Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FREE Pampers Gift to Grow Points!

There are several FREE codes out right now for the Pampers Gift to Grow program. If you are collecting these, you know how every little bit helps. This is a decent program and I actually was one of the lucky ones to score my kiddo a kettrike

thanks to Pampers points and the GREAT Pampers deals Target had about a year or two ago. Right now alot of the offers are for Shutterfly prints, collage prints, calendars etc. Who wouldn't want FREE pictures, especially with so many precious memories that must be captured!

Thanks to mom2my3munchkins at HCW for consolidating these into one post. Enjoy!







Monday, December 29, 2008

Walgreens shopping day

Today I ventured into Walgreens and I am really glad I did! In the Walgreens ad they have it advertised that if you buy $20 worth of Dimetapp and/or Robitussin, you get $10 in Register Rewards, however, right now for every $20 you purchase, they are giving $20 in RR, so FREE(even before coupons). There are $2 printables for Robitussin as well as Dimetapp right now and they are both on sale for $4, so buy 5, and it breaks down like this
5 * $4 = $20
- 4 * $2 - $1 = $11 and earns $20! (most people with one computer will only be able to print 2 each of the $2 printables, thus my equation uses one $1 insert coupon)
If you think the Robitussin/Dimetapp is a GREAT deal, wait until I tell you about the Garnier! Certain Garnier conditioner/stylers are being clearanced out at $1.79 and $2.19 at Walgreens. There is an EasySaver Coupon for $2 off Garnier (the monthly rebate book found with the weekly ad at the front of the store). We also have multiple weeks we received $1 manufacturer coupons. If you give them the manufacturer coupon first, it will take off the $1, then the ESC will adjust to the price of the product if less than $2 or right at $2 if price is over! This gives the potential for $0.81-$1 OVERAGE per Garnier purchased!
AND Walgreens is clearancing out the holiday candy at 75% off. The Hershey kisses and Reeses bells are ringing up at .62 a bag! We got $1.50/3 coupons in the 11-16 SS so that makes them just .12 a bag after coupon. Use the Garnier overage to eat that cost! (To find the participating Holiday kisses, just look for the 3 dangling ornaments in the top left corner of the package) I was able to get Candy Cane, Special Dark, Caramel, Mint Truffle, regular and Hot Cocoa Hershey kisses and 3 bags of Reese's bells.
My total haul today was 5 Dimetapp, 5 Robitussin, 11 Garnier conditioners, 3 Reese's bells and 21 packages of Hershey Kissses. I spent $26.32 from my gift cards and got back $ 40 in Register Rewards! Also, one of the Robitussin I picked actually rang up $6.49 and I didn't notice, so I will exchange that tommorrow for one of the $4 ones for a refund of $2.49. So in tally I spent $ 24.32 and got back $40 in RR so an overall gain of $15.68 to take these items from Walgreens. Some of you probably are wondering what I am going to do with $40 in RR as they expire in two weeks! I will use at least $16 worth to buy regular groceries I would need anyway. I will use most the rest to purchase the free after rebate items to roll the money back onto my gift cards for the next great deal!

12/29 REDBOX code

For those of you that don't know. Redbox sends out a code every Monday for free movie rental. This is good at ANY Redbox for TODAY only. One FREE rental PER credit card! To find a redbox near you: REDBOX

12/29 Code: 545DZ9

Friday, December 26, 2008

Don't Forget about your FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts)

I got a wonderful reminder that I still have money left in my flex spending account for the year. Ok, not so wonderful reminder, my daughter has an ear infection and my husband has strep throat. The good news out of all this was I filled their scripts at CVS and got a $25 gift card for each prescription (paid with prior gift cards from scripts) One prescription only cost ~ $9 and the other was ~ $22, so still ahead I guess. Now I will submit these for reimbursement with my flexible spending account at work. Don't forget you can accrue expenses on most accounts through December 31st but you have until March to submit those receipts. For those with FSA accounts, remember, if you don't USE the money you LOSE the money. Now is the time to stock up on contact solution, extra contacts, over the counter meds you might be low on, I believe even heating pads count. Might be a good time to check your balance and make sure you make use of all that money! You have 5 more days to get your purchases made!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dickies Clearance blowout! Think School Uniforms!

