Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heb GrillMaster Contest and Instant Win Game

H-E-B is having a HUGE month-long contest starting September 1 called the “Texas Grillmaster Cookoff,” (Site goes live September 1) where you can submit recipes online to try and out grill the H-E-B Grillmaster. It’s a 4 week promotion with a theme each week: Beef, Seafood, Chicken, and Burgers. The person crowned the Texas Grillmaster will win a $5000 Ultimate Texas BBQ. Then each category winner receives a $1,250 Outdoor Grilling Makeover. There also are sweeps prizes just for entering, a $10,000 Patio Makeover, plus hundreds of instant win prizes through an online game.

Here are more details about getting in on the grilling action:

September 1-29: Submit your grilling recipes for the chance to win big. You'll receive an extra sweepstakes entry toward the chance to win the $10,000 with each mouth-watering recipe you enter.

September 1 - October 10: Play the instant win game for a chance to win $5 to $2,000 in H-E-B gift cards.

October 2-10: Vote for your favorite finalists--and recruit friends to do the same! You'll receive a sweepstakes entry for every vote you cast.

October 13: Come back to see who out-grilled "Matt the H-E-B Grillmaster" to win $5,000 to throw the Ultimate Backyard BBQ.

Good luck and let me know if you guys win any instant prizes!

Update - BTFE Promo at HEB starts tomorrow as well as a contest!

Remember me bringing up a new BTFE promo starting at HEB on this post? Well, I grabbed the new My Texas Life magazine at the checkout and found this update.
Still says buy 10 participating products* and get 70 bonus box tops + $5 off your next shopping trip.
*states: All Box tops products are participating. For a complete list of BTFE products, visit www.boxtops4education.com (I suggest you trying to find one of these My Texas Life books in case the cat doesn't print when running this promo)

Now, the goal is to get a list of some of the cheapest items and match up with coupons to see if it is possible to make this FREE after cat deal.

As if that was not enough to get me into the store, HEB is starting a contest and instant win game tomorrow(will create a separate post to discuss the details)

Free Mustard at Safeway - Finally!

My mustard stockpile has been dwindling so I was happy to see that Randall's has the French's mustard on sale for $1.50 starting tomorrow! Well, for you lucky folks that still have the grilling books I posted about previously, you can get FREE mustard.
There is a .50 Safeway coupon on the mustard. Combine that with a printable found here or here that should double(limit 1 like double at my store) and you have FREE mustard. YAY!

Hot Shot bug spray deal at HEB

I had to stop into HEB to use up a few coupons expiring tonight and I noticed the Hot Shot Roach and Ant Spray marked for $1.54. Well, that sounds like a pretty good deal paired with the $1.50 IP coupon found here.

Blue Diamond Almond Milk deal at Safeway

Today is the last day to take advantage of this deal I mentioned previously on this post.
Well, Shortcuts has added another .55 loadable making this a decent deal for milk and cereal.

Purchase 1 half gallon of Blue Diamond almond milk $2.79-3.59 (depending on store)
1 box of ANY cereal (several currently 1.99 on sale, look at what you have for loadables)
Earn $3 oynso for purchasing both in 1 transaction.

I am going at lunch to a store that has the $2.79 price and plan on purchasing the Reeses cereal(.55 loadable on cellfire)

So 2.79 + 1.99 - $1 insert coupon for milk(5-23) - .55 shortcuts - .55 cellfire = $2.68 oop, earn $3.

Baskin Robbins, Let's get a free Scoop!

Right now, Baskin Robbins is running a promo on Facebook called Group Scoop. You join or create a group of people that "like" them on facebook. When the group reaches 31 members ALL members get a coupon for free scoop of ice cream.

So please go to the "free ice cream fiends" group I started and "like" Baskin Robbins and hopefully by days end, we will all have free ice cream!

Thanks Erin for the headsup!

Disclaimer: I get nothing for this post except the chance for a free coupon should my group get 31 members.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Plum released the Del Monte Smoothie Coupon YAY!!!!

For those of you unable to find the July coupon booklet I posted about(or those that want a little longer to get to shop for these) just go here to print 2 coupons for the Del Monte fruit smoothies. I was mixing these up at my daughter's birthday party yesterday and they were a hit! Don't forget these are on sale at Safeway stores right now(Randalls, Tom Thumb etc) for $1 so FREE with this coupon!

While there, you might want to consider printing the Mahatma coupon too as the packet rice is always free at Kroger with the .50 doubled.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm having a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow!

Thanks to my friend Courtney, I will be eating one of these yummy looking smoothies for breakfast.

