Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kroger mega deal coming up - SUPER excited!!!!!

WOW!  I thought I was gonna catch a break this week and get some rest, but I noticed the Kroger ad is up online already, woo hoo!
I have not looked at it all, so hopefully I get some time to work matchups and get them posted, but I already noticed any of you lucky ducks that were collecting the .55 Bumblebee blinkies that were out before(not sure if they are still up?) will be super excited!

The Bumblebee pouches will be .50 wyb 10 participating items, not only making for FREE tuna, but you will get paid .05 for each one you buy!  YAY! CONFIRMED!

Possible free dog food:
Cesar dog food .25 wyb 10 participating items
use b2g1 free from 10-3 RP
Cashier should enter pre-mega price of .75, so free
The Cesar on sale is wrong for the coupon, sorry :(

Daisy sour cream $1.49 wyb 10 participating items
-.50 Safeway booklet coupon
= .49 for the 16 oz YAY

Krusteaz cookie mix .99 wyb 10 participating items
-$1 insert10-10 SS
FREE!   CONFIRMED (check dates, I found several that had best buy dates of April 2010)

Carnation Evaporated milk .69 wyb 10 participating items
-.50/2 11-14 RP
= .19 each

Emerald dry roasted peanuts $1.49 wyb 10 participating items
-$1.50/2 insert 11-14 RP
= $1.48/2

Non-mega good deals:
4 BC potatoes $5 - 2 .50/2 cellfire - 2 .50/2 IP or insert 11-14 GM= $2 (but earned $1.50 cat)

1 Scope mouthwash $2.99 - .75 ecoupon - $2 insert 11-7 RP = .24 (thanks reader Gille)

1 Gas X Prevention $5.19 - $4 ecoupon - $4 IP = -$2.81

1 Wonka gummies $1 - .75 ecoupon - .75 IP = -.50

Readers Spotlight - Cheap Greek Yogurt and Scope mouthwash @ Kroger

Reader Gille found Scope Outlast on sale for $2.99 (regular is $4.xx WOW) at Kroger
Use the $2 coupon from 11-7 RP and the .75 Kroger ecoupon to snag a HOT deal.

Reader Linda noticed the Voskos Greek yogurt on sale for $1.  There is an insert in the 11-7 RP for buy 2 get 1 free.  Apparantly coupon is going in for regular shelf price of $1.69, so $1.31 for the 3 yogurts.
You can also print the buy 2 get 1 free here.

Reader Pheobie added that there are .75 IP on the Voskos site, make this a potential small moneymaker.

OK, FREE Voskos, Like them on facebook for $1 bricks IP.

Thanks readers!

Lawry's Complete Meal Idea Giveaway

Working full time, trying to coupon and deal hunt and post to my blog PLUS raising a family is definitely a juggling act.  Because time is so limited, quick meals are a MUST to get anything done around here.  Of course I also want meals that are healthy and enough variety that my kids or husband don't get bored with the same old food.
Lucky for me, there are wonderfully balanced spice packets from Lawry's to make dinner a snap.  I need all the help I can get in the kitchen.  I am NOT a cook (I took shop in jr high, NOT home etc).  If presented a recipe, I can follow it, make me come up with a combination and you might as well order a pizza!

I tried this chicken dish on my family and even my picky 4 year old ate it up.  I will admit I did use canned mushrooms in place of slicing free ones myself, but other than the time involved in "browning" the chicken, it took NO time to prepare this meal.  I was able to make rice and veggies in the microwave while cooking this up and dinner was DONE!

I can't wait to try the other 3 new Lawry's varieties:
Asian Style Beef & Broccoli, Chimichurri Burrito Casserole, and Mediterranean Sundried Tomato & Garlic Chicken. 

And now to the giveaway.  The winner will receive a Lawry’s “Complete Meal Ideas” gift pack that includes all four of the new Lawry’s seasoning mix varieties – Asian Style Beef & Broccoli, Chimichurri Burrito Casserole, Mediterranean Sundried Tomato & Garlic Chicken, and Tuscan Style Chicken Marsala with Garlic & Basil – in addition to a marinating dish. (A HUGE Pyrex, yay!)

To enter leave a comment on some easy "cheats" you use in the kitchen that changes up dinner but also takes NO time to prepare. 

Giveaway will end next Tuesday December 7th.  One entry per reader.

Disclosure: Lawry's through MyBlogSpark offered me the Complete Meal Ideas gift pack to review and one to give away to one of my readers. No other compensation was provided and all opinions as always are my own.

Winner Balloonatiks chosen

Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway.  The winning comment via random org:

DebraDee said...
I have 5 kiddo's so I think they would all pick a different fav ~ but I choose Bouncer! Thanks for all you do Debra kandd7@gmail.com

Debra, please email me your address so you can receive your prize.

Pampers Gift to Grow 100 point code

Ok, I am curious, how many Pampers Gift to Grow points do you have?
If you have not joined, what are you waiting for?  They are giving so many free points you are bound to get enough for some goodies.  Not all the prizes are for kids you know.For as low as 600 points, you can get 25 personalized 4x8 photo cards from Shutterfly.

Start now with this 100 point code:

Some other codes that have been promotional over the last two months that might still be active.


See, if these are still active, that is 345 points right there and you didn't have to buy a single Pampers product.

So what are you saving up for?  I was saving up for the Big Wheel, but my kids might outgrow it before I have enough points, lol.

Edit: thank you reader Linda for letting me know the 4 codes that are confirmed expired.

A few quick finds at Kroger - sorry ONE ends tonight

Sorry about the short notice but I just got this informational catalina and found out the Betty Crocker potato sale price of $1 ends tonight(according to the tag anyway)
They are $1 each and we have loadables for .50/2.
A catalina deal started yesterday for buy 3 get $1, buy 4 get $1.50 or buy 5+ get $2.
I found a few other deals too as listed:
4 BC potatoes $4 - 2 .50/2 cellfire - 2 .50/2 IP or insert 11-14 GM= $1 (but earned $1.50 cat)
1 Scope mouthwash $2.99 - .75 ecoupon - $2 insert 11-7 RP = .24 (thanks reader Gille)
1 Gas X Prevention $5.19 - $4 ecoupon - $4 IP = -$2.81
1 Wonka gummies $1 - .75 ecoupon - .75 IP = -.50

I also did the Pillsbury again with new loadables and got both the $3 and the 2 $1 catalinas for a small money maker.

Have you entered my Balloonatiks giveaway? Hurry over, last day

If you have not yet entered my giveaway to win your own copy of the Balloonatiks, then hurry over to this post and enter.   I will be picking a winner TONIGHT!  and if time allows, another giveaway will be going live tonight.
Good luck, right now I believe there are only 7 entries so GREAT chance at winning.