I know this seems like an odd post for my blog, but I have several men in the family that work farms, hunt, fish, or work places that require uniforms(khaki pants etc). Right now Dickies is having a huge clearance on their website. Sizes are getting very limited but you might be able to find some good deals still. They even have khakis in juniors sizes for my nieces and nephews who require these for school uniforms. They have thick, warm jackets for $15.99, water resistant light jackets for $6.25. They even still have several sizes of khaki pants for juniors for $5.99 and FREE standard shipping through December 31.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two days of CVS deals!

Yesterday I ventured out to CVS and got all this for .78 oop(paid for with a prescription giftcard). The 2 L'oreal mascara were on 75% clearance so rang up $1.87, the Hip was also on clearance for $1.69. Used $2 off L'oreal makeup coupons to get those free. The J&J first aid kit was free with CVS diabetes booklet $1 off coupon. Scotch Lint rollers were .99 so free with $1 off any coupons I had. Duracell batteries were on sale for $2.99 and I used 1 $5/2 CVS coupon I received in trade, and 2 .75 manufacturer coupon for a negative ~.50. The Excedrin was on promo for purchase $20 in Excedrin, receive $10 ecbs. I was fortunate to still have $2 any Excedrin blinkies from Kroger and a CVS crt coupon for $2.50 off a $10 pain relief purchase. The extra strength were $4.79 and if you notice in the picture were a two pack for the same price, woo hoo. The Tension headache were $5.39. I got the Cheetos because I needed a filler to use my $3.79 and $6.99 ecbs. The Colgate was $2.99 and I had a $1 off CVS crt coupon and a .75 manufacturer. It also earns $2 in ecbs.
So this was the breakdown: Spent .78 on gift card, and $3.79 and $6.99 ecbs.
Got back $2 ecbs for the Colgate and $10 for the Excedrin. So I see this as a profit of .44 OVERALL:
.78 + 3.79 + 6.99 - 2 - 10 = -.44

Today I ventured out to a different CVS for the 2 day sale and didn't find much but still did ok. L'oreal Hip was $6.99 each and I had $2 L'oreal coupons. Paid with a $9.98 ecb and paid nothing oop, received a $13.98 ecb back. Second transaction: 1 Zantac $4.99 (used $1 manuf coupon), Halls cough drops $2.59(used a bogo coupon), Excedrin express gels tension headache $3.99(used $2 blinkie coupon), Rolaids softchews $2.49(used $1 manufacturer coupon), Sally Hansen nail polish $5.99 each (used $3/10 Sally Hansen purchase tearpad), 10 more Lint rollers($1 manuf coupon-hey I have cats, lol), 1 loaf of Natures Own Honey Wheat bread $2.59. Spent .66 oop(prescription gift card), $6.99 ecb and $13.98 from Hip purchase, received back $4.99, $2.59, $3.99, $2, and $11.98.

So this was the breakdown: Spent .66 on gift card, and $9.98, $13.98 and $6.99 ecbs.
Got back $13.98 for the Hip, $4.99 for the Zantac, $2.59 for the Halls, $3.99 for the Excedrin, $2 for the Rolaids, and $11.98 for the Sally Hansen. So I see this as a profit of 21.90 OVERALL:
.66 + 9.98 + 13.98 + 6.99 - 13.98 - 4.99 - 2.59 - 3.99 - 2- - 11.98 = -7.92. I will save these for another rolling deal or when I need more milk, juice or bread!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Free Russell Stovers Chocolate

Seems I am spending all my time at Walgreens this week. This week(today is the last day I believe) Walgreens has these Rusell Stover chocolates on sale for $4.99. In the December Easy Saver rebate book there is a rebate for $10 off when you buy 2 Russell Stover Private Reserve 6.7 or 12 oz (#53). These boxes are exactly 6.7 oz so they qualify. That makes them FREE after rebate. Just be sure to get the red box and NOT the green sugar free. The green box is 5 oz so it will NOT qualify for the rebate. I am not sure who to thank for this find as I have seen it posted numerous times. Most likely it was from HCW though.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Get PAID to buy Energizer rechargeable batteries

