Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winner of Digital Room Poster Print announced

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Casserlys said...
My husband has been stationed in Iraq 2x, and is going to be gone again, soon. I would use it to have a picture of all of us so my girls can look at him every day.
Congrats to Casserlys, please respond to my email with your name.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Coupon booklet found at Kroger

I found this coupon booklet at the Kroger pharmacy today. I would have totally missed it if I was NOT looking high and low for the Joint Juice(no luck on that front btw).
This booklet has the following coupons
All coupons expire 12-31-09 unless otherwise noted:
$2 on any Afrin PureSea Hydrating Nasal Rinse product 4oz+
$2 on any Non Drowsy Claritin Allergy product 10ct + or 4 oz syrup
$1 Coricidin HBP product 16 ct + or liquid
$2 MiraLAX 10 ct, 14 dose or 30 dose
$1 any Promise Spreads products
$0.75 Laura's 96% Lean Ground Round or Sirloin 8oz+
$2 Eucerin Hand or Body product 2-16.9 oz
$10 any alli 90 count starter pack or 120 count refill
$2 any size Systane
$5 Nicorette 100ct +, NicoDerm CQ 14ct+ or Commit 72 ct +
$1 Colgate Total toothpaste
Free Accu-Check Care kit wyb 1 50 ct test strips or 51 ct Compact test drums
$1.50 Thermacare 2ct+
$2 Loreal Skincare product
$1 Ban Clinical Defense 1.5 oz or Regular 3.5 oz roll on
$1 Curel moisturizer product(excludes trial size)
$1 any bag Tyson Individually Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts or tenderloins
$1/2 Mrs. Dash Seasoning blends or marinades(ex 12-1-09)
$2 Abreva tube or pump
$1 Breath Right Nasal Strips
$2 ICAPS vitamins
$1 Opti-Free Solution 10 oz +

Store coupons:
$0.50 one 20oz Naturally Preferred Enhanced water
$0.55 Private Selection Organic Salad
$1/2 Active Lifestyle Fiber Bars 7 oz
$0.35 Active Lifestyle Instant Oatmeal 12.6 oz
$0.45 half gallon Active Lifestyle Cholesterol Lowering Milk
$0.55/5 6-7oz Active Lifestyle yogurts
$0.75 any variety Kroger brand aspirin 180-500ct
$5 Kroger brand Nicotine Replacement products any variety 7-110ct pkg
$1 Active Lifestyle In a Instant 1.41-2.4 oz box
$1 any Private Selection Alstroemeria Bouquet

A few good finds at Kroger and a visual test,lol

I want to assure everyone you are NOT seeing double, this is only a test. Again, my husband has told me my "staging" of my shopping looks terrible. I decided to leave this to my readers. Just let me know which picture(upper or lower) you think is more visually appealing! Feel free to leave comments here.

Now, on to the deals. Stopped into Kroger to pick up my 3 free Dial handsoap and I noticed the 2 bar packs of soap were also on sale for $1! Well, seeing as I am swimming in handsoap, and my husband won't use bodywash(too girly) I chose to get these instead. While there, I also picked up a few other items I thought were a good deal. Here is the breakdown:
Keep in mind my store doubles up to .50 and triples up to .39, three like coupons per transaction.

3 Dial soap $1 - .35 insert 8-16 SS = FREE
3 Suave bodywash $1.50 each - 2 .50 insert 8-2 RP - B2G1 insert 9-13 RP = $1/3 (all the Suave coupons beeped)
3 Softsoap ensembles 2 @ $3.29, 1 @ 2.47 - 3 * $2 tearpad(has Wags logo but says redeemable anywhere)= 2 @ 1.29 and 1 @ .47 *
*There is a current catalina deal on the Softsoap Ensembles. Earn $2 oynso catalina for each one you buy
1 Diet DP (not pictured) $1.39
-$5 oynso catalina from a prior purchase
Total oop $.60
Earned $6 in other oynso catalinas, so profit of

Go to the Theater for FREE this fall

Theatre Communications Group'sFREE NIGHT OF THEATER program is celebrating its 5th anniversary and returns to theatres across the country this October.
Free Night introduces people to the thrill of live theatre - absolutely free of charge!
There are over 120 cities participating in this free ticket promotion. Head over to the website and see what local theaters are participating and what days you need to apply(they vary by shows and events).
Each reservation is for two free tickets and you will need to jot down the time and date the tickets are available for online booking. I already see a couple I am interested in.
Thanks freebies4mom for the heads up!

Good excuse to Eat Out Tonight! Help the fight against Cancer

Help Chili's help ST. Judes Kids!

Eat at Chili's today, Monday September 28th and 100% of profits will go to support St Jude Childrens' Research Hospital.

You can also support St. Jude online by creating a virtual pepper or purchasing a T-shirt(or key) you can color yourself!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Randalls FUN run for Joint Juice

Let me tell you HOW excited I was when I read on Mercedes blog about a Joint Juice promotion going on at Randalls. My dad drinks ONE of these daily and he was getting low from the last time I got some for him. Well, what is even better, if you buy at least 7 in ONE transcation, you get a $10 oynso catalina. They are currently $1.39 in store and you can print a bogo coupon by going to their website and signing up. For the first transaction, I purchased 2 with a bogo and it spit out a $5/7 catalina. Each transaction after that I purchased 7 and used that $5 off catalina and after paying I received another $5/7 and a $10 oynso. (The $5/7 DOES beep!)
I got all the items pictured above in additon to 4 bottles of Charcoal lighter fluid for $6.24!

*My husband wants me to add this information: Apparantly he finds my arrangement of items for my pictures too boxy(is that even a word?) Well, for the shopping done this weekend, all items were "staged" by the husband but I still actually took the pictures(so if they are blurry, you still have to blame me).

New Month, New Deals at Walgreens!

WOW! There are so many GREAT deals going on at Walgreens this week. I am certainly glad too since I had $45 in RR that expire tommorrow. I decided to hit a couple stores on the way to get my oldest's hair cut. I did a total of 6 transactions at 4 stores.
Trans #1 and 2
1 Starbucks clearanced $2.39
1 Robitussin DM 2 count $2.49 - $1 tearpad from dr office = $1.49 earns $2.50 RR
1 Herbal Essence $2.99 - $1 insert 9-13 RP = $1.99 earns $2 RR
- $5 RR and .87 oop
Trans #3 and 4
1 Herbal Essence $2.99 - $1 insert 9-13 RP = $1.99 earns $2 RR
1 Chapstick $2.99 earns $3 RR
1 Robitussin DM 2 count $2.49 - $1 tearpad from dr office = $1.49 earns $2.50 RR
1 Emergen-C 2 pack $$3.49 earns $3.50 RR
1 Licorice stick clearanced .14 (second trans she put in .19?)
- 2 $5 RR and .10 oop (.15 in second trans)
Trans #5
1 Herbal Essence $2.99 - $1 insert 9-13 RP = $1.99 earns $2 RR
1 Halls Refresh $1 -.75 insert 9-27 SS = .25 earns $1 RR
1 Chapstick $2.99 earns $3 RR
-$5 RR and .23 oop
Trans #6
1 Herbal Essence $2.99 - $1 insert 9-13 RP = $1.99 earns $2 RR
1 Charm for Crocs(filler) .25
1 Chapstick $2.99 earns $3 RR
-$5 RR and .25 oop
So final tally $40 in RR used and $2.47 oop and earned
$42 in RR back so
$0.47 TOTAL cost for all that is pictured(+ one more free cup of Starbucks coffee at Starbucks-seems only the new bags have this printed on them!)
There are MANY other deals at Walgreens this week that I just could not find inventory for in the stores I hit today. Check out all the matchups listed at HCW.

