Friday, October 30, 2009

Kroger Mega Deals Tips of the Trade

Ok, the mega deal has been in full swing and I would love to hear how everyone is doing. Please comment here what you have paid for what $ amount of groceries, I WANT to hear your brags.
I also want to offer some advice to some that might still not know how to work these deals.

The key to these sales is to only get the mega deal items in increments of 10. If you buy 15 in one transaction, you are NOT getting the mega sale price and you are wasting 5 products that could work with another 5 for the best and lowest oop (out of pocket) cost.

I have added a few items to the bottom of the google doc. I told you guys I would be adding, so if you have not checked it since day 1, you might want to take another look.
Birdseye frozen veggies for under .50
More free Rolaids
More cheap butter products
Please make sure you read the Coupon source * notes. In that section I post whether the items have catalina promotions or rebates out. Most these catalina promos end this weekend, so if you plan on getting those items, you need to do it soon.
Also, please note the Uncle Bens rice $1 coupons expire tommorrow as does some of the other coupons! Please check those dates and get those items early in the mega sale.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunny D, decent price, GREAT promotion!

I wasn't planning on purchasing any Sunny D during the promotion at Kroger, but now I might just have to throw some into my scenarios for the labels. SunnyD has a promotion going on right now called the SunnyD Book Spree. SunnyD, the Kids In Need Foundation and a national book publisher have teamed up to help teachers obtain much-needed supplies for classrooms. (This seems to be for elementary aged school children).

They have created 2 ways to participate
1. Collect 20 labels with your class, and get 20 books for your classroom!*or
2. Collect labels and help raise money for Kids In Need (10 cents per label)!
*SunnyD will select 20 age-appropriate books for the classroom. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. While supplies last. Subsequent entries will go toward a donation to the Kids In Need Foundation; each label donated will contribute 10 cents to Kids In Need, with SunnyD donating a minimum of $100,000 and up to $300,000.
Program ends November 14, 2009; entries must be postmarked no later than November 14, 2009. Thank you for making classrooms sunnier places.

Under the official rules: Entries must come from teachers, charter schools or home schoolers. All teachers will be asked to submit their name, grade, school name and school address.
Expect to receive 20 grade-appropriate, soft-cover reading books from Scholastic. While supplies last (up to 50,000 books).

You will need to hurry to get this mailed before the cut of time!Thanks Ames0508 for the heads up on this offer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who wants FREE Rotel to go with all your other free goodies!

I don't know about all other regions, but in Texas Ro*tel might as well be considered a food group. You can't make queso without Ro*tel in my house! Ro*tel has decided to treat us with a WONDERFUL coupon that will make it FREE at Kroger EVERYDAY!!!!!! Since you should be there everyday anyway working the mega deal, might as well pick up some free Ro*tel as well!

Just go to this Ro*tel website and wait for the link to pop up for a .50 printable(there is a rotation of 3 that goes rather quickly). You can print 2 per computer. Woo Hoo.
Anyone that finds a free Velvetta deal, please let me know!
Thanks goes to Erin at $5 Dinners for the heads up on this GREAT coupon.

Kroger Mega Deal October 2009 - DAY 1

Ok, I am lazy so just staged my last transaction of the day(I did 3 total today). My girls were so excited that I bought the Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Blu-Ray and Dvd combo set today and I have to say I was pretty excited about how little I paid for it. I did a total of 40 mega deal items for 4 $5 instant savings on this run. I am going to list AFTER mega deal prices so please keep in mind that the price these products ring up is .50 more each. My store allows you to use 3 like coupons and will double 3 likes up to and including .50 and will triple up to and including .39.

Here we go:
1 Tinkerbell Blu Ray + Dvd combo $26.99 - $3 Kroger savings (wyb $35 worth of groceries BEFORE coupons) - $10 printable = $13.99

2 Krusteaz pancake mix $2 each - .50 inserts 10-11 SS = $2
3 Betty Crocker potatoes .50 each - .25 insert 10-4SS = -.75
6 Carnation evap milk .50 each - .50/2 insert 9-27 SS = FREE
6 Keebler cookies .99 each - $2/2 peelies = -.06
3 BumbleBee tuna .50 each - $.55 insert 9-13 SS = -.15
6 Rolaids $.99 each - $4/2 insert 10-4 RP(these beep) = -6.06
3 Halls cough drops $.79 each - .35 insert 9-27SS = -.78
3 Diet Dr Pepper .50 each - .40 on bottle = -.90
4 Tombstone pizza $1.99 each - $1.50/2 insert 9-27 SS = $4.96
4 Ricola .50 each - bogo 10-11 SS *cashier deducted 2.19 on each = -2.38

Not mega deal items:
3 Pillsbury .99 each - .35/3 insert 10-11 SS = 1.92
1 packages Chicken tenders $2.96 - $3 winetag = -.04
-$2 Discover card coupon 9-13 SS
-3 $2 Pillsbury catalinas
Total oop: $2
Earned a $2 on the Pillsbury and $1 on the Krusteaz and will mail in for a $10 rebate on the Tombstone pizzas(rebate form for $10 wyb 4 Tombstones- Thanks Courtneyrtr)

$6 in cats + $2 oop - $3 in cats returned - $10 rebate + .44 stamp =
PROFIT OF $4.56!

Winner Announced Hasbro Game giveaway

Sorry I didn't pick a winner this morning, got a little caught up with the Kroger mega sale.

Winner of the Giraffalaff Limbo and Scatterpillar Scramble is:

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:8
Timestamp: 2009-10-28 20:25:23 UTC

Becky P said...
The only game we currently have is Hungry Hippo. Could really use another one :). We try and have scavanger hunts around the house along with lots of role play.
October 20, 2009 12:29 PM

Becky, you have 48 hours to contact me to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected.

For everyone else, don't forget, there is a $4 printable coupon here that you can print now through Saturday(coupon does not expire until December, so plenty of time to find a great sale!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kroger Mega Event - Google Doc *Work in Progress

I am getting extremely excited that in just 13 hours our mega deal at Kroger will be here! I have started compiling the deals in a google doc for my own sanity and decided to share with my readers. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and I will be adding to it throughout the day today as well as adding the unadvertised items as the sale starts and I research the finds! Feel free to ask any questions, but I ask that you do not copy my google document to your own forums or blogs.
Feel free to link to this post of my blog, but I personally own this document and do not appreciate plagiarism.

Boston Market for lunch anyone?

Yesterday KFC declared it Unfried day and was offering 1 piece of grilled chicken to anyone that came into their store. I did not participate because I was just picturing the crazy scene like last time. Well, Boston Market is declaring EVERYDAY unfried day. In honor of the occassion, Boston Market is offering a delicious deal for their VIP club members - a $1 REAL Chicken meal deal.

With coupon, you can get your choice of a quarter white or 3 piece dark chicken, mashed potatoes and cornbread. This offer is only available for one week Oct 26-Nov 1.

Coupon fine print: Good only at participating locations. Coupon is valid for 1 Real chicken meal per person per visit. Please present coupon when ordering. Not valid with any other coupons or offers. Not redeemable for cash or gift cards. Not applicable for catering orders, grocery items or kids meals.

I am not sure that you will get this coupon if you just sign up now for the VIP status, but the email I received gives me the opportunity to forward to a friend, so those interested, I will be more than happy to forward! I know I am eating Boston Market for lunch today, yummy! I do LOVE my chicken! (Printing the attached picture here will not work as it does not have to code on the coupon)

Thanks to Pooh5497 for forwarding this GREAT coupon to me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Childrens Place - 15% off coupon

As I have stated in previous posts, I LOVE The Childrens Place clothing. What I love even more, is they just about ALWAYS have a coupon and you can use it online(code: K6999) or instore. Not only that, but their outlet stores accept the coupons too. AND they accept the coupon on already clearanced items as well. I buy most my kiddos school clothes there because I know they will last and the prices are always GREAT on the clearance racks.

