.10/3

.99 Del Dixi hamburger dills 32 oz
-55 insert 5-22 RP (expires 6/30)
Final Price: .44 each

.99 Heluva Good! refrigerated dips 12 oz
-.75 insert 6-19, or 5-15 SS
Final Price: .24 each

.99 Dr Pepper 2 liters
-$1/2 tearpads (found at CVS)
Final Price: .99/2

.99 Brut stick or oval solid 2-2.5 oz
-$1 insert 6-5SS
Final price: FREE

$1.49 Market Wrapped Boneless, Skinless Fryer Breast chicken

That is really all I see this week, anything I missed, feel free to add!
Added per reader comments:

KoolAid 12/$1!!

b2g1 free All You July 2011 magazine
b10g2 free tearpad
b2g1 free tearpad
Secret deodorant is $.99
-$1 P&G Saver rebate booklet homemailer (expires 6-30)
Final Price: FREE

The food town in Highlands, TX had 2-litter Dr. Pepper for $.77.

Imperial Sugar $1.99
$.50 IP 
Final Price:  $1.49

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A Few more Freebies at CVS today!

I have been going into CVS daily for the $1 Pringles To Go coupons printing and MORE importantly for the Twizzler coupon(will get to that in a minute).

Anyway, when I went in today, a $2/2 for any Pantene or Aussie product printed, WOW!!!!! Sweet. I knew there was a ECB deal so I went to that aisle and noticed it was 2/$6.97 and earn $2 in ECB. Well, I remembered we had $3/2 inserts from the 6-19 inserts. So with both coupons and ECB deal FREE!
2/$6.97 - $2/2 CRT - $3/2 insert = $1.97 Earn $2 ECB

Well while on that aisle I noticed the John Frieda Full Repair foam styler marked $6 and buy $10 worth get $3 ECB*. Well, I still had a few $5 off 1 coupons from 6-5SS. That was going to work out to $1 in profit.
*I must admit the ECB did not print nor did my receipt reflect that I bought a participating product, but since it was tagged in the store they did print for me. YMMV on this since I guess this particular product is NOT part of the promo? But as you can see, it was tagged at my store:

Don't forget to read this post for my other matchups for the week.

Ok, about the Twizzlers. I posted a Dr Pepper deal on the link above, but I found a better way to do it with all those Twizzler $1 coupons that are printing at the Coupon Center machine in stores.
Twizzlers are $2 and part of the gas promotion as well as the 3/$10 12 packs of Diet Dp (and regular too). I have revamped my deal and plan to do the following:

6 Diet dp 12 packs $20
5 Twizzlers $10
-6 $1 tearpad for Diet Dp
-5 $1 CRT coupons for Twizzlers (1 daily!)
-5 .50 insert this past weekend for Twizzlers
= $16.50 oop and earn $10 in gas
so $6.50 oop so to me $1.08 a 12 pack since the Twizzlers are just a means to score the Nectar of the Gods Cheaper!!!!!

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Dress like the cowz, Git Free Chikin - Firday July 8th

This is a little over a week away, but since we are going into a long weekend, this would make an excellent art project to keep the little ones busy.
Friday, July 8th is Dress Like a Cow day at Chick Fil A's nationwide.
If you wear at least 1 cow accessory, they will give you a free sandwich. If you dress head to hoof like a cow, you will get a free combo!!!!
I love Chick Fil A so much, I let my girls tape construction paper to a white dress one year so I could get my free food!!!  If you go here, you can download spots and ears to get you started!

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Raising Canes - Free Sweet Tea for Caniacs July 6th!

Raising Cane's had a survey to vote whether their lemonade or the sweet tea was better. It seems their sweet tea won and to reward all Caniac Club members, they are loading a free 21 oz Sweet Tea to your Caniac Cards for July 6th.  Be sure to go in for your free sweet tea, I know I will be!

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Sunday Coupon Preview - 1 insert

It is a holiday weekend so Smart Source and Red Plum are taking the month off. However, P&G is not (annoying how they do that making us buy a paper just for them!)
Anyway, you might want to check out the offerings in the P&G insert this weekend so you can decide how many papers you plan on getting.

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Randalls - Chips and Soda deal - today only!!! Limit 2

OH WOW!!!! I didn't get my ads last night so just checking them online before lunch and I am super excited about this deal!!! Pepsi or Dr Pepper(the nectar of the GODS!) is on sale today only for 0.69 limit 2. Well, thanks to a wonderful reader, I have $1/2 tearpad coupons (I also found a few at CVS) making my fix cost me just .19 a bottle, WOO HOO!!!!!

Also, I noticed today's sale has Doritos for $1.67, also limit 2. I found tearpads yesterday at Randalls for $1/2 making these just $1.17 a bag.

I will work to get some more matchups done later, but wanted to post this since it is a one day sale!

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Murphy USA/Walmart - Save .10 off per gallon of Gas for 90 days - with card/gift card


Murphy USA and Walmart are teaming up to offer us some cheap gas through September 30th. Forget having to spend $100 on groceries to save .10 a gallon. Just head over to Walmart and Murphy USA stations and fill up using your Walmart credit card, a reloadable Walmart gift card or money card. YAY!
From now until September 30th, Walmart has teamed up with Murphy USA to save us on gas.
•All Murphy USA locations will be participating, except in the following states: Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Residents of Alabama and Florida will still have access to the 10 cent promotion in the form of a rebate on Walmart Credit Cards only. To see other state restrictions, please go here.
If you want to confirm your Walmart service station is part of the Murphy USA family, go here.

Thanks to FrankDaTank @ SD for the heads up.

*Edit to add: I just got an email from their Eclub that discusses this promo AND has a coupon for a free bag of Skittles.  So if you are part of their eclub, be sure to open your email.