Since you should already have a Walgreens trip planned in your future to pick up that free 8 x 10 photo, here is a deal to pick up too. Walgreens has these Energizer rechargeable batteries on sale right now for $7.99. Right on the package I was able to find a $2 peelie.(There are also $1 coupons in the 12-14 SS in case you don't find the peelies) These is also an EasySaver Rebate for $5 for the Energizer charger battery pack. That brings the cost down to .99 BUT then Energizer is also offering a $5 rebate on these. Since Walgreens rebates can now be done online and you don't have to mail in your receipts, you will have it for the $5 Energizer charger rebate found here. Now that should be more than enough to pay for your stamp and time! That is a profit of $4! This sale price ends tommorrow so you better hurry. Thanks go to happysoul at HCW for finding this awesome deal.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

100% Free 8 x 10 photo at Walgreens

Walgreens is offering a FREE 8 x 10 photo again online, NO other purchase required. These are really easy to do. Just go to walgreens photo online , upload your photo and enter code FREEGIFT. You can choose to pick up in the store so no need to pay shipping. As long as you place your order by December 20th, you can pick it up at your store at your leisure. Think about those great kids pics for the grandparents! Also this is one picture per customer NOT household!
Fine Print:
* Only one coupon code per order. Only one free 8x10 per customer.Shipping and handling may apply.
** Coupon code FREEGIFT valid for one use per account thru December 20, 2008. Code must be entered at time of checkout to apply discount. Photo cart must include your 8x10 print at time of checkout to qualify. Discount does not apply to taxes or shipping charges. Order must be placed by logged-in customer by December 20, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time to qualify. Timing will be determined by Walgreens server clock. Offer valid online only. 8x10 print format not available at all locations. Not valid on 8x10 collage prints or magazine covers.

$3 off any Disney MOVIE

Right now there is a wonderful coupon out for Disney movies, $3 off any Disney DVD or Blu-Ray disc. It is a bricks coupon but it is letting many people print up to 10 copies!( I just confirmed it myself and it let me print 10 times PER computer) This is a great coupon and just in time for that last minute Christmas shopping. Just click here

Thanks goes to mom2my3munchkins at HCW for finding this coupon. There are a couple rebates out now for several Disney movies as well. Combine these with this coupon for cheap gifts. I have already mentioned the Sleeping Beauty/Rayovac rebate of $5. With this coupon and the free batteries at Target, that is $8 off this movie. I think it is set to go back in the vault in January.

There is also a $5 rebate wyb Minute Maid products and select Disney DVDs or BLu-Rays.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Kids electric toothbrush(s)

I participated in this promotion last year and it is very easy to do. You register and list your kids. Then daily you log when they have washed their hands, brushed their teeth and read(last time I was able to log in weekly and update their progress). It promotes healthy habits and you earn stars with each completed task. Once the log is complete (4 weeks) you turn it in for your free Colgate electric kids toothbrush. You will get 1 free toothbrush per child you register. Last year we got Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy toothbrushes. You can also print the log so your kids can help track their progress. Thanks go to fauszs on HCW for finding this promo this year.

from faq: Once your family completes the online log, we’ll send you an email notification that you have now qualified for your free toothbrush. Just follow the link provided in that email and complete the redemption form either online or print it and send in the mail. Your kids character toothbrush should arrive within eight to 12 weeks of your submission. Your family will receive one toothbrush per child who successfully completes the log.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kung Fu Panda blanket pictures

Ok, so today we got our first Kung Fu Panda blanket that we ordered from Kelloggs. This blanket is AWESOME. It is incredibly soft and as I hope you can see in the second picture(dd is such a great model, lol), it has velcro attached to it so your kids can attach it and wear as a cape if they really must! So worth the stamp I would have to say! I can't wait until the other one comes so the girls won't fight over this one.

