Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas in July- Thank you TARGET!

I have been waiting for the news Target toys were at 75% off and today was the day for most stores(those of you in Houston, as of 6 pm, the store in Westheimer and Fondren still had not done the markdown so good luck tommorrow!)
I got all this at 3 different stores and now I should be set for Christmas and birthday parties for my kids, my nieces, nephews and those birthday invites we will most likely be getting this year.
Let me see if I can get the breakdown right:
2 Disney fairies $3.24 each
1 Geotrax zoo $8.24
1 Thinktivity musical pets $4.98
1 Thinktivity treefrog $5.12
1 Thinktivity storyteller $5.12
1 Natural Geographics microscope(not pictured) $4.88
2 Megablocks Magnext sets $12.48 each
3 Megablocks Magnext sets $5.98 each
1 Megablocks Magnext sets $6.12
1 Megablocks Magnext sets $6.24
1 Marble run $3.98
1 Motorized car $4.82
1 Cranium Wow You're good game $7.22 - $4 peelie
1 Guess What I am $3.74
2 Leapster Cartridges $6.22 - $4 printable
1 Leapster Tag book $3.48 - $3 printable
1 Aquadoodle $6.24
1 Aquadoodle zipbins $ 5.98
Color splitz markers $2.48
1 My Little Pony set $4.24
1 Barbie Walkie Talkies $4.48
1 Barbie Idesign $4.98
1 Tonka truck $5.37
1 Leapster system $12.48
3 Word World animals $2.48
2 Word World animals $3.17
2 Word World animals $3.72
1 Wacky Willa toy $4.82*
*This toy came with a free 1 year subscription to Parents magazine. If you don't want the subscription, they will send you a $5 refund!
Total oop: $195.75 after tax
Will get back $5 from rebate and this should cover most of Christmas and birthdays for the rest of the year.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Potential FREE/cheap toy at Target clearance

I don't normally post like this, but you might miss this if I wait until I can get home and post pics.

Right now, Target toys have gone 75% off. If you can find the above pictured toy 75% off BUY IT!
My store had these for $4.82 + tax = $5.22.
Inside is a subscription card for Parents magazine. It clearly states if you do not want the subscription, you can get a $5 refund!!!!!! Limit one per household. That practically pays for the toy. If you have no kids to give this to, save it to donate to Toys for Tots or another worthy cause. You can get the card out of the package by cutting just a small piece of the packaging, so it would still be in GREAT shape for donations or gift giving!


I big heartfelt thank you goes out to all my wonderful readers that left a comment on my post here. You guys are incredible and helped me win a cozi sponsorship for BlogHer '10. I hope I can repay the favor by listing out some hot deals and ways to make life simplier for busy moms.

If you guys have not checked out Cozi yet, you need to head over to their site. I love the color coded calendar you can create for all your families activities. Now I can see at a glance where the mommy taxi needs to be for which kiddo. You can even create a shopping list and print or send it directly to your phone! I need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping track of shopping lists, lol.
Thank you again to all my readers. You guys are wonderful and the main reason I keep posting.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking for Polo shirts for school uniforms? is having a great sale right now! For only $3.99 each and $3.99 flat rate shipping you can get prepared for Back to School on the cheap.
When you click to look at the colors it will show the $9 price, but when you add it to your bag, you will see the price reflect the $3.99 each.
Also, don't forget to go through a rewards site like ebates (4%), upromise (4%), or other sites you prefer.
Thanks to Erin for this find!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Note worthy Printables- They reset the Kraft dressing coupon

There are quite a few good printables that just got released that you might want to considering printing. Typically these high value printables have a set limit and once that print limit has been reached, they are no longer available. Print yours up while you still have a chance. (using zip 63090) has a coupon for a free gallon of white milk(up to $4) with a $100 grocery purchase. The only states that seem to be excluded are Hawaii and Alaska.

Also, they have a coupon for a free half gallon of chocolate milk(up to $3.75) with the purchase of a gallon of white milk. Same exclusions as above coupon.