These smoothies are priced at just $1 right now at Randalls(regular price $2.99!) Some folks were fortunate to get a $1 in their 8-15 inserts(not me). Others hopefully will luck out and find these July fresh ideas booklets at their area Safeway store. Inside is a coupon for $1/1 Del Monte Fruit Smoothie. That makes it FREE! But you need to hurry as the coupon expires on 9-1-10.
Good luck!
And for those of you that don't find the July, but find the August booklets, you can get the jar of Artichoke hearts for free right now with the .50/1 coupon in the August booklet as they are also on sale for $1.
Happy Hunting (booklets were found on a display in the produce section.)

Blue Bell on Unadvertised Sale at HEB

I had to go to the store to pick up a few items for my little girl's birthday party and I was SUPER excited to see Blue Bell ice cream was on unadvertised sale for $3(I went to Kroger last night at it was $6.xx YIKES)
I used the $1 printable coupons from Bluebell and got it for just $2 (good since we are planning banana splits and I needed 3 flavors!)

My Points - Are you a member?


I have been a member of Mypoints since Sept. 1 of 2004. In that time, I have accrued a total of 23,756 points. What does that mean?(warning: math geek taking over)
Well, seeing as that is an earnings average of ~ 3959 points a year. Ok, again what does that mean? Well, for me, it means a $25 gift card to a store of my choosing(they have lots to choose from). I have to admit, I get one of these a year to give out as a gift to one of my teenage nieces/nephews for Christmas and it is all free.

Many people earn WAY more than me in points a year, but I earn pretty exclusively just by clicking in emails! That is right, they send an email, I open it and click the earn points click and I get 5 points. It takes just seconds of my time and I get a free gift card once a year. There are many other ways to earn points, so you might want to check them out if you havn't already.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walgreens coupon policy now online

Well Walgreens has finally joined the ranks of the stores having their coupon policy posted so help with some confusion. I don't know what to make of some of these though, as I personally think some of the wording is still going to make it difficult at Walgreens. Definitely worth printing and keeping on you when shopping at Walgreens with your coupons.

I DO like that they clearly state we can use two coupons on a bogo YAY! I don't like that they do not address using a bogo on a bogo.
I also forsee some of the overage by combining Walgreens coupons and manufacturer coupons going the wayside with these new written policies.

What do you guys think?

Thanks Mercedes for the heads up.

What coupons are coming out this weekend? Previews are up

Again it is that time of week to start deciding how many papers we are gonna want.
Click on these pics if you want to see what we are expected to get in our inserts.

Keep in mind, there are regional variances in the inserts, but this list is a great start to a sneak peek!

I am really liking the following?
$1/1 Quaker instant or old fashion oats (might make this cheap/free with sale)
$3 Wisk laundry detergent(I HOPE we get this value!!!!)
.50 Campbell's soup at hand(don't these go on sale for $1?)
$2 FarmRich product(that seems a high value)
$2 Pantene

What coupons do you like?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good news for ONE of my readers! Winner of Sams Club card

Well, the first winner of my Sams Club $25 gift card giveaway did not come through so a new winner had to be selected.
New winner is comment #42 (again using random.org)

Nina said... Nature valley granola bars


Nina, you have 48 hours to contact me and claim your prize (I know I have your email address, but this way I make sure my winners are actually readers, lol)

Pampers Gift to Grow - free codes for 25 points!

Pampers Gift to Grow is offering a few free codes right now! Help to boost your total by 25 points without having to purchase a thing! YAY!

CAREFORNEWBORNS worth 10 points
GTGCOUPONPOINTS worth 10 points
GTG5FREEPTS0810 worth 5 points

Thanks Amy!

Other codes you might have not entered yet(you can check your history when you are logged in-some of these might have expired?)
welcome2pampers - 50 points
gtgsummerfun5pt - 5 points
15gtgsummerfun - 15 points
25gtgsummer2010 - 25 points
gtgfivemonths10 - 10 points
gtggetreadysoon - 1o points
gtgtenmonthcode - 10 points

Free Pet Exam for PetSmart loyalty members and first time customers

I tried to post this a few days ago but had trouble accessing the PetsMart site link(not sure if my work internet was the issue or if it was their website).
Anyway, Banfield(the vet offices in PetSmart stores is offering a printable coupon for your first vet visit to their clinic. Just fill out the coupon and take it with you on your first visit and it will be free(I am pretty sure the coupon does not cover shots, but I cannot find the fine print to confirm what it does cover).

Chick Fil A Mission Bend, Facebook Freebie

Just stopped into the Mission Bend Chick Fil A on my way to work and noticed a sign in the drive thru. If they can get 2,000 fans (you need to "like" them on facebook) by Sept 1st EVERYONE that "like"s them will get something FREE!!!!! (not sure if this is exclusive to this location so might want to check your local store facebook page too)
Please "Like" my location and leave your location in the comments and I will "like" them back (perhaps some of my other readers will join in too and we can all score some free Chick Fil A!!!
If they offer free coupons, many times these can be used at any location.