Cellfire - reloaded just in time for Kroger final day

I hope some of my readers were luckier than me and scored a $5 coupon yesterday from the CyberMonday promotion on Cellfire.  I saw Shawn did!  Congrats.

Well, if you want to take advantage of the last day of the $4 off 4 deal at Kroger you might want to head over the cellfire first.
They have reset their coupons, and I noticed there are more Pillsbury coupons to load.  Combine those with  the $4 off 4 and the current Pillsbury catalina's for a decent deal.

Buy 4 Pillsbury cookies $1.49 each - 2 $1/2 cellfire - $1.25/2 blinkie or $1/2 IP or insert = $1.96
Buy 4 Pillsbury Grands cinn rolls $1.49 each - .30 cellfire - .50 insert = $1.66
Cost $ 3.62 but earn $3 for buying 6 Pillsbury and 2 $1 for buying at least 4 cookies?

Reminder - P&G to donate a day of water per click

If you have not clicked to give fresh water today, please take a moment to do so.  Don't forget you can also tweet and share on facebook to give a days worth of clean drinking water to someone who may not otherwise have access.
This is a very worthy effort and it takes only a moment of your time.  Please don't forget to verify your email by clicking the link (I promise they will NOT spam you)

Whataburger 12 days of Christmas - Day 1 Free Taquito

If you have not yet signed up for the 12 days of Whataburger, you might want to do so soon.  Today, you will get a free taquito between 6-10am just for signing up and printing the coupon.  Yum!

CVS - Gas X money maker - ONLY requires one computer

I know many of readers only have access to one computer which can be quite frustration when all these blogs say you need 2 or more, so if you are heading to CVS this week, you might want to go here (zip 90210) first and print these new high value Gas X coupons.   (You will need 2 of the $4 one and 1 $3)
Purchase 2 Gas X Prevention 20 count $6.29 each
Purchase 1 Gas X Chewable 36 count $7.49 (assuming online prices match your store)
= $20.07 -2 $4 and 1 $3 IP
=$9.07 oop and earn $10 ECB

Thanks Mercedes for the inspiration

If you want to make it a bigger money maker, you can get 2 of each and use 2 of each coupon
Combine with the 20% off facebook coupon I mentioned here
$27.56 x .80 - 22.04 - $14 = $8.04 and earn $10 ecb
*I suggest you get the higher priced item, because if CVS 20% coupons are anything like Walgreens, it will lower your qualifying purchase, and if it is less than $20, you won't get your $10 ECB, I am  not gonna risk the issues)

Monday, November 29, 2010

HEB Post #3 - expiring coupons

Next stop on my way home was HEB.  I was sooooo excited when I saw the free Puffs coupon with purchase of any 2 Vicks products.  I used these last year at HEB to score these awesome Puffs with lotion and Vicks(these tissues are AWESOME!)
While there, I had a few other coupons that made for cool deals (and some small money makers)

16 Vicks Cough drops .99 each - $1 Vicks product* 10-31 P&G (expires tomorrow!)= Free
8 Puffs with Vicks $2.14 - free wyb 2 Vicks insert 11-28 P& G = Free
3 Sierra Mist .87 each - $1 Randalls Thanksgiving booklet = -.39
6 Bisquick packets .67 - $1 Randalls Thanksgiving booklet = -$1.98
1 Green leaf lettuce .99
2 Roma tomatoes .20
1 bag matchstix carrots $1.58
1 gallon milk $2.68
Total: $3.08

*there is also a $1.50 off any Vicks product coupon in that expires tomorrow, but I had already used all mine.  All coupons went through with no issues.

Kroger Post #2 - expiring coupons

My first stop on my way home was Kroger to try out the scenario I posted about here for the Olay rebate.

Well, I found the Olay lotion was no longer on sale for $5, but was $5.47 which made me jump up and down!  This meant, I could get 4 of everything (including all the cheap deodorants) and still qualify for the $50 purchase on the $20 rebate.
I also had a coupon buddy (thanks imm93) inform me she received an extra 2 $1 catalinas when purchasing 8 Pillsbury items, so I decided to throw some of those in too to finish off some loadables I still had.

Here is what my transaction looked like:
4 Secret deodorant $2.29 each - .50 insert 11-28 P&G = $5.16
4 Olay body wash $5 each - $5 off wyb Secret 10-31 P&G (expires tomorrow!) = FREE
4 Olay lotion $5.47 each - free wyb Olay body wash insert 11-28 P&G = FREE
($51.04 pre-coupon, $5.16 post coupon)

These items are still part of the buy 4 get $4 off, so prices are listed AFTER promo
6 Pillsbury cookies $1.49 each - $1.25/2 blinkies - 3 $1 ecoupons = $2.19
2 Pillsbury grands cinn rolls $1.49 each - .50 insert 11-14 GM - .30 ecoupon = .68
Earned $3 oynso for purchasing 6 Pillsbury and 2 $1 oynso for Pillsbury(not sure how many you have to get to get these 2)

Not pictured: $1 Reduced for quick sale Strawberries

Total: $9.03
Paid with 3 $3 oynso from prior purchases and .03 out of pocket and will mail off receipt for $20 rebate

(so $9.03 - $5 in cats - $20 rebate = $15.97 money maker)

Lots of good deals - ending tomorrow Post #1 Walgreens

There are a lot of really good coupons expiring tomorrow, so today I worked really hard to use up some on some deals I noticed were pretty HOT. At lunch I ran into Walgreens and did the following deal:

2 Sinex $5 each - $4 insert 10-31 P&G (expires tomorrow!) = $2
1 Puffs tissue $1.99 - free wyb 2 Vicks products insert 11-28 P&G = FREE
2 Secret trial size deodorant .99 each = $1.98
2 Olay bodywash $4.99 - $2.50 for buy 1 get 1 50% sale - $5 insert 10-31 P&G wyb Secret(expires tomorrow!)= -2.52
1 Olay lotion* $4.99 - free insert 11-28 P&G = FREE
Final cost: $1.46 oop and earned $5 Jingle cash for Sinex
$3.54 money maker

*I could have probably purchased 2 Olay lotion and used two bogos but they are also buy 1 get 50% off and I was not sure if cashier would enter $4.99 or $2.49 and I wanted to save the rest of my coupons for Kroger.

I am saving the rest of the deals for Wednesday for the potential overage and deals I posted here.

Cellfire Cyber Monday Contest - Possibly win $5 on Kroger card

Not sure where my head is today.  Cellfire has a Cyber Monday promotion today for Kroger affiliate stores when you log in.  You might win $5.  So don't forget to log in to cellfire today and see if you win.  If so, I would love to know if any of my readers win.  I didn't win :(

While there, you might want to load the coupons as we should get a new round tomorrow.