*Keep in mind, if you have a credit card that offers 5% back on fuel purchases, you would be better using it at any other station than doing this promo(unless your 5% card has a max purchasing before the % goes down)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Randalls Clearance finds today - After going for Money maker on cereal

Today I went to Randall's to place my order for Crispix. While there I scouted out the clearance rack and found these gems.
The Pop tarts are part of the same buy 4 or more get $4 off (basically after 4 items, you get an additional $1 off per item) as the Crispix I posted about in the very next post down. They are $1.99 before promo then .99 after. Well these all had 50% stickers, so that made them .50 a box BUT then I used $1/3 insert coupons 5-15 RP making them .50 for 3 boxes!  SCORE!

Then I noticed this Scoop Away 25 lb cat litter.  It was marked $10.99 with a 50% off sticker because it was banged up a little.  Well, it had a $1 peelie on it and I noticed on the regular shelf the litter was on sale for $9.99.  BUT then I remembered Randalls sent me a random home mailer with a ton of pet coupons and in that was a $3.50 off Scoop Away Randalls store coupon!!!!  I was so excited as I have been eyeing the price on this since that coupon was set to expire Thursday.  So that deal looked like this:
Scoop Away $9.99 - $5 (50% sticker) - $3.50 store coupon (home mailer) - $1 peelie = .49 for 25 lbs of cat litter!!! Double YAY.

Overall, it was a wonderful day shopping at Randalls.
I hope others find some Pop Tarts on clearance too :)

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Money maker on Yet MORE Cereal - Safeway (Randall's)

Well, if you have not figured it out yet, right now is a GREAT time to be stocking up on cereal for the year. If you are STILL looking for some cereal to load your cabinets (or just to donate), maybe you would like a few (dozen) boxes of Crispix?

This again incorporates a few deals combined to make a stellar steal of a deal.

1. Randalls has a sale making Crispix $1.99 a box when you purchase 4 or more in a single transction.

2. Crispix is a participating cereal for this $10 rebate I have mentioned before (you need 10 participating upcs per rebate, limit 5 rebates per household).

3. Specially marked boxes of Crispix (pictured above) qualify for the codes for a $5 gas card (you need 4 codes per $5 gas card, limit 30 codes PER PERSON-not household!)

So, being the math nut, I will just say the least common multiple of 4, 4 and 10 is 20. (now you certainly don't have to buy 20 boxes, but 20 boxes will use up ALL your UPCs and ALL your codes perfectly, and the transaction will look like this)

20 boxes Crispix @ 1.99 = $39.80
-6 $1/3 insert 6-5 RP
= $33.80 paid at the register
20 codes qualify you for 5 $5 gas cards = -$25
20 upcs qualify you for 2 $10 rebates = -$20

So $33.80 - $25 - $20 = Profit of $11.20!

If you don't want to go extreme:
10 boxes Crispix @ 1.99 = $19.90
-3 $1/3 insert 6-5 RP
= $16.90 paid at the register

10 codes qualify you for 2 $5 gas cards(with 2 codes to spare) = -$10
10 upcs qualify you for 1 $10 rebates = -$10

So $16.90 - $10 - $10 = Profit of $3.10!

*Note - I am not to blame if employees and other shoppers look at you funny for buying 10 boxes of cereal at a time!  Also, if you choose to go REALLY extreme and do 30, please speak with your store about ordering some for you.  I went today and had the store order for me.

While there, I found a few clearance finds I will post in a separate post :)  Overall a good shopping day.

And NO worries, this ends NEXT Tuesday NOT today :)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Sample and .75 coupon for Honey Nut Cheerios

Yay! I love Honey Nut Cheerios, so I am excited to see this sample. Just go here and claim your free sample while supplies last.

Thanks Lori in the Tx Couponers yahoo group.

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CVS run week 6/26-7/2

I really didn't see too much to get excited about at CVS this week. But since I found myself passing a store, I stopped in to get the freebies!

Here is what I did:
RepHresh Tampons $6.79
-$1 IP
Earn $6.79 ECBs
Final Cost: Profit $1

Dove deodorant $3 each
-$2 insert 6-26 RP
Earn $5 ECBs when you spend $15
Final Cost : FREE

Pringles Grab n Go $1
-$1 CRT coupon (printed today when I scanned my card)
-.10 any Pringles tearpad (found at Fiesta)
Final Cost: Profit of .10

I also had plans of getting the Xtra detergent since I have $1 printables from a few months ago(no longer available to print).  CVS informed me they are no longer taking Smart Source IPs so I plan on price matching at Walmart later in the week(but before Thurday ends because the coupons expire then)

There were a few other deals that cost a  little bit, but I didn't have enough interest in anything else to purchase it. (didn't really need any of these items to actually pay for them, lol)

Nabisco cookies/crackers 4-8 oz $.99
-$1/2 insert 6-19 SS
Final Cost: 2 for .98

Hellman's Mayonnaise $5.49 bogo
-2 $1 tearpad from Fiesta
Final Price: $3.49/2 or $1.75 each (decent price if you really need mayonnaise)

Twizzlers 3/$6 (and part of gas promo)
-$1 CRT coupon (printed at machine for me today)
-.50 insert 6-26 SS
Final Price: .50 for 1 (DH won't let me PAY for candy so I passed on this deal)

Wisk laundry $8.99 (my stores price) bogo
-2 $2 insert 6-26 RP
Final Price: 2 for $4.99 or $2.50 each*
(They did have he at my store, so might be a decent price for those needing it!)
*Don't forget to load your Savingstar $1 on Wisk to get an extra $1 in savings, these save to an account and you can cash out at $5 for Amazon money and other items)
You could also get 1 Wisk and 1 All, use the $1 All insert 6-5 RP and loaded $1 Savingstar coupon for the same end result.