Walgreens Free Photo book - today only

Remember I told you to friend Walgreens on facebook for a free photo book? Well today is the day! Don't forget as you have until 11:59 pm per their clock to get this baby ordered.
What theme are you going to do for yours? I am thinking of creating one of all the pics of my kids crying and throwing a fit, lol.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Safeway - good deals with loadables

This post is not going to be a play by play because I need to get dinner on the table and bathe the kids, but I wanted to tell you some of the deals I was able to get today at Randalls (some end tonight)

Totinos pizza rolls .99 with in ad coupon(Sunday paper insert one) - 2 .40 cellfire - .40 sc - 2 .35 insert (1 tripled) = -.62

Glad storage bags $2.49 each - 2 $2 cellfire - $2/2 MDA booklet coupon = -$1.02

6 yogurt cups .50 each - .40 cellfire -2 .40 sc - .35 sc - .50 loadable? - .40/6 IP =.15

Bush refried beans $1.09* - .20 MDA booklet coupon = .49 (these were marked .89 but I didn't have time to go to service desk for scan right guarantee)

2 Pillsbury grands .99 with in ad coupon(sunday one) - .30 cellfire - -.30 sc - .40 loadable? - .40/2 IP = .18

Huggies Wipes $2.79 - $2 Randalls loadable - .50 insert = -.21

Safeway wheat bread $1.25 - $1 Sandwich booklet coupon(found on meat counter) = .25

Hostess mini muffins(forgot to picture) $1.99 with in ad coupon - $1 Randalls loadable - $1 Randalls IP = -.01

Blue Diamond almond milk $3.29 - $1 insert = $2.29
1 Quaker squares $1.99 - $1 tearpad = .99
I earned $3 oynso for buying the Almond milk and any box of cereal

*alright dh is kicking me off the computer for dinner, will do the links and the rest later, sorry guys I did this run on my way home

Select Pet Pillows on clearance

If your kids have been pestering you for a pillow pet, perhaps you can head over here and make them happy. I know my little one has asked for one for her birthday since she has seen the ads(darn commercials). These are NOT the "real" pillow pets, but they do look pretty darn cute. If you use code WFAA10,you can get 10% off the price making these just $7.64 + shipping.

Or you can go through ShopatHome and earn 5% back (Just click the shopathome link and type in orangeonions to then search pillow pets)

(One comes out to $12.43 for me going through shopathome and after shipping and 10% off)

Thanks Courtney for the heads up.

Cellfire has reset

Cellfire definitely did NOT disappoint me this morning! Several good coupons to combine with the last day of the mega sale at Kroger today. I was happy to see the MDA coupons up again too for Randalls. Gonna have to check out the potential on the Mission product, the Glad bags and the Kingsford Charcoal. Oh, and didn't I see a sale on the Totinos pizzas/pizza rolls, hmmmmm! Looks like a busy shopping day for me today.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cellfire - YIKES last day to load!!!!

I got so caught up in the fact it is Monday and that it is my little bits 4th birthday that I almost forget that today is the last day of this cycle of cellfire. I suggest heading there and loading everything you have left to your Randalls card in hopes of good deals to combine with tomorrow's cycle.

Had I realized today was the last day I would have probably purchased the Old El Paso taco shells! I hear they are .99 right now and I have several cellfire and shortcuts I could have combined with the .60 insert for free or small profit.

I DID purchase some of the Pillsbury back to school shaped cookies today for 2/$5 and $5.75 in loadables came off WOW!!!! I also used the $1/2 blinkie that was right in front of the cookies.

No other deals right now with loadables seeing as I used most of them during the buy 4 get $4 sale, but come back tomorrow and lets see what we can do together!

Colgate SmileTalk - sign up for access to coupons

Are you signed up for Colgate SmileTalk yet? If not, just go here and you will have a chance to print $8 in coupons upon sign up. Not only that, but you will have access to special offers, product previews and feedback opportunities.

I know in the past it was a good idea to be on this list because they offered a brushing journal for kids and after brushing for the assigned amount of weeks, they mailed out FREE battery powered Spongebob toothbrushes. (I hope they offer that again this year!)

Winner of Sams Club $25 gift card chosen

Where does the time go? Goodness, I just realized I forgot to select my winner for the Sams Club giveaway.

The winner is The Jones' for comment number 16
The Jones' said...
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

August 18, 2010 9:27 PM

Congrats, please email me with your contact information to claim your prize. You have 48 hours.

