Tuesday, June 14, 2011

.99 for a 12 pack of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi at CVS tomorrow - Wednesday ONLY- YMMV

Total credit goes to Gille W for this news. (but first you have to listen to my babble, unless you are like my hubs and can read key words and ignore the chatter,lol)
For my readers who have chosen NOT to or just can't due to fire walls or other constraints, I have a chat roll on my right column that some of my readers participate in. It is really kind of neat and I love it more and more everyday! As I get busy at work (I am the sole INCOME for this household!) I can't always be here to post deals or answer questions, but my readers really come to the plate with some really awesome finds AND I want to THANK them for that.  THANK YOU READERS!
I truly appreciate my dedicated readers that keep coming back for more, even though I don't post near as often as other blogs.
For those of you that are new, if you came here to see weekly matchups, or a play by play of every store in your area (or in the country lately as it seems more and more locals are posting national deals for stores we DON'T even have????- seems it would be hard to keep up with everchanging coupon policies these days, but whatever) this blog is probably not for you.  I am one of those rare and unique blogs that go against the grain and post from the heart.  I will admit, I am NOT a blogger first!  I am a couponer FIRST,  I have been couponing for going on 30 yrs (ok, some of that was helping my mom clip, but it still counts!).  I can sniff out a bargain a mile away and I usually do!  Now describing it to you sometimes is a matter I might have a little more difficulty in.  And this very comment is already begging those that are unfortunately enough to be on my speed dial to tell you getting me to shut up is futile and it is just easier to hang up on me and blame it on the phone! (yes, Court, I suspect you will pipe in, and Greeny, and shoot even Qrazy who was crazy enough to call me once, lol)

Anyway. there is word that tomorrow, the magic coupon machine (that works only HALF the time in Sugar Land) is going to be printing a coupon to make Pepsi or Diet Pepsi 12 packs only .99 tomorrow at CVS (LIMIT 1).  THAT IS HOT!  - too bad it is not DP :(

SOOOO!  You Coupon crazed folks should probably find yourself near a CVS to score on this deal sometime TOMORROW- WEDNESDAY!
Good luck.  And hey, if you are like me and absolutely detest Pepsi, get it for a loved one or even just the first fan that claims it from you! (sorry guys Guest490 on my blog has already claimed my 12 pack!-if I get the coupon)

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get the coupon:( When I read about this last night, I called, i texted, and I fb'd everyone. I scanned my card, my in-laws card, my moms card, my husband's aunts card and nothing...the friendly asst manager it's only printing for the folks who got the email. boo!!
We're a DP family, so this is not a big loss-but would have been nice. thankyou!
jamie from georgetown

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