Schick Hydro razors $8.99 bogo
-2 $4 insert 6-12 SS
Final Price: .99/2 or .50 each

Pantene s/c or styler 2/$6.97
-$3/2 insert 6-19 SS
Earn $2 ECBs on 2
Final Price: $1.97/2 or .99 each

Powerade, VitaminWater, Smartwater, Fuze or Honest Tea 5/$5
-$1/2 Honest tea tearpads (found at HEB or Kroger)
OR -$1 Honest Tea IP (earn points FREE at Recyclebank and redeem for printables!)
Earn $2 ECBS on 5
Final Price : As cheap as a profit of $2! (I have had no problem using multiple Honest Tea coupons at my store from Recyclebank, manager actually wanted the website so he could get them too, and next time I was in there he confirmed I was right about how easy it is to rack up points!)

And finally something I might find myself going back for:
Dr Pepper and Diet Dp 12 packs 3/$10 limit 6 (part of gas promo, buy 30 get $10 free gas)
9 Diet dp 12 packs = $30 (this will have to be done in 2 transactions due to limit of 6)
-9 tearpad coupons for $1 off (found at CVS)
= $21 for 9 12 packs but earn $10 gas card so
$11 for 9 12 packs or $1.22 each!!!! (oh, I love my Diet DP!)

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Crystal Light deal at HEB

I was in HEB today getting a few more things and noticed this deal on Crystal Light. The canisters of Crystal Light or Crystal Light Pure on the Go are on sale for $2.  With the YQ you can get a free 6 pack of the 1/2 liter bottles of HEB Spring Water .
Use the $1 Crystal Light insert from 6-12 SS and get it all for just $1!
Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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HEB HOT Olay and Secret Deal!!!!!

I swung into my HEB today to use up my Cheerios $1 coupons from my niece's diaper packs I scored her during the P&G promo.
Happy I did as more store restocked the Dial body wash (deal I posted here)
I used my $2 off insert 6-12 RP and the YQ for buy Dial Bodywash get free Dial bar soap to get both combined for .98 (my store had the bodywash on sale for $2.98 but it seems this might be a YMMV).  The bottles at my store each had samples of the lotion attached to them too, YAY!

I also got some coupons from a buddy (thanks you know who you are) to try my hand at this Olay/Secret deal and was happy that it worked beeplessly (listen close, this one can be a bit confusing)
Olay regenerist items were $5.47 or $5.55 at my store.
We have P&G inserts for $3 off

There is a YQ for a free Secret deodorant when you buy Olay Regenerist.
I did these in groups of 2(not to exceed 4 per transaction due to P&G restrictions on coupon)

Then, I combined all this with the free Secret bodyspray wyb 2 Secret deodorant coupon in the inserts.

Here is how the transcation looked:

2 Olay Regnerist $5.47 + $5.55
2 Olay scent expression deodorant $3.27
1 Olay bodyspray $4.29
-2 * $3.27 free Deodorant wyb Olay Regnerist (I like handing all YQs first)
-2 * $3 Olay Regenerist product insert
-1 $4.29 buy 2 deodorant get free bodyspray  insert
=$5.02 for
2 Olay regenerist, 2 Secret deodorant and 1 Bodyspray OR $1 an item

This is a really really good price for Secret and Olay products!

Thanks Jeri for the heads up on this HOT deal :)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

HEB BTFE deal - some matchups

Sorry for the delay in getting this together, been trying to get more pricing but have been busy with the family and events lately too!  There are TONS of yellow B coupons that work well this this btfe promotion.  You need to pay special attention to the cereal and fruit snack coupons because they are very unique and detailed in what cereals count and which do not.  Also, please keep in mind you really need to watch these $4/4 coupons as some of them have not been taking off and have had to be entered manually.  You will have until 6/28 to take advantage of this promotion.

I am gonna lay this matchup out similar to what I did for the P&G promotion (at least for the products I have pricing on)  I will be taking off .50 from each items price to give you the true price AFTER catalina (keep in mind, the true price is the final price that item is costing you AFTER you earn the $5 catalina)  I have also learned this catalina prints multiple times in the same transaction, which works great with the buy 4 save $4 coupons (20 items means using 5 of these without having to throw in other fillers)

Prices might vary slightly at your store, so keep that in mind:
B coupons found for BTFE items:

$4/4 Basic 4, Raisin Nut Bran or Fiber One cereals
Basic 4 $3.95
Raisin Nut Bran $3.38
Fiber One cereals 3.38 -$3.86
4 cereals @ $3.38 - $4/4 - 2 $1/2 insert - $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $1.38 each

$4/4 Total , Wheaties, Honey Nut Clusters or Kix cereals
Total 3.98-4.68
Wheaties 3.38-4.38
Honey Nut Clusters 4.29
Kix cereals 3.50-3.69
4 cereals @ $3.50 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $1/2 insert - $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $1.50 each

$4/4 Lucky charms, Dora the Explorer, Cocoa Puffs or Golden Grahams
Lucky charms 2.58
Dora the Explorer 3.28
Cocoa Puffs 2.75
Golden Grahams 2.58
4 cereals @ $2.58 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $1/2 insert - $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $0.58 each

$4/4 Cinnamon toast crunch, Trix, Cookie Crisp, or Reeses PB Puffs

Cinnamon toast crunch 2.54
Trix 2.83
Cookie Crisp 2.58
Reeses PB Puffs 2.98
4 cereals @ $2.54 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $1/2 insert - $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $0.54 each

$4/4 GM cheerios cereals 
Various Cheerios varieties $2.27 - $3.59
4 cereals @ $2.27 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $1/2 insert *- $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $0.27 each

*For those of you that purchased Pampers Baby Dry during the P&G deal, some packages are specially marked with $1 off Cheerios coupons inside.  The regular Cheerios were $2.68 at my store so
4 Cheerios @2.68- $4/4 YQ - 4 $1 Pampers pkg - $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $0.18 each !!!