Walgreens final Sally Hansen Run on Saturday

Wanted to roll the Sally Hansen RR a little more yesterday since it was the last day. I found a few more coupons, so it made for quite a bit of overage and I really wanted to check out the clearances I have Walgreens has been having. This was again at multiple stores I was passing while running my errands. One store, my transaction was very high because they would not let me use a $5 RR along with the $5 Sally Hansen(my trans in that case was $5.70). I did a total of 7 transactions and used the $5 Sally Hansen RR each time.
*Sally Hansen ranged in price from 1.19 to 1.55 depending on the store. I used both .50 and $1 insert coupons
Total oop for all pictured: $9.68 in gift card money and $3 RR but got back
$6 in RR from the Carefree($2 register rewards 3 times)
so $6.68 cost for everything
4 pack Duck packaging tape clearanced for $2.59
4 Scotch moving boxes(not pictured) clearanced for $.82 - .50 insert 7-26 RP= .32 each
8 Ghiradelli chocolate bars clearanced for .57 -.50 Walgreens Sept booklet = .07 each
3 Walgreens Ibuprofen $2
1 20 oz Diet Dp (not pictured) $1.49
1 M&M .89 (filler)
21 Sally Hansen nail polish $1.19-$1.55 each - insert coupons= varied
3 Carefree ultra protection $1.99 - $1 insert 8-30 SS = .99 each but earned $2 RR
4 Pullups clearanced for $2.89 - $2 insert 8-16 SS = .89 each
1 Pullups clearanced for $5.74 - $2 insert 8-16 SS= 3.74
3 Starbucks clearanced for $2.39 each^
^Each bag has an offer for you to bring the empty bag into any Starbucks for a free cup of coffee! My dh is going to LOVE that.

Target run on Saturday

Total oop for everything pictured: $4.35

I was out and about on Saturday on other errands, so stopped in at a couple Targets I was passing along the way. The prices varied a little on some items, but here is a rough breakdown, for at least the coupons I used to get the items:

40 Cesar Bistro dog foods .89 each - bogo insert 8-30 RP - bogo insert 9-13 RP Target = FREE
24 Fancy Feast Appetizers 1.29 each - bogo insert 9-13 RP (these beep?) - bogo IP Target= FREE
2 Pop tarts $1.46 each - $2/2 insert 8-30 RP - $1 IP Target= -.08
5 Purina One $5.89-5.99 each - $3 insert 9-13 RP - $2 IP Target= .99 each
1 Bounce dryer bar $3.74 - $1.50 vocalpoint homemailer - $1.50 insert 8-23 RP Target = .74
9 Schick Quattro Women's razors $7.49-$7.79 each - $4 insert 8-23 SS - $4 insert 8-30 Target = -.51- -.21 each
2 Schick Quattro cartridges $9.19-9.29 each - $4 insert 8-23 SS - $4 insert 8-30 Target = $1.19-1.29 each

Most these prices should still be good just not sure on the Pop tarts or the Bounce dryer bar. The FF Appetizers are now $1.22, though it does not matter since they are bogo coupons.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Still time to enter for giveaway!

If you have not entered my giveaway for a free poster print yet, there is still a little time left! All it takes is one comment to win!

Enter here for this giveaway and stay tuned next week as I begin to celebrate my blogoversary with more giveaways.

Free Food at Panda Express- Friday Sept 25 ONLY

Become a fan of Panda Express on Facebook and you will be able to print a coupon to try a single entree serving of their new Sweet Fire Chicken Breast. Valid at participating locations on Friday September 25th only. Thank you reader Maria S for the heads up on this great freebie.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Chick Fil A Sandwich today

Don't forget, today is FREE Chick Fil A sandwich day.
Join us at any Greater Houston Area Chick-Fil-A on the following Thursday from 5-6 pm for your free Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich.September 10, 17, 24 October 1 One offer per person per visit. Good at ALL greater Houston area Chick Fil A locations.I hear rumors that other areas(Dallas, etc) are doing a similar promo, so you may want to check your local CFA locations.

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Social Today 5-8

Thursday, September 24th 5-8pm
FREE 3 oz. Make-A-Wish Creation with a Donation

Donate and receive a 3 oz. sample of Jack’s Creation served out of a ready-to-love pan in a Like It Cup. Valid only during published date and time. While supplies last. No substitutions. Limit one per customer. An estimated 85 percent of all donations in September will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit wish.org.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Randalls deals with loadables

Sorry there is no picture, but I wanted to get this post up before it is too late. Some of these items are only on sale for the rest of the day, so I don't want to wait until tonight to post and you guys miss out. I did two transactions using two cards(I shop with my mom's card for her and my sisters).
Please keep in mind, my Randalls will double up to .50 and triple up to .39 one like coupon per transaction.

*All the IPs were taken from Smartsource, Coupons.com or Redplum.
All loadables were from Cellfire or shortcuts.

My transaction:
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.50 - .55 Cellfire = $1.95
1 Cocoa Puffs $2.50 - $1/2 IP = $1.50
2 Nature Valley Clusters $2.50 each - $1 cellfire - .40 cellfire - 2 x $1.60 IP= .40
-$4 instantly for buying 4 participating products
= -.15

1 BC Warm Delights $1.69 - .50 shortcuts - .50 cellfire - .50 IP = -.31
3 Old El Paso refried beans $1.15 each - .60 shortcuts - .60 cellfire - $1/3 booklet from GM = $1.25
2 Pillsbury Grands biscuits $1.49 each - 2 x 1 shortcuts - $1 cellfire - 2 x .35 insert = -1.42
1 Yoplait Yo Plus $2.50 - 1 shortcuts - 1 cellfire - $1 IP = -.50
1 Capri Sun $2.50 - free catalina from prior transaction = FREE
1 Freshpet dog food $2 - free insert coupon = FREE
Bananas .51
Grapes .77
Tax .16
Total spent oop : $ 0.31

I also earned a $1 on beef of chicken from Old EL Paso and a free Capri Sun from the 4 first items.

Moms transaction:
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.50 - .55 Cellfire = $1.95
1 Cocoa Puffs $2.50 - $1/2 IP = $1.50
2 Nature Valley Clusters $2.50 each - $1 cellfire - .40 cellfire - 2 x $1 insert= 1.60
-$4 instantly for buying 4 participating products
= 1.05

1 BC Warm Delights $1.69 - .50 shortcuts - .50 cellfire - .50 IP = -.31
1 Chex Mix $2 - 2 x .50 shortcuts - 2 x .50 cellfire - .50 IP = -1
3 Old El Paso refried beans $1.15 each - .60 shortcuts - .60 cellfire - $1/3 booklet from GM = $1.25
2 Pillsbury Grands biscuits $1.49 each - 1 shortcuts - $1 cellfire - 2 x .35 insert = -0.42
2 Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.49 each - 1 shortcuts- .50 shortcuts - $1 cellfire - .50/2 IP = -.52
1 Yoplait Yo Plus $2.50 - 1 shortcuts - 1 cellfire - $1 IP = -.50
1 Freshpet dog food $2 - free insert coupon = FREE
Oranges 1.18
1 Safeway green beans .79 - free coupon from Hurricane map = free
1 Safeway tuna .79 - .50 Hurricane map coupon = .29

Total oop: $1.02
I also earned a $1 on beef of chicken from Old EL Paso and a free Capri Sun from the 4 first items.