Now this is a picture to show I did not goof off and NOT shop today! I went to Randalls today(3 Randalls actually) before the $5 off 5 cereals deal is over, and got 40 boxes of cereal and 9 Airwick Luminair Starter kits. Just remember I shop for 4 households so 40 boxes of cereal really is only 1o boxes per house. Each house has at least 2 kids so you know 10 boxes does not last very long! I also was able to get 2 more packages of marshmallows for free and now have enough qualifiers for 2 Guitar Hero t shirts, another Kung Fu Panda blanket(I have nieces and nephews that will love this), and 3 tokens toward a free dvd movie!
Today was a very GOOD coupon day!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree shopping!

No coupon shopping today! Today the family loaded up and headed to a tree farm to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. Thanks to Freckletown.com for the idea and special thanks to High Star Tree Farm in Hockley! It was a fun experience and the girls enjoyed getting to see where Christmas trees come from. You get to pick out your tree, chop it down yourself and they load it up and strap it to your car! Everyone was very nice and cheerful. They even had Santa there for pictures and they gave us coloring books and candy for the road trip back home.

FREE Rayovac Batteries

Target has 2 pack Rayovac batteries in AA and AAA in the Dollar spot for $1. In the December 7 Houston Chronicle inserts, we got $1 off any Rayovac Alkaline batteries. I had no problems getting 9 of these today for FREE!
If you happened to buy the Disney's Sleeping Beauty 2 disc Platinium Edition DVD or Blu-Ray or plan to for Christmas then you can save $5. There is a rebate form out for $5 wyb Sleeping Beauty and 2 packs of Rayovac batteries. Form can be found here: Sleeping Beauty Rebate

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rice Krispie Treats, Kung Fu Panda Blanket and Cereal

I went back to Randalls yesterday to get my last 3 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats and to get some Froot Loops. Much to my surprise though, I found peelies on the Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies (thanks valley411 from HCW) so I got those instead. The peelies are for $1 off marshmallows wyb Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies. Right now Randalls has their brand of marshmallows on sale for $1 so they are FREE. Now with the free butter I am getting at Kroger(Challenge Spreadable on sale for $1 and using .50 IP doubled) I can make Cocoa Krispies treats for just .49 a batch(cost of cereal after $5 off 5 and coupons). I was also pleasantly surprised to see Kung Fu Panda tokens on the Cocoa Krispies as well so now I have extras to trade! Now I can order my second Kung Fu Panda blanket and my kids won't fight over them, lol.

I have ordered blankets in the past from Kellogg's and have been very happy with the quality, especially since it only costs a stamp. This blanket is 32"x54".

Friday, December 12, 2008


Saturday, December 13th ONLY!
Old Navy is going to be giving 4 free movie tickets with any $20 purchase! (While Supplies Last)
This is only available in store, NOT online. GET THERE EARLY

Fine print: **QUANTITIES ARE VERY LIMITED to first 50 to 200 people in line. Store hours may vary by location. Prior to store opening, customers will form a line outside the store, and a store associate(s) will pass out starting with the front of the line, one bracelet per person good for a movie ticket packet based on the qualifying purchase. One per customer aged 16 or older, while supplies last. Movie ticket packets are limited, so Old Navy cannot guarantee that all customers in line will receive a bracelet. Each bracelet can be used with the qualifying purchase for one-time use only on Saturday, December 13th and must be surrendered at time of purchase in exchange for the movie ticket packet. Certain other restrictions apply. Please see store for details.

Closing out the year with rebates

It is getting closed to the end of the year and you may have overlooked a really great rebate that is being offered. The Caregivers Marketplace. This is a very simple rebate and can add a little money to your checkbook at the end of the year. The Caregivers Marketplace offers money back for items used in the care of individuals, including your infants diapers and even some vitamins. You just register and submit your receipts and see the checks start coming in. The really need thing is you only need 5 items (can be all like items) to submit a rebate and you can submit as many times a year as you would like. So, if you are a crazy pack rat like me, start going through your receipts and see if you have some that qualify. They will accept any receipts from Jan 2008 - Dec 2008! That means all those Huggies diapers you have bought ALL year long qualify.