20% IN_STORE Savings Certificate for CVS - Facebook offer

Goodness, my inbox has been flooded with offers for Cyber Monday.
I just received an email from CVS with a very small printed statement at the top.
Like them on Facebook and you will get a 20% off IN-store Holiday Shopping pass.

I already liked them so it just asked for my CVS card number and email and says it will email momentarily(Facebook loaded slowly).
Woo Hoo, this will go well with my CVS run later this week.

If you want some Crocs, today is a good day to order

Sneaking time online today to see what sales I might be missing and I stumbled on the Crocs website.  Personally I thought Crocs were the silliest thing invented, then I bought a pair for my kids at Disney World and got hooked.  I am not saying their complaints about their feet hurting stopped, but I noticed a drastic decline in complaints, and they were much breezier (we went in SEPT!)
Anyway, I noticed Crocs are 25% off sitewide today(includes outlet), free shipping, and Ebates or Shortcuts has 10% cash back.

Note, you will not see the 25% off until the item is added to your cart.
Ex: The above pictured Gabby shoe for girls is showing $14.99, but when you add it to your cart, it drops the price to $11.24.  

Earn another $1.24 for your 10% cash back, makes them just $10 + tax.  Hmm, wonder what else I can find online today.....................
Feel free to tell me the goodies you are getting, I feel like I am missing out, lol.

Target - Sonicare toothbrush deal

If you have an electric toothbrush on your shopping list this Christmas, this is the week to purchase one. Target has the Sonicare Essence on price cut (in ad so if out, get a raincheck!) for $39.99.
-$10 Target IP
-$10 insert 11-21 SS
-$10 mail in rebate in 11/21 SS
= $9.99 + tax and cost of stamp after rebate

I have to say, my husband has this toothbrush and has no complaints.  My only complaint is the cost of the replacement brushheads, so you will certainly want to keep that in mind if you are getting this for someone in your family.  (We both have Sonicare though as recommended by my dentist friend :)

*Actually this makes the WHOLE toothbrush cheaper, if not close to the same price as the replacement brush heads.

Walgreens Friends and Family December 1st

If you have plans to get the free after Jingle cash (register rewards) and a few of the deals this week at Walgreens, I suggest you wait until Wednesday to make them a small moneymaker (or cheaper).  These are some of the items I am adding to my list for Wednesday.

SalonPas Pain Relief Patches (5 pk), $5.99 x.85 = $5.09 but earn
$5.99 Jingle Cash
Final Cost = .90 money maker (less tax)

Neoteric Healing Cream (4 oz), $7.99 x.85 = $6.79 but mail in rebate for
Final Cost = $1.20 money maker (less tax and stamp)

Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Razor, $9.99 x.85 = $8.49
-$4 insert 11/28 P&G but earn
$4 Jingle Cash
Final Cost = $0.49

Goody Start Style Finish brush on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free x .85
-2 $1 IP
Final Cost = ?(gonna check today because not sure if they sale this brush, but with 2 girls I always need a deal on brushes)
*Update, I did NOT see these brushes at the Wags at lunch, but it is a smaller store, so perhaps that was the issue?

Dulcolax (25 ct., 4-pack, or Balance), $6.99 x .85 = $5.94
-$8 IP - $3 9-12 SS - $4* $2 Wags December book(takes off $2 for each)
Final Cost = $3.12 money maker

Bufferin Low Dose Buffered Aspirin (130 ct), $5.99 x .85 = $5.09
-$3 insert 10/17 SS - $3* Wags December book
Final Cost = .91 money maker

Colgate Total Toothpaste, $2 x.85 = $1.70
-$1 Fall or Winter Diabetes and You coupon booklet or Kroger pharmacy booklet
-$1* Walgreens Diabetes and You store coupon
Final Cost = .30 money maker
*Wags coupon might only take off $.85 because of 15% making this a .15 money maker.
Bufferin Low Dose Buffered Aspirin (130 ct), $5.99

Quaker Oatmeal, Cereal, or Bars, 2/$5 x .85 = $4.25
-2 $1 insert 9/12 RP but earn
$2 Jingle cash
Final Cost = $.25 for 2

Thanks Hooked on Bargains for the matchups :)

Cyber Monday - Don't forget your cash back promotions

It is a HUGE online shopping day and if you plan on partaking in the event, don't forget one of the most overlooked items, CASH BACK.
Just because you are already getting some awesome deals with the store sales, don't forget to go through Upromise, MyPoints, ShopatHome, or Ebates for added cash back savings.  You might even have other sites you are a member of that will save you a little extra green today.  Feel free to share these in the comments section for other readers.
I know I am going through ShopatHome (Upromise was only offering 3%, Ebates was also 6% but I have enough to cash out with them right now) today for a Lands' End purchase I will be making.  My kiddos need uniform pants for school and not only is Lands' End having a sale, but they are offering $20 off a $75 purchase or $50 off a $150 purchase.  I will combine this sale with 6% cash back(that is almost like getting the tax off) from ShopatHome saving me 49% over purchasing at full price with no sale or cash back!  That is almost half price for something I have to buy anyway.

Happy cyber shopping today, I would love to hear what goodies you are getting -since I am only shopping for much needed stuff this year :(

*Just noticed, Shortcuts also has a cashback program (they send checks after 3 months for balances over $5.01)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winner Panko Bread Crumbs and cookbook giveaway

Sorry everyone for the delay in picking a winner.  My family and I ended up going out of town for the holiday and can you believe I have not been on the internet since Thursday morning before we left?

The winner, chosen via random.org is the following comment:
Anonymous said...
I would use it to make my kids chicken nuggets and fish sticks. Thanks! Ellen W. ellenpolk@hotmail.com

Ellen, please email me your mailing address(please include phone number)so I can get your prize sent out through MyBlogSpark. And thank you everyone so far for your input on the changes to the blog. I am still working on it and hope to get it to load faster(not sure what I did to cause it to slow down again)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Tree Farms

Now that you are stuffed and Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is time to start shopping for a Christmas tree.  I love real trees and for the past two years, the experience of getting the Christmas tree has been something I will always cherish.  The family and I load up in the car and head out to a Christmas tree farm to hand pick our tree and chop it down.  The kids love it, and I just love the time with them with no other life distractions.
For the past two years, we have gone to High Star Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree.  I can't say whether they are the best, but they have not disappointed us, so we keep finding ourselves back there every year.
There are several farms around the Houston area though, so be sure to head over to my friend Sheila's site to see the list she has compiled. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

CVS run this morning

Ok, CVS was my main target today because they have so many good deals and I wanted to roll the ECBS I had already. That and with their limits, once I shop once, I am pretty much done.
Oh, and I did have a $5/25 email coupon that expires today, so that was motivation enough.
I pretty much did all the deals I highlighted here, with a few minor tweeks.
I couldn't find my Colgate sensitive coupon so I just got that free after ECBS and the manager would not let me use the $2 Clairol family coupon today so I used the .50 from the 11/15 RP.
I also had the free coupon for the toothbrush I posted about here.