Giveaway still going on

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway of a 18x24 poster print. Only 8 entries so far so a GREAT chance at winning. Shipping is FREE, this poster print will cost you NOTHING oop!

Hurry to Print this Coupon

If you were like me and missed the chance to print this coupon the last time it was up, hurry and print it now. This coupon will work great with the Safeway sale that ends today. Also, with the cellfire, you should be able to get these free or close to it.

$1.60 off Nature Valley nut cluster for IE or Firefox

According to Mercedes, if you printed this last time it was up, you will not be able to print it now.

New Loadables and Printables

I hope you listened to me yesterday and loaded up the coupons that were remaining on your Cellfire. If so, head back over there today and load up the new lot and you should notice some duplicates. When you are done loading those, head over to shortcuts and load the matching coupons, then hop over to Redplum, Coupons.com and Smartsource and find matching printables. Most those coupons have reset too, so if you were at your printing limit, you should be able to print again. Now, when you have all those together, I will see you at Randalls (Safeway) loading up your cart with all the freebies you should be able to get.
I plan on doing my run at lunch tommorrow and I will let you know what I come up with!

Below is a list of the new cellfire that is available this cycle. I have bolded the ones I think are going to be the best chance of being freebies and included which store I plan to load those to first(keep in mind the great thing about Cellfire, is after I load them and USE them at Safeway, they should become available to load onto Kroger card the next day):

$.40 any Box or Pouch Betty Crocker Potatoes (Except Potato Buds)(KROGER)
$.25 4-pack or Larger COTTONELLE Toilet Paper
$3.00/2 packages of Huggies Diapers(load to Safeway)
$.55/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries
$.50/2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables
$.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Skillet Meals(load to Safeway)
$.60/2 Old El Paso products (excludes Old El Paso Refrigerated, Frozen OR Soup products)(load to Safeway)
$.50/2 Progresso Soups(load to Safeway)
$.40 Nature Valley Granola Bars(load to Safeway)
$.40 17.5 OZ. + Betty Crocker Cookie Mix(load to Safeway)
$.50 4.5 OZ. + Chex Mix® OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack(load to Safeway)
$.50 BOTH Betty Crocker Cake Mix AND Betty Crocker Frosting (load to Safeway)
$.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups OR any flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothies
$.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls OR Minis Bowls(load to Safeway)
$1.00 YoPlus OR YoPlus Light Yogurt 4-pack(load to Safeway)
$.50 Progresso Broth
$1.00 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters(load to Safeway)
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls(load to Safeway)
$1.00/2 Refrigerated Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits(load to Safeway)
$1.00/2 Frozen Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, OR Mini Cinnamon Rolls
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads (Includes any Loaves, Breadsticks, Dinner Rolls, and Pizza Crust)(load to Safeway)
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$.55 any flavor Fiber One cereal
$.60 40 OZ. + Original Bisquick OR Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix
$.55 32 OZ. Yoplait Yogurt
$.55 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal(load to Safeway)
$1.00 Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit
$1.00 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks

Monday, September 21, 2009

Walgreens Great RR deal

Today I went to Walgreens to find some clearance I read about on Mercedes blog. Unfortunately, I did not find any of the stuff she had listed, but I did notice a really HOT deal this week. Walgreens actually has a month long(ends this Saturday) Register Reward deal going on Sally Hansen products. When you purchase 3, you get a $5 RR good on any Sally Hansen Product. Well, this week there is a sale on Sally Hansen for 40% off!
The Sally Hansen hard as nails polish is only $1.37 on sale this week and if you have $1 coupons(8-23 RP, 8-2 RP), that makes your first transaction only $1.11 + tax:
$1.37 x 3 = $4.11 -3 x $1 = $1.11
Since I did a transaction last week, I already had the $5 RR. Well, I found out this register reward automatically scans for $5 off as long as your total is at least $5 + your taxable rate. It is taking off tax as well so my total actually has to be $5 + taxable rate or $5.41 in most of Houston.
So, I did three transactions today as follows:
Trans 1:
2 Sally Hansen @ 1.37 each - 2 x $1 = $.74
1 Sally Hansen @ 1.73 (I wanted the glitter kind for kids Halloween costume) - $5 RR = -$3.27
1 Gallon of milk $2.49
1 set of emery boards $.69 (had to throw this in because of the tax thing I mentioned)
Total cost oop: $0.65
(Notice, I did NOT use a $1 coupon on the 3rd Sally Hansen since I used the $5 RR that states off any Sally Hansen product)

Trans 2 and 3:
3 Sally Hansen @ 1.37 each - 2 x $1 - $5 RR = -$2.89
1 Disney Princess Stainless steel thermos clearanced for $3.74
Total oop: $.92

Great Youth Carseat at an Unbeatable price- BRITAX

Amazon is having a closeout on this pattern of Britax Regent (Sahara) carseat right now. This carseat retails for $250 but right now you can get it for an unbelievable $164.13. If you are looking for a very safe, very easy to use carseat for your toddler, you need to JUMP on this deal. I actually have two of this seat(one in this color and one in pink) and I LOVE it.
When looking for carseats I wanted a 5 point harness seat that would hold my kids until they would no longer need a seat. I have to tell you, there are not many 5 point harness seats that hold a child up to 80 lbs. My dh and I actually joke that our little girls will be in these seats until they are driving,lol! (I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old)

If you are looking for a forward facing carseat for your above 1 year (must weigh at least 22 lbs), trust me, this is a GREAT seat. I just wish I could have gotten my two at such a GREAT price. And there is FREE shipping right now.

Last Day to Load Cellfire, new cycle starts tommorrow

Well, we have reached that day again. The LAST day to load the current cycle of cellfire coupons. My suggestion: Load everything you have remaining onto your Safeway(Randalls, Tom Thumb) card. Why you ask?

Well, as you have seen from my prior posts, Randalls currently "stacks" savings on a single purchase. If you load the coupons to your Randalls card today, they will still be there tommorrow when the new cycle comes out. Then, tommorrow, go back to cellfire and see what duplicates exist. If a paper coupon is out for the same item, you instantly have 3 times the savings!