To get started just go to the link The Caregivers Marketplace and sign up. Print a form, fill it out and send it with your original cash receipts for qualifying products. There are so many participating products this is EASY money. I have been doing this rebate now for two years and it is GREAT! Some of the items included (but not limited to) : Huggies Diapers, Huggies Little Swimmers, Depend products, Glucerna products, Gold Bond, Goodnites, Nature Made vitamins, Poise products, and Poligrip. You can see the full list of qualifying products here: Caregiver List.

You will be amazed how quickly the items add up!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do you have a cook on your Christmas list?

Right now Amazon.com is having an amazing sale on Calphalon. They have several pieces 80%+ off in addition to free shipping wyb $25 worth.
I love Calphalon as you can cook on the stove and then just stick the whole pan in the oven for broiling!

Calphalon Commercial Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Everyday Pan with Lid
One sale for $19.99 and FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25

List price: $168.00

Savings of 88%

Look for more GREAT pieces here :

More Calphalon

Shopping Day!

First stop, Kroger. The Cottonelle is $1.19 but I had a .50 loadable from Cellfire and a .25 manufacturer coupon, so they paid me .06 to take it. The Reynolds baking cups are .75 so free with .25 coupon tripled. The Lifesavers peg bags are $1 so free with $1 manufacturer coupons, and the Fleischmann's are $1 and I had .40 and .45 coupons. These cost .10 and .20 each BUT each one also generates a .50 oynso catalina so profit of .40 and .30 EACH!

Second stop, Randalls. This week Randalls has several Kelloggs Cereal on sale and you can save $5 instantly wyb 5 boxes in one transaction. The Frosted Mini Wheats are on sale for $2.49 and I have $1/1 coupons. So after coupons and $5 instant savings, I paid $2.45 (the cost of one) for 5 boxes of cereal. Not only that, but each box has a token for a free Kung Fu Panda blanket with 8 tokens. Just 3 more and I will have my free blanket.

Third stop, Walgreens. With 7 day Walgreens ad coupon and $1 off manufacturer coupon I got the Reynolds Wrap foil for FREE!

Last stop, CVS. All Maybelline Lipstick is B1G1 free. This past Sunday there were $4 coupons and these lipsticks are regularly priced at $7.99. After bogo sale and 6 $4 coupons, I got all 6 FREE.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A little competition among friends.

Freckletown is a really great website for the Katy and surrounding community. I actually got the idea of us going to a tree farm this year instead of Home Depot for our tree so I want to thank FreckleTown for that since it would never had crossed my mind. Anyway, my friend Erin told me about a holiday photo contest on FreckleTown.com that starts today. You can vote once per computer. If you would like to vote for my child(*pleading on hands and knees), I should be the 10th picture down titled "Trying to Smile". My friend Erin's pic is the 20th picture down titled "Tx snowman". Please at least vote for one of us!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It Pays to Get on the Mailing List

I was on my lunch hour at one of my favorite fast food joints when they asked if I would like to be placed on the mailing list. I added my name and today I am certainly glad I did.

Today in my mail I received a Christmas card from Raising Cane's chicken fingers and inside they included a gift card for $5. I even recognize the picture of the two employees that work the drive thru at my store. It really does pay to get put on those mailing lists!

Free Arby's Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake

Arby's is offering a coupon for a free Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake when you sign up for Arby's Extras, their email newsletter. It is FREE to join, just go to Arbys Extra and sign up. Within 24 hours you will get an email with the link to print your coupon. You have 14 days from the date you get the email to use the coupon.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cheap DVDS at BEST BUY $4.99 each

Right now Best Buy has several DVD's you can order for only $4.99 each. You can place your order online for pick up in the store and pay no shipping. The list includes(but is not limited to):
Robots, MI3, American Psycho, Batman Begins, Four Brothers, Monsters Ball, Xmen, Xmen2, What Dreams May Come, Fantastic 4, Goonies, The Matrix, Full Metal Jacket, Reign of Fire, Brokeback Mountain, The Shawshank Redemption, The Professional, One Flew Over to Cuckoos Nest.....
WOW, someone better get me off this site quick. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE older movies and I am about to buy all these movies!
Check out the entire list for youself (58 total): $4.99 movies

Friday, December 5, 2008

Great price on jeans for the family! $12 a pair

Saturday only Old Navy is going to have a doorbuster sale on denim for the whole family!