$4/4 Chex or Oatmeal Crisps
Chex $2.27 - $2.85
4 cereals @ $2.27 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $1/2 insert - $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $0.27 each

$4/4 Cascadian Farms Cereals including Granola 3.58
4 cereals @ $3.58 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $1/2 peelies - $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $1.58 each

 $4/4 BC fruit roll ups or mini fruit roll ups 2.38
4 Fruit roll ups @ $2.38 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $.50/2 inserts*- $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $0.63 each

*at my store some of the boxes had $1/2 peelies so
4 Fruit roll ups @ $2.38 - $4/4 YQ - 2 $1/2 peelies*- $2(4 of the 10 items toward $5 cat) = $0.38 each

$4/4 BC Fruit gushers 2.38
Same two prices as fruit roll ups

$4/4 BC fruit variety packs 5.3 oz
Same two prices as fruit roll ups 

$4/4 Cascadian Farms granola bars 2.68
$1 off some kind of coupon when you sign up here(I cannot because I have signed up in the past)

M Coupons:
Buy 4 totinos party pizzas get free go gurt 
Party Pizzas are $1.12
4 Party pizzas @ 1.12 + 1 free gogurt 2.25 - $.50/3 insert 4-17 SS - free gogurt YQ - $2.50 (cat discount) = 1.48 for 4 pizzas and 1 gogurt (.30 an item)

*If you did 24 pizzas and 6 gogurts you would reduce this to .26/item
24 @1.12 - 8 .50/3 insert - $15 in cats = $7.88/30 = .26

Yoplait 4 packs $1.95
$1.95 - $.50 insert - .50 catalina = .95

Bisquick pancake packets .77
.77 - .50 catalina = .27

Betty Crocker cake mix $1
Betty Crocker frosting  $1.68
1 BC cake and 1 BC frosting $1+ $1.68 - .75 insert 5-22 SS for buying both - $1 catalina = .93 or .47 each

Welchs grape jelly 1.78
$1.78 - .55 insert 5-1 SS- .50 catalina = .73

Select Hamburger Helpers $1
3 HH $3 - .75/3 insert 5-1 SS - $1.50 catalina value = .75 or .25 each!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Cvs week of June 19th - 25th

Again, I apologize for posting so late in the week on CVS. It has been a busy week and my computer keeps getting worse and worse and shutting down on me.

Anyway, I found overall it is a pretty good week at CVS and I really need to get out to finish up the week. Here are the deals I see (some are pictured)

Pantene 2/$6.97
-$3 insert 6/19 SS
Earns $2 in ecb wyb 2 (limit 1)
Final price: $1.97/2

Colgate max fresh $2.79
-$1 All You May 2011
Earn $2 in ecbs (limit 2)
Final price: .21 PROFIT

Gain dish liquid .97
-$1 P&G homemailer
Final price : FREE

Hershey Bliss chocolates $5.99
-$1 insert 5-1 SS
Earn $5.99 in ECBs (limit 1)
Final price: $1 PROFIT

Kashi Go Lean, Heart to Heart cereal or TLC bars 2/$6
-$2 Recyclebank coupons
Earn $1 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)
Final price : $.50 a box

Sobe Lifewater, Lipton 100% Natural, Gatorade or G2 4/$5
-free Lipton 100% facebook(no longer available)
Earn $1 ECB wyb 4 (limit 1)
Final Price: As good as $1 PROFIT

Vitaminwater, Smartwater, Powerade, Fuze or Honest tea 5/$5
-$1 Recyclebank coupons
Earn $2 ECBS wyb 5 (limit 1)
Final price: $2 PROFIT

Scotch tape bogo $3.19
-$1 IP 
(you can use 2 Ips)
Final price: $1.19 for 2

LA Looks gel $2.99
-$1 insert 5-15 SS
Earn $2 in ECBS (limit 1)
Final Price: .01 PROFIT

Schick Hydro 3 razor $8.99 bogo
-$4 insert 6-12 SS
Final price: .99 for 2

Gum PerioBalance Lozenges $15.99
Earn $15 in ECBS (limit 1)
Final Price: FREE

Irish Spring deodorant $2.99
-$1 peelie or IP (no longer available)
Earn $2 in ECBS (limit 1)
Final Price: profit of .01

Powerbar Energy or Protein Bites $2.49
Earn $2.49 in ECBs (limit 1)
Final Price: FREE

Expo Washable dryerase markers $1.24 clearance
-$2 IP (no longer available)
Final Price: FREE

*I did a post about Recyclebank here.  Some offers have changed and some have been added.  There are quite a bit of new offers to earn points.  You earn points, then you can go to the rewards page and purchase the coupons you want with your points!  It is super easy to rack up the points.

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.   See my disclosure statement here.

Food Town Matchups June 22-28th

Sorry for the delay in working on these, just didn't make it to Food Town until yesterday.  These matchups include the items advertised in the LARGE in store ad as well as the homemailer.

Roma Tomatoes .69/lb

Sweet peaches .69/lb

Peeled baby carrots 1 lb bag .79

Calabacita squash .69/lb

Wish Bone dressing 8 oz .99
-.75/2 IP (must sign up, I am having printer issues, so not sure if this coupon has size restrictions?)
-.40 IP (not sure if this is the same as above link?)

