Thursday, June 2, 2011

HomeMade Simple HomeMailer - Can request every 30 days!

One suggestion I have on being a successful couponer is to sign up for any and all legit homemailer coupons you can (just be careful of spam sites).
One of those that often comes in handy with some great coupons is the Homemade Simple booklets. These are offered by the Procter and Gamble family of products.

Perhaps you can see if you have family or friends that might allow you to order one to their home :)

You may also want to bookmark this link as you can request this homemailer every 30 days!

Thanks for the reminder Sarah.

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Nicole said...

I signed up every month started in March to receive these coupons but I haven't received anything. Is there a limit on how many can be mailed out to people? Is it first come first served? Has anybody else had this happen?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

I am not sure Nicole, I have received them when I requested them. Odd, I am sorry

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