Sunday, June 12, 2011

CVS week of June 12-18th

Ok, I have to admit I have not even looked on the boards so I might miss some matchups for CVS, but I will do my best.  I ran out yesterday to do these because I still needed to do the Loreal deal that was ending (man I am always playing catch up it seems)

Anyway, these are the deals I did from looking at the ad:

Zyrtec 24 hr 5 ct $5.99 (limit 1)
-$4 insert 4-10 RP (thanks jenn! missed that one ) -$2 IP
Get back $5.99 in ECBS
Pay $1.99 at register
Final price : $4 Profit

Bayer Advanced aspirin 20 ct $3 (limit 1)
-$2 insert 6-12
Get back $1 in ECBS
Pay $1 at register
Final price: FREE
*possible profit with the rebate found in the same insert, next to the $2 coupon :)

Schick Hydro razor $8 (limit 1)
-$4 insert 6-12
Get back $4 in ECBS
Pay $4 at register
Final price : FREE

Motrin pm 20 ct $4 (limit 3)
-$2 tearpad(I believe I found these at Walgreens?)
(there is also a $1 in 6-12 inserts )
Get back $3 in ECBS
Pay $2 at register
Final Price: $1 profit or free

I also had the little ones with me so we got the Tic Tacs(not FREE but it kept them happy little shoppers)
Buy 2 get 1 for a penny
$1.67 x 2 + .01 = $3.35
-3 .75 insert 6-12
=$1.10/3 or .37 each

A carry over deal from last week (not pictured)
John Frieda full repair hair foam $5 (limit 1?)
Spend $10 get $3 in ECBS
-$5 insert 6-5 SS
Pay $0 at the register
Final price : $3 profit
*I was able to do this deal twice, so perhaps 1 was the weekly from last week and 1 is a monthly deal?
I broke up my transactions since I thought a limit of 1.

For everything else, might I suggest going to Hip2Save and seeing what matchups she has done for the rest of the ad.  Someone who filled out my survey of readers wonders how I prepare for my trips.  Well, first, I look over the ads myself and see what matchups I know about (mainly the obvious ones).  I keep the HCW database open while looking at the ad(you get a much more complete list on the HCW coupon database if you register and log in-it is free to do so!)
Then, when I am done, I usually look over at H2S to see if there is anything I missed.  I really prefer her matchups to anyone elses because she highlights in red the deals she feels are HOT, which means very low oop!  Since I am stockpiled on most items, I usually just get the freebies at CVS, so even her list gets reduced down for me, but it helps weed deals for me faster! (I honestly JUST went now to grab the link and looked at her matchups and now I might need to go back for the Crest for Me!  My kiddo loves that stuff so I might actually be willing to pay for it.)

*edit to add: Readers, Jenn is correct, there was a $4 in my inserts, I missed that one in the database, but you might want to check your insert, mine does not say just for 24 count
here is a pic:

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Anonymous said...

ZM - for the Zyrtec, there is also a $4 cp from RP (from april I think-I clipped it out already and do not remember the exact date). More of a MM this way.


GlennJ said...

Jenn (and ZM)- I have seen reports on other sites about the $4 4/10 RP inserts (so valid ones probably do exist), but my Qs from that issue specify the 20ct bottles or larger. As it worked out though, Zyrtec recently had a promo (now ended) where they mailed out Qs for free (up to $7) product. So those would be a great MM.

catintx said...

That $4 coupon is for the 24 count or higher though.

Anonymous said...

Katy, or anyone else, did you actually use the $4 Zyrtec coupon when you did your cvs run? Because im going tomorrow and I have the one pictured (does not specify 24ct. , only excludes trial) and want to know if it will beep or if it will run smoothly.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, I did not use the $4 because I had already purchased my Zyrtec when I found out about it, but I suspect it should work beepless.

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