While you are there, print out the $1/2 Bic product coupon. All 3 should fit on a page anyway and that one should net you some free pens. Most stores put these on sale for .50 or cheaper around this time of year, and currently Target has a printable that might provide overage when used with manuf. coupon.

Next, head on over to the Kraft website and print a $1 off Kraft 2% milk shredded cheese and $1 off Oscar Mayer beef franks.(These coupons do have the Publix logo on them, so some cashier's may reject them even though they are manuf. coupons)

They also had a $1.50 Kraft dressing coupon, but right now that coupon has met is limit. They have reset the coupon! (Thanks boobles from HCW)

If you have a Super Target near you, you will want to print the $1 Kashi cereal coupons to net you some free Kashi single serve bowls, priced everyday for $1 (these coupons DO NOT beep:)

Target also released a $1 off 1lb of apples coupon. Right now the small red delicious are the cheapest at $1.29/lb but before the coupon expires, that coupon should net free apples!

Don't forget the $1/2 Bic coupon to combine with the manuf coupon mentioned above.

Also, go to Scrubbing Bubbles and print a $7 coupon for the Automatic Shower Cleaner starter kit. Use the $5 Target gift card coupon found in the 7-26 SS to pick this up. They are on sale for $12.99 so will only cost $1 after both coupons(figuring in gift card) Thanks Lisa at SWCC

If pop tarts are your thing, print the .75 Target coupon and the .55 manuf coupon here and get a box for just .22.

Free Movie Ticket with purchase- Cost Plus World Market

Today and tommorrow, you can receive a free movie code with a purchase at Cost Plus World Market. This is while supplies last so you may want to confirm they have some before you make your purchase! There does not appear to be any fine print that states a minimum purchase amount, so something small should work just fine.
Go here to find a location near you.
Thanks to Marina from TexasCouponers for this info.

Edited to add: I just got home from Cost Plus and on your receipt will be printed a passkey. You use this to register on and the first 10,000 customers to register will receive a unique code via email on 8-6-09.
I purchased a small package of shortbread cookies for .96 after tax so pretty good deal if you are one of the first 10,000.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cellfire is reloading!

New set of coupons should be available today(Tuesday) on Cellfire.
One that is SURE to be hot is the $1 off on Honey Nut Cheerios! That is a high value coupon and should be a good deal soon.
Be sure to stop in to load the other coupons as well. As you can see from my Monday shopping trip, it pays to load these up, especially at Safeway.
You should also load the Chex Mix, Fiber One and Kids yogurt coupons to combine with the last day of the Mega Sale at Kroger.
Coupons that should be available today:
$.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals
$.50/2 TWO BOXES any flavor Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Fruit Gushers Fruit Roll-Ups OR Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz
$.40/1 BOX any flavor/variety Nature Valley Granola Bars
$.40/1 BOX any flavor Fiber One Chewy Bars
$.40/1 17.5 OZ. OR LARGER Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
$.75/2 Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes
$.55/1 Trix cereal
$1/1 Honey Nut Cheerios cereal
$.50/1 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack
$.50 when you buy BOTH Betty Crocker Cake Mix AND Betty Crocker Frosting
$.80/2 Yoplait products listed - Yoplait Go-GURT Yogurt - Yoplait Trix Multipack Yogurt
$.40/1 BOX any variety Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Shapes
$.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups OR any flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothies
$.50/1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls OR Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis Bowls
$1/1 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Barbecue OR Sour Cream & Onion Chex Mix
$1/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks
$.60/1 BOX any flavor Chex Mix Bars
$1/1 BAG any flavor Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters

Randalls run for bread

My husband told me we needed bread so I ran into Randalls today. I knew I had loadables for the Nature Valley bars as well as a printable that would double to $1. I was hoping I had enough to pay for most of the bread and I did. I paid .19 for these two items today.
Here is the breakdown:
1 Nature Valley Dark chocolate and nut bars $2.50 - .50 printable doubled - 3 .50 loadable - 3 .40 loadables (loadables from shortcuts and cellfire)
1 Safeway Split Top Wheat bread $1.39
Total oop .19 after the overage from the NV granola/trail mix bars.

Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend.

I did not get the opportunity to go to the famous BlogHer convention this weekend, but that is okay. I am being given an opportunity to earn a sponsorship from cozi for next years event! Please post a comment(any comment, even an "A") on this post! The more comments, the better! New rules state only one comment per person and if possible, please post with your name. Thanks!

10. Because I hate packing and unpacking for trips.

9. Because I didn't have to shop for "nice" clothes to be seen in.

8. Because I get to spend time learning all about Cozi (my bff will tell you I desperately need this service seeing as a triple booked one weekend-ouch!)

7. Because I get to spend time cleaning out closets to count how much school attire is needed.

6. Because laundry does not get done unless mommy is home.

5. Because my girls are just so darn cute and I miss their hugs and kisses if we are separate for more than a day.

4. Because I didn't have the money to make a trip to Chicago anyway.

3. Because I would have missed out on getting 8 rolls of papertowels for FREE tonight.

2. Because my 5 year old wants me to teach her how to play Scrabble (yeah!)

1. Because I would miss out on blogging to all my wonderful READERS!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Target- free papertowels

Stopped into Target and got the above pictured items for .44 total.
Here is my breakdown:
1 Purina cat chow $2.24 - free Target home mailer
1 Fusion razor $4.99 - $4 insert 6-7 P&G - $4 Target home mailer(adjusted down)
1 All small and Mighty $1.02 - $1.50 Target home mailer(adjusted down)
8 Bounty basic towels .99 each - .25 insert 7-5 P&G
8 Charmin to go $1 each - .25 insert 7-5 P&G - 8 $1.50 Target coupons wyb any Charmin toilet paper and any Bounty product 6-21 SS(these coupons beep)
1 Dawn pure essentials $2.49 - $1.50 insert 6-7 P&G - .50 Target coupon 6-21 RP(this coupon beeps)
Tax .03
Total oop $0.44

CVS free school supplies

CVS has another 3 day sale for some more free school supplies. I got all these items for $0 oop.
Here is my breakdown:
2 Pilot easytouch pens .99 each
2 Composition notebooks .99 each
2 Tot staplers .99 each
1 Pencil case .99
1 15 ct Pencil top erasers .99
1 12 ct Binder clips .99
2 CVS gold emblem nuts .99 each - $2/2 CRT coupon
Paid with 8.98 in ecbs from last week(adjusted down) and got back $9 in ecbs
*Each item was free after ecbs, limit 2.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Childrens Place Monster Sale- In Store SALE

My errands today took me out to Katy, so I stopped at The Children's Place Outlet to check the Monster Sale going on. Well, everything was an additional 50% off already reduced prices. I was excited to see they had a couple more items in stock in the sizes I needed as opposed to the online sale. I ended up purchasing these 11 items for just $26.12. The real kicker, is I saved an additional $4.61 just for saying the right thing........................
What is the right thing? Simple. When the cashier finished ringing my order, I simply asked if he had a 15% off he could scan for me. His answer "OF COURSE!"
One simple question saved me an additional four and a half dollars!
The moral of the story here: You have NOTHING to lose by asking, and EVERYTHING to gain!
Do not feel threatened into asking for a discount. I knew the 15% was available online, so why not ask while purchasing in the store.
Again, I have to RAVE about The Children's Place clothing. It is very sturdy and I am very happy to know I paid less than $2.50 per item that both kids should be able to wear. These clothes do hold up!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Childrens Place Monster Sale

Right now The Children's Place is having their famous Monster Sale. I love when this comes around because they have very sturdy clothing. My girls go to a school with modified uniforms(solid colors) and The Children's Place always has these in their sale. What is even better is you can still use a discount code during the sale, they have flat rate shipping of $5, and you can go through sites like upromise, ebates, mypoints, etc to get additional savings (through money back offers). I just ordered 5 items for $23.59 shipped. You can use coupon code FA79 to get an additonal 15% on already reduced prices.

I purchased through Upromise for a 3% cash back ($0.50 for my order-does not include tax or shipping). You need to go to the Children's Place link in promotional site you want to use to capture these savings, therefore, I am not providing a direct link to the monster sale.