Don't waste time, head on over to cellfire and get those coupons loaded before you forget.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mabel's Labels Review

I was given the opportunity to try Mabel’s Labels and I have to say I am HOOKED! As most my readers know I have little ones in Montessori school and EVERYTHING has to be labeled, from their clothing, shoes and even the lunch containers and lids. A label maker just does NOT do the trick for these items since they either irritate my children's skin, fall off the lunch items during the wash or just fade the name altogether from the heat of the dishwasher. And let's admit it, using sharpie fades and just looks terrible. This is where Mabel's Labels has come to my rescue. The wonderful ladies at Mabel’s Labels gave me an opportunity to sample their Ultimate Back-to-School Combo. This limited time only combo pack (this combo is only available until September 25th) allows you to customize the colors, the icon and the name(up to 20 letters). There are 4 combinations of colors to choose from and seeing as I have two very girly girls, I chose Cotton Candy, pictured above, for my color scheme. I also happened to chose the butterfly icon as pictured above since we call my little one our little Flutterby, but Mabel’s Labels has 48 different icons to choose from making it easy to customize to suit your child's interest.
This particular combo comes with
50 Tag-Mates - peel and stick these to the tags of your child's clothing,
40 Skinny-Minis - these are perfect for school supplies, dishes, toys, etc.
16 Shoe Labels - goes on the insole of the shoe
2 NEW Teeny Tags - metal tags for bags, pencil cases, etc

I do have to admit, I was rather skeptical when I saw that the shoes labels went on the insole and thought there was No way these would hold up. I was willing to give them a try though since nothing else I have been doing has been working. They are GREAT! After a week of my daughter using them and playing outside twice a day(in the TEXAS heat!) they look as good as the day I put them in her shoes.
I placed the Skinny Minis on the little Corningware dishes I have for the kids warmups for lunch(both lid and dish). These have gone through the microwave and dishwasher and the tags have zero wear and tear! They look just as good and vibrant as the day I got them in the mail. I must admit, my older daughter is jealous since I just got the younger ones name on the tags, so looks like I will be placing an order for the older daughter, lol.
I played on their website too and they also make tags for the house. They have labels for your kitchen, crafting products, even labels for power cords.
And for those parents with children with severe allergies(hey Greenie), they even make Allergy Alert labels and Wristbands. These would be especially helpful when a child might be dropped off at a camp, pool or other event where the adults around might not be aware of the child's allergies. They also donate 10% of the proceeds of the wristbands to Autism Speaks.
If you are looking for labels, I highly recommend you give Mabel’s Labels a look.

Disclosure: Mabel’s Labels provided me with this combo pack so that I may write a product review. My product review is an expression of my own honest opinion based on my experience trying this product, and is not reviewed or edited by Mabel’s Labels. Mabel’s Labels does not compensate me in any other way for this product review, nor do I get compensated for any sales.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Checking the preview of coupons for this weekend, you can certain see we are manufacturers are gearing up for Fall weather..... Lots of soup coupons. That is perfect as the grocery stores will start running sales for these items!
I also see a few Pampers Target coupons. For those loyal to Pampers, combine these with home mailers for additional savings. Don't forget to save those Pampers points. Even if you are NOT doing the Pampers point program, you might be able to trade with other coupons for something you do need. Check out the preview so you know how many papers you will be wanting to get this weekend.

Free 6 Month subscription to American Baby

When my kiddos were little ones, this was a GREAT magazine to have coming. Not only did it have some decent articles, but more important GREAT COUPONS!!!!! There are NOT many coupons in the magazine, but those it does have are rare. I recall some $1 off Desitin, A&D etc that you cannot usually get anywhere else. AND since the subscription is FREE, you have nothing to lose. Just fill out the form here to start your free 6 month subscription.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More fun at Randalls with loadables

I had a few more deals to pick up at Randalls and I wanted to go get my free Capri Sun before the manager changed her mind about having it written on my receipt.
I also had to collect some of my other coupons for some deals I saw yesterday.
Here is my rundown:
1 Cocoa Puffs $2.50 - $1 IP = $1.50
2 Trix $2.50 each - 2 x .55 IP - .55 cellfire = $3.35
1 BC fruit snacks $2.50 - $2.50 free wyb 3 cereal peelie - 2 x .40 cellfire - 2 x .40 shortcuts = -$1.60
-$4 instantly wyb 4 participating products

1 Safeway green beans $.79 - .79 free coupon from Hurricane map found in Houston
1 Safeway tuna .99 - .55 Hurricane coupon found in Houston = $0.44
6 Campbell's Chicken noodle soup $.50 each - 3 x $1/2 Catalinas = FREE
3 Fresh Pet pet food $2 each - free insert 9-13 = FREE
1 Energizer 8 pack AA batteries $4.99 - 4 x $1 shortcuts (there is also a $1 IP-couldn't find mine) = $0.99
7 Glade fragrance collection candles $3 each - $3 insert 8-30 Kroger(these are manuf coupons- they expire TODAY!) = FREE

1 Capri Sun $2.50 - .55 shortcuts - $2.09* = -$0.14 (my catalina didn't print yesterday, so they manually put in the $2.09 they stated was the max value IF the catalina would have printed- seems it did print today and max value is $2.99 grrrr)

Tax .62
Total oop $ 1.16

Earned a free Capri Sun catalina for the buy 4 promotion and 100 bonus Labels for education for buying 5 soups.

Exciting DigitalRoom 18 x 24 poster print Giveaway!

DigitalRoom.com has generously offered to sponsor a Giveaway offering me and one of my readers a free 18x24" Rolled Poster Print. COMPLETELY FREE, includes free shipping!
I am so excited about this giveaway and am having a hard time deciding what picture of my family I want to enlarge. I already have a frame waiting for this print to go on the fireplace, so I want to make it a good one.
DigitalRoom is a one stop shop for all your printing needs. Not only do they offer Poster Printing for your favorite photo but you can also get poster prints for business needs, holidays, fund raisers, etc. They also offer custom printing of greeting cards, business cards, flyers, window clings, etc. You name it, they can print it!
Sorry to my International Readers but this offer is only open to US residents. FREE UPS Ground Shipping for US residents.
So, now that I have your attention, you probably want to know how you can win your own 18x24" poster print.
1. MANDATORY TO ENTER: Leave a comment with your email(so I can contact you upon winning) describing what you would use the 18x24" Poster credit to print.
EXTRA ENTRIES(only if you have done the mandatory entry above)
2. Blog about this giveaway with a link back to my blog and to DigitalRoom.com. Please leave the url in your comments
3. Tweet about this giveaway. Limit of 2 tweets a day and make sure you leave a comment each time.
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This giveaway sponsored by DigitalRoom.com and only open to US residents. You have until September 28th at midnight to enter! Winner will be selected the morning of Sept. 29th. Any comments left after midnight CST will be rejected. Good luck

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Triple the Pamper Points for Wipes

Great news for you mommies collecting Pampers Gifts to Grow points! From now until 11-05-09 when you enter your points from wipes containers, they will be worth TRIPLE points. Most 64-80 count tubs have one code under the lid that is worth 1 point. Well, if you get those suckers entered before 11-05, they will be worth 3.
If you happen to have Swipers wipes, keep in mind there is a code ON the tub(under the lid) and ON the actual package of wipes! That means 6 points if you enter them before 11-05.

Another GREAT bonus! Pampers now pays the shipping cost for rewards(excludes Shutterfly rewards). Get to entering those codes. I know they have not done a doubling or tripling of points promotion like this since July 07(I held onto my codes and entered a ton back then).

Walgreens deals this week

I actually did these deals yesterday, but was too tired to get it posted.