Langers 32 oz apple juice cocktail .77
no coupons, but you can get a Jumpstart spanish cd with 6 juices and 2.99 s/h

Kikkoman's soy sauce 5 oz .69
$1/2 insert 5-15 SS
OR .55/1 same insert (regional variances)

Red Gold squeeze ketchup 24 oz .55
-.55/3 blinkies (I found these at Gerland's)

Pop Secret 3 count .99
-.50/2 insert 6-19 RP

Hungry Jack mashed potatoes 6.6 oz box .66
-$1/2 insert 5-22 SS

La Creme creamer 16 oz $.66
-.75 tearpad

Tyson boneless skinless chicken breast or tenders $1.49/lb

Bar S jumbo hot dogs or bologna 1 lb $1.29
-$1/2 insert 5-22 RP

Oscar Mayer turkey hot dogs 16 oz .99
-$1/2 IP or insert  6-19 SS

AND the Oscar Mayer meat catalina I posted about doing at Randalls on this post is also happening at Food Town
The follow meats are advertised at .99 each and should qualify for the cat

Turkey bologna 16 oz
Turkey salami 16 oz
Meat bologna 12 oz
Regular Cotto Salami 12 oz

So mix and match 5 meats for 4.95 get $4 catalina back.  (Please make sure your store has catalina machines as not all Food Town stores do)

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HEB - Sweet deal on Juicy Juice and Cars 2 promo

If you have a Disney Cars fan, you might want to head over to HEB before going to see the movie. They have quite a few deals going on that when combined make a pretty sweet offer.

Hopefully I don't lose you on this one!

First offer: There is a promotion that if you purchase ANY 4 Juicy Juice products in 1 transaction, you will get a catalina for $5 off a movie ticket.(Multiples are working on one transaction!  I did 8 JJ tonight and got 2 45 vouchers) This catalina can ONLY be used for the movie Cars 2 (thanks imm)

Second offer: There are Yellow Coupons near the Juicy Juice that will earn you a free die cast Cars 2 car when you purchase 2 Juicy Juice slim packs

Third offer: There are mail in rebates on several Cars 2 displays advertising a free backpack (you do have to pay shipping of $2.99) when you purchase $10 worth of Cars 2 merchandise from Mattel (the die cast Cars qualify!)

Fourth offer: The Juicy Juice slim packs are a Box Top for education item, thus qualifying for the Buy 10 get $5 catalina advertised here.  You can do this offer in multiples in 1 transaction.

Possible way to combine all this:

4 JJ slim packs $2.99 each
4 boxes of cereal (gonna use Cheerios in my example) 2.68 each
2 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes $1 each (or any other 2 BTFE items)
2 Cars 2 die cast cars ~ $3.47 each

-$4/4 YQ coded with B
-2 $1/2 insert 6-19 SS Cheerios or .50/1 from this weekend
-.50/2 BC potatoes peelies (or other BTFE items)
-2 YQ for free die cast cars

= $18.18 oop
Get back: $5 off Cars 2 movie voucher, $5 oynso catalina and your a little over half way there to scoring the free backpack!

So ~ $8 for 4 multi packs JJ, 4 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes potatoes, and 2 die cast Cars!

WOW, I would be scooping up this deal if I had little boys.

Special thanks goes to Courtney, Imm, Jenn and Angela in assisting me with photos, details and the brainstorming :)

*Edit: Make sure you read the comments as readers are finding some goodies if you are not interested in doing the free cars and btfe program but want the $5 off coupon for the movie tickets.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Walgreens - Free Brag Book* - through Saturday (must pay shipping)

Walgreens is offering a free Brag Book($6.99 regularly) now through Saturday June 25th!  Just go here and enter coupon code BRAG at checkout.  As these are not offered in store, you will have to pay $2.99 for shipping. 

Thanks Mom!

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HOT!!!! Ro*tel .30 printable GONE

Wow, head here to print a .30/1 Rotel coupon. Tripled at Randalls this should be close to free! Yay. GONE :(

Thanks Hip2Save

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Rue La La has Spanx!

If you missed it the last time, Rue La La is again offering Spanx on their site! I am really eyeing the Hide and Sleek cami for a few dresses I have!
Got to hide my wine gut, lol.

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Free Disney Vacation Planner DVD

Disney Parks

I love Disney and I was just telling my husband we need to start planning our trip next year. I just ordered this planner dvd to get started then I plan on heading over to Mousesavers to read up about the changes that Disney has gone through since our last visit and deals that might be coming out.  My husband will tell you I definitely go overboard in planning our vacation and saving tons of money doing so.

Last time we went to Disney, I was able to score us some great rates, got a free airline ticket for myself and FREE dining!!!!  Yes, seriously FREE dining!  Talk about saving some serious cash.  I am super excited to start planning our trip (I always plan WAY early!) and I will be calling my travel agent to book all my stuff for me(I actually met her on HCW and she is awesome and doing all the calling and reservations for me- Kelly you ROCK!)

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Randalls- Gummy bears for just .10!

The Haribou coupon has reset so if you are a gummy bear NUT, print here and then when you are near Randalls(searching for that cheap lunch meat) you can pick up gummy bears for just .10 after coupon triples :) GONE but the Chex Mix is still there! (77477)
You might also want to print the Chex Mix .50 coupon as I imagine we are due for a $1 sale soon!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reader Spotlight - 15% off at Staples AND a free reusable bag

Alright this is MY blog so I get to go on tangents(Being a math major I simply LOVE that word and here is a wonderful example of its defintion, lmao) so I am doing so!
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my readers? If not, readers I LOVE YOU, I truly truly do. You put up with these random emotions of mine. You put up with me being inconsistent with my posts. You put up with my horrid grammar. You put up with my rabbit trails (which btw drives my husband NUTS!) And most importantly, you keep coming back for more abuse (and random non-sense!) For this I LOVE YOU.
AND I have to admit I do LOVE my chat feature. Though I know it is NOT perfect (and NO I do NOT GET PAID to have it on my site!) you readers ROCK!!!! Seriously. When I am overworked and overwhelmed with being a mom, having a full time job, having a full time coupon obsession, trying to actually blog this coupon obsession and the nagging reality that my body does require at least 4 hours of sleep to function in society up to civil standards, you guys truly step up to the plate. Lately I have not had a ton of time to read blogs, forums, the net, my emails, my texts, my tweets, etc and I miss stuff. Well, thanks to you dedicated FEW that keep coming back for my abuse, I thank you!!!!