Kroger run with some new goodies

Stopped into Kroger today to get some Velvetta shells and cheese and a couple other freebies. My mom also asked me to get her some Listerine, so I went ahead and did 1 more mega deal.
Here is my breakdown:
Mega deal:
2 Kraft dressing $1.69 each - $1 tearpads(found at HEB)
3 Temptations cat treats $1.49 each - .50 insert doubled 6-7RP(coupons beep?)
1 Kraft cheese $1.99 - .50 tearpad doubled
2 Listerine $2.99 each - $2 printable (use zip 83642)
2 Rolaids $1.69 each - $ 1 insert 6-7 RP
-$5 mega deal

Other stuff:
4lbs Chicken leg quarters(not pictured) $2.55 - $2 meat/poultry tearpad wyb 2 Kraft
3 Crest toothpaste $1 each - .75 loadable - 3 .75 insert 7-5 P&G(there are .50 in 6-7P&G)
3 Oral B toothbrushes $1 each - $1 insert 7-5 P&G
3 Hot shot ant and roach(not pictured) $1.99 each - $1.50 insert 7-19SS(coupon beeps?)
1 Kroger Comfort hand sanitizer $1 - $1 peelie
4 Velvetta* shells and cheese $1.79 each - 2 $1.50/2 printables
2 Kraft bbq sauce $1.09 each - free peelies found on Velvetta
Tax -.19
Total OOP: $8.19 but got $4 back in catalinas
*There are two catalina promos going right now on the Kraft Velvetta and bbq sauce.
If you purchase 4 Velvetta shells and cheese, you get a $3 oynso
If you purchase 2 Kraft bbq sauce, you get a $1 oynso
So $1.79 * 4 = $7.16 - $4 in earned cats - $3 in printables= .16 for 4 boxes and 2 bbq sauce!

Listerine Pocketpaks are also on sale for $1 but I didn't have my coupons with me. These would be free with coupons from 6-14SS, 4-26RP, 3-15SS

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kroger mega sale Day 7

I have had a sick kiddo so have not been paying much attention to the mega deal until Monday night. Monday as I was getting my coupons together, I noticed the $1 Kraft dressing insert coupons were set to expire Tuesday and I could not let them go unused. I don't really need much dressing, but I had some great meat tearpads to use up that needed a cheap Kraft qualifier. This is where the dressing comes into play. For each two Kraft dressings I purchased, I could save $2 off any meat/poultry! Since the Kraft dressing is only .19 each after coupon and mega deal, I could not pass up the opportunity to go use them. I scrambled to get all my trade envelopes, printables and insert coupons together and here is my breakdown:
Part of mega deal(for each 10 items, save $5 instantly-basically .50 off each item, I am listing prices BEFORE this .50 is taken off)
30 Kraft dressing $1.69 each - $1 insert 6-21SS
3 Temptations cat treats $1.49 each - .50 insert doubled 6-7RP(coupons beep?)
3 Hartz dog treats $2.49 each - $2 printables
2 Philly Cream Cheese $1.49 each - $1/2 winetag
3 Softsoap $1.49 each - $1 printables zip 45435(the bottles I found do not say elements on them)
3 Speedstick $1.49 each - $1.50 printables zip 33907(coupon beeps)
2 Rolaids $1.69 each - $ 1 insert 6-7 RP
2 Sobe $.99 each - bogo printable(no longer available-this was entered for 1.59)
2 Propel $.99 each - .55 hangtag(there are 2 out, one for 23.7oz and one for 710ml, I used the 710ml since they didn't have the 23.7 oz bottles but coupon beeped anyway)
-$25 for 5 Mega deals!
Not part of mega sale:
1 Digiorno Flatbread melt $3.19 - free coupon(mail in rebate, buy one and get free coupon)
7 Hillshire Farm lunch meat $2.39 each - $2 tearpad off meat/poultry wyb 2 Kraft products
2 Kroger bacon $2.50 each - $2 tearpads
2 Bacon cheeseburger patties $1.99 each - $2 tearpads
4 Seasoned chicken leg quarters $2.89, $2.84, $ 2.68, $2.60 - $2 tearpads
-$5 coupon from Quaker rebate(I blogged about this here)
-$1 catalina from prior Temptations purchase
Tax: -$3.11
Total oop: $ 2.32