Now that it is getting chilly, I need some long sleeve shirts from my girls. Their school is on modified uniform, so I can get solid shirts for them.

Right now, The Childrens Place has these adorable Yoga Tops and Ruffle tops for just $3.99. Well, after the 15% coupon, they are just $3.39! The coupon is good for awhile too, so I might just have to check out their clearance racks after Halloween.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kroger good deals- They are a comin!

Want to start off by apologizing to my favorite male couponer, sorry Mike, but starting 10-28 you will need to take a break from my blog. I will be discussing "my precious" Kroger!!!!!!

MEGA DEAL coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buy 10 participating items in one transaction and get $5 off instantly!
Read the sneak peek here

Start preparing NOW!
Head to and print
$1.50/2 Keebler

Head to Smartsource and print
$1 Bumble bee pouch tuna
$1 Dole fruit bowls
.50 Chex Mix

Head to BettyCrocker and print
.40 Betty Crocker potatoes

This is a good time to start checking out the coupon clipping sites for coupons you may want to get! For instance, there are .25 Betty Crocker Potato coupons that Houston did not get. These coupons would make the potatoes a .25 money maker!
Carnation milk is free with .50/2 insert coupon (just in time for holiday baking)

Check out Dede and TheCouponClippers before the hot coupons are gone.
I am working the matchups right now and posting them here!
If I see any others, I will be sure to give you guys the headsup!

Target and Glade - Money maker

I have been reading about a great deal at Target, but could not find the right candles until tonight. Target has a gift card deal going on through December for Glade holiday candles. When you purchase 5 participating candles in 1 transaction, you receive a $5 gift card. I can confirm you can do at least two of these in one transaction. Here is my breakdown of my shopping trip:

12 Fancy Feast appetizers $1.27 - bogo 9-13 RP(these beep) - bogo Target IP = FREE
5 Airwick I-motion $5.99 - $6 insert 9-13 SS(these coupons beep cashier overrode) = -.05
1 Bounty Basic .99 - .25 insert 9-27 P&G - $1 Target home mailer(adjusted down to .99) = -.25
4 Glade tin candle holders $2.50 each - $1.50 coupon found inside tins = $1 each
1 Glade glass candle holder $2.50 - $1.50 coupon from prior tin purchase = $1
5 Glade refills $2.50 each - free wyb any Glade candle holder blinkie(found at Kroger- these beeped but cashier overrode) = FREE
Total oop: $4.70 but got back $10 in Gift cards for the Glade purchases!

Beef printable, after Cargill contest

Not sure how long this sweepstakes is going to do this, but right now if you play the Cargill Sweepstakes, you can win a link to a printable coupon for .50 off ground beef. You can play the contest 5 times per day!
This coupon starts with a 5, so should double at your stores that double up to .50.

Just go here and play the sweeps. Use the code "A23568" to play and then you should be provided a link to a printable coupon. You can select the store you shop or select other when prompted for retailer.
Be warned, if you select a store, their logo will appear on the coupon.

Thanks Freebies4Mom for the sweepstakes info.

Disney Movie Rewards Codes

I have been getting emails from the Disney Movie Rewards club for various videos to view and symbols to find etc. Once you find the codes, you enter them to your account for bonus free points.

I have acquired 150 free points just this week alone so wanted to share them with my readers to save you some time.

If you have a Disney Movie Rewards account, log in and enter the following codes for up to 150 bonus points:

Heart - 50 points

Gobloon - 30 points

Graveyards - 40 points

Light - 10 points

Tina - 20 points


Also, you may want to log in and check the message center regularly between 10/20 and 12/31.
Disney is going to have 2 bonus points days, where your movie points will be worth double value. They will announce these only in the message center and will announce 1 week prior to the day.
I know I have several codes I have yet to enter(Snow White for example :)

HOT $5 Printable for Zantac

I thought this coupon campaign was over and gone, but thanks to Greenie for alerting me it was still accessible to print. Go here and fill out the info and you will be able to print this coupon. They will provide you a link that you click to print your first coupon. Then go back to the link and click again for a second print per computer!

This is a $5 moneymaker with the Register Reward promo going on at Walgreens right now.

Anon Comments on Giveaway - Going to be deleted soon!

Attention readers. I don't mind Anonymous comments BUT if you are entering my contest and you leave an Anon comment with no name at the end, I cannot allow this. How will I know how to contact you as the winner. I don't even mind if you just post as Anon and then in the comment add your first name.
I received these 3 comments for my Hasbro game giveaway and I have NO idea who you are.

Anonymous said...
My children love board games. Their favorite right now is Operation. These sound like so much fun.

Anonymous said...
My kids would love these games. Wonderful giveaway. Oct 28th happens to be my 3 year ild B'Day. We have the Ants in Pants by Hasbro and have a lot of fun with that game. After I bring my kiddos from day care, we normally hit the community park for a few minutes before we head home. After we head home, I put my 3 year old to help me with setting up the dinner table while my husband watch the 6 month old. After dinner is the long bath followed by music, puzzles and book time.

Anonymous said...
Our favorite evening activity after dinner is to play this board game called Dont Wake Up Daddy. Its very very fun and kids and I have way too much fun playing this game. Its my sons favorite game followed by chutes & ladders. These giveaway games sounds really interesting.

Anonymous said...
Wow, What a wonderful giveaway. My kiddos would love it.Thanks for this giveaway and for the many other wonderful bargains that you have on your blog :)

I am leaving these comments up for 24 hours so the people that left them can correct by leaving a new comment with their name. After that, these comments will be deleted and will not count toward the contest.

Thanks everyone and keep entering! I am locking THIS thread, as you need to leave comments ONLY on my giveaway thread. Thanks again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Walgreens fun with rolling RR

I have to admit I am a bit behind in reading ALL the deals going on this week. So, I will have to THANK my friend Maya for a sadly obvious deal I seemed to overlook this week. I was wondering what to do with those $8 RR from Theraflu, and most my stores are out of Gillette razors. I was happy to be told the Zantac is $8.99 this week and gives back a $9 RR. I threw in a clearance highlighter for .14 on each transaction and $1 off Zantac coupons from this weekends inserts, so paid only .13 after $8 Theraflu RR and got back the $9 RR each time.

When I got home, I dropped off the kiddos and ran back out to run a couple more deals sans kids and did these 2 transactions:

Trans #1:
3 Triaminic $4.99 each - $6 ($2 Healthy Savings booklet) - $3/2 insert - $1.50 insert = $4.47
1 Gillette razor $8.99 - $4 P&G insert = $4.99
1 Halls Refresh drops $1 - .50 tearpad(this coupon beeps-too many numbers in the barcode)= .50
2 Trident Layers* gums $2/2 - bogo(.71 taken off since first rings $1.29 and second rings .71) = $1.29
1 Halloween window cling .15
-$9 Zantac RR - $2 Pert RR
Paid .40 oop and got back
$8 for Triaminic, $1 for Trident, $6 for Gillette and $1 for Halls

Trans #2:
2 Pert Plus $2.50 each - $1.50 insert = $2
1 Halls Refresh drops $1
1 Tuf towels .79 - .29 in ad coupon = .59
1 Zantac $8.99 - $1 insert = $7.99
-$8 RR from Theraflu - $3.50 from Emergen- C
Paid .08 oop and got back
$2 for Pert, $1 for Halls and $9 for Zantac

So overall this is how I did:
$8.13 + $8.13 + $8.13 - $9- $9- $9 + $11.40 - $16 + $11.58 - $ 12 =
Profit of $7.63

*Thanks goes to Nann1(I hope I got your name right) for telling me about the Trident- and it was nice meeting you tonight!)