Select styles. While supplies last! The last time they had a great sale on their denim(I believe they were $8 a pair then, regularly $29.50 for women) I was able to purchase mine the day before and just take my receipt the following day for the difference refunded. This works out well if you have a popular size and do not want to miss out on finding your size. Plus, you are not in line at the dressing room forever just to see if you have the right size! You may want to confirm with your store, but I believe the corporate policy is 14 days with a receipt they honor the price difference. You may also want to ask your store if there is a limit per customer.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Allergies getting to you?

Thanks go to Domestic Gal at HCW for this GREAT find! Walgreens has a 4 day sale going through Saturday. They are offering a $5 RR everytime you spend $25 in the store. The Wal-itin(Walgreens version of Claritin) is $6.99 BUT there is a coupon in the 4 day sale paper(found at the front of the store next to the regular weekly ads or in your Wednesday home delivery) for the Wal-itin 10 count for only .99(Limit 4). The GREAT part, is the register counts the pre-coupon price toward the $25 to earn the $5.
I did two transactions as follows: 1 colgate max fresh, 4 Wal-itin, 1 Karo Syrup. Used the Wal-itin 4 day coupon, which took off $24, didn't have my Karo syrup coupon with me yet, and FORGOT to use my Colgate Max coupon(bad couponer, lol) Paid with a $6 RR(from Reach tb deal) and $2.44 on a gift card and got back a RR for $2 and $5.
Second transaction: 3 Wal-itin and 3 Karo syrups(went out to my car to get coupons)
Used Wal-itin coupon, which took off $18 off, .40 Karo x 3, $6 RR and .24 on a gift card and got back $5 RR. So overall, I paid $2.68 for what I got(should have been $1.28 if I had the coupon for Karo and remembered the Colgate coupon). I am happy though because Karo is $2.39 at Kroger and even after doubles that is $1.59 and I found these 50% off.

Now, if you really want a great deal, you can get 3 Wal-itin and 2 Reach toothbrushes or Reach Floss(my stores are out of both). With that combination, if you have the bogo Reach toothbrush coupon and the Wal-itin coupon you will pay $5.97 and get back $11 in RR. If you have the $1 Reach floss coupons(you need 2) it will be $6.97 and still earns $11 RR.

Good luck and happy couponing!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Ham at Target

Thanks go to sja80123 from hotcouponworld for alerting me to this great find. Right now Target has several of these packages of Applewood smoked ham steaks for ~$1.30-$1.60 a piece. Target has a printable right now for $2 off Archer Farm ham and the coupons automatically adjust to the cost of the ham under $2 so FREE! Great deal as I love ham. My husband joked and said I could buy enough for Christmas dinner, it would just be in single serve sizes, lol. Here is the direct link to print the Target $2 ham coupon: $2 ham Q

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free Popcorn, Indiana

If you live in Ky, Mo, Tx or Va and you have time and patience to bother with it, AND if you are legal drinking age and IF your Walgreens will adjust coupons down. I noticed yesterday that the Popcorn, Indiana 3.5 and 4 oz bags is on sale this week for .99 at Walgreens(regular 1.99). I found $1 off tearpad coupons at CVS so I thought I would grab 7, check out and be on my way. Well, after the first coupon, they beeped and we assumed(cashier and I) it is because they say one per purchase and have apparantly been programmed to only allow one per transaction .So anyway, after two managers confirmed my fav cashier could override, I got 7 bags in 7 transactions So, if you have a nice Walgreens, have a CVS to get the coupons from, and live in one of the listed states and are of legal drinking age(they are from a beer company) then go get yourself some yummy FREE popcorn!