I spent $42.99 in ECBS and .67 cash and got back $52.80 back in ECBS for a profit of $9.14
(sorry I am not breaking down my receipt, I need to spend Thanksgiving with the family.  I will be back to my normal postings AFTER the holiday)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a successful Black Friday(I am sitting this year out!)
Hug your families and be grateful for the time you have with them :)

Walgreens run this morning

Woke up early this morning to hit CVS, but I was so early I went ahead and stopped at the 24 hours Walgreens first.  I didn't run all the deals, just enough to roll my lone 2 $5 RR I had from previous deals.
I also spent $1.92 out of pocket and got back $15.50 in Jingle Cash (the .99 for the DP didn't print so the manager just refunded it and gave me $1.07 cash back) and a $3.49 rebate on the Planters nuts.

So total profit was $8.14 ($15.50 +1.07 + 3.49 rebate - 11.92 spent)
To see all the deals, please go to Hip2Save's breakdowns (sorry I need to spend time with family and I honestly just looked at the ad and matchups this morning)
The only matchup I didn't see on her site was the Planters nuts with the $1 IP(no longer available)

Also this receipt is $9.47 worth of the $50 required for the Olay rebate. (gonna have to tweek my Kroger run)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am thankful for my family for loving me and allowing me a quick run this morning to feed my obsession!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Children's Place - 20% off your entire purchase

If you are heading to The Children's Place anytime today through Monday, you might want to print this coupon first.  This will give you 20% off your ENTIRE purchase.  OR, if you prefer shopping online, just use code THANKS at checkout for the 20% savings.

Restaurant.com Feed it Forward 2010

I am so excited to hear this promotion is going on again this year.  For the next 37 days Restaurant.com is letting you  give up to 40 $10 Restaurant.com Gift Certificates every day through December 31. It's a great holiday gift for everyone on your list. And the best part is - it's FREE!
To send a gift, the giver provides their name and email address, as well as a valid name and email address for each person they wish to give to—as many as 40 people every single day. Participants can also import their email address books directly on the giving site or log-in Facebook for even easier giving.
We can't give a single gift certificate away unless you help us. The success of Feed It Forward™ depends completely on you. Start Giving and tell us which 40 people you'd like to send to and we do the rest. It's really easy. And come back every day to give 40 more! But, remember you can only give to each person on your list one time throughout the program. Don't forget family, friends, co-workers, that teacher that inspired you, your next-door neighbor, and so on. We hope you join us and celebrate the gift of giving! Start Giving.

How easy is that?  Your receipient will receive an email with a certificate code they will type into the website, then they will be allowed to pick their restaurant and print the certificate.  Hopefully, they will also be inspired to send out certificates to their family and friends as well.

If you would like, feel free to leave your contact info in the comments section and we can all gift each other as well.  (I suggest you use (at) and (com) etc in your email so as to avoid spambots)  You might also want to warn some of your friends their certificate might go to their spam folder(mine did).

Thanks reader Jen for the certificate AND letting me know this offer was live again this year.
Lets get off to giving!  I am headed to enter my 40 emails right now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Warning to Readers! UNDER Construction (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)

Alright, this pic has NOTHING to do with this post, but the one I want is on my desktop and I just don't have that kind of time.  This is actually a picture of me in elementary accepting some award(notice the awesome rolled up pants, yeah classy! some friend on facebook posted this pic and I had to laugh)

Anyway, if you notice changes on the blog in the next several days, don't panic and don't think you are seeing things.  I am trying to sneak time out of my schedule to do some much needed improvements to my blog.  I have been neglecting it long enough and I just can't take it anymore.  I will be rolling this out as I get them done so as I say, don't be suprised when things start showing up and disappearing around here.
I hope to accomplish at least the following:
New background (the dots even give me headaches)
New tabs at the top (muddling through that now)
Hoping to find an easier way for you to leave comments (have NO idea yet how to do that)
Make it overall easier to find all the information and add store guides.

Is there anything you would like to see that would make my blog easier for you as a reader?  After all, if I didn't keep getting comments from you, I would assume no one was reading and I might just give up on this (I know my husband would jump up and down if I looked at him as much as I look at my computer monitor, lol)

anyway, I am all ears to suggestions (although I might not incorporate them all)

OMG Super Awesome HUGE Money Maker at Kroger Nov 27th-30th!!!!!

Ok, when it comes to these Olay rebates, I am like a kid left in a candy store, I start looking for the best deal and the best possible money maker to get the thing over with. Yeah, I know it goes for a month, but I want to get my stuff and be done with it. Might another deal come around that is better? Well yeah, but using coupons is like playing poker and I am ALL IN on this hand!

Ok, so keep up with me here because this is gonna really leave your head spinning:

You have to spend $50 to get back $20 on the Olay rebate I just posted about here.
Now, I have come up with three ways to run this deal, one for those that are doing the CVS Black Friday Herbal Essence Deal and two for those who are not.   The best method for those NOT running the CVS deal will require 5 coupons of the coupon inserts this weekend and 2 transactions at Kroger(due to the 4 like coupon limit on P&G coupons)

First, I will list the two non-CVS ways, then I will list the CVS.

Scenario #1 Kroger only:
Purchase 5 Secret deodorant $2.29 (tag says good until 11-30) = $11.45
Purchase 5 Olay body wash $5 each(good until 12-24) = $25
Purchase 5 Olay hand and body lotion $5 each (also until 12-24) = $25
= $61.45
- 5 .50 Secret deodorant coupons 11-28 P&G (double)
-5 $5 off Olay body wash wyb Secret 10-31 P&G
-5 Free Olay hand and body lotion wyb Olay body wash 11-28 P&G
=$6.45 oop and send for $20 rebate
$13.55 MONEY MAKER and you have 5 deod, 5 bodywashes and 5 lotions!

Scenario #2 Kroger Only:
Purchase 3 Secret deodorant $2.29 (tag says good until 11-30) = $6.87
Purchase 1 Secret  Platinum $4.39

Purchase 4 Olay body wash $5 each(good until 12-24) = $20
Purchase 4 Olay hand and body lotion $5 each (also until 12-24) = $20
= $51.26
- 4 .50 Secret deodorant coupons 11-28 P&G (double)
-4 $5 off Olay body wash wyb Secret 10-31 P&G
-4 Free Olay hand and body lotion wyb Olay body wash 11-28 P&G
=$7.26 oop and send for $20 rebate
$12.74 MONEY MAKER and you have 4 deod, 4 bodywashes and 4 lotions!