Target run tonight

I had a couple more dog food coupons to burn so I headed to Target to get those for my mom's furry pet. While there, I snagged some more free cat food and a great find on Air Wick I-motions.
Here is my breakdown:
3 Chef Michaels bag food $4.26 - $3 10-11 SS insert - $1 Target 8-30 SS = .26 each
10 Chef Michales canned food $.89 - bogo 10-11 SS insert - bogo Target 8-30 SS = FREE
12 Fancy Feast appetizers for cats $1.27 - bogo 9-13 RP(these beep) - bogo Target IP = FREE
6 Airwick I-motion $5.99 - $6 insert 9-13 SS(these coupons beep and they need to adjust down) = FREE
-.15 for bag credit since I brought my own reusable bags and they used 3
TAX: .05
Paid oop: $0.68

Thanks goes to Lisa at Southwestcouponclipper for the info on the Airwick pricing!

Funny Giveaway - Elefun Family of Games!

MyBlogSpark and Hasbro were very generous to offer me two games free to try out on my kiddos. The first one, Scatterpillar Scramble was named the 2009 Preschool Game of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. My kids and I had loads of fun playing this game. Each player has to balance 7 marbles onto the hands of the Caterpillar. Sounds easy right? Well, how about having that caterpillar moving and squirming while you are trying to do that? Reminds me of trying to get my 3 year old into her clothes when she does not want to get dressed. The marbles were going EVERYWHERE and we were very giggly, which certainly didn't make the task any easier, lol. This is definitely a fun game, but if you have kiddos that like to eat everything in sight, I would caution you. The marbles are very colorful and definitely a potential choke hazard for the under 2 crowd.
I really like this game and think it is great to help preschoolers with their fine motorskills. (You have to use tweezers to place the marbles onto the hands. )
The second game Giraffalaff Limbo was CRAZY! I thought I was good at Limbo until I played this game, lol. My kiddos certainly had the lack of height advantage with this game. This game comes with a spinner with 6 limbo styles: classic limbo, crab walk, crawl, giraffe walk, bend forward or backward. There are 4 height levels and you keep lowering the bar until you have a winner, or you reach the bottom and everyone has had a turn. But I warn you, if you hit the bar or it falls, the Giraffe will laugh at you! The Giraffe got me several times, which broke my kids out in laughter too, lol. The bar also plays some limbo music that will definitely get you dancing while waiting your turn. My kids pull this game out everyday after school and play while I cook dinner. I personally think they are on a mission to make the giraffe laugh, lol. The only thing I really do not like about this game, is that once assembled, the feet do not fit back into the box with the rest of the pieces, so you will need some other way to store this game.
Both games do require batteries(not included) but they are loads of fun. Hasbro and MyBlogSpark are now giving me the opportunity to give a set of these games away to one lucky reader!
Also, right now there is a $4 off coupon for any Elefun and Friends game here. This coupon will only be available until Oct 31 or it reaches it's print limit(coupon does not expire until December though), so print it while you can.
To enter:
Leave me a comment here on what activities you like to do with your kids to make playtime fun.
Bonus entry: One bonus entry for tweeting this giveaway. You can earn one bonus entry PER day if you tweet this:
Win free Elefun and Friends games for your preschoolers
Contest will end October 27th at midnight!
Disclosure: Hasbro and MyBlogSpark gave me a Scatterpillar Scramble and Giraffalaff game to review and is allowing me to give away another set of the games to a reader. I was not compensated in any other way for this post or giveaway. The opinions reflected in my review are entirely my own, honest thoughts on these games, and were not edited by Hasbro or MyBlogSpark.

Yummy Giveaway from Edible Arrangements- first 100,000

Those that know me well, know I am not a fan of getting flowers. I think they are expensive, they die so soon and it is just sad that only a handfull of people get to see their beauty(as opposed to being outdoors planted in a public area). For this reason, my husband has suffered much frustration. The first time he purchased flowers for me when we were dating, he saw sadness, not the smile he was looking for, lol.

Well, I have not tried these yet, so cannot speak for how good they are yet, but.......................Edible Arrangements sounds like the perfect solution. And right now, if you sign up to be a fan of theirs on facebook(first 100,000), you can get a free sampler box of fresh dipped fruit! This is a 6 piece set that will include one or more types of the following fruit: apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, pears and strawberries. Fruit options are at the store's discretion. Promotion ends 11-16-09 or while supplies last. Coupon valid until 11-21. Delivery costs not included.*
As of this posting, it looks like they only have 36,700 fans so PLENTY of time to get in on this deal.
To find out if you have a store near you, go here.
Thanks to Freebies4mom for the heads up!
*This deal just got sweeter! I just got my coupon in my email and you can actually take it to any location and pick up for FREE! So, if you have it delivered, you pay delivery. If you pick it up, you pay ZERO!!!!! I hope the husband doesn't read the blog because I am using this coupon for his upcoming birthday in November, lol.

Cellfire has reloaded 10-20-09

Head on over to cellfire to load these NEW coupons!

$0.40 17.5 OZ. + Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

$0.40 any flavor Box or Pouch Betty Crocker Potatoes (Except Potato Buds)

$0.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls OR Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis Bowls

$0.50 when you buy ONE TUB any flavor/variety Betty Crocker Frosting

$0.60 40 OZ. + Original Bisquick OR Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix

$0.50 4.5 OZ. + Chex Mix OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack

$1.00/2 Chex cereals

$0.50 Fiber One Box Muffin Mix

$0.50/2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables

$0.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals

$0.55 any Kix cereal - Kix, Berry Berry Kix OR Honey Kix

$1.00 ONE BAG any flavor Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters

$1.00/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough

$0.75/2 Frozen Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, OR Mini Cinnamon Rolls

$0.40/2 Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads (Includes any Loaves, Breadsticks, Dinner Rolls, and Pizza Crust)

$0.50/2 Pillsbury Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts

$0.30/2 Refrigerated Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits

$0.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls OR Grands! Sweet Rolls

$0.75/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Holiday Cookies

$0.50 Progresso Broth

$0.50/2 Progresso Soups

$1.00 Romano's Macaroni Grill Restaurant Favorites Dinner Kit

$0.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups OR any flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothies

$1.00 Yoplait Delights Yogurt Multipack

$0.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls

$.25 4-pack + COTTONELLE Toilet Paper

$3.00 on any package of Huggies Diapers

$1.00 on any KOTEX Product

Monday, October 19, 2009

Walgreens for Theraflu and rolling RR

I needed to roll some of my Register Rewards from the Unilever deal last week, so I went to my favorite Walgreens at lunch. My first transaction was not too great because one of the Theraflu's rang up cheaper and it threw me off. I had to quickly throw in some fillers that I had handy so I could use my $8 RR. Overall, I did really well though and didn't even put a dent in the inventory(I saw LOTS of Theraflu on the risers still shrink wrapped)
I did 3 transactions.