Free Walgreens Photo book on Aug 25th/Facebook

If you have not done so in the past, y0u might want to consider "like"ing Walgreens on Facebook. When you do, you should be able to get a code on Wed. August 25th for a free 4.5" x 6" purse size customizable photo book. Shipping is not included (not sure if these can be ordered for pickup in the store.)
If you like them today, you can get your book ready and just go back into your Walgreens photo account Wed. to place your order(might want to beat the rush on their server!)

Thank you Who Said Nothing in Life is Free.

Nature Select dog food - free samples

Nature Select is offering free samples of their dog food if you live in an area where their products are distributed(Houston qualifies).
Just go here and fill out the form.

Thank you Freesamplefreak

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Dryel at Walmart (after weird rebate)

Ok, I know I don't really care for Walmart, but this rebate is worth braving the dreaded store. I love Dryel since it is so much cheaper than real dry cleaning and quicker when you are in a pinch.

Well, Walmart will give you the starter kit AND a refill free(you can buy just one if you want) if you purchase them by August 31st. Just decide what you want to buy and then head to Walmart and pick up the items. come back and enter the prices and your information into the form found here. Then hit submit(and this is where I think it gets weird) and you will get a message that states you will get your official rebate form in a couple days(why you can't just print from there is beyond me?).
Make sure you submit the receipt, the form and the upcs before Sept 30th.

To make it a money maker, print two of these $2 coupons.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Target deals - some freebies this week

I finally had a little time to focus on Target and these are the deals I was able to score:

2 Campbell's Select Harvest $1.50 - $1 IP - .50 Target q = FREE
6 Stride gum $.99 each - bogo insert 5-16 SS - bogo Target = FREE
1 Post it Sticky notes $1 - $1 insert 8-15 SS= FREE
6 Chef Boy ar dee .86-.98 - $1 Target = FREE (coupon adjusts down- microwave ones are also free)
9 Cesar dog treats $3.04 each - $1 Target insert 5-23 RP - $2 insert 8-8 RP = .04 each

Thank you HCW!

Happy Friday - Winners of 3 Hour giveaway posted

Ok, so I didn't come back in 3 hours because I got engrossed in a movie. I have read your comments and appreciate your honest feedback. This will definitely help me attempt to make this blog more user friendly.

I will work on the photo size to hopefully help with that(I too hate sites that load slow, so let me see what I can do with that - I am un tech savvy so bear with me)

Video YIKES!!! If you guys saw me you would be laughing (I am a lot less organized than I lead you to believe, lol) Maybe I can do some video in the future, we will see.

More matchups, I do keep hearing this and I will do my best, but sometimes my matchups are basically what I buy in my deal runs. Also, I am pretty stocked up on many items so many items have to be very very cheap or FREE for me to bother with ( I promise to work on this though)

The font, hmmm didn't even think of that one, will see what I can do.

The old posts are still there shuchi as are the links. I think this is a recent issue with IE as I have to same issues on my laptop. I can view the blog just fine on Firefox(although the font color is showing up weird there) Hopefully I can find a new template I like to transfer too because I have been told the dark background is hard on the eyes too(ahhh I need more time in a day)

mivibus- you are right, I sometimes unmoderate the comments at work then get distracted and forget to go back and answer, I need to get better at that.

Ok, so enough blah blah blah.
The following people need to contact me with their NAZ(name address zip) and I will send out your coupons. Again thank you for the encouraging words and especially for the feedback. I am not hear just to brag, I want to help you guys save tons of money too!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Hour Giveaway- sorry for Tx folks only

I would love to offer this to everyone, but the coupons are ONLY good in TX!

I will randomly pick one winner to get some of these coupons I found this evening(they expire 8/31). Since the pic has a glare and might be hard to read, it states save $2 wyb fresh beef for fajitas and any Bolners brand seasoning (HEB carries small packets for as little as .74 no beeps on coupon, Kroger carries small for as little as .54 but coupon beeps so be prepared)

To enter:
Leave a comment here with a suggestion of something you would like to see on my blog. Rude comments will not be posted, so please constructive criticism only! I know this is not the best blog out there and I do what I can with the time I have.

Clock starts NOW

Heb and Btfe - Upcoming Promo Starts in Sept!

Mark your calendar for an upcoming promo at your local HEB store. I found this ad in the My Texas Life book that is at all the checkstands at my closest HEB.

This promo goes from 9/1/10 - 10/5/10. Get 70 bonus box tops + $5 off your next shopping order catalinas when you buy any 10 Box Top for Education products. Purchases must be made in one shopping visit between 9/1/10 and 10/5/10. Box top certificate will print at register.

We might want to start checking prices and coupons for this even. Might be potential for free/cheap yogurt as I see they picture single cups of Yoplait.