So, now to topic, special thanks this week goes to Brittany (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) Not only did Brittany tell me about this HOT Staples coupon before I read it anywhere else but she sent me some AWESOME coupons for one of my true obsessions(OMG thank you!!!!!)
Anyway, Brittany saved me exactly $10.05 tonight simply by posting in my chat something she read(who knows where she read it, but I thank her for doing so- and readers, if you post where you get it, I will thank that site too :)

Brittany posted that Staples is offering not only a free reusable bag(I love these btw!) but also a 15% anything you can fit in said bag(yes computers and a few other items are restricted- can't really blame them on those restrictions). I was SOOOOOO excited that Brittany posted this because I had exactly $30.20 in Staples rewards that expire at the end of the month and I was planning on using that for my toner cartridge. WELL thanks to Brittany's post, I saved on a purchase I was making anyway! Here is how my transaction played out:

1 Brothers cartridge $69.29*
-$2.30 price override*
-$10.05 for 15% discount
- $30.60 in Staples rewards
Tax: $2.17
= $28.51

YAY! I am so excited!

So Brittany saved me an extra $10 on my transaction! SWEET!
*Price override was because it scanned for a higher price then what the shelf tag read(make sure you check your prices!)

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Safeway (Randalls) - Five Pounds of lunch meat for under $1 without COUPONS! - YMMV

Ok, I have Coupon Network to thank for this deal coming together. I have posted about this site before and you can go here to read all about that.

Seeing as I have become the new mod of Randalls over at HCW, I took it upon myself to hit up the store to find some hidden gems (just like I used to do when I shopped at Kroger!).  I am SOOOO glad I did because I stumbled upon a doozy of a lunch meat deal.

I stumbled upon the following shelf tags at my local Randalls store.  Now this might be an in store special so please don't make a special out of your way trip on the account of this blog post!  But, if you are going to find yourself near a Randalls (or Tom Thumb or Safeway) make sure you take a gander at the cold cuts case!  (here is where Coupon Network comes into play)

I go to Coupon Network at least once a week to check for new printables as well as new YourBucks offers. YourBucks offers are catalinas and when you print them, they tell you what stores are participating (see my link to the write up again on the first link in this post).
According to Coupon Network, there is a catalina for ALL Oscar Mayer lunchmeat:
Buy 3 get $2
Buy 4 get $3
Buy 5 get $4!
I purchased 5 of the 1 lb family size @ .99 each
Total came to $4.95, paid with $4 catalina from Reach deal(no longer available) and got back $4 oynso
So 5 lbs of meat cost me .95!!!!!

I hope you guys can score the same at your stores!
(and to appease some readers that answered my most recent survey found here, these were purchased at the Williams Trace/Hwy 6 Randalls)

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Buca di Beppo - Earn $10 reward certificate IF they reach 100,000 fans

I LOVE Buca!!!! It is funny that I actually never tried Buca before getting a gift card through Discover cards cash back rewards. BOY was I glad I did that, they are so yummy and I love the family style eating so I can have a little of everything :) Oh and don't even get me started on my love of Italian food (cheese and noodles, how can you go wrong!!!!)

Anyway, I got an email today from Buca and they are trying to get 100,000 fans on facebook by June 30th (Social Media day). If they succeed, they will give everyone a $10 reward certificate YAY!
So go here and like them so we can get our coupons!  Please note they are delivering the reward certificates via their Buca eclub, so after clicking the like button, make sure you go here to join their club (it is worth it as they send free coupons on your birthday too!)  They are already up to 69,000 and I have seen it increase  from 66,400 when I liked the page about 20 minutes ago!

And, while you are in such a liking mood, be sure to like my page to get up to date information and updates.  I do answer questions over there too ;P
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Heb this week - a few good deals now , more to post later

I wanted to post this last night but I was just too darn tired and went to bed with my kiddos.
While at HEB last night finishing up my P&G deals I noticed they have full size mens Dial bodywash for as low as $2.98. Well, I posted how you could get Dial bodywash for just .50 at Family Dollar or Walmart in this post.

At HEB though you can get the bodywash with a bonus tube of I think lotion, then conbine with the YQ for free Dial bar soap when you buy Dial Bodywash.
So get Dial bodywash and 3 bars of soap for just under $1!

Dial Bodywash $2.98 - $2 insert 6-12 RP = .98
Dial 3 bar soap $1.88 - $1.88 YQ = FREE

Another deal that was brought to my attention by a reader (this was NOT in my ad, but should be chainwide if the store carries it), THANKS GUINEA <3

In reader Christy's ad, these Monster Pops are on sale 5 for $5.   These are Budget Saver brand and will qualify for the printable coupons on their website!(you will have to shrink this coupon to fit, so be sure to print preview)  So you can score an 8 pack for as low as .50!

Stay tuned later in the week as I have been collecting pricing on the Box Top for Education promo and hope to get an extensive list posted.  The promo page you might want to take to the store with you can be found here.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heb - WOW! Hit the motherload of Clearance BTFE!

WOW! I know I probably over state this but seriously, the clearance rack should be one of the FIRST areas of any store to hit up! Yesterday, HEB did not disappoint. I could not believe the clearance available at the store I hit on my lunch (Mo. City).  Not only were most these items Box Top items, but there are B YQ's for some of these items so I could combine the clearance, the B yellow coupons AND my manuf insert coupons!!!!
Here is the awesome deal I scored broken down:
4 Berry Kix clearanced $1.84 - $4/4 B YQ - 2 $1/2 insert 6-19SS = $1.36
3 Cookie Crisp fruity clearanced .64
1 Cookie Crisp regular (so I could use the $4/4 YQ) $2.58 - $4/4 B YQ - 2 $1/2 insert 6-19 SS = -$1.50
2 Goodnights clearanced $2.24 - $2 peelies = .48

Not part of btfe promo:
Quaker stila bits .50 - .50 peelie = FREE
Huggies Pure and Natural diapers $2.24 - $1.50 blinkie = .74

Final cost oop: $1.08 and received back $5 oynso for the BTFE promo.