Cheap Toddler Wipes at Wal*Mart

I ran to Wal*mart yesterday to price match a local sales ad for Blue Bell 1/2 gallon ice cream for $3.66. While I was there, I picked up the Pull ups toddler wipes with the new $3/2 coupons we just got this past weekend. Here is my breakdown:
14 Pull ups toddler wipes $1.64 each - $3/2 insert 7-19SS
2 Blue Bell ice cream 1/2 gal(not pictured) price matched for $3.66 - $1.50 printable
Tax: $.52
Total: $6.80

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick CVS run

I spent most the weekend far away from my coupons, but ran out to my CVS last night to see if there were any of the free school supplies left. Luckily, they still had most of what I wanted in stock. They were out of the 24 count pencils, so I got a raincheck for those. For those not aware, rainchecks are GREAT, especially at CVS. CVS rainchecks NEVER expire and they write the promo code directly on the raincheck so they can manually print your ECB later. (You might want to also keep that weeks ad with the raincheck for clarity when you redeem them. Also, don't let the cashier tell you to come back when their truck comes. You are there NOW, you can get your raincheck NOW!)
Here is my breakdown:
2 Caliber filler paper $2 each
2 Papermate 1.2 pens $.99 each
2 1" Vinyl binders $3 each
Used a $7.99 ecb, $2 ecb and $2 ecb adjusted down to $1.99, no other oop
Got back $$1.98 for pens, $4 for paper and $6 for binders
So total cost overall, lost .01 in ecb value

Friday, July 17, 2009

For those asking about classes

I am getting quite a few emails about when the next class is going to be, so I thought I would respond here. Right now, I am not scheduling classes. I have been extremely busy with my full time job and trying to get my shopping done as well. It has been hard to even keep the blog going regularly as my schedule has been exhausting me. I hope to be able to offer a class in the future, but right now, I need to devote the time to my family and rest. I thank you for your understanding. As soon as I know I can offer my all to a class, I will announce it here, on my blog.

Randalls run for milk

I finally made it to Randalls again to use the free milk catalinas I earned from my previous trip posted here. Well, the catalinas were for a free gallon of milk up to $4.50 and I read reports that these were scanning for the full $4.50. I was short on time and was trying to find some items we would use to each up the $5 overage I would get from both these. This is where I HATE Randalls ads. I read it wrong and thought the Haagen Dazs were $2.49 and when you buy 4, you get $1 off each. I thought, GREAT! Because of a GREAT trade I made on HCW(thanks SKI!) I had $1 coupons so I thought, .49 AFTER the promo and coupons isn't bad, right?
Well, the ad WAS listing the price AFTER the promo and in teeny, tiny print, it says wyb 4. My question, who ACTUALLY pays $3.49 for a pint of ice cream?????? The answer: Apparantly, the people that misread the store grocery ads, like myself.
Well, lesson learned there. Also, I was behind on my emails and remembered someone sending me what I thought was a rebate for Seattle's Best Coffee. I didn't get a chance to open and print the form, so I thought I would use that to fill in the rest of my $5 overage only to find out it is a satisfaction guarantee, not a rebate, grrrr!
Enough griping, here is my breakdown:
2 gallons milk $1.99 each - 2 free catalinas that rang up $4.50 each
4 bananas .85
4 Haagen Dazs $3.49 each - $1 each for promo - $1 tearpad coupons
1 Seattles best coffee $7.99
Tax -.74
Cost oop: $9.04
*I was hoping the Seattles coffee was a rebate so all this would have only cost $1.05 + stamp.
My kids and husband BETTER LOVE this ice cream, lol.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kroger mega sale , Day 2