Trans #1:
2 Neosporin on the Go $3.99 each - $4($2 Wags coloring book coupon-found in pharmacy or by coloring books) - 2 x .50 insert 8-23 SS(there is a $1 IP but I didn't have it yesterday) = $2.98
3 One a Day 2 pack $.99 each
-$5 RR from prior purchases

Total oop $.95 and earned $3 RR from Neosporin and $3 RR from One a Day

Trans #2:
2 Triaminic Nighttime Cold & Cough $5 each - $4($2 from Wags Health savings booklet found in the pharmacy) = $6
Used the 2 $3 RR earned from the first transaction

Total oop = $0 and earned 2 $5 RR from Triaminic *Note, this was apparantly a glitch in the system(or an overlapping promo that has ended) and only 1 $5 RR is printing now

Trans # 3
2 Neosporin on the Go $3.99 each - $4($2 Wags coloring book coupon-found in pharmacy or by coloring books) - 2 x .50 insert 8-23 SS(there is a $1 IP but I didn't have it yesterday) = $2.98
3 Sally Hansen hard as nails $2.29 each - $1 insert 8-23 RP = $3.87
-$5 RR from prior purchase
$1.85 oop and earned $3 RR for Neosporin and a $5 off Sally Hansen product RR

Randalls run to use loadables

Since I had quite a few loadables stacked up on my Randalls card, I decided it was time for a trip to score some freebies. Here is my run down:
2 Betty Crocker fruit Stickerz $2.50 each -2 x .50 cellfire - 2 x .50 shortcuts -.50/2 IP = 2
1 Cocoa Puffs $2.50 - .75 cellfire - .75 shortcuts = 1 (*there is a .75 IP or $1 IP but I didn't have either with me)
1 Nature Valley Nut Clusters $2.50 - $1 shortcuts- .40 shortcuts - $1 IP = .10
-$4 instantly for buying 4 participating items above
1 Chex Mix $2 -2 x .50 cellfire - 2 x .50 shortcuts - .50 IP = -1
4 Fresh Pet dog food $2 each - $2 free coupon - 3 x $2.49 free coupon(cashier put 3 in for this price??) = -1.47
2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1.49 each - .40/2 shortcuts - $1/2 shortcuts - 2 x $1 IP = -.42
1 Kid Cuisine $2.49 - 3 x $1 cellfire = -.51
2 Huggies overnights $8.99 each - $1 cellfire - $3/2 cellfire- $1.50 shortcuts - 2 x $2 homemailer = 8.48 ($2 IP for overnight if you don't have homemailer)
Tax $1.25
Total spent : $5.43 and I will send for the Caregiver rebate to get $1.50 back on the Huggies.
I was also suppose to earn a catalina for a free Capri Sun box but it did not print. I went to the service desk and they wrote on the top of my receipt that I get a free box on my next visit. I will probably be going back tommorrow because all my loadables did not come off so I will do another round!

Free Chick Fil A sandwiches Thursday in September

Don't forget, tommorrow is FREE Chick Fil A sandwich day
Join us at any Greater Houston Area Chick-Fil-A on the following Thursday from 5-6 pm for your free Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich.September 10, 17, 24 October 1 One offer per person per visit. Good at ALL greater Houston area Chick Fil A locations.
I hear rumors that other areas(Dallas, etc) are doing a similar promo, so you may want to check your local CFA locations.
Also, for those of you near Rosenburg/Richmond, my friend Green informed me they are also having a stick horse jousting competition in the parking lot with a chance to win free tickets to the Texas Ren Fest. This is at the Riverpark Shopping Center CFA off 59, across from Greatwood.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shortcuts coupons added

I happened to log into Shortcuts today and found they have reset some coupons. You may want to see what they have to offer. I am hoping to see what I can double up on and make a quick trip to Randalls for more FREE goodies.
Don't forget, Randalls combines the shortcuts and cellfire coupons on single purchases!

Kroger Mega Deal highlights

The Kroger Mega deal starts Wednesday and someone finally has a sneak peek at the ad.
There are a couple items that stand out for this sale. Keep in mind, you must purchase 10 participating items to get the pricing listed here. You can mix and match and I am unsure if Kroger has put a limit on the number of rewards per transaction this time.

Here are some items that I see potential:

Buitoni Angel Hair or Fettuccine pasta selected 9oz varieties .99 each
- $1 printable
or $1 6-21 SS(Houston did not get this coupon)

Purina One cat food $4.49
- $3 insert 9-13 RP
= $1.49

Oscar Mayer hot dogs $1.49
- $1/2 insert 8-23 SS
= .99 each

Capri Sun $1.49
-.75 Kraft magazine(home mailer)
= .74

Velveeta cups $.50
-b2g1 coupon found in boxes of Velveeta shells and cheese
= $1/3

Easy mac cups $.50
-$1/5 tearpad
= $1.50/5

Wheat Thins $1.99
- $1 printable
-$1 for Firefox users
= $.99 each

Nabisco Saltines $1.49
- $1/2 insert 8-23 SS
= $ .99 each

Ritz $1.99
-$1/2 insert 8-23 SS
= $1.49
*If you are getting Ritz, you can also use this coupon to get Crackerfuls:
Nabisco Crackerfuls Filled Crackers, Any (1) 6 Oz. + Free WYB (1) Ritz Crackers, Any 13.66 Oz. To 16 Oz. (One Coupon Per Person, Per Transaction) - 08-23-09 SS - valid up to $3.49 (Thanks Mike!)

Oreos $2.47
-$1/2 insert 8-23 SS
=$1.97 each

Also, if you signed up for the Nabisco book I blogged about here , then you should find a $20 rebate form. To get this rebate you need to purchase 5 Capri Sun or Kool Aid jammers, 5 Easy Mac cups and 10 Nabisco cookies or crackers. One scenario using the items from the mega sale as an example:
2 Oreos $1.97 x 2
2 Saltines .99 x 2
2 Wheat Thins .99 x 2
2 Ritz $1.49 x 2
2 Nabisco go cups(not part of mega deal) $1 x 2
5 Easy mac cups $1.50
5 Capri sun(assuming you have 1 coupon) .74 + $1.49 x 4
2 Buitoni(free with printable and to get round out 20 items for mega deal)
Final cost : $21.08 and send for the $20 rebate.

*If you are getting the Ritz and have the free Nabisco Crackerfuls crackers, you could just NOT get the Go Cups and so your new total would be $19.08. So AFTER the cost of your stamp, you would get everything FREE!

Of course there are cheaper ways of doing this, but this gives you an idea of what you can do combining this mega sale with the rebate.
If I see any hidden finds at the store, I will let you know.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dave Ramsey Sale and Giveaway!

Now through Sept 18th, Dave Ramsey has a contest on his website. You can enter daily for a chance to win $999 to your Emergency Fund. You can either enter directly at the website or by texting the word "free" to 99158.(Texting rates from your carrier will apply). There is no purchase neccessary to enter contest.