Scenario #3 CVS and Kroger:
CVS on black friday Purchase 2 herbal Essence Hydralicious $3.99 each
-$2 Clairol family coupon 10-31 P&G
= Cost $3.98 oop but get back $7.98 in ECBs for a profit of $4

Scenario #2 Kroger only:
Purchase 4 Secret deodorant $2.29 (tag says good until 11-30) = $9.16

Purchase 4 Olay body wash $5 each(good until 12-24) = $20
Purchase 4 Olay hand and body lotion $5 each (also until 12-24) = $20
= $49.16 (but you have your $7.98 from CVS receipt)
- 4 .50 Secret deodorant coupons 11-28 P&G (double)
-4 $5 off Olay body wash wyb Secret 10-31 P&G
-4 Free Olay hand and body lotion wyb Olay body wash 11-28 P&G
=$5.16 oop and send for $20 rebate
$14.84 MONEY MAKER from Kroger piece and $4 from CVS so $18.84 Money Maker and you have 
4 deod, 4 body wash, 4 lotions and 2 Shampoo/conditioners

*This is legit piggybacking because you are not using 2 coupons on any one item
You use the .50 on the Secret deod, the $5 Olay bodywash coupon is similar to using a bogo coupon with a $1 off the one you are paying for, and the free body lotion wyb body wash is like another bogo and using a coupon on the one you are paying for.

HEB Online instant win game

HEB has a new online game for the Holidays.  Log in daily now through December 31, 2010 for the chance to win an instant prize and to collect all 8 members of the H-E-B family. When you do, you'll receive 8 sweepstakes entries toward the chance to win $10,000!

So far I have not won instantly, but I am accumulating the 8 family members of the HEB family.
Let me know if you win an instant prize.  They have some good ones:
• (3) 55" LCD Samsung TVs

• (4) Samsung FlashCAM U10 HD Cameras

• (1) $1,000 H-E-B gift card

• (2) $500 H-E-B gift cards

• (12) $100 H-E-B gift cards

• (40) $50 Southwest Airlines gift cards

• (30) $25 Amazon gift cards

• (30) $25 Lowe's gift cards

• (30) $25 Macy's gift cards

• (50) $15 iTunes gift cards

Have you clicked to give today?

If you have not clicked to give today, please consider doing so right now. You can do this daily PER email address and you can also share via facebook or twitter for yet another click. You will get an email you must verify each time you do this, so please check your spam folders. It will take less than a minute, I promise! For every click provides 1 days worth of clean drinking water. We are fortunate to have clean water and I am currently reading a book that has some disturbing information about future wars that will be fought over water.

New Olay rebate - starts TODAY

I just got an email about this awesome new Olay rebate. Buy $50 worth of ANY Olay, Venus, CoverGirl, Secret, Pantene, Herbal Essences and/or Clairol products between today and 12-31-10 and get back $20 rebate! WOW! Form does not state it has to be all on one transaction, yippee! I plan on starting with the CVS deals I posted about here, and filling in other freebies between now and the end of the year. I have not fully looked at the Walgreens ad for this weekend but I do recall an Olay product appeared on the list.

I would love to hear how you plan on making this a money maker deal and I will be sure to share with you what I end up doing.

*If you don't want to waste your ink, we most likely will be getting this rebate form in our insert this weekend.
Don't forget, we don't get any Smart Source or Red Plum this weekend, but there will be a P&G insert.  Check out the preview here or here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Balloonatiks Review and Giveaway

Ok, I am just going to come out and admit it!
You ready, take a deep breathe.............................

I am guilty of using the babysitter to get dinner made.  You know, that box in the living room that glows and captures the attention of little ones everywhere?  It is either turn on the babysitter, or fight with a 4 year old that does not quite grasp that when mommy says the stove is hot, she means it is an inferno that will scorch your skin and create a huge "OWIE" that even mommy kisses cannot relieve.
Well, there are 2 BIG problems with using the babysitter (at least that I see):
1. At dinner time most the shows on Disney are for the tween (or up) crowd.   The reason I brought up Disney is because of problem number 2
2. Commercials!!!!!   Most the other cartoon channels have commercials for every stinking toy ever created in the history of man.
So, it is either fight the hands of the little one or listen to the wonderful chorus of "I want that!" every 5 minutes at nauseum.

This is where the wonderful world of videos comes to my rescue.  Let's face it though, you need some variety, and I really hate putting in a video that is 1 1/2 hrs or longer, because getting the kids into the kitchen when dinner is actually done is impossible if we are right in the middle of the movie "but mom, this is the best part, can we pause it?"  "wait, I want to watch this part" and on and on.

Well, I was given the opportunity to test drive Balloonatiks and the kids thought it was GREAT!  I love that it has a running time of 23 minutes, which is just about perfect for getting dinner ready and NO commercials!
Even my 4 year old found it funny and it kept her attention(and that girl usually only pays attention to commercials!)
The premise:
Five normal kids are accidentally gooped in a science experiment that goes awry at the Hot Air City Fair, and wind up with stretchy, bouncy, rubbery qualities that make their lives, zany, wild and balloony.  They have become the Balloonatiks®, with odd and unexpected abilities. But they are still kids at heart. What mattered to them before the accident still matters to them now, only now they have rubbery ways of tackling any challenge that is presented to them. Sometimes these abilities help them solve problems with ease; sometimes they only complicate things even more. And they have one problem they never had before – how do you blend in with all the other kids when you’re a Balloonatik?

In a sentence, they are super heroes made out of balloons!  What kid doesn't love super heroes or balloons? :)  I listened from the other room and found myself distracted a little from making dinner(so much that I snuck a viewing in after the kids were put to bed, lol).

Check out some more information for yourself on the Balloontiks at their website or on their facebook page.

And now, the giveaway.  The fine makers of Balloontiks (Animagic Entertainment Group) has graciously offered a giveaway to my readers.  I can give away one copy of Balloontiks.

To enter, head to the  website and read up on the characters.  Which character do you think you would like the most?
Giveaway will end Nov. 30th and winner will be chosen at random.  Good luck.

CVS Thanksgiving ad - 3 day sale

If you are anything like me, I know seeing pictures is much better than just reading a breakdown.
CVS is starting their sale on Thanksgiving day (please keep in mind those employees do NOT want to be working Thanksgiving day so please be nice to store staff, if they are grumpy, can you blame them?  I hated working retail, especially on the holidays, so please play nice :)

Anyway, I just took a snag shot of the sneak peek ad posted on CVS site, go here to access full ad.