Mark your calendar f

What we do for love

Ok by know you should know my LOVE of Chick Fil A right? Well how far would you go for the things you love? Have I crossed the line? A few friends of mine want to hold an intervention for this addiction I have to coupons AND Chick Fil A. I say, hey, I got 50 free breakfast and lunches for just a few minutes of my time. What do you think?????

If you have not figured out what I am talking about yet, well lets just say, I got 50 of the above pictured coupons: Free CFA spicy sandwich(they allow substitutions), Free Chick N minis 3 count, and Free spicy sandwich with the purchase of a large milkshake. I am not sure if you noticed these little gems in your mailbox this week but I sure did. Lucky for me there are many apartment dwellers that toss all the ads (including these precious coupons) into the bin right there next to the mailboxes. YES, I admit it, I got ALL these out of the trash and I am PROUD! (don't worry, I keep Purell in my car at all times ;P)

What is the craziest thing you have done for something or someone you love?

CVS - Don't forget to scan your card!

If you are not doing it, perhaps you should. Everyday that I go into CVS to purchase or just look around for deals, I first stop by the coupon center(scan machine). I scan my card until the machine says no more coupons available. Well today, right out of the chute, I got a $5/15 store purchase!!!!! Woo Hoo.
I can post my picture later, but I basically got
10 Emerald nuts $1 each - $1 coupon from Sunday's RP = FREE
2 Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread $2.69 each - $5/15 CRT = .38
So .38 for 2 loaves of Wheat bread and 10 containers of peanuts just for scanning my card first :)

Gap Groupon Today Only $25 for $50 Certificate

If you were looking to buy some clothing at the Gap, you will want to head over to Groupon first!
Today only you can snag a $50 voucher for only $25. They only have 144 left listed in Houston so you might have to enter a different city to get one! Voucher expires Nov 19, limit one per person. Thank you to the Gap for sending me an email! You can use this on sale merchandise but cannot combine with other discounts.

Edit: I am being told you can buy 1 PER city, so for those die hard Gap shoppers a chance to get some extras! Vouchers are valid at any Gap store (excluding outlets). Thanks Southernsavers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pinecone research - recruiting females!!!

Pinecone Research

I have to admit I am NOT a huge fan of survey sites. Many sites have LONG questionnaires you spend way too much time on just to have an entry into a contest you most likely will not win. Pinecone is NOT one of those sites. Pinecone PAYS you $3 per survey AND enters you into a sweepstakes. If you have not signed up before, you might want to check them out as they don't always have open enrollment. Right now they are looking for some female survey takers so check it out, won't cost you anything but a little bit of your time.

What coupons are we getting this Sunday?

I know this is the question I ask myself weekly!
Well, just click on these pics and they will take you to the list of what should come in our inserts.

Keep in mind, there are regional variances in the inserts, but this list is a great start to a sneak peek!

I am really liking the .25 Clorox bleach coupon to combine with the in ad coupon at Randalls.
John Frieda coupons will go nicely with sale next week at CVS
Old El Paso heat and serve side will go nice with Kroger mega sale

What coupons do you like?

Last two days to enter my giveaway $25 Giftcard to Sam's Club

If you have not done so already, head over here and sign up for my giveaway! Chances are GREAT you can win as currently there are only 12 entries!!!! Who doesn't want a $25 gift card to Sam's Club????? Giveaway ends Aug 20th so HURRY

Kraftmaid Idea books are back!

I love looking through these to get inspiration on how to remodel my kitchen. Just click on the picture and select request literature at the top of the page. If you want one, hurry though because they go FAST! Definitely makes you think about wasted space.

Prevacid 24hr free 2 day sample!

Walmart.com is offering a free two day sample of prevacid for those that qualify on the 2 question survey.
Gonna add to the dh's stockpile :)

Walgreens - Free Photo Cling -shipping not included :(

Ok, you got your free 8 x 10 right? Well, today Walgreens is offering a free photo cling (photos that stick to smooth surfaces).
With this offer you get to choose the size you would like:
•1 - 11x17 Cling
•2 - 8x10 Clings (per sheet)
•4 - 5x7 Clings (per sheet)

Just go to Walgreens photo and add the cling to your cart. Upon checkout state you have the code and it will autopopulate the code for you! You have until 11:59 pm to get it ordered. I suggust "paying" with a credit card online for pick up in the store that way you don't have to pick up today.
*This is online ordering only so it looks like it is gonna cost $5.99 shipping :(
Thanks Kyle and Ali