I chose to go through the website and they are having a huge sale right now! $9.99 for most of Dave's books. If you have been wanting his books, now might be the time to purchase them. Keep in mind, you can sometimes find these at the library for free(our library never has them and has a waiting list to get on the hold list). If you cannot find them at the library and don't want to wait for them through PaperbackSwap, then this $9.99 sale is a great deal on these books!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kroger run to use $10/50 coupon

Sorry the picture seems so out of focus. I got home late and didn't realize the shot was so bad until I put most the stuff away. I will give a rough list of what I got with coupons, but it will not be perfect tonight(sorry, I need to start working on mega deal matchups and walgreens/cvs deals)
I did two transactions to optimize the doubling/tripling of coupons(my stores only do 3 likes). I also utilized several free coupons I have been holding onto to get my total to $50 on each transaction.
Trans 1 :
Comfort Water $1 - $1 peelie
1 Simply Oj $3.50
1 Kroger milk $2.99(picked up the wrong one)
9 Hefty zoopal plates $1 each - .50 insert(3 doubled)
1 Kroger sour cream $1
1 Kroger cottage cheese $1
1 9 lives cat food $4.29 - $3.99(free coupon, cashier entered for less)
2 Barilla pasta $1.39 each - .50 insert (these beep)
7 Tennesse pride gravy $1 each - $1 insert(today's paper)
3 MM frozen lemonade $1 each - .50 insert
1 Diet dp $1.39
1 Country Bob sauce $3.39 - free coupon
1 bananas .54 - $1 winetag
3 Bounty towels $1 each - .25 insert
4 Gold delicious apples $1 - $1 winetag
3 Dial soap $1 each - .35 insert
3 J&J buddy bars $1.09 each - $1 peelie
1 Grapes .96 - $1 winetag
-10/50 coupon
Tax -.24
Total oop: $4.24

Trans #2:
Iams cat food $8.89 - $10 free coupon(cashier entered at max value)
1 Kroger water $1 - $1 peelie
1 gallon milk $1.99
3 MM frozen lemonade $1 each - .50 insert
1 Kroger chicken tenders $4.54 - $3 winetag
6 Barilla pasta $1.39 each - .50 insert (these beep)
3 Haagen Daz ice cream $1 - $1 tearpad
2 nestle frozen lemonade $1 each
1 lb strawberries $2.99
1 green leaf lettuce .87
1 tomato $1.19
3 Plums $1.40
2 Kiwi .67
3 Bounty towels $1 each - .25 insert
2 Kroger ibuprofen $1.05 each
1 Country Bob sauce $3.39 - free coupon
2 Hefty zoopals $1 each - .50 insert
3 Dial soap $1 each - .35 insert
4 Funyuns $1.34
Tax -.69
Total oop $4.88

Extra Coupons in the Parade magazine

Don't throw that Parade magazine in the recycle bin until you browse through it. Inside you should find a $3 coupon for Surf laundry detergent and .75 Hormel Compleats.
Also, if you look at the last page of the Houston Chronicle, you will find two Kroger coupons good for today only. One is for $10 off a $50 purchase and the other is for $20 off a $100 purchase. Combined with coupons, you might be able to make good use of those!
And finally, get clipping. There should have been 5 inserts in your paper today and ONE of those inserts should have LOTS of Nestle coupons just in time for the Mega Event starting Wednesday. I hope to have some matchups done and ready later today for you guys.

If you don't purchase newspapers, now might be a good time to check out some Coupon Clipping sites and get those orders in. I don't personally use clipping sites, but from my friends who have, I hear these are two trustworthy sites:
Coupons & Things by Dede and
The Coupon Clippers

Please realize, these sites are located Tx and Fl respectively so take that into account for shipping times. Also, read the details of when orders must be placed for next day shipping.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kroger Mega Event Coming!!!! Sept 16-Sept 29

Today, I received a home mailer informing me of another Mega Event coming up at Kroger. This one includes Kraft and Nestle products. When you purchase 10 participating items in a single transaction, you will get $5 taken off your order instantly! My home mailer does not say whether there is a limit per transaction, so I will have to get that information when our ad breaks next Wednesday.
I was fortunate enough to hear word of this sale already so I have started getting a google document together with prices. Keep in mind, these prices are everyday prices and may not reflect sale prices we are bound to have for this sale. As soon as I get to see the ad, or make it to the store on next Wednesday, I will be revising the document.
Start getting your coupons clipped and a reminder. If you are NOT getting these home mailers, you really should call the number on the back of your Kroger card and get signed up. My home mailer came with 6 coupons that will work on this sale.

EVEN better! There is a $20 rebate with Nabisco that will work GREAT with this mega event.
Purchase 10 Nabisco cookies or crackers, 5 Capri Suns or Kool aid Jammers and 5 Easy Mac cups, earn $20! Might make for some FREE food!

Great News for Target shoppers

I know several of my readers vent their frustration at shopping at Target. It seems some Target locations make up new rules every time you go into the store. That might not change entirely, but the good news is Target has finally decided to clearly post their coupon acceptance policy directly on their website. Before, you had to email them for it and that presented issues of disbelief from the cashiers. Now, you can just go to the website, print it and take it with you, and if you have disputes, ask the employees to go to the help section of their own website to see the policy if they don't believe you.
Enjoy and happy shopping!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Randalls deals Sept 9-15

These are the deals I see in my ad. Let me know if you find anything I missed.
(Keep in mind my stores double up to .50 and triple up to .39- one like coupon)

6 Yoplait cups .55 each - .50/6 Shortcuts- .50/6 Cellfire -.50/6 IP
= $0.80-2.30

Betty Crocker cake mix(1) and frosting(1.50) $2.50 - .50 Shortcuts - .50 Cellfire-.50 IP
= overage-$1.50

Post Honey Bunches of Oats 4 for $6(with in ad coupon, must purchase 4)-$2 IP
= overage - $1 each(you will need 4 computers to get 4 coupons)

Healthy Choice meals or steamers $2.99, save $5 instantly wyb 5 - $2 IP
= overage - $5.95(you can print 2 coupons per computer)

Large Cantaloupe .99 each

18 count eggs .99 (limit 1 with $20 addtl purchase and in ad coupon)

Not advertised:

Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.69 - .50 Shortcuts - .50 Cellfire - .50 IP
= overage-.69

Progresso broth $2.99 - .50 Shortcuts - .50 Cellfire - .50 IP
= .49-2.99

Wacky Mac $0.99 - .75 IP
= .24 (also .50 loadable at Upromise)

Green Giant Immunity $1.67 each - .50/2 Shortcuts - .50/2 Cellfire - .50/2 IP
= $0.84-2.34

Yoplait GoGurt $2 -.80/2 Shortcuts- .80/2 Cellfire - .35 insert - .40 IP
= overage-$2.15

Yo Plus $2.50 - $1 Cellfire - $1 IP
= overage-$1.50

Kotex pads $2.79 - $1 Cellfire - $1 insert
= overage-$1.79

Safeway tuna $0.79 -.55 coupon from Hurricane map(found at Houston stores)
= $.24

Kroger deals Sept. 9-15 Tx/La

There are some freebies as well as some good buys this week at Kroger.
Sorry it took me so long to post. Similar deals as last week:
(Keep in mind my store doubles up to .50 and triples up to .39)

Dial Liquid 7.5oz $1 - .35 insert 8-16SS

Mission Tortillas 10ct flour or 24ct corn - .75 blinkie
= $0.25

Horizon Milk singles 8 oz $1 - .25 insert 8-2SS
= $0.25

Bounty paper towels $1 - .25 insert 8-30PG
= $0.25 (first roll will be free with .25 P&G loadable and paper coupon)
*You might still have the P&G home mailer booklet coupon for $1 making these free

Hefty OneZip Storage Bags 13-22ct $1 - $1 blinkie(found at Gerlands and Fiesta)