Much the same as yesterday, but I used my moms card this time for her printables. She got a card while living with us and lets me use it during the times she isn't visiting since she shops from my house too, lol. Here is the breakdown
1 Fiber One yogurt $2.49 - $1 shortcuts -$1 insert(7-12SS)
4 Sobe .99 each - 2 bogo printables
2 Yoplait kids yogurt $2.46 each - .80/2 shortcuts - 2 .35 inserts(7-12SS) tripled
2 Chex Mix $1.99 - 2 .50 shortcuts - 2 .50 printables doubled
3 Kraft 2% cheese $1.99 each - 3 .50 tearpad doubled
1 Playtex gloves $1.99 - $1 insert (5-3SS)
1 Yo Plus Yogurt* $2.49 - $1 insert(6-7SS)
6 Temptations treats $1.49 - 3 .50 insert(6-7RP) - 3 $1 insert(4-26RP-these are for the tuna flavor, which I bought, but they beeped anyway???)
-$1 oynso from buying Temptations last time
-$5 mega promo
-$5 mega promo
Tax -.53
Cost $2.33 and earned another $1 oynso.
*My loadable did not come off for the Yo Plus, so will be contacting shortcuts to get $1 applied to the card., so total for everything would have been $1.33.

Second transaction, I used my card and did a small one. As you can see, I am loading up on the cheese!
1 Cheerios $3.14 - free Kroger home mailer
1 pint Strawberries $1.97 - free Kroger home mailer(my sister gave me hers since she is out of town- woo hoo!)
5 Temptations cat treats $1.49 each - 2 .50 insert(6-7RP) - 3 $1 insert(4-26RP-these are for the tuna flavor, which I bought, but they beeped anyway???)
2 Propel .99 each - 2 .55 hangtags(these say for 23.7 oz which I bought, but they beep anyway)
3 Kraft 2% cheese $1.99 each - 3 .50 tearpad
-$1 oynso cat from Temptations treats
-$5 mega promo
Tax -.14
Total oop: $0.16 and earned another $1 oynso for the cat treats

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kroger Mega Sale Day 1

Not sure how I managed coming out so far ahead at Kroger, but it was a very good day. I really was not very coordinated with my coupons, but I did good none the less. Here is my breakdown for Transaction #1:
2 Yoplait Go-Gurt $2.49 each - .35 insert tripled(7-12SS) - .80/2 cellfire loadable
3 Lady Speedstick $1.49 each - $1.50 printables(adjusted down)
1 Daisy sour cream $1.99 -.55 Randalls booklet coupon(expires today)
2 Propel .99 each -.55 handtag(these beep for some reason)
2 Sobe Life .99 each - .99 bogo printable
-$5 for mega promo
Not part of mega sale
1 Grands biscuits $1.29 - .35 insert tripled(7-12SS) - .50 cellfire loadable
Tax -.42
I actually went negative by .29 and the cashier insisted I take the change, yippee!
I also got a catalina to earn $5 for doing an online survey.

Transaction #2:
2 Yoplait kids yogurts $2.46 each - 2.59 free homemailer - .35 insert tripled(7-12SS) - .80/2 shortcuts loadable
6 Sobe Life .99 each - 2 1.59 bogo printable(seems he didn't scan my 3rd and put the value in much higher?)
3 Temptation cat treats $1.49 - .50 insert doubled(6-7RP)
1 Fiber One yogurt $2.49 - $1 insert - $1 cellfire loadable
3 Kraft cheese $1.99 -.50 tearpad doubled
1 Speedstick $1.49 each - $1.50 printables
3 Propel .99 each -.55 handtag(these beep for some reason)
1 Yo Plus yogurt $1.99 - $1 insert 6-7SS (loadable did not come off?)
-$5 for mega promo
-$5 for mega promo
Not part of the promo
1 Honey Nut Cheerios $3.19 -$3.19 Kroger home mailer
1 Comforts baby oil .99 - $1 Comfort peelie
Tax -.52
Total $.44
I paid with $1 and apparantly there was still change in the change dispenser because I emptied my pocket when I got home and had $1.42 in change, lol
Also, one of the Temptations rang full price so he had to void it and ring one of the other ones twice. Since we didn't know which one rang full price, he had to ring them each up. Well, there is a catalina promo that if you buy 5 Temptations, you get $1 oynso catalina. Even though he voided the extra rings, apparantly it triggered the cat because it was there with all my other printed catalinas!