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CVS - small run today

Stopped into CVS at lunch to grab the Blink and score some free 1 subject spirals. While I was there I noticed Polident on clearance for $1.07. Seems a good price since I can donate or use as a toilet cleaner! Here is my breakdown:
2 Caliber 1 subject spirals 2/$1 - $1/2 CRT coupon = FREE
1 Blink tears $7.99 - $1.50 IP = $6.49 earns $7.99 ECBS (if you can't print this coupon, there is a $1 coupon here)
4 Polident $1.07 - $1 IP = .28

I also wanted to get deodorant for cheap but my store was sold out so I got a raincheck:
Right Guard bogo, combine with $3/2 coupon and pay pennies

Safeway - Another Great Clearance find

Hopefully some of you will be able to find these in your store as well. As you can see, these Febreze Home collection reed diffusers have 50% off tags. To reiterate another feature I LOVE about these tags: Safeway scans the original bar code so the item shows up on your receipt at full price, then they scan the 50% tag which appears at the bottom of your receipt with the rest of your coupons! Well, that worked just dandy since there is currently a rebate out for Febreze Home Collection products and the rebate is based on ring up price YAY!
The rebate form can be found here and it requires a purchase of at least $20 worth of Febreze Home Collection products. Well, each of these Febreze Reed Diffusers are $7.19 BEFORE 50% savings. So here is the breakdown:

3 Febreze Reed Diffusers $7.19 each - $3.60 from 50% tags - 3 $1 coupons from Right at Home mailers (I post these numerous times for you to order) = $7.77

I will now mail off for the $10 rewards card rebate for a profit of $2.23 (less the cost of the stamp!)

Freebirds- Half way to a free burrito

Freebirds keeps the deals a-coming (why oh why don't they have a Sugar Land location!)
Not only can you still get a Freebird for the Hybrid pricing through Wednesday, but on Wednesday and Thursday if you make a stamp purchase(Hybird, Freebird, Monster, Salad, Nachos, 3 Tacos or Quesadillas), you will earn 5 bonus stamps with your Fanatic card. That is half way to a free burrito.
Available for registered Fanatics only. Limit 5 bonus stamps per card per day.

Sounds to me like a double dip on Wednesday. Just take your coupon to get a Freebird, pay Hybrid pricing and get 6 stamps toward your 10 needed for another burrito! Yummy

Monday, August 16, 2010

Randalls run- Yay for clearance tags!

Went to Randalls because I needed bananas and lettuce so I decided to buy more fruit snacks since they are only .45 for 5 boxes after promo, cat deal and IPs.

I was excited to see the Chiquita singles were still $1 so FREE with the tearpad coupons I found at the Randalls that was sold out of these before my trip. (There is also a .50 loadable at Upromise- does not come off at register, but adds to Upromise savings) Well, I always check the clearance while there and I am super glad I did! They had 9 boxes of Multi Bran Chex cereal with those wonderful 50% stickers attached. All Chex cereals are part of the Buy 4 save $4 promo, so I knew this was a HOT deal.
Here is my breakdown:

*Prices listed are AFTER the $1 has been taken off for the buy 4, save $4 promo(you only have to buy at least 4 items, not in multiples of 4)
5 BC fruit snacks .99 each - .50 IP doubled - .50 IP face value = $3.45 (earns $3 oynso cat for buying 5)
1 Cheerios $1.49 - $1 peelie = .49
9 Chex cereal $1.49 each - $1.25 for 50% sticker(they ring up 2.49 first, so 1.25 gets taken off with sticker) - 2 $3/3 peelies - $1.50/3 catalina = -$5.34

2 Arm and Hammer detergent $4.99 each - $5.99 free coupon(on sale for $4.99 wyb 2 so cashier took off 5.99 ring up price, I got these free coupons from my BlogHer convention) = -$2
1 Clorox bleach $1.99
1 Safeway tuna .69 - .50 hurricane map coupon = .19
1 Bush's beans .89 - .20 MDA booklet coupon = .29

6 Chiquita singles $1 each - $1 tearpad = FREE (plus .50 and 1% savings into upromise)
Grapes $1.14
Bananas .80

Cost oop: $2.80 and earned $3 oynso
Green leaf lettuce $1.79

Freebirds - Free Upgrade, get a Freebird for the price of a Hybrid

I really really really really want a Freebirds close to my office so I can enjoy at lunch. Hopefully, some of you guys do have a Freebirds close by and can take advantage of this Facebook coupon. The offer is good through Wednesday.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walgreens Deal of the day - FREE 8x10 Aug 15th only

Walgreens photo is offering 7 days of photo deals starting today. For today only, get a free 8x10 portrait. Just go to walgreens photo and order your print for pickup in your local store. Use code "FREE_8X10_" and I suggest you "pay" with credit card online (if you do this method, you still pay nothing, but you don't have to pick up the same day to get the discount!)