Trans #1:
1 Theraflu $3.29 (this is the one that threw me off)
2 Theraflu $4.99 - $6 Wags Healthy Savings booklet - $3/2 insert - $1.50 insert = $2.77
2 Pert Plus for men $2.50 each - $1.50 insert = $1 each
2 Sure deodorant for men $2.99 each - 1.49 Wag in ad coupon - $1.50 insert = FREE
1 bag of straws .99
1 bag of plastic forks .99
2 Cards with envelopes clearanced at .90 each
2 mini Highlighters clearanced at .14 each

Paid with $8 Unilever RR and .83 oop
Got back $8 for Theraflu and $2 for Pert

Trans #2:
1 Theraflu $3.29 (went to get the other one since I knew it worked :)
2 Theraflu $4.99 - $6 Wags Healthy Savings booklet - $3/2 insert - $2 IP = $2.27
2 Pert Plus for men $2.50 each - $1.50 insert = $1 each
2 Sure deodorant for men $2.99 each - 1.49 Wag in ad coupon - $1.50 insert = FREE
1 Emergen C $3.49
1 Pink Panther note book clearanced at .50

Paid with $8 Unilever RR and .26 oop
Got back $8 for Theraflu, $3.50 for Emergen and $2 for Pert

Trans #3:
3 Theraflu $4.99 - $6 Wags Healthy Savings booklet - $3/2 insert - $1.50 insert = $4.47
2 Pert Plus for men $2.50 each - $1.50 insert = $1 each
2 Sure deodorant for men $2.99 each - 1.49 Wag in ad coupon - $1.50 insert = FREE
1 Walgreens Orange Juice $1.99
Paid with $8 Unilever RR and ..46 oop
Got back $8 for Theraflu and $2 for Pert

So overall:
Paid: $8.83 + $8.26 + $8.46
Got back: $10 + 13.50 + 10

so $7.95 profit and I can even send in for Sure Try me free rebate on the deodorant if I want another $2.99.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cellfire, last day to load up! They will reset on Tuesday!

If you have not done so yet, load up your Safeway(Randalls) card with all your remaining cellfire coupons! Today, Monday is the last day for this round and you will have a new set to load up tommorrow. Get them loaded now, and then tommorrow, you can check for duplicates to load up. If you also visit Shortcuts, you might just have enough to net some great freebies!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Moon MP3 Download JUST $4.99

I am not sure how long this price is going to be active, but right now, you can download the Soundtrack to New Moon from Amazon for just $4.99.
This should get you ready for the movie release coming in November.

Play Games, Heal kids

Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon to benefit Texas Children's Cancer center. It will occur this Saturday October 17th and my coupon buddy Jane4Girls has a daughter, Jordan, that is participating. From now until October 18th at 8 am, Jane4girls is generously matching donations 25c per dollar on all donations made through Jordan's page. 100% of the donations will go to Texas Childrens Hospital to help their fight against Cancer. Please consider making a small donation to help Jordan reach her goal and to help all those families affected by cancer.

Pay pal is also accepted so it can't get any easier!

Hot Progresso Soup coupon, and other printables

If you go to Yahoo News, you should see a Progresso ad on the right of the screen. Click that ad and you will have the chance to print a $1 coupon for Progresso High Fiber soup. That is a WONDERFUL coupon. Hit your backspace and refresh and you should be able to print 2. Then, load your Shortcuts and Cellfire coupons and head to Randalls for some cheap, possibly FREE soup!
Thanks to freebies4mom for the headsup on the $1 Progresso coupon.

While you are printing coupons, you might want to head to for these good coupons:
.50/2 Green Giant boxed veggies (these are 3/$5 at Randalls and we have loadables)
.50 Chex Mix (these are $2 at Randalls and we have loadables)
.60 Bisquick(if you have been up to date on your loadables, should make for cheap Bisquick)
$2 Neutrogena T-Gel(great high value coupon)
.40 Yoplait for kids(great to combine with .80/2 loadables)
$1 Yo Plus(this is 2.50 at Randalls and we have loadables)
.50 Progresso broth(this is $2.99 at Randalls and we have loadables)

Then, stop into for this HOT coupon!
$3 off Target coupon when you buy both Degree Fine Fragrance deodorant and body mist.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great Dr Pepper deal at Kroger!

I was walking down the aisles of Kroger looking for hidden sales and stumbled upon one that I am super excited about. I noticed Kroger currently has the Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper 2 liter bottles on sale for .80 when you buy 5 in one transaction. Well, I also noticed all the 2 liter bottles had this big writing saying Save .40 on your next purchase of 1 2 liter. The coupon is actually printed on the backside of the label. I purchased 5 today and will remove the coupons and go back and buy 5 at a time, using the 5 coupons. Since my Kroger store will double 3 like coupons, 3 of my bottles will be free, and the other two will cost me .40 each.
So, after the initial investment, I can get 5 bottles of Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper for .80 total or .16 a bottle!!!!! Yippee!!!

Giveaway #5 winner announced

Sorry it took a couple days for me to pick a winner here, but I just got internet back at work late yesterday and I was playing catch up. picked:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:10
Timestamp: 2009-10-15 16:19:10 UTC

amy said...
yay! another great giveaway! i don't have a discover card, but i'd love to win the other 2 coupons.amyscruffycat1970(at)

Amy, you have 24 hours to contact me. Remember I will NOT contact you, you will have to contact me to claim your prize.

And to Michele, original winner #3, you are right, it was unfair that others got more than 24 hours due to my internet drama. Send me your info and I will get together a prize envie for you as well.

Tiger and Susan, you envies were mailed and Elle, I will try to get yours out today, but will have to sub the Starbucks with something else, since that expires today(unless you can use expireds in TN?)

Everyone else stay tuned for another giveaway I will be posting in a couple days. This was is GREAT, especially for the pre-school crowd.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kroger, quick run in

Made a quick stop into Kroger to see what the ad change brought. Not much I saw right off, but I did notice the Kroger Comfort 40 count wipes are now on sale for $1. I still had a $1 peelie so got those for free.
I also decided to do the Pillsbury Catalina deal so got
2 Crescent rolls $1.39 each - .50/2 shortcuts - .30/2 IP = 1.28
2 Grands rolls $1.29 each - $1/2 cellfire - .50/2 IP = .58 (Earned $2.50 oynso catalina for buying 4 Pillsbury)
3 Dial complete liquid soap $1.50 each - .35 insert 10-4SS = .45 each but earned $2.50 on a cough/cold product catalina(good until January!)
I also bought a package of chicken that rang up wrong, so I stopped at the service desk. While there I noticed the calendar that has some really good coupons in it
They are as follows:
.50 Ziploc bags exp 6-30-10
.50 Vanity Fair napkins 40 or 100 ct ex 12-31-09
.50 Morton Coarse Kosher salt 3lb exp 12-31-10
$1/2 King Oscar Sardine cans exp 4-30-10
.35 Manischewitz product exp 12-31-09
.50 Breyers product 48oz exp 12-31-10
$1 Snapple 6 pack 16 oz bottles exp 3-31-10
$1 Reynolds Wrap foil excludes 20, 25 and 30 ft exp 4-30-10

Walgreens clearance finds

Stopped into a Walgreens to check the clearance rank and found the following
3 Walgreens Childrens activity books .24 each(these have some GREAT Walgreens coupons that expire March 2010- including the coupon making character band-aids free this week)
1 Camp Rock dvd $5.74 clearance
2 Disney Read Along collections with 3 Cds and story books $2.49!
Paid with Register rewards.

Shortcuts coupons added so I headed to Randalls!

I finally got internet back at work, YAY!!!! Well, my first stop was shortcuts to check for new coupons. Good news! I found NEW loadables, so I got busy loading up mine and my mom's account and then printed our lists and went to Cellfire and printed those lists. Then I compared the list to make my new list for shopping(kind of like I did in this post).
After I compared what I had on Cellfire and shortcuts that matched, I went to Smartsource(only site I can actually print coupons from at work, lol) and printed matching coupons. You can probably find similar ones on I can't print those at work) Then I headed to Randalls to check prices.