Haagen Dazs 4.25 oz $1 - $1 tearpad
= FREE(rumors that $1 oynso prints wyb 5 in 1 transaction)

Aunt Jemima breakfast $1 - $1/2 catalina or insert 8-16 SS
= .50 each

Weber grilling spices $1 - $1 winetag

Dole mandarin oranges or tropical fruit $1 - .50 various magazines

Healthy Choice steamers $2.20 each - $2 IP
= $.20 (if you can print 5 of these, Randalls has them for FREE)

Kroger cheese 8 oz bars or shreds $1 (limit 10 with $10 add'l purchase)

Bananas .37/lb

Black seedless grapes .97/lb

Granny smith or Red delicious apples 4/$1
Klondike Bar's $2.27 - $1 IP (thanks Victoria) - $1/2 Unilever loadable
= $1.54/2

Not advertised:
Hefty ZooPals plates or bowls $1 - .50 insert doubled 5-17 RP

Yakisoba noodles $0.99 - .50 insert doubled 8-23 SS
= FREE(great to donate if you don't like it yourself)

Barilla Whole Grain and Piccolini Pasta $1.39 - .50 insert 8-23 SS(these beep???)
= $.39

Beech-Nut Stage 3 Homestyle baby food $.66 each - free insert 8-2SS
Also a $1/2 loadable at Upromise (this will not come off at register, but will be added to your Upromise account) BETTER THAN FREE

Beech-Nut 5-grain cereal $2.13 - $1 peelie
Also a $1 loadable at Upromise (this will not come off at register, but will be added to your Upromise account)
ETA: Also, in today's Houston Chronicle in the back of section A are 2 coupons for Kroger, Fri, Sat. & Sun. only. $10 off purchase of $50-100 and $20 off purchase over $100.(Thanks Kathy for the post in the comments!)

Deal on Enfamil Infant Formula

There are some really great coupons and an even sweeter rebate form out right now for mommies that use Enfamil Premium infant formula.

First, there is a very rare $5 printable right now for any size of Enfamil Premium. You should be able to print twice per computer if you backspace and refresh.

Second, there is a $4 off 2 home mailer or printable Babies R Us coupon. This is a store coupon, so you can use it with your 2 $5 manufacturer printables.

Third, there is a rebate form(pictured above) out right now for $15 back(check) when you buy 2 cans of Enfamil Premium 23.4 oz or larger powder infant formula. (I found this rebate form at my peditrician's office, so I suggest calling yours to see if they may have them as well.)

I checked the online pricing, and it shows Babies R Us currently has this for $24.99 for a 23.4 or 28.1 oz can(these are special 20% more cans that might not be available at all locations).
So here is the breakdown:
2 cans @ 24.99 each = $49.98
- 2 x $5 manuf. IP =-$10
- $4 babies r us Q = -$4
Total oop at register = $ 35.98 or $17.99 a can

Then, keep your receipt(must all be on one) and your upc's from your cans and mail in the rebate for $15
$35.98 - $15 rebate = $20.98 + cost of stamp
That is just $10.49 a can!!!!! For those of you with Enfamil formula checks, you could pay even less out of pocket, possibly getting it free(I know they come out with $11 formula checks!)

Cellfire keeping us on our toes!

Cellfire is changing things up a bit this cycle run. During the next two weeks, they are going to be adding coupons to your selections. So if you have not gone to cellfire since Tuesday, head on over to add the following coupons to your card:

.50 wyb both Betty Crocker frosting and cake mix
.40 Betty Crocker cookie mix
.40 Betty Crocker fruit flavored snacks
.05/2 Betty Crocker fruit by the foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups OR Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz Fruit Flavored Snacks
.75/2 Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes
.50 any 4.5 oz.+ Chex Mix OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack
.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals
.40 any flavor/variety Nature Valley Granola Bars
.55/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries
.50/2 Progresso soups
.75 Frosted Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Banana Nut Cheerios OR Yogurt Burst Cheerios Cereal

Head on over to Cellfire and get these new coupons loaded before you head out shopping!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winner of Yoplait Whips Giveaway chosen

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:5
Timestamp: 2009-09-09 19:41:47 UTC

Using Random.org, the winner has been selected for my Yoplait Whips prize package.
$aving Along the Way! is the winner. Winner has 24 hours to claim their prize or an alternate winner will be chosen. Thanks to everyone for playing and commenting!

Pillsbury.com, are you signed up?

If you are not signed up for Pillsbury, now is a great time to do so. Currently you can save up to $33.65 in printable coupons offered to members. Included on that coupon list right now is a
$1 coupon for Cocoa Puffs(I hear an awesome deal on this is going on at Target)
$.40 Betty Crocker potatoes(there are loadables making the pouches free at Kroger)
$.50 Green Giant veggie steamers(these often go on sale for $1 so free after doubling)
$.60/2 Old El Paso(combine with catalina promo starting Friday at Randalls and loadables for a GREAT deal)
$.40 Yoplait kids yogurt(combine with .35 insert and loadables when you purchase 2 and you can get them free or close to it at Randalls)

Many more coupons too. Go take a look.

Great giveaway for a Great Cause

My blogging friend Gourmet Mom on the Go is offering 2 of her lucky readers a chance to win a $25 gift card to Macy's. Please visit her site and read about Macy's new program to help feed 10 million Americans suffering from hunger. Check out her giveaway here.

Free Chick Fil A sandwiches Thursday in September

Stopped in to my local Chick Fil A to grab a drink(free drink coupon) and saw a sign posted.
Here are the details:
Join us at any Greater Houston Area Chick-Fil-A on the following Thursday from 5-6 pm for your free Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich.
September 10, 17, 24
October 1

One offer per person per visit. Good at ALL greater Houston area Chick Fil A locations.
I hear rumors that other areas(Dallas, etc) are doing a similar promo, so you may want to check your local CFA locations.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Purex 3 in 1 sheet product, need input!

Have any of my readers tried this sheet out yet?
I have not had a chance, but I love this video, it is hilarious! Reminds me of my house as it seems none of us have a sense of hearing around here and say WHAT WHAT? so this is right up my alley.
I would love to hear comments from anyone that have tried this product!! Did it work well????
I can't wait to try this product. It seems nothing I use works well on static cling! Hopefully Purex will have the answer!

Kroger run 9-8-09

I thought some of the items I wanted at Kroger were going off sale today. The good news is the sale last for another week, so still time to get these goodies.
Please keep in mind my stores double .50 and under and triple .39 and under coupons
Here is my breakdown:
1 Betty Crocker pouch potatoes $1 - .40 cellfire - .40 IP = -.20
2 Starkist light tuna pouches $1 each - .50 IP = free
3 Hefty zoopal plates $1 each - .50 insert 5-17 RP = free
3 Horizon milk $1 each - .25 insert 8-2 SS = .25 each
3 Bounty paper towels $1 - .25 insert P&G = .25 each
2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers $2.20 - $2 IP = .20 each(the regular boxed are $2 so free with IP)
2 La Costena products $1.19 each - .50/2 booklet = $1.38
3 Mission Tortillas $1 each - .75 blinkie(there is also an insert) = .25 each
Tax = -.26
Total cost oop: $3.54