Only 1 free 8x10 print per customer. Valid for 1 use per account. Photo cart must include your 8x10 print at time of checkout to qualify. Discount does not apply to taxes or shipping charges. Order must be placed by logged-in customer by 8/15/10 at 11:59 p.m. CST to qualify. Timing will be determined by Walgreens server clock. Not valid on 8x10 collage prints, scrapbook pages, or magazine covers. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Randalls run - needed milk since coming back from vacation

I needed milk and that was the perfect excuse to get out of the house and go shopping! I loaded up my Randalls card, printed up coupons and set out for Randalls. I wanted to take advantage of the advertised buy 4 save $4 promo they have advertised. What I like about this promo is that you do NOT have to buy in groups of 4, just need to have 4 or more items to get the discounted price.

Now, I am not exactly sure what happened to a few prices on my first transaction(2 items rang up cheaper?) Here is how I worked the deals:Trans #1: (my card)
Please recall my store doubles/triples ONE like coupon(loadables at face value)
1 Fiber One chewy bars $1.49 - 2 .50 cellfire - 1 .50 shortcuts - .50 IP = -1.01
5 BC fruit snacks .99 each - 2 .50 cellfire - 3 .50 shortcuts - 2 .50 IP = .95
1 Cinnamon toast crunch *.00 - 2 .55 cellfire - 1 .55 shortcuts = -$1.65
1 Cocoa Puffs $1.49 - .55 shortcuts - $1/2 IP = -.06
1 Cheerios * .49 - 2 .55 cellfire - $1 peelie = -$1.61
3 Honey Nut Chex $1.49 each - $3/3 peelie = $1.47
1 Kix cereal $1.99 - .50 in ad coupon - .75 shortcuts - .75 IP = -.01
4 NV nut clusters $1.49 each - $1 IP = $1.96
1 BC warm delight $1.99 - 2 .50 cellfire - .50 IP = -.01
2 Hidden Valley dressings $2.79 - $2/2 cellfire - .50 insert(coupon fairy left it) = $2.58
1 Pillsbury sweet moments $2.29 - .30 in ad coupon - $1 cellfire - $1 IP = -.01
2 Glade candles reduced $2.49 each - 2 $1 randalls.com - 1 $2 Randalls.com - $2/2 in pkg = -$1.02
1 Hostess donuts $2.25 - $1 randalls.com - $1 IP = .25
Cost Oop: $1.85
Earned $3 for buying 5 BC fruit snacks and $3.50 for buy 5 NV granola products(fiber one counts)
*Not sure why the Cinn toast crunch and Cheerios rang up so low? they were supposed to ring up $1.49 each????
Did a second transaction on my moms card so I could get milk. Similar to first, with the exception of me finding a few items reduced with 50% stickers making them MM's, found a MDA coupon book with Bush beans coupon making a can .19, got Bisquick with loadables, etc.
Cost oop for this transaction(it is 2:30 am so I am sorry I am not breaking this down by line item)
$8.19 (used cats from first to pay this amount down)
Earned another $3 and $3.50

Coupons you are definitely gonna want to print/load.......

Ok guys, HUGE sales going at Randalls and Kroger (will post my run later)
But if you want to take advantage of two vanishing cat deals at Kroger you need to get ON THE BALL and load and print coupons!!!!!!

Here is what you need to load:
Shortcuts - load EVERYTHING!

Cellfire - load to Kroger card
Chex Mix
Nature Valley Granola thins
Betty Crocker Warm delights
Old El Paso
PB Sweet Moments
PB Toaster Strudels
Dessert Toppers

Load to Randalls card
All the MDA marked items
BC fruit snacks
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Fiber One Chewy bars
Totino pizza
BC cake/frosting

Load Ace, Glade, Huggies

Coupons to print:
.50 NV granola thins
.50/2 BC fruit snacks
.50 Fiber One chewy bars
.55 Cocoa Puffs
$1/2 GM listed cereals
.55 Trix
.50 Gardetto's
.50 NV sweet and salty bars
.50 BC frosting and cake mix
$1 PB Sweet Moments


.50 Fiber One Chewy bars
.55 Cocoa puffs cereal
$1/2 listed GM cereals
.50 NV granola thins
.50 Chex Mix
.50/2 BC fruit snacks
B1G1 Mrs Pauls or Van De Kamp's seafood, get one Birdseye veggie free
$1 Clean and Clear product (for trial size at CVS)

.50 Chex Mix
.50 NV sweet and salty bars
.55 Cocoa Puffs cereal
.50 NV granola thins
$1 PB Sweet Moments
$1/2 GM listed cereals
$1 NV nut clusters
.75 Kix
.50 Fiber One Chewy bars
.55 Trix
$2 Huggies Little Snugglers
$1 Ace bandages
$/5 Totinos party pizza