WOW!  This is a LOT of freebies:

Colgate Sensitive toothpaste 6 oz $3.99
Earn $3.99 in ECBS (limit 2)
-.75 All You mag October 2010
=.75 money maker per each

Philips in ear headphones or universal remote control $6.99
Earn $6.99 in ECBS (limit 1)

Advil PM 4 ct .99
Earn .99 in ECBS (limit 1)

Excedrin migraine, pm or extra strength 8 ct .99
Earn .99 in ECBS (limit 1)

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance 8.4 oz body lotion $6.99
Earn $6.99 in ECBS (limit  1)
-$1 insert 11/7 RP
=$1 money maker

LA Looks 20 oz styling gel $2.99
Earn $2.99 in ECBS (limit  1)

Herbal Essence Hydralicious 10.1 oz shampoo or conditioner $3.99
Earn $3.99 in ECBS (limit 2)
-$2 Clariol family coupon 10-31 P&G(pictures hairdye)
=$2 moneymaker per bottle

Renpure Organics shampoo or conditioner $4.99
Earn $4.99 in ECBS (limit 2)  *there are try me free hangtags out to make this a profit!

Listerine pocketpaks 3 pk $2.99
Earn $2.99 in ECBS (limit 2)
-.50 or $1 in 1-3, 3/7, 5/16 or 10/10 RP
=.50-$1 Money maker per each

Carmex .15-.35 oz lip balm .99
Earn $.99 in ECBS (limit 1)
.30 insert 11-7SS
=.30 money maker

Old Spice Fresh Collection or Gillette Odor Shield deodorant $4
Earn $4 in ECBS (limit 1)
-$2 insert on Gillette 10-31 P&G
=$2 money maker

Reese's singles .79
Earn $.79 in ECBS (limit 5)

Mars King Size candy $1.59
Earn $1.59 in ECBS (limit 5)

Xtra laundry detergent $1.99
Earn $1 in ECBS (limit 1)
-$1 blinkie
=.99 or FREE

CVS Freebie and possibly a coupon

Does CVS have your correct email address?  If not, you might be missing out on some good coupons.  Just about every week, CVS sends me a coupon for $5 off a $20, $25 or $30 purchase good Thursday through Sundays.  If you are not getting these, you should make sure you are signed up with the correct email address.
Well, today I got my $5 off $25 (good only thru Sat this week) and at the bottom was a free giveaway offer on facebook or twitter.  When I went and liked them on facebook, it gave me this link to sign up for a free toothbrush or bioluxe trial size. YAY!  Offer ends 11/24, so hurry.  It says to check my inbox, so make sure you check your spam folder if you don't have them saved.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Few more Freebies at Kroger

I went back to Kroger today to pick up more of the items I posted about here.(had my mom's card to use up loadables)
While there, I picked up a few more freebies I want to highlight so you can add to your list.
Fiber One yogurt $1.49 (as part of buy 4 promo) - $.50 IP or insert - $1 Kroger ecoupon = -.51
1 Pine Sol $1.99 - $1 IP - $1 Kroger ecoupon = -.01
Odwalla 11 oz drinks $1 - $1 tearpad(found in produce department) = FREE
Odwalla bars $1.69 each - buy 2 drinks get free bar tearpad(found at HEB) = FREE

I also noticed, it seems the Suave deodorant coupon does not beep on the Tropical Paradise variety (so you get free with no beeps) but does beep on the powder fresh variety(cashier will have to override, but you get overage)

Free Produce and cat treats at Target

Stopped into Target tonight and got a few things of produce with their $1 any produce coupon.

Not pictured : banansa .47 lb = 2 lbs FREE after coupon
Swiss Miss hot cocoa $.99 - $1* Safeway Thanksgiving book = FREE after coupon(coupon actually was ringing up .84? so cashier manually put in for .99 :)

Green Giant green onions $1.19 - $1 produce = .19
Celery .99 - $1 produce = FREE
Friskies cat treats $1.42 each - $1 insert 9-12 RP-$1/2 Target coupon = FREE

Free Dog food at Walgreens

This week Walgreens has their Beneful Prepared meals on sale 3/$5. Use the $2 any coupon found in the 10-10 RP to get them free.
I got 12 and used 10 coupons to get them all free. OR you can take their new policy with you to the store to show they are supposed to adjust the coupons down to sale price and get them free that way as well.

Free Libby Vegetables at Dollar General - Nov 21-23rd only

If you need veggies and still have a few of your $1/3 Libby's veggies coupons from the 8-29 RP or the Aug 29th Parade, then might I suggest you add Dollar General to your schedule before the end of day Tuesday.
For 3 days, they will be FREE after coupon (figures!  my mom used up all the coupons when they were on sale ~.12 a can, lol)

Groupon: $10 for Pictures with Santa (1 5x7 and 2 3x5)

Although I hate the timing of this groupon( I hate that Christmas stuff shows up in retail stores at the same time as Halloween stuff, grrr personal pet peeve of mine)
Anyway, if you are planning on getting your kiddos picture with Santa this year, you might want to head over to Groupon.  Right now, they are offering a Groupon for $10 to have a visit with Santa and you will get 3 pictures (1 5x7 and 2 3x5).  They will be in 7 area malls so odds are you are close to one of the locations.   This is a $23 value, so you will be saving $13 by purchasing this Groupon.  You will have until December 22nd to use your certificate.

Hallmark $10 off $10 or more printable

Hallmark has a $10 on your total purchase of $10 or more you can print here.  I am not sure how long this will last, so you might want to print as soon as possible.  You have to fill in your mailing address and your kiddos birthday, and then you choose the $10 coupon.  (I think maybe it is an offer for new or expectant mom's but I put in my kids birthdays and it let me print one) When you print it, it will print with your name and email address.  Thanks Hip2Save.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping Spree ended early.........................

I had grand plans today of going to Target still, CVS(for rainchecks at least) and 1 more Kroger on my way back home.

Unfortunately for me, after being cooped up for 2 days with a sick kid, my day ended with this...............

 Yes, I have now officially succeeded in having BOTH our cars towed in a months time!!!!!!  AND we just had this car fixed YESTERDAY!   Needless to say, I am not in a GREAT mood tonight and sad as it sounds am grateful my kiddos were sick because we would have been heading out of town today and who knows what would of happened or where we would have broken down.  :(
At least insurance covers the tow!