So I guess I got paid $6.71 to shop at Kroger today:
.29 + $5 survey -$1 + $1.42 change + $1 catalina

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cherries for .99/lb Today is the last day!

I stopped into Kroger yesterday and was suprised to find Bing Cherries on 3 day sale(Tuesday is the last day-TODAY) for .99/lb!

They look great and taste yummy! Sorry for such a late posting.

New Cellfire coupons loaded

Cellfire has a new batch of coupons up for reload!

One coupon that stands out to me is the .80/2 yoplait multipacks. Yoplait is part of the mega sale at Kroger starting tommorrow. When you purchase 10 items, get $5 off instantly. If you made two of those items the Yoplait and use 2 of the .35/1 coupons from 6-7SS then you will get them for just .54 each.

On sale for ($2.49*2) - (.50*2) for promotion - .80 cellfire - (1.05 *2) for 2 .35/1 tripled= $1.08 for 2 multipacks of yogurt.

I know my kiddos love the Go-gurt frozen. They "think" they are eating a popsicle, but I know they are eating healthy.

Colgate Total .75 loadable also has potential if that is a participating variety of Colgate for the Mega Sale!

Check out the new coupons at cellfire and get them loaded to prepare for the sale.

Found the Chiquita Bites- Randalls

I knew I had seen the Chiquita Bites at Randalls and I finally stumbled upon them again yesterday. I used the $1 printable I blogged about here, and I should earn $1 in my Upromise for the purchase. The kids loved it too and wanted MORE, lol.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gearing up for Kroger Mega Sale

Ok, I don’t normally do this, but here goes. I like to read the other Kroger forums on HCW since most other regions start their ads on Sunday. This usually gives us a good idea here in TX what might be on sale and what coupons to start clipping, printing or trading for. It is never 100% accurate, but we do get a pretty good idea of what will be on sale.
Well, this week, Kroger is starting a new mega sale. You purchase 10 participating items, and they automatically take $5 off your bill. The other regions are reporting this is unlimited per transaction.
Now, many wonder how I seem to have it all together the first day of a sale and seem to have all the correct coupons with me. Well, here are the items I see have potential as freebies or money makers. I start the printing and clipping so come Wednesday, I am set to go and catch the sale the first day.
Compiled is my list of finds from all the sources I read(there are far too many to thank here, but HCW had a big part in helping with this list!) I am sure I will find more when I walk the store Wednesday looking for unadvertised goodies, but this gives you a view into my madness!

SpeedStick should be $1 after the promo, print the $1.50 for Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick(use zip code 33907) at to make .50 for buying it

Chex Mix should be $1.49 after the promo, print the .50 for Chex Mix at and load you shortcuts or cellfire coupon to make .21 for buying it

Softsoap should be $1 after the promo, print the $1 off Softsoap(use zip 45435) at to make it free

Sobe lifewater should be .49 after the promo, print this bogo to get both free after promo.

Start clipping:
Playtex Handsaver gloves should be .50 after promo. Clip your $1 coupons from 5-3 SS to get paid .50 to buy them

Temptations cat treats should be .99 after the promo. Clip your $.50 coupons from 6/7 RP to get them for free

Rolaids 30 count should be $1 after the promo. Clip your $1 coupons from 6/7 RP to get them for free

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday of Savings! First stop: Staples deals!

I normally don't look at the Staples deals because I have never had one close enough to make it worth the effort. Well, I checked their website for locations, and one has opened up near me, so I was very excited to stop in to take advantage of their sales and rebates. To check for a location near you, go here.

Ok, this week they have copy paper on sale for 1c, and photo paper for $1 after rebate(limit 2 on each of these). Well, they also have a $5/20 coupon on their online ad. If you click on it, you will see that it says, just click to print the front page and THAT is your coupon. It was that easy and the store I went to was super nice and clean!!!!