Kroger deals
Kroger has a mega deal going on and for each group of 8 participating items, you get $4 off instantly. This is my rough list I take to the store with me to shop. Remember to buy in groups of 8 to get the prices listed:

Assuming you buy in groups of 8:
2 Bumble Tuna .50 - $1/2 homemailer = free

Chex Mix/Bugles/Gardetto’s .99 - .50 IP, insert = FREE

Pillsbury toaster strudels $1.49 - .35 insert - .50/2 cf or sc = .19 each

Sunny D .78 -.25 insert = .03 (Earn 20 free books with 20 labels)

Bumble bee tuna pouches .50 - .55 blinkie = .05 MM

Cocoa Puffs $1.48 - .55 sc - .55 IP = .38

Cheerios $1.48 - .55 cf - $1 peelie = .07 MM

*Trix $1.48 - .55 IP = .93

*Total $1.48 - $1 IP or peelie = .48

*Cookie Crisp or Golden Grahams $1.48 - $1/2 insert or IP = $1.96/2
*Purchasing these 4 cereals in groups of 4 will trigger a $4 oynso Catalina through Sunday (multiple catalinas will print)

Old el Paso Taco shells or refried beans .99 – b2g1 free peelie(should take off $1.49) - .60/2 cellfire or shortcuts = .88/3

*Nature Valley granola bars $1.99 - .75/2 sc -.50 IP or insert = $1.23/2

*Nature Valley thins $1.99 - .50 cf or sc - .50 insert = .49

*Nature Valley nut clusters $1.99 - $1 cf or sc - $1 insert or IP = .01 MM
*Purchasing 5 of these 3 products will trigger a $3.50 oynso Catalina through Sunday (only one cat will print per transaction)

Betty Crocker Warm delights $1.49 - .50 sc or cf - .50 IP = .01 MM

Betty Crocker boxed potatoes .89 - .50/2 sc - $1/2 peelie = .28/2

*Thanks HCW for some of these finds.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winner - Seventh Generation Prize package

Thank you for everyone that participated in my giveaway. I filtered through all my emails and unmoderated all the ones received during my vacation and random.org picked Comment #7:
Jill Folzman said...
Wash their hands!

August 5, 2010 8:53 AM

Congratulations Jill, you have 48 hours to contact me with your shipping information or another winner will be chosen.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Where in the world is ZM?

I am sorry if it seems I have dropped off the face of the planet this week, but I have in fact fallen off the face of the internet.

Last Thursday I left for NYC to the BlogHer convention. I was so busy I didn't get a chance to be online during that time. I thought, no worries, I am going to be leaving Sunday for 5 days with family and I could catch up then. Well, little did I know where I was going there was NO internet or Cell service for me!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmm, I think the view was well worth it, what do you think?

I should be back to shopping this weekend and blogging very very soon!

Sams Club Giveaway - ends Aug 20th

For an easy solution, head over to your local Sam’s Club from Aug. 11 through Aug. 31 and earn more cash for your school. At the Sam’s Club Back-to-School event, you can get a head start on your collection and find 6 Box Tops on participating General Mills products. With your favorite Box Tops for Education brands at a great value, Sam’s Club is your one-stop destination for all your back-to-school supplies you need to send your kids off to school with confidence!

In addition, Sam’s Club is giving you the opportunity to earn even more Box Tops when you upgrade to a “Plus Membership.” From Aug. 6 – Aug. 13, or while supplies last, visit the Member Services Desk of your local Sam’s Club and upon payment for your Plus Membership, you will receive a certificate for 150 Bonus Box Tops! For more information on how you can take advantage of the Back-to-School event at Sam’s Club, visit www.samsclub.com today!

Sorry for the delay in posting this giveaway, today is the last day to earn the 150 bonus box tops for the upgrade, but their is still time to find the box tops on items you love to buy.
To enter, just leave a comment on the item you buy most often that has box tops on it. One entry per person.
Winner will receive a gift card to Sams Club for $25. Gift card is generously being offered by Sam's Club and MyBlogSpark. MyBlogSpark also provided me with a $25 gift card and a membership to Sam's Club for hosting this giveaway.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cellfire will reset tomorrow August 10th!

If you have not done so already, you should go to Cellfire and load up all the available coupons on your card. The coupons you load today will still be good to use for 2 weeks BUT only if you load them before they disappear at midnight. A new batch will show up tomorrow, and here is hoping there are some repeats for a good Safeway run :).
While you are loading up your cards, make sure you have checked shortcuts, Randalls and P&G for new coupons as well.