I did two transactions since I have mine and my mom's card at my disposal. (Remember I shop for 4 households total but 1 sister does not have a card and I only carry mine and my moms card) We have different loadables since I just started using my moms card last cycle.
My Randalls triples up to .39 and doubles up to .50 one like coupon per transaction

First transaction is mine:
1 BC Warm delight $1.79 - .50 Cellfire - .50 Shortcuts - .50 IP = -.21
1 Bisquick $2.89 - 2 .60 Cellfire - .60 Shortcuts-.60 IP = .49
2 Velvetta shells and cheese $2.39 each* - $1 Cancer booklet found at Randalls(blogged about this here) = $1.39 each but earns $1 oynso wyb 2
1 Kraft BBQ sauce $1.49 - $1.49 free peelie wyb 2 Velvetta shells and cheese = FREE
1 Safeway green beans .79 - .79 free Hurricane map coupon found in Houston = FREE
1 Safeway tuna .99 - .55 Hurricane map coupon found in Houston = .44
1 Progresso beef broth $2.99 - 2 .50 Cellfire - 2 .50 Shortcuts - .50 IP = -.01
2 Progresso soup $1.67 each - 2 .50/2 Cellfire -2 .50/2Shortcuts-.50/2 insert 10-4 SS= .34
3 Friskies cat treats $1.99 each - 3 free insert coupon 9-27 SS = FREE
1 Yo Plus yogurt $2.50 - $1 Cellfire - $1 Shortcuts- $1 insert 10-4 SS= -.50
6 Yoplait Whips .55 each * - .50/6 Cellfire - 2 .50/6 Shortcuts- .50/6 IP = .80
1 Dial soap .99 - .35 insert 10-4 SS = FREE
4 Nivea lip care $1 - $1 insert 8-30 RP = FREE
-$2 Discover card insert coupon 9-13 SS(Houston did not get these, I traded for them)
-$1 oynso catalina from prior Velvetta purchase
Tax = -.19
Paid oop: $0.94 and earned back $1 oynso catalina from Velvetta
*The Velvetta is in the ad for $2 but rang up $2.39 so I went to the service desk and the lady gave me back .39 twice and then $2.39 for price right guarantee. I told her she paid me .39 too much but she insisted I take it because she didn't want to rering it, lol
Also, the yoplait cups I purchased stated introductory price of .50 each but rang up .55(only the Whips Vanilla had the .50 introductory price!) The service desk gave me back .55 for the first one and .25 for the other 5 ringing up wrong
So I got back a total of $ 3.97 back from service desk(should have been 3.58)
Spent $2(disc coupon) + $1 oynso cat + .94 - $1 oynso cat - $3.97 cash refund = -$1.03 cost!

Trans #2(my mom's card):

1 BC Warm delight $1.79 - .50 Cellfire - .50 Shortcuts - .50 IP = -.21
1 Safeway green beans .79 - .79 free Hurricane map coupon found in Houston = FREE
1 Safeway tuna .99 - .55 Hurricane map coupon found in Houston = .44
1 Progresso beef broth $2.99 - 2 .50 Cellfire - 2 .50 Shortcuts - .50 IP = -.01
2 Friskies cat treats $1.99 each - 2 free insert coupon 9-27 SS = FREE
1 Freshpet dog food $2.49 - free insert coupon 9-13 SS= FREE
1 Yo Plus yogurt $2.50 - $1 Cellfire - $1 Shortcuts - $1 insert 10-4 SS= -.50
6 Yoplait Whips .55 each * - .50/6 Cellfire - 2 .50/6 Shortcuts - .50/6 IP = .80
1 Dial soap .99 - .35 insert 10-4SS= FREE
2 Nivea lip care $1 - $1 insert 8-30 RP = FREE
1 Chex Mix chocolate $2 - .50 Cellfire - 4 .50 Shortcuts -.50 IP = -$1.50
1 BC potatoes $1.69 - .40 Cellfire - 3 .40 Shortcuts = .09
2 Kashi Go Lean Crunch $3 each - $3 VocalPoint homemailer = FREE
2 Pillsbury Grands biscuits $1.49 each - $1/2 Cellfire - .30/2 Shortcuts - .30/2 IP = .78
1 Pillsbury Grands jr $1.19*
Tax = .00
Paid oop: $1.02 and earned back $1 oynso catalina from Pillsbury
*The Yoplait cups should have rung up .50 but after getting extra from my order at the service desk, I let this one go.
I purchased the extra Grands Jr know that if I got 3 Pillsbury I would get the $2 oynso which would negate the cost of $1.97 to me
So total this transaction:
$1.02 oop but earned $2 oynso = -.98

Total for Randalls run: -$1.03 - .98 = -$2.01

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forgive me- Limited Internet!

Well, I am going on 3 days at work with NO internet! IT is working on the problem, but I don't see a quick fix, so I apologize, but that is why there is not much being posted on my blog lately. By the time I get home and cook dinner, bath my kids and put them to bed and then catch up on emails and deals, I am exhausted. Right now I am just too exhausted to give you my best and I am sad I have NO internet for at least 12 hours of my day :(

Here is a small deal, (sorry, too tired to take a picture). I went to Kroger tonight and noticed the Ziploc sandwich bags are $2.19(not a sale price). When you buy 3, you get a $2 oynso catalina. We have .40 coupons from an insert(not sure which one right now, check out the HCW database for date) Doubled, this make them $1.39 each. You will earn the $2 oynso catalina and you can mail in for the SC Johnson rebate I blogged about here! I really needed sandwich bags so I thought this was a good deal. The boxes are 50 count and the evolve are the same price, if you prefer those.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Giveaway #5, Winner for #4 announced, new winner for #3

Well winner for giveaway #3 didn't come forward to claim her prize so new winner:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:24
Timestamp: 2009-10-11 21:10:24 UTC

New winner is Elle-TN
Elle-Tn said...
October 9, 2009 7:38 AM Remeber, I will NOT email winners, you have 24 hours to contact me

Winner for giveaway #4:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:18
Timestamp: 2009-10-11 21:13:49 UTC

Winner is Susan from YC
SUSAN said...
i have a safeway and our safeways recently joined cellfire and shortcuts. hooray for me and i am doing great with them.susansrtasa at yourcoupons
You have 24 hours to contact me

Giveaway #5:
1 $2 Coupon for Discover card cardholders(if you don't have a discover card and you win, tell me and I will sub for something else)
1 $1 off produce
1 $3 off fresh chicken

Limit one entry per person, just leave a comment on this post and good luck. This will be up for at least 24 hours.

Walgreens and Skippy Peanut Butter

I had some Theraflu $8 Register Rewards expiring today so I decided to run to Walgreens and get in on the Unilever register reward. Right now, in the ad, if you purchase 8 Unilever products, you get an $8 RR. Great way to roll those Theraflu rewards. I did 3 transactions and here is my breakdown:
Trans #1:
8 Skippy peanut butter 3/$5 - 8 .75 insert coupons 10-4 RP(Houston did not get these coupons, I traded on HCW for mine) = $7.34
3 Character Band Aids $3.79 each - $1.80 in ad coupon - $2 Coloring book coupon = -.03
4 Walgreens coloring books clearanced .24 each = 0.96
-$8 RR from Theraflu =
Total oop $.27 and earned another $8 RR

Trans #2:
8 Skippy peanut butter 3/$5 - 8 .75 insert coupons 10-4 RP = $7.34
3 Character Band Aids $3.79 each - $1.80 in ad coupon - $2 Coloring book coupon = -.03
2 Nabisco 100 calorie packs clearanced .87 each - $1/2 Randalls Breast cancer booklet = 0.74
-$8 RR from Theraflu =
Total oop $.05 and earned another $8 RR

Trans #3:
6 Skippy peanut butter 3/$5 - 6 .75 insert coupons 10-4 RP = $5.50
2 Ragu $1.67 each - .75/2 insert coupon 10-4 RP = 2.59
3 Character Band Aids $3.79 each - $1.80 in ad coupon - $2 Coloring book coupon = -.03
-$8 RR from Theraflu =
Total oop $.06 and earned another $8 RR

So total for everything pictured : $0.38 and now my $8 RR have been successfully rolled!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Theraflu Money maker at Walgreens - Plan AHEAD

