Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heb this week - a few good deals now , more to post later

I wanted to post this last night but I was just too darn tired and went to bed with my kiddos.
While at HEB last night finishing up my P&G deals I noticed they have full size mens Dial bodywash for as low as $2.98. Well, I posted how you could get Dial bodywash for just .50 at Family Dollar or Walmart in this post.

At HEB though you can get the bodywash with a bonus tube of I think lotion, then conbine with the YQ for free Dial bar soap when you buy Dial Bodywash.
So get Dial bodywash and 3 bars of soap for just under $1!

Dial Bodywash $2.98 - $2 insert 6-12 RP = .98
Dial 3 bar soap $1.88 - $1.88 YQ = FREE

Another deal that was brought to my attention by a reader (this was NOT in my ad, but should be chainwide if the store carries it), THANKS GUINEA <3

In reader Christy's ad, these Monster Pops are on sale 5 for $5.   These are Budget Saver brand and will qualify for the printable coupons on their website!(you will have to shrink this coupon to fit, so be sure to print preview)  So you can score an 8 pack for as low as .50!

Stay tuned later in the week as I have been collecting pricing on the Box Top for Education promo and hope to get an extensive list posted.  The promo page you might want to take to the store with you can be found here.
Don't understand my lingo? Go here.   See my disclosure statement here.


Anonymous said...

I can't print the barcode on the budget saver coupon. I can only print half the coupon. Can someone tell me how to print it in full? Thank you!

Casey said...

Is there a way to find out a list of all the B&M coupons available before heading out to HEB? Oftentime I don't have the right manufacturing coupon to stack with when I find a B coupon while in store. Thank you!

Charitykc said...

Question on HEB's coupon policy... a couple of times I was not allowed to do a few "deals". 1st - The coupon for the razors with the free shaving cream - I was told the shaving cream was attached to the razors and you can't double the coupons.
2nd - I tried using the Hormel naturals lunchmeat coupon (-.50) with the free Kraft cheese coupon...told the same thing. I tried stressing that one was for one item the other was for the other and if I happened to get the full priced item with a coupon that was dice...not allowed. Even a manager said the same thing. Am I just at the wrong HEB or can you not use any other coupon AT ALL with any item that has a M YQ -even if the item is just the requirement for their promoted item.

Anonymous said...

Just made a trip to my Conroe HEB and the Dial was not on sale but you would get the bar soap for free. Did not buy any.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, I had to go to print preview and resize the coupon to about 20% normal size, then it would print on one page with the barcode

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Casey you can use either hcw database or couponmoms (they are in my opinion the ones I use and seem to be the most extensive)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Charity, if you have a choice, I would choose a different store. They seem non coupon friendly. I have used coupons as you stated at more than 4 stores around my areas of town without issue. I few cashiers have looked and said they are not sure this will work, but lets give it a shot! :)

Charitykc said...

Okay, thanks for getting back with me on it. I will try another one.

katychick said...

i use all the popsicle ice cream pops coupon and it went thru just fine- i had a good trip at heb- they let me use the 5.00 off in the same transaction too
thanks for your tips

Casey said...

Thank you Stephanie, I'll check out those two sites!

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