If everyone is interested, I can do a post similar to my latest P&G promotion post that tells your final cost for buying 10 participating items in this promo(it should be less confusing as it is just an extra .50 savings per item). Any takers?

Also, I thought this was funny!  Notice how the peelie is right ON the product and it was for the exact amount they had it marked down, sweet!

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.   See my disclosure statement here.

Don't forget - free ice cream in just under 2 hours!

Don't forget to head over to the Nestle Drumstick facebook page to hopefully score a free cone at 11 am CST! Happy summer everyone, hopefully we get that MUCH needed rain they keep mentioning on the news.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

P&G promotion at HEB - Tomorrow is the final day!

I posted about this promotion over a week ago and I posted a reader scenario on this deal here. (Now it does appear the glitch has been fixed on the reader's deal and only the $10 OR the $15 is printing but not both!)  However, there are still some good deals to be had with this promotion. 
I am going to matchup P&G items to coupons that are currently out for these items.
The ring up price counts toward the $40 threshold you need to get to in order to get the $15 catalina.
(I am going to attempt to break this down similar to how you would an ECB deal.  Bascially, I am going to take the amount of each item the catalina would take off to give you your true cost(the price I show in BLUE).  Now keep in mind, you are going to pay MORE at the register.  You will pay the price after taking coupon off, but BEFORE taking the catalina discount off (discount I have in RED).  The price in blue is basically our after promo price (like your after ECB or RR price at the drugstores - I sure hope this is making sense, lol)
The catalina is basically like taking an extra ~.375 off per $1 spent- just trust me on this.   I am assuming in this you are going for the $40 scenarios to get the $15 cat.  This might confuse some so at the end I will try to post some scenarios, but everyone is different on what they want to get so hopefully this will give you the true cost of item.  Feel free to ask questions and I will try to clarify):
Keep in mind prices can vary a bit by store, so make sure you hit the $40 mark otherwise you will cost yourself a $15 catalina! (also, any amount you go over $40 will be in addition back in, this just gives a ball park with a slight error)

Olay Regenerist cloth $5.47 -$3 insert 6-5 P&G = $2.47 at register -$2.05 cat earning = .42

Gillette deodorant $4.24 - bogo insert 5-15 RP = $4.24 for 2 - $3.18 cat earning = $1.06 for 2

Gillette deodorant $3.77 - bogo insert 5-15 RP = $3.77 for 2 - $2.83 cat earning = $0.94 for 2

Oral B cross action tb $3.47 - bogo insert 6-5 P&G = $3.47/2 - 2.60 cat earning = .87 for 2

Febreze air effects $2.66 - $1 insert 6-5 P&G = $1.66 -$1 cat earning = .66

Bounty napkins $2.16 - 1 insert 6-5 P&G = $1.16 -  .81 cat earning = .35

Herbal Essence S/C $2.87 - $1 insert 6-12 RP = $1.87 - $1.08 cat earning = .79

Crest rinse $4.78 - $2 insert 6-5 P&G = $2.78 - $ 1.79 cat earning = .99

Old spice deodorant $1.95
Old Spice bodywash $3.31 - buy deod, get bodywash free insert 6-5 P&G (autodeducted 3.31)
= $1.95 - $1.97 cat earning  = .02 MM

Tide to go $2.94 - $1 insert 6-5 P&G = $1.94 - $1.10 cat earning  = .84

Fixodent $3.47 - $2 insert 6-5 P&G = $1.47 - $1.30 cat earning = .17

2 Secret deod $3.67 each
1 Secret bodywash $4.29 - b2g1 bodywash insert 6-5 P&G = $7.34/3 - $ 4.36 cat earnings = $2.98 for 3

Gillette fusion razor $9.94
Gillette fusion shave gel $3.56 - free shave gel wyb razor YQ - $4 insert 6-5 P&G
=$5.94 - $5.06 cat earnings = .88 for a razor and gel

Iams cat food $7.58 - $5 homemailer = $2.58 - $2.84 cat earning = .26 MM (and can use upc for the rebate I post about here!)

2 Tampax Pearl $3.92 - $3/2 insert 6-5 P&G = $4.84 - $2.94 cat earning = $1.90/2

 Always liners $3.49 - $1 homemailer = $2.49 - $1.31 cat earning = $1.18

Tide stain release $5.99 - $3 insert 6-5 P&G = $2.99 - $1.07 cat earnings = $1.92 (if you purchase 3, you can mail off for this $5 rebate - thanks Vicki)

Tide stain release $3.97 - $1 insert 6-5 P&G =  $2.97 - $1.49 cat earnings = $1.48 (if you purchase 3, you can mail off for the above rebate, mix and match)

Bounce dryer sheets $2.19 - .50 homemailer = $1.69 - .82 cat earnings = .87

Mr Clean large bottles $2.47 - $1 YQ = $1.47 -$.93 cat earnings = .54

Mr Clean magic erasers $3 - .50 YQ = $2.50 - $1.13 cat earnings = $1.37

Pampers $8.97 - $2 Fiesta booklet coupon(found at Fiesta, but manuf coupon) = $6.97 - $3.36 cat earnings = $3.61 ($4.11 with $1.50 insert OR $1.97 if you the $5 catalina from HEB)

Pringles small cans .59 - $1/2 homemailer = .18 - .44 cat earnings = .26 MM
(Thanks Qrazyguy)

Now basically decide what you want, and make sure it is $40 before your coupons.  I have told you what your final cost of that item will be after the coupons and the cat savings are taken into consideration.  Now you just have to decide if Mr Clean, for example, is worth .54 to you!  Of course you have to buy $37.53 more of other stuff to get it for that, but that is where the fun begins!
If you want to just do $30 scenarios, use .333 instead of .375 as your multiplyer.