Remember when I blogged about getting paid to buy Theraflu here.
Well, if you didn't get in on that deal, there is good news! HCW has the ad preview up for Walgreens for the week of Oct 18-24th. That week, Theraflu is going to be on sale again for just $4.99. Since the Theraflu is a monthly deal, you will have to opportunity to take advantage of this money maker as well.
Even better! Right now, Theraflu has a $2 coupon on their website (look on the left side for the link for $2 coupon) for printing. Print it NOW before it reaches the print limit or disappears and this will be a HUGE money maker. If you also have the Healthy Savings booklet, this is how it will look:
3 Theraflu @ $4.99 each - $2 printable - $2 Healthy Savings booklet = .99 each or $2.97 and earn $8 RR! A profit of $5 AND if you don't use Theraflu, DONATE IT!
(limit 2 prints per computer, so if you only have access to one computer, it would be still be a profit of $3)

Another great sale on Asics

I have already told you guys I am brand loyal to My Asics in this post. Well, you can imagine my excitement when I noticed is having a 65% off sale on several styles of Asics!!!! Even better is they only charge $6.95 for shipping regardless of how much I order!
They have so many other deals going on right now too, that I need to look around before I place my order. I noticed many Gabriella Rocha shoes for just $7.95 so I might have to order myself a pair of wedges too.

Giveaway #4, Winner for #3 announced

Sorry I didn't pick a winner yesterday.
My internet was not working at my office yesterday and then I took the family on an outting so NO computer time. According to the winner for #3 is :
Here are your random numbers:3
Timestamp: 2009-10-10 13:11:51 UTC
So I guess that would be Michele
Her comment: Michele said...
Love your blogs - helps me compare notes with my scenarios!

Michele, you have 24 hours to contact me or else I will pick a new winner.

Giveaway #4 is going to be the same coupons from giveaway #2(MyBlogSpark and General Mills was generous enough to give me two sets :)
The 3 free coupons are:
Free 1 can any size/variety refrigerated Pillsbury Grands! biscuits(up to 2.52)
Free 1 can Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls(up to 3.50)
Free 1 package Pillsbury refrigerated Pizza crust(up to 3.36)

If you have a Randalls or Kroger, you can combine this with your loadables and/or the catalina promo and turn this into a small money maker!
Same rules, limit one entry per person and this will go for at least 24 hours.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Randalls another day of loadables fun

Please keep in mind my Randalls will double up to .50 and triple up to .39 one LIKE coupon per transaction. It also appears Randalls are still stacking the loadables!

Ok, sorry, but this first picture is from Monday, but I just now got a chance to post it. I wanted to take advantage of my loadables combined with the Pillsbury catalina promotion. Here is how I did:
2 Pillsbury Pizza Crust $2.49 each - $1 shortcuts -.40 shortcuts - $1 cellfire - 2 .35 insert 9-13 GM(1 tripled) = $1.18
2 Pillsbury Crescent rolls $1.49 each - $1 shortcuts - $1 cellfire - .50 cellfire - .50 insert 10-4SS = -.52
3 Apples $1.06
1 Snickers .99
- $2 Discover card insert coupon 9-13SS(Houston did not get these, I traded for them on HCW)
Tax -.06
Cost oop: $.65 and yes I paid on my Discover card
(I originally negative because I had one more loadable then I thought so I threw the Snickers bar in last minute)

Todays run to use the coupons I loaded on cellfire on Tuesday and the ones I had on shortcuts already.
1 Chex Mix Turtles $3.29* -2 .50 shortcuts - 2 .50 Cellfire = 1.29 (*these were marked $2 so I need to go back for Price right guarantee. cashier also did not scan my .50 IP)
1 Nature Valley Nut Clusters $2.50 - $1 Cellfire - .40 Cellfire - $1.60 IP = -.50
1 Betty Crocker frosting $1.50 - .50 peelie (IP available too) = .50
1 Betty Crocker cake mix .99 - .50 shortcuts - 2 .50 Cellfire = -.51 (these required you to buy frosting too)
1 Betty Crocker cookie mix $1.50 - 2 .40 shortcuts - 2 .40 Cellfire - .40 IP = -.90
2 Velvetta Shells and cheese dinners $2 each - $1 booklet coupon(pictured here) = $1 each
1 Kraft BBQ sauce $1.49 - free peelie wyb 2 Velvetta shells and cheese = FREE
1 Safeway green beans .79 - free hurricane map coupon found in Houston= FREE
1 Safeway tuna .79 - .55 hurricane map coupon found in Houston = .24
2 Pillsbury Grands $1.49 each - $1/2 Cellfire - $1/2 IP(no longer available) = .98
2 Pillsbury crescents rolls $1.49 each - $1/2 Cellfire -2 $1 IP
1 Dial soap $1 - .35 insert 10-4 SS = FREE
2 Huggies diapers $8.99 each - $1.50 shortcuts - $3/2 Cellfire - $1 Cellfire - 2 $2 IP(no longer available) = 8.48
-10 oynso for buying Joint Juice
Tax .25
Total oop $1.81
I also earned a $1 oynso for purchasing 2 Velvetta Shells and Cheese and
$2.50 oynso for purchasing 4 Pillsbury
I will send receipt to Caregiver MarketPlace for $1.50 rebate and my friend will pay me the $8.50 oop for the diapers
So final tally $1.81 +10 - $1 - $2.50 - $1.50 - $8.50 = -1.69

I just checked my cellfire account tonight and the coupons I used tonight at Randalls were already waiting for me on Kroger, so I loaded them up and I will now go and do the Pillsbury deal at Kroger tommorrow!

Happy Blogoversary Giveaway #3, #2 Winner announced

Wow, must be lazy today
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:1
Timestamp: 2009-10-08 20:56:18 UTC

Well, made my counting easy for the winner. Tiger you have 24 hours to contact me. If you do not contact me in that 24 hours, I will pick a new winner.

Giveaway #3 begins NOW
Same rules as #2, only one comment per person. It will go for at least 24 hours and you must see your name posted as the winner and contact me to claim your prize.
The giveaway:
1 free coupon for a Pint of Starbucks ice cream(max value $5 -this expires on the 15th so you will need to use it quickly when you get it)
1 free coupon for Gillette shampoo, conditioner or styler(no max value listed-this expires 10-31)
1 coupon for $3 off any Fresh chicken(this expires 10-31)

Need new Kids' shoes yet?

If the answer is yes, you might want to schedule a shopping trip this weekend, especially if you have a Striderite outlet nearby!
Striderite is having their Friends and Family sale Oct 9-12 and you can save an additional 20% with this printable coupon.
For those local, I LOVE the Striderite outlet in Katy Mills. They even sell Keds and you are bound to see me there this weekend getting some great priced shoes for my kiddos. I usually already find deals for $12-15 for shoes, so I am excited about this 20% off coupon that clearly states it can be used at outlet stores.
Thank you Mariah for the heads up on this coupon!

Winner annouced for Nut Clusters Giveaway

I wish I had enough to give to all my readers, but I can't. Sorry to everyone else, but picked Tiffany.

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:65
Timestamp: 2009-10-08 13:01:36 UTC

Her comment:
Tiffany said...
I am a subsciber
Congrats to Tiffany, and to everyone else, be sure to enter my daily giveaways I will be posting.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Blogoversary Giveaway #2

Well I made it! My blog has been officially in place for 1 year! I really need to thank my readers. If you guys didn't comment, I would have stopped blogging long ago, lol. Your comments prove to me that someone is out there reading me and getting the deals too, so THANK YOU!!!!!