Randalls run - got Light olive oil for .69, got paid to buy toothbrush

I had some catalinas expiring tonight so ran into a Randalls tonight. As always I reviewed the clearance rack and found a few good finds, then just decided to blow my money on Cheetos for my husband. Well, I was really suprised when my Olive Oil rang up on sale and THEN 2 loadables came off!
Here is what my transaction looked:

3 Cheetos $2.69 each $8.07
1 Reduced Sodium Worchestershire $2.59 (had a try me free hangtag, so I will mail that in) There is a .35 insert in 10-31 but I was too lazy to go grab it, if you do, it will make it a small money maker! = $2.59
1 Oral B Vitality toothbrush $14.99 - $7.50 (50% off sticker) - $10 insert 10-31 PG = -$2.50
1 Extra Light Olive Oil $5.39(it was marked $8.99 but must have been on sale?) - $2.70 (50% off sticker) - 2 $1 ecoupons(I am assuming from randalls.com) = .69
1 Stride gum .69 (because I went negative)
- $8 in oynso catalina
= .72 oop

Will mail in for $2.59 rebate

Kroger Run $4 off 4 GM deal and Duracell deal

I have been home with a sick kid for the past two days and decided I needed some time out. I knew I had several loadables at Kroger and wanted to take advantage of the buy 4 save $4 deal going on select GM products. I also finally got some Duracell coupons I had ordered and wanted more FREE batteries. This is how my transaction went down:
$4 off 4 items(I did 3 sets in 1 transaction, prices listed are AFTER $4 came off bottom of receipt):
1 Trix cereal $1.49 - .55 shortcuts =.94
1 Cookie Crisp $1.49 - .75 cellfire - $1/2IP or insert = -.26
1 Cinn toast crunch $1.49 - .55 cellfire = .94
1 Lucky Charms $1.49 - .55  shortcuts - $1/2IP or insert = -.06
1 Betty Crocker muffin mix $1.49 - .50 cellfire - .50 IP or insert  = -.01
1 Chocolate cheerios $1.49 - .75  shortcuts -.75 IP (no longer available)  = -.01
2 Pillsbury cookies $1.49 each -$1/2 holiday cookies cellfire - $1.25 blinkie = .73
2 Pillsbury pie crust $1.49 each - .50/2  shortcuts - .50/2  IP or insert =1.48
2 Pillsbury grands cinnamon rolls $1.49 each - .40/2 cellfire - 2 .50 insert = .58

3 Ajax dish deterent .99 - .50 insert 11-14 SS = FREE
3 Suave deodorant .88 - .50 insert (I auto adjusted, other 2 had to be manually entered so got overage) = -.24
4 Duracell batteries $1.98 - $1.50 insert 11-14 RP = $1.92
1 Duracell watch battery $1.09
2 Edge shave gel $2.39 each - bogo sale - bogo IP(no longer available) = FREE
-$1 Cellfire customer appreciation coupon
tax : -.87
Cost oop: $5.23

Earned back $3 for purchasing 6 Pillsbury and $3 for purchasing $15(pre sale price) of duracell

Ace 50% off coupon - good Saturday Nov 27th only

Wow!  Ace Hardware is offering a coupon for 50% off any ONE  regular priced item under $30.  Limit one per household and only on regular priced items!  I know I can always find much needed items for the house at Ace, so I am very excited about this coupon.
Did you know they even carry pet supplies at Ace?  Good time to get a pet carrier if needed.  Or, you can find a decent hand tool or garden hose.  I am looking at their website now to see what I want to get.  If I can't decide on something for my house, I might just have to get something for my dad to mark off my Christmas shopping list.

I plan on going out shopping today and posting my deals I find.  I have been home with a sick kiddo for 2 days and I am getting stir crazy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Winner - Aeros tickets!

I apolize to Pam (and if you email me your address, I will happily send you some goodies to make up for not posting a winner when I stated I would) but I am running out of time!  I HAVE to mail these Aeros tickets out tomorrow because this game is Sunday night!  The first person THAT posted a comment to THE GIVEAWAY POST and posts a comment to this post and then emails me their mailing address TONIGHT gets the tickets!

Good luck, there were only 8 comments so you have a 1 in 7 chance.  Please only respond if you are free Sunday afternoon for the game!

Panko Bread Crumbs Giveaway

Have you ever cooked with Panko bread crumbs? If not, you might want to consider it. Panko is different in that they are a crunchy type of bread crumbs. I have a simple go to recipe for the kids for baked chicken strips that use Panko bread crumbs. My kids gobble them up and like them just as much as chicken nuggets. My little one is at the age where she will not eat just plain chicken, so "tricking" her into eating healthy is always an adventure. Everytime I use the panko bread crumbs, there is NO trick and she cleans her plate!
Well, Progresso is adding Lemon Pepper bread crumbs to their line up now. Hmmm, I will have to give these a try next time I make chicken strips. It will be nice to have an added flavor to the recipe.
Here is the recipe for those interested:
Preheat oven to 425F, cover cookie sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray
In three shallow bowls mix the following
1. 1/4 cup flour
2. 1 egg with 1 tablespoon water
3. 1 cup Panko bread crumbs and 1/2 grated Parmesan cheese
Take ~ 1 1/4 lb chicken breast tenders and dip in bowls 1-3.
*optional drizzle with 2 tablespoons melted butter(I don't do this step and think they still taste delicious)
Bake 15 to 20 minutes turning once, until chicken is no longer pink in center
Watch your kiddos gobble them up!

General Mills through MyBlogSpark generously has given me a free box of Panko Lemon Pepper bread crumbs to try in addition to an autographed copy of Chef Chiarello's new cookbook: Michael Chiarello's Bottega.  AND I get to give away a gift pack to one of my readers too!
So to enter, leave me a comment on what you plan on making with your breadcrumbs should you win.  Feel free to include a recipe if you like :)
Each reader can enter once and contest will end Wednesday, November 24th.

Additionally, be sure to check out the Progresso's Wine & Dine with Chef Michael Chiarello Sweepstakes. Now through December 31st, participants can enter for the chance to win a trip for two to Napa Valley to attend the Spring Bud Break Party, an annual dinner and wine tasting event taking place on May 7, 2011. In addition to two tickets to the party, the grand prize also includes roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations. Visit www.progressobroth.com for the sweepstakes rules and entry form. And check out progressofoods for a $1 coupon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Target - clearance deals

Headed to Target after reading Hip2Save's posts of awesome clearance finds. 
I found several night shirts and 1 pair of pants really cheap and used the $10/3 women's night apparel target coupon.  I also was lucky and found one of the Tag reader sets she posted about here.  Used the $10 Target coupon and the $5 manuf coupon and the overage from the $10/3 Apparel coupon to get all this for only $1.54!!!!!  (All the Target coupons beeped and had to be pushed through?)

Cellfire Cinderella 24 hour promotion

Starting tomorrow at noon (Pacific time) and running until11:59 am Friday (Pacific time) you need to log into cellfire. When logging in, you will be presented with a coupon to load to your Kroger family card for either $1, $5 or $10. They will be giving away 10,000 coupons and they are doing it in 24 hours so they won't bog down the servers. Also, the $5 and $10 will be given away at random times throughout the 24 hours, so no need to race to the site at noon.
Good luck and let me know what value coupon you get!

