Saturday, February 26, 2011

ShopKick - WOW, so super easy to earn points

Have you joined the Shopkick bandwagon yet?
If you have an Iphone or an Android you should really consider it. Not only do they offer unique coupons for stores like American Eagle, Wet Seal, Sports Authority and Macy's. but you can earn points simply by walking into select stores or by simply pressing a button to "check in" to a store. (you don't have to physical be in these stores to check in. Not only that, but they have select products you can scan for additional points, 10 shopkicks for some, 20 shopkicks for featured items.
For only 1250 Shopkicks you can get a $5 giftcard to the above mentioned stores or Target and Best Buy. WOW!!! It took me about a week of scanning to earn that. Simply free, easy money! Just scan the items and take the pics the next time you are grocery shopping, then just sit back and earn. While you are gassing up, open up the app and click the 2 point and 1 point check ins. Super simple!!!!

For those on android, just go to the Marketplace and look for Shopkick app and download. Once you do this, go to the main collect screen and tap on the banner at that top that says "Got a promo code?" Enter the code apple3101 within 24 hours of signing up and you will instantly earn 50 Shopkicks to get you started.
For those of you on Iphone, I am sure it is similar but not sure where you have to go to get your apps (just search for Shopkick and you can use the same code!)

For those of you that have already joined, how are you doing? How many Shopkicks do you have? Are you finding it easy to earn? Have any questions for me on the app?


Anonymous said...

How do you collect the 50 kickbucks for walking into a store like wetseal?
Because I was at the mall yesterday and I walked in wetseal just to collect the 50points for checking in, but nothing happened when I opened the app
I am thinking it's because Im supposed to wait to first check in once I'm actually inside, rather than check in when I'm at home in the morning to collect the 2 points in the bubble thing (I'm sure you know what I mean :p)
Is that right, or what am I doing wrong?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, when you walk into wet seal, stand just inside the doorway, and hit the menu -> refresh button, then you should see the 50 points show up. Androids take a little longer than iphones (from what I have read) I had issues the first time too but when I did this refreshing just inside the store it worked! ( I don't shop that store and was just entering for the points too, lol)

Deb said...

I don't shop as often as you do, so it will take me a bit longer to earn the gift cards. I have been very frustrated trying to scan HP products at Best Buy, but otherwise haven't had any trouble with the app. I think I live too far from any stores to scan from my pantry though. I did try that once. :) How does taking a picture of the barcode work? Are you using the phone for the picture or a separate camera? I also learned that the only Triscuitsthat scam for me are the something-and-cracked-pepper flavor, not the reduced fat they have pictured.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Deb, I take a picture with my smart phone and then email it to myself, they just scan the image. My dh actually put them all on one printout so I could take it with me, lol

Anonymous said...

Use "lark4833" for 50 shopkick points!

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