*And before anyone asks, no, as far as I know, there is not a pocket size me that can go to the store with you ;P  I've done the hard work, now get to shopping!

Possible scenario: (this is for someone with just 1 insert)
Olay Regenerist cloth $5.47
2 Gillette deodorant $3.77 x 2
2 Oral B cross action tb $3.47 x 2
1 Febreze air effects $2.66
1 Bounty napkins $2.16
1 Herbal Essence S/C $2.87
1 Crest rinse $4.78
1 Mr Clean bottle $2.47
1 Old Spice deodorant $1.95
1 Old Spice bodywash $3.31
= $40.15 - 19.55 in coupons = $20.06 oop at register
But you earn $15 catalina so $5.06 final cost for listed items above

*Now if you tally my after prices, I show $5.54, so you actually improved on this, but you get the idea(I HOPE!)

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
See my disclosure statement here.

Target - YAY Cheap Qtips! - Happy Anniversary Honey!

YAY! Ok, as a couponer, I have learned (and taught) that you cannot be brand loyal if you want to really really save. Well, that mentality only goes so far, especially when you have a non-couponing spouse.
One item my husband refuses to compromise on are his cotton swabs! NOTHING, I mean NOTHING can replace Q-tips and if I do not bring him home Qtips, he would actually go out to the store and buy them himself FULL PRICE (GASP!)
Well, as you may know, Q-tip coupons do not come out too often and deals on Q-tips are also rare indeed.  You have to imagine my excitement today when I was told by a coupon buddy that I needed to look at the Target ad (THANKS IMM <3 ).

This week, Target has a deal on select Dove or Q-tip products.  When you purchase 4 participating items in a single transaction, you get a $5 Target gift card.  All the Q-tips along the wall at my Target were clearly marked for this promotion so naturally I grabbed the cheapest ones to optimize my savings.  These 170 count Q-Tips were $1.89 each.
4 x $1.89 = $7.56 - $5 gift card = $2.56 + tax* = $2.77 or just .69 each!

What is even better is I used my earned $5 ShopKick Target gift card to pay part of it so really really cheap deal since that was FREE!  (read my write up on Shopkick here)

*For you Tx readers, I noticed something cool with taxes.  It seems the gift card reduced my taxes on this order.  My taxable amount was only $2.56 NOT the full $7.56.  That's cool!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mark your Calendar for Summer! - Free Nestle Drumstick - Facebook

Did you know Tuesday, June 21st is the official start of summer?
Well, I know it sure has felt like summer already in Houston. Upper 90s-100s everyday with ZERO rain!
Well, Nestle is gonna try to help everyone celebrate the start of summer and cool off a bit by giving away  100,000 coupons for a FREE CONE!!!!  Starting at noon ET on Tuesday (that is 11 am for us Central folks!), you will need to go to facebook and like their page and then hopefully you will be one of the first 100,000.  YAY!  I love drumsticks, that little extra bit of chocolate at the bottom of the cones really just finishes these off nicely ;P

How many of you are gonna be hitting that refresh button to score you free cones? I am so excited about this giveaway  I am setting an alarm on my phone to remind me!

Fine print: 
*If you live in California, Colorado, or Nevada, we’re not allowed to offer you a coupon for a free cone—but we figured out another way to help you make the most of your summer, and it’s pretty awesome. If you live in Louisiana or Tennessee, we are super sorry, but because of your dairy laws, we can’t offer you any coupon at all.

Free cone given in the form of a general use coupon good for one (1) round top NestlĂ©® Drumstick® Sundae Cone at participating retailers. Limit 1 coupon per Facebook profile, physical address, or e-mail address. Free cone offer not valid in CA, CO, LA, NV, or TN. Must be at least 13 years old to participate. Physical addresses (no P.O. Boxes) in the 50 United States only. Coupons will ship within 4-6 weeks from end of promotion.

Disclosure: I was given 3 gift certificate coupons for free Nestle Drumsticks in exchange for this blog post.  No other compensation was provided.

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See my disclosure statement here.

BTFE run at HEB - great way to roll my $10 P&G catalina

Can I say, I am truly in LOVE with HEB? I am getting more and more groceries for next to nothing since I started shopping there!
I went to test out the BTFE promotion I posted about here.
There were tons and tons of Yellow B coupons everywhere!!!!  As I have told you before, the B Yellow coupons can be combined with regular manufacturer coupons for a double dip!  You can print their coupon policy and take it with you as proof, if needed.

I was extremely excited to find a $4/4 Cheerios Yellow B coupon.  I combined that with the $1/2 General Mills cereal coupons in tomorrows paper (we get an early edition in Houston).  Finally a cheap deal on Cheerios (only cereal my hubs will eat and we were down to only 3 boxes GASP!!!!!)
Well, I also happened to still have my Cottonelle free home mailer from the Get Fresh promotion I posted here.

This is what my transaction looked like:
7 Cheerios $2.68 each
1 HN Cheerios $2.54
1 Bisquick pouch* .77
1 Cottonelle tub $2.22
Total : $24.29
-2 $4/4 YQ for any Cheerios
-4 $1/2 insert 6-19 SS
-$2.22 Cottonelle tub
-$10 oynso from P&G rebate = .07 oop

Then I earned a $5 oynso (with NO expiration date on it!!!!!)

So basically a cost of $5.07 for 8 boxes of  cereal and the Cottonelle and Bisquick
or ~.63 a box with the Cottonelle and Bisquick being free!

*On the Bisquick, I want to make sure you note there is ONLY ONE pouch that works for the promo!  ONLY the one with the btfe on the bottom of the package will work.  Here is a picture of the right one and a wrong one, don't get the wrong one if you are doing this promo!

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