Winners Aeros Tickets selected!

My goodness, I completely forgot to pick my winner!  YIKES.  Thanks Elizabeth for reminding me.

Winner by random org is comment #3
Pam said...
How fun! I'd love to go with my hubby to the game! :) Pam Please get your address to me so I can put your tickets in tomorrow's mail so you will get them in time for the game on the 21st! Hopefully I will also get a chance later tonight to post a few deals, my work computer was not working today so I am WAY behind on the internet.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CHEAP Duracell batteries

Kroger right now has a catalina deal going that gives you a $3 oynso when you purchase $15 worth of Duracell products.  It appears this catalina deal is working on non-sale (shelf) price.  For those of you in Tx and La, that means you need to purchase 5 of the $1.98 sale packs to get the $3 oynso.
Well, we just got $1.50 coupons in the Sunday paper so this make this a HOT deal.  (Keep in mind, these coupons have the new P&G wording that states you can only use 4 like coupons per visit BUT we have .75 coupons from the 10-10 P&G)

So, your transaction should look like this:
5 Duracell 4 pack AA/AAA or 2 pk C/D or 1 pk 9V = $9.90
-4 $1.50 insert 11-14= - 6
-.75 insert 10-10 P&G
= $3.15, get back $3.

*You might also want to check your coupon stash, as I had a few $1 homemailers turning this into a small money maker.

*Sorry for my lack of deal posts, had family visiting and also had some personal business to tend to- court :(

Cellfire has reset - New Colgate and Hershey coupons!

Cellfire has reset.  They added a .75 Colgate Wisp coupon that you will want to add immediately to use on our last day of the mega sale at Kroger.  The Wisp are $1.50 after mega and there is a .50 manuf. printable here.
Check out the other hot coupons for Cellfire and get them loaded to your Kroger card, and DON'T forget, if you loaded your 10 coupons last cycle, you should have a $1 credit on your Kroger card today.
Also, it appears Cellfire is still allowing me to load their coupons to my Randalls card.  I know they are no longer loadable on Safeway cards, but if your store is in the Safeway family, but not run under the Safeway banner, you can still load.  This may change soon, so if you want them, I suggest loading TODAY.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Reminder - P&G to donate a day of water per click

Wow, I didn't realize this can be done PER DAY per email.  Also, if you share on facebook or twitter, that will count as another day worth of water for someone.  So everyone, please take a moment to click and share.  Lets see if we can get this number UP!  I just shared on twitter, facebook and used my primary address and it took maybe 30 seconds of my time.
And come back later, I am going to try to post a run down of some deals I see for the week as well as another giveaway going live today!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winner Chosen - RocknLearn DVD

By Random.org, the winner has been chosen for a copy of the Money and Making Change DVD

Thank you to everyone for entering and wow, even some of you who didn't know about the dime googled it and learned something.  Yes, the dime is the smallest US coin because when it was made of pure silver, it was 1/10th of silver worth as the Silver dollar.  They didn't want any smaller coins since they could be easily lost, so they made the nickel and penny out of lesser metals, so their size didn't really matter.

Now, the winner is jenleic2008

jenleic2008 said...
There are lots of fun looking DVDs for kids on their site. I think the Math Word problems would be a great one to own...especially since the TAKS test has lots of those kind of math questions. I am sorry to say I do not know why the dime is the smallest coin...always wondered though. 
Please email your address to me so you can receive your prize. Thanks again everyone.

If you have not entered my giveaway for the Aeros hockey tickets, you have less than 24 hours. I will pick a winner tomorrow(assuming I don't forget)

Friday, November 12, 2010

P&G donating clean drinking water - we need your clicks!

I would like to take a moment to ask a favor of all my readers.  If you will just enter your email, then click the "click to Donate water button" in the picture above, P&G will provide a full DAY of clean drinking water (2 liters) to a person in a developing country.
Just click and enter your valid email address.  Then go to that email and validate your email and you will have helped provide clean drinking water to someone in real need through P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program.   Check your spam folders for an email from Changents for the validation email. (on that page is an opt in for further email, so I am pretty sure if you keep that unclicked you won't be spammed)

 It will cost you nothing but a moment of your time, and you will have helped a fellow human on our planet.  I know I don't have a ton of readers and many of you may have already helped on another blog(which is WONDERFUL) but if we can get to 1000 days of water donated on this blog, I will have an opportunity to receive a $50 for giveaway on my blog.  Please consider taking the time to click whether on my blog or ANY other blogs you regularly read.  This is a very worthy cause, I would love P&G to reach their goal of 100,000 days of clean water by the end of 2010.  (hopefully they will up that total in the future, because running the numbers, that only provides clean water for ~ 275 people for a year)
All this requires is an email, so please consider telling friends, coworkers, spouses, kids to also add their email.

I can't imagine not being able to get clean drinking water (even in hurricane season, we have such a great support system here).  It took me less than 20 seconds to do this, so please take the time to make a ripple in someone's life (consider ALL your email addresses ;)

Sunday Coupon Preview

Want to know what you will be getting this week in the coupon inserts?
Go here or here to find the preview for Sunday's inserts. Please remember they are regional variances on brands as well as values on the coupons.

What coupons are you excited about? Personally I am liking the $10 off Oral B Vitality. This will make 2 FREE at CVS according to my ad.

Gilt - Free audio books or a few other items!

Have you heard of Gilt yet?
This appears to be yet another deal site that deals with closeouts and drastically reduced items.  Well, right now if you join under this link only (and no this is not my affiliate link) you get a $20 credit right away!  I was excited to see that right now this site has a great selection on books!  They have audio or regular books and many are under $12.  Shipping is $7.95 and your $20 can go toward that, so anything under $12.05 will be absolutely FREE!  Notice a screen shot of my order below:

I chose the audio books because I think they will be a nice change from the silly song cds while traveling to visit the grandparents with the kiddos. I was torn though, as they also had Junie B Jones boxed sets of actual books for only $13, so only .95 shipped! 
Hurry to sign up for this offer as I know it will not last long!  Maybe you can get one more Christmas gift out of the way without any cost.

Thanks Hip2Save for the heads up!

Zantac $3 Printable

There is a new printable out for Zantac. These often go on sale at CVS and Walgreens with ECBS and register rewards. I plan on printing this coupon and keeping it with me hoping a deal pops up.
(I did the same when the $2/2 Right Guard IP came out and got free deodorant this week at Kroger's mega sale)
I noticed there is also a Target IP on Zantac, so I guess I need to do a price check.