Ok, now to the good stuff: The giveaway part! First, I need to thank the great and wonderful people at General Mills, MyBlogSpark and Coyne PR for the wonderful trip to their TableTalk event I attended. They generously sent me a box of goodies! Inside were several samples of their new line of Progresso High Fiber Soups, some Progresso Broth, Progresso Panko bread crumbs(I will be sharing with you a recipe I learned from them for some tasty chicken tenders), Old El Paso black beans, Old El Paso Rice and a HUGE stack of FREE coupons!!!!!
FREE coupons is where the giveaway begins!

Since my wonderful readers are the reason I am still here, I want to start giving away some of these GREAT coupons I was given.
These will be roughly 24 hour giveaways. I say roughly, because they will all be AT LEAST 24 hours, but some might be a bit longer if I get busy or forget, lol!
So here goes: Giveaway #2(called that since today ends the Nut clusters):
3 FREE coupons for Pillsbury products! These will go great with the catalina deals currently going on at several grocery chains, including Kroger and Safeway
The catalina details vary per store, so keep that in mind, but each are earning OYNSO catalinas!

The 3 free coupons are:
Free 1 can any size/variety refrigerated Pillsbury Grands! biscuits(up to 2.52)
Free 1 can Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls(up to 3.50)
Free 1 package Pillsbury refrigerated Pizza crust(up to 3.36)

Only one entry per person. Just post a comment here. Winner will be posted on the blog BUT WILL not be emailed for these giveaways! (This is to avoid those fly by night commenters that just post on giveaways and never read any of the blogs- I want to hopefully get these out to my readers :)

SmartSource Coupons to Note

Smartsource has some really good coupons out right now.
One that really drew my attention is
$1 BumbleBee premium tuna pouch any size
This should make for free tuna somewhere!

Also the .40 off Betty Crocker potatoes should make for free pouch at Kroger with cellfire/shortcuts
$1.00 on any (1) package of Wholly Guacamole OR Wholly Salsa for those with HEB, this should be free
50¢ when you buy ONE any variety Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables, these are on mega deal at Kroger

Only 7 hours left on my Nut Clusters giveaway

Go here and post your comments before 4 pm CST. This is a GREAT prize package. Don't miss out on these additive and yummy snacks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Free Snuggle sheets at Family Dollar

This weekend we got some GREAT $3 off Snuggle fabric softener liquid(32 load+) or dryer sheets(70 ct+) coupons in the newspaper. Thanks to the wonderful posters on HCW I found out these would be FREE at Family Dollar. Went and got these 4 boxes without any problems!
OOP = $0 and now I have dryer sheets for my next 280 loads! To find a Family Dollar near you, just click here.
They also sold the Snuggle liquid but it was $3.75.

Cellfire has reloaded 10-6-09

As promised yesterday, cellfire has new coupons available to load. The good news is, it appears they are still stacking at Randalls(I will post my small trip later) Here are the coupons that are available to load this cycle:

(Please remember, you have to choose what card you want them loaded to first. If you use them soon in the cycle, they will become available to load on your other loyalty card- ex. if you choose Randalls first, you will have to use it at Randalls before you can load to Kroger card. Choose wisely!)

$.25 4-pack or Larger COTTONELLE Toilet Paper

$1 Huggies Diapers

$.55/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries

$.50/2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables

$.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals

$.60/2 Old El Paso products (excludes Old El Paso Refrigerated, Frozen OR Soup products)

$.50/2 Progresso Soups

$.40 Nature Valley Granola Bars

$.40 17.5 OZ. + Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

$.40 Box or Pouch Betty Crocker Potatoes (Except Potato Buds)

$.50 4.5 OZ. + Chex Mix OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack

$.50 when you buy BOTH Betty Crocker® Cake Mix AND Betty Crocker Frosting

$.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups OR any flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothies

$.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls OR Betty Crocker® Warm Delights Minis Bowls

$1 YoPlus OR YoPlus Light Yogurt 4-pack

$.50 Progresso Broth

$1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters

$1/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls

$1/2 any size/variety Refrigerated Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits

$1/2 Frozen Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, OR Mini Cinnamon Rolls

$1/2 Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads (Includes any Loaves, Breadsticks, Dinner Rolls, and Pizza Crust)

$1/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough

$.55 Fiber One cereal

$.60 40 OZ. + Original Bisquick OR Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix

$.55 32 OZ. Yoplait Yogurt

$.55 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

$1 Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit

$1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks

Monday, October 5, 2009

Giveaway still LIVE- Nut Clusters

Don't forget my Nature Valley Nut Cluster Giveaway going on right now! And while you are waiting to see if you are a winner, print your $1.60 off coupons here for IE, or here for FF.

(thanks to TCA for the heads up)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD/Blue-Ray $12.97 SHIPPED

I know the picture on my link shows this is $24.99, but when you click the link, it is showing $19.99. Use the promo code: snowhite and you will get $10 off so just $9.99(12.97 with shipping)!!!!!! I am not sure how long Amazon is selling this movie at this price, but GREAT deal for those of you that missed out on the $10 printable that was out(I missed the print too).

This is a GREAT deal since you get the DVD AND a Blu-Ray. Snow White is one of those movies that is destined for the vault. When they go in the vault, they don't come out for at least 7 years, so this way you get a Blu-Ray with your DVD for about the same price as normally a DVD would cost. I know my husband has been asking for a Blu-Ray player, but right now I do not want to foot that expense. At least I will have Snow White while my kiddos are still young!

I was excited to see this deal as I detest Walmart and avoid them at all costs. And if you add $5.01 of products you can actually get super saver shipping for free thanks imm93.
AND there is also a $5 rebate when you buy a participating Hefty product too! Shouldn't be too hard to find a cheap Hefty product.
Thanks Greenie for the heads up on this!

Loadables with paper coupon update for Krogers

Looks like our loadable fun is not going to be as fun at Kroger. I stopped in at lunch to purchase the Betty Crocker potato pouches that are $1. I had a .40 loadable from shortcuts and a .40 IP that I expected to double for .20 overage.

Well, it appears it doubled, but only for an additional .20. Now, this still made the potatoes free, but NO more overage :(

I guess it was fun while it lasted! I have not tested Randalls yet to see what the loadables might be doing there.

Free Night at the Theater

Don't forget some of the dates are showing up today to get these tickets. They go FAST! I just secured 2 tickets to Click Clack Moo and they were all gone within the first 4 minutes! Don't forget to write down the exact time you need to go to the website to reserve your tickets.
I suggest going to this website a few minutes before that time and clicking the performance you want and hit refresh as the time gets close. Then you will see a clickable link when the tickets are available and make your reservation.

Cellfire- Last day to load for this cycle

Well, we have reached that day again. The LAST day to load the current cycle of cellfire coupons. My suggestion: Load everything you have remaining onto your Safeway(Randalls, Tom Thumb) card. Why you ask?
Well, as you have seen from my prior posts, Randalls currently "stacks" savings on a single purchase. If you load the coupons to your Randalls card today, they will still be there tommorrow when the new cycle comes out. Then, tommorrow, go back to cellfire and see what duplicates exist. If a paper coupon is out for the same item, you instantly have 3 times the savings!Don't waste time, head on over to cellfire and get those coupons loaded before you forget.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coupons found at Randalls

Randalls has a new display up (typically in the front of the store) with Kraft products. On this display are the above pictured coupon books. Some pretty decent coupons. The book has the following:
$1/2 Jell-o pudding or pie filling
$1/2 Nabisco 100 Calorie packs
$1 Kraft Deluxe macaroni n cheese or Velvetta Shells and Cheese dinner(12-14 oz)
$1 Planters Nuts 9-16 oz
$1 South Beach Diet Cereal bars
$1/2 Capri Sun products (10 ct)
All coupons expire 11/30/09

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Blogoversary Kick OFF giveaway- Nature Valley Nut Clusters

I can't believe it has been almost 1 year that I have been blogging! Time sure does fly. Well, to kick off my Blogoversary celebration, I have a wonderful gift pack to give away to one of my readers. MyBlogSpark has generously provided me with the gift pack pictured above that includes all four (4) varieties of the Granola Nut Clusters along with a sling backpack, stainless steel water bottle, flashlight and binoculars!