Randalls lunch run with loadables

There were several great deals at Randalls with all my loadables from cellfire and shortcuts. I did however mess up in my calculating. I wanted to use the .99 milk and .99 Kraft singles coupon in the Safeway ad but my total after all my loadables came off was only ~$15(it needed to be $20 for those coupons). Unfortunately, I really needed the milk and cheese and thought it would be cheaper to toss in a few items last minute. Turns out, that cost me more than I saved so I would have been better off just NOT using the in ad coupons and NOT getting the Diet DP that I surely did not need(hindsight is 20-20!) Oh well, GREAT trip otherwise! Here is my breakdown:

(Keep in mind, my store doubles .50 and lower and triples .35 and lower coupons)

Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.69 - .50 Shortcuts - 2 .50 Cellfire - .50 IP = -.81
Progresso broth $2.99 - .50 Shortcuts - 2 .50 Cellfire = .49
2 Old El Paso refried beans $1.15 each -.60/2 Shortcuts- 2 .60/2 Cellfire - .60/2 IP = -.10
Old El Paso taco seasoning $0.55 - free wyb 2 OEP products peelie = 0
Wacky Mac $0.99 - .75 IP = .24 (also .50 loadable at Upromise)
Green Giant Immunity $1.67 each - .50/2 Shortcuts - 2 .50/2 Cellfire - .50/2 IP= $0.84 (I got to sample these at the Gen. Mills Tabletalk event and they are YUMMY)

6 Yoplait cups .55 each - .50/6 Shortcuts- 2 .50/6 Cellfire -.50/6 IP= $0.80
2 Yoplait GoGurt $2 each - 2 .80/2 Shortcuts- 2 .80/2 Cellfire - .35 insert - .40 IP= -$1.05
Yo Plus $2.50 - 2 $1 Cellfire - $1 IP= -.50
Kotex pads $2.79 - 2 $1 Cellfire - $1 insert = -.21
Kraft singles $2.49 - $1.50 Safeway ad coupon = .99
Lucerne milk $1.99 - $1 Safeway ad coupon = .99
Safeway tuna $0.79 -.55 coupon from Hurricane map(found at Houston stores)

Safeway green beans $0.79 -$1.15 free coupon from Hurricane map (cashier entered it for regular shelf price) = -.36

3 Diet Dr Pepper 20 oz $1.49 each

Tax : $0.39

Total cost oop = $6.42 (keep in mind $4.47 of that is my Diet DP. Would have cost me $4.45 for everything if I didn't use the Safeway ad coupons or if I would have calculated better, I could have gotten another item that I have a free coupon for to get me to the $20)
*Also, please note, I used primarily printables(IP) this round, but many of these same coupons can be found in the inserts. Please go to the HCW database to find what week the coupons can be found.

Loadable coupons at Randalls(Safeway) 9-8-09

If you have been following my blog long enough, you know how I stress getting those loadable coupons added to your shopper cards! Do you want my secret for those of you with Randalls and Kroger to chose from(those with just Safeway have it a little easier- just load them all just in case!)?
My secret for shortcuts is simple. I load ALL the shortcuts coupons I might have a potential interest in. You never know what coupon you might need and since they don't give you a date cutoff to load like Cellfire, I load whenever I see them.
For Cellfire, I use a slightly different strategy. Since you have to pick either Randalls or Kroger to start, I try to make a trip to the store and scour prices first. If I know something is going to be free at Kroger with a loadable and paper coupon, I will load it when I get home and then add it to my shopping list for the next trip. However, if there are items that are not priced too great, I hold off until the LAST day Cellfire lets me load(that was yesterday, they reset every two weeks) Then, I go into cellfire and load up ALL remaining coupons onto my Randalls card! Why, you ask? Because at Randalls, multiple loadables will come off the same item(see my google document on the right column of this blog for further explanation). Then, the next morning, Cellfire resets(that is TODAY) and I look for duplicates of the coupons I have loaded already. I load those and automatically I know I have twice the savings waiting for me.

After that, I go into shortcuts and look to see if I have any similar coupons to the DOUBLE items on my Cellfire account. I print my Cellfire list and manual write in what I have also on shortcuts.

Next, I go to the coupon database on HCW and look for paper or IP coupons to match these items. After I get those clipped/printed, I head to the store with my list and start pricing items. If I see a good deal, I snatch it up. If not such a good deal, I look at the date on the tag to see if it there is a date that price ends. If so, it has potential to go on an even BETTER sale before my coupons expire. Pictured above is the list of all my Cellfire coupons currently on my Randalls card. This was taken today after my trip to the store. Later tonight, I will let you know what I ended up buying and the deals I got.

So for those of you wondering how I get multiple loadables, this should help clear things up. Simply load everything while available! You might not have doubles right now of items, especially if you are just starting out. But in two weeks, Cellfire will reset, and you will have a list that looks similar to mine.
Another perk to cellfire. If you use a coupon during the loadable timeframe, you can reload it to your other shoppers card. Example, ALL the coupons I used today at Randalls are now waiting in cellfire for me to load onto my Kroger card!

Cellfire has reloaded 9-8-09

New week on Cellfire.
Now is the time to head over there and load up your card with the new offers. Some good ones I see:
Save $1 when you buy any flavor YoPlus OR YoPlus Light Yogurt 4-pack -(these go on sale for $2 often, which would make them free with paper coupon)
Save $1 on Kotex brand product (with paper coupon, might make small boxes free)
Save $0.50/2 Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables(these go on sale for $1 often)
Save $.40 when you buy any flavor Box or Pouch Betty Crocker Potatoes (Except Potato Buds- Houston never gets the potato coupons, so loadables are a lifesaver for me)
Save $0.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delights(might be free with paper coupon)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Deal on Asics

Being a couponer, I am not brand loyal to very many products, but my tennis shoes are an exception. I LOVE Asics. They worked great for me when I was in track and cross country in high school and I still love them. One thing I don't like is the price though. Imagine my happy dance when I opened the paper and saw the sale going on at Famous Footwear! They had Asics advertised for $39.99 each. Not only that, but they currently have a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale. Even better, they have a 20% off coupon in the ad that can be combined with this sale.
Well, I dragged the family out and my husband found him a pair too. First pair rang up $39.99 and the 20% coupon took $8 off. The second pair rang up $39.99 and $20 came off for the 1/2 sale and $4 came off from the 20% off coupon.
My total after tax for 2 pairs of Asics $51.94!
I usually can't even get 1 pair for that price.
If you don't have a Famous Footwear near you, it appears the sale is also available online with the 20% discount and free ground shipping. (The sale is good for ALL items, not just Asics or tennis shoes. I was informed in store, that it even applies to clearance)

Walgreens deals week of Sept. 6

On my way back into town I asked my husband to stop at the Walgreens around the corner. I had been clipping my coupons all weekend and wanted to take advantage of some freebies before they sold out. Here is what I got:

5 Starbucks ice cream $3 each - $2 insert 6-21 SS

1 Glade Sense and Spray $5.99 - $4 insert 8-23 SS

2 Glade oil candles $2 each - $2 coupon from previous package

2 Snickers dark(fillers) 2/$1.59

-$3 RR and - $4 RR

Paid $1.58 oop and got back

$5 RR from purchasing $15 worth of Starbucks

$2 RR from purchasing Glade Sense & Spray

$1 RR from purchasing 2 Glade oil candles

So my final tally: $3+$4+$1.58 -$5-$2-$1 = $0.58