If you have not tried these Nut Clusters yet you need to. I actually was hoping to hide them from my husband but he got home before me the day they came so he opened the box. He then proceeded to snack on one bag that night and ate the WHOLE thing! These are so yummy and I am a nut fiend. If you love nuts, you´ll enjoy this flavorful little snack featuring the perfect combination of sweet & salty flavors paired with a crunchy texture that you can see and taste. These come in a resealable bag, but you might not need that since you won't want to stop eating them.

So, how do you win this giveaway? Simple, do any/all of the following before Thursday 4 pm!

Leave a comment here telling me one of your favorite things about nature.(1 entry)

Subscribe to my blog and leave a comment(if you already subscribe, leave a comment to tell me- 1 -entry)

Follow me on twitter and leave a comment (1 entry)

Tweet: win a nature valley nut clusters gift pack

and leave a comment with the url of your tweet(1 entry- 1 tweet per day)

Good luck and stay tuned for other giveaways for my blogoversary.

Friday, October 2, 2009

One more Target run for Purina One

I was looking at my Target coupons and realized my Purina One Target printables expire TOMMORROW! So I headed over to my Super Target to try to use up the remainder of coupons. I also noticed at my Super Target, they have Schick Quattro Titanium Wolverine Limited Edition for only $7.09. Well, with the $4 manufacturer coupon and $4 Target coupon, that is almost $1 overage and that is what the Purina One was going to cost me per back, score!
Another bonus I earned was a bag credit. I kept hearing rumors on HCW that Target was going to start offering .05 credit for you to bring in your own shopping bags. Well, I forgot to bring in my own, but the cashier gave me 3 bag credits since I told him NOT to bag my cat food, woo hoo, never hurts to ask.
Here is my breakdown:
10 Cesar Bistro dog foods .89 each - bogo insert 8-30 RP - bogo insert 9-13 RP Target = FREE
12 Fancy Feast Appetizers 1.22 each - bogo insert 9-13 RP (these beep?) - bogo IP Target= FREE
6 Purina One $5.99 each - $3 insert 9-13 RP - $2 IP Target= .99 each
6 Schick Quattro razors $7.09 each - $4 insert 8-23 SS - $4 insert 8-30 Target = -.91 each
-.15 bag credit
Tax .03
Total oop: $0.36

Starbucks Free Coffee and Potential to WIN great prizes

Starbucks just came out with their Via Ready Brew coffee and they want you to take a taste test. From October 2-5th at any Starbucks location, they will give you a taste test to see if you can taste the difference. For your time and tastebuds, they will give you a $1 coupon toward a box purchase of their Via coffee and a coupon for a free Tall Brewed coffee for your next visit.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went out on lunch break and found the kiosks in Randalls and Kroger were both participating! I don't visit Starbucks stores since I am NOT a fan of coffee but since I live in the grocery stores I sampled and got three free coupons for my husband. He better be feeling the love, I don't drink coffee for just anyway, blech!

Oh, and now about the GREAT prizes in my title. Well, Starbucks wants your input on their new coffee. They also love creativity, so the more creative, the better.
Just go here to read about their contest and enter to win prizes! For 6 weeks, starting NOW, they will pick winners. For week one, the prizes include Ipods, $100 Starbucks gift cards and/or a year supply of Starbucks Via coffee. Sorry, residents of CO, MD, TN and VT are inelgible to enter week 1, so you guys will have to wait until next weeks contest.

Thanks to Lisa for telling me about the Starbucks taste test. potential bad news BUT great toy coupons

I want to give you the good news first! If you went to yesterday and didn't scroll through all the pages, you might want to head back. I know I get lazy after about page 10 of coupons and just print and go. Well, on the higher pages right now, there are several high value toy coupons! These are for various Hasbro toys including Mr Potatohead, Sit and Spin etc. Sadly, I recognize some of these toys from my own kids toy room, lol. I suggest heading to soon so you can print before the print limit is reached. (Thanks Heather for the heads up)

Now, the potential BAD news. I just got a newsletter from coupons inc, the owners of Well, they are trying to get in on the loadable coupons game and are in works to finalize this with Safeway affiliate stores. At first glance this sounds GREAT, but if you read the article, this might be bad news for us couponers in the future. A quote taken directly from the news flash:

One problem that needed to be solved in offering loyalty-card delivery of coupons was that of “stacking”, Boal said. That can occur when a manufacturer releases a coupon in two venues, to loyalty card members and then in a free-standing print insert, but wants to prevent users from overlaying one coupon over the other and thus getting a double discount.

“We’ve solved for that problem over our entire enterprise, so that when consumers choose one method of delivery for a particular offer, the other becomes unavailable to them.” The solution only works within the network of print, mobile and digital channels, Boal points out. Manufacturers who make deals with multiple coupon vendors will still face stacking issues.

While right now, it looks like just is not going to have the "stacking" option, this might pave the way for these chain stores to go with just ONE loadable coupons site and that would be BAD for us couponers. Lets hope they don't tamper with our shortcuts and Cellfire!

For those interested in the whole article, click here.

Just a minute of your time for Girls' Self Esteem

Dove has a GREAT program going right now to contribute to 3 organizations to help build self esteem in young girls! All you need to do is go to the website and enter a UPC for a Dove product, and they will contribute $1 to the organization you pick from the 3 available(Girl Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Club of America or Girls Inc). Even better: you don't EVEN need a UPC. Just click the button that says "I don't have a UPC" and Dove will still donate $1 to these very worthy organizations. Please take a minute of your time to head over to the site and help our young girls with their self esteem. Limit one $1 contribution per household, so please spread the news and the love.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Randalls - another Joint Juice Run

I was over by Randalls today so stopped in on the off chance they would have Joint Juice. My luck, they did! I also heard about a great Kleenex deal the other day, so I threw those in too. The catalina promo for that is Buy 3 and get a $3 oynso catalina. Well, the 110 count pictured is on sale for .99 so FREE after catalina deal. Not only that, but when you purchase them, a $1/4 catalina also spits out. So on each subsuquent trip, you can get 4 boxes for free(some stores also have a .55/3 blinkie if you would rather get 3 boxes and make a small profit).
Another good deal (because of a rebate) they have is on Windex. If you purchase 3, they are each just $1.99. Right on the bottles were .55 peelies(there are also $1 printables but I can't print at work)
Anyway, here is how my transaction went:
7 Joint Juice @ 1.39 each - $5/7 catalina(beeps) = $4.73
4 Kleenex @ .99 each - $1/4 catalina = $2.96
3 Windex @ $1.99 each - .55 peelies = $4.32
1 Oreos @ $3.49*
-$10 oynso catalina - $3 oynso catalina(beeps)
Tax -.06
Total oop $ 2.44
*The Oreos were marked 2/$5 so I went to the service desk and due to the price right guarantee, I got back $3.49 rebate! They PAID me to buy all this stuff
I also got another $5/7 JJ, $10 oynso, $1/4 Kleenex and $3 oynso catalinas AND
because I purchased 3 SC Johnson products, I can mail in for a $5 rebate!(There are several items on this rebate and there is a limit of 3 rebates PER HOUSEHOLD!!!!!!!)

So todays final tally:
$2.44 - $3.49 refund - $5 MIR + .44 cost of stamp = Profit of $5.61!

Thanks to OP's at HCW for these deals I did today.
And for those that were curious, you guys seem to prefer my husbands staging so looks like he has a new part time gig :P