Here is my breakdown:

2 Staples copy paper @ 3.69 each
2 Staples photo paper @ 9.99 each
2 8 packs #2 pencils @ 1c each(limit 2 unless you are a teacher)
Total: $27.38 - $5 ad coupon
Tax: $1.85 (8.25%)
Total oop $24.23

Now I can go online and submit the rebate for copy paper(3.68x2) and photo paper(8.99x2) for a total check of $ 25.34 back.
Thanks to shan2321 at HCW for the scenario!
So net for that stop : PROFIT OF $1.11 and now I have computer paper for all those printables.

2nd stop: Walgreens- A little Suprise!

I knew my local Walgreens still had some Pull Ups on clearance so I stopped in. Before I went, I made sure to print the new $2 printables found here. (There are also $3 printables, but I forget to bring these with me)

Well, I had six coupons, so I bought six packs. I was pleasantly suprised to get a $3 RR at the end of my purchase. Apparantly Walgreens is running a Huggies promo(Spend $20, get $5, spend $15, get $3 RR)

Here is my breakdown:

6 Pull Ups Cool Alert $3.19 each - $2 printable
1 Kit Kat .69 (not pictured because I ate it, lol)
-$2 RR (that is why I bought the Kit Kat)
Tax $0.48
Total OOP $6.31 and earned $3 RR
Also will submit my receipt for Caregiver rebate for another $4.50 back)
*If I brought my $3 printables with me, I could have purchased one more package and gotten $5 instead with a cost of only another .19 oop)

Total for this trip:
$6.31 oop + $2 RR - $3 RR earned - $4.50 rebate earned = $0.81 for six packages of Pull Ups!

3rd stop: Walmart

Walmart sells the Nestle Pure Life bottled water 6 packs for $1 everyday. Thanks to cravingthesavings, I found out there is a $1 printable(limit 2 per email and computer-must register your email to print these)

Again, I left some of my coupons at home, so I picked up the two packages I had the coupons for.

Also, Nestle has a great fundraiser program with area schools. Save the wrappers and submit to a participating school and the school earns points they can use to purchase playground equipment. If you do not have a local school that participates, you could always trade these with someone whose school does participate.

4th Stop: Cvs, a milk suprise

CVS has a good assortment of FREE school supplies on sale today-Tuesday only. I also needed milk, and since I had my free coupon from the previous promo I posted about here, I got that too. I was suprised to get a $1 ECB for buying milk this week(must be an un-advertised deal)

Here is my breakdown:

3 Papermate 8 count pens $.99 each (earns .99 ecb limit 3)
2 CVS 1 Subject notebooks $.99 each (earns .99 ecb limit 2)
2 CVS 5" scissors $2.99 each (earns $2.99 ecb limit 2)
2 CVS rulers $.99 each (earns .99 ecb limit 2)
2 CVS school glue $.99 each (earns .99 ecb limit 2)
1 Gillette fusion manual razor $7.99 - $4 P&G 6-28 insert (earns $4 ecb limit 1)
1 package ear plugs on clearance for $.39
1 gallon of milk $2.69 - free milk ecb earned from buy 5 promo blogged about here(earns $1 ecb)
Paid with $2.97 ecb, 4 ecb and 12 ecb
Tax .02
Paid $.30 oop(gift cards from prescriptions) and got back $19.99 in ecbs.

So total this trip: $$2.97 ecb + $4 ecb + $12 ecb + .32 oop - $2.97 ecb - $4 ecb - $ 1.98 ecb - $ 5.98 ecb - $ 1.98 ecb - $1.98 ecb - $1 ecb = Profit of $0.60

Friday, July 10, 2009

Today is the day July 10th

Friday is the day for free food at Chick-fil-A. All stores should be participating in this event. To find a location near you, please go here.

If you come fully dressed as a cow you will get a free combo meal. If you come with a cow accessory(partial costume, even just a headband or purse) you can get a free entree.
This is a fun event that has been going on for 5 years now. To find a starter kit or more information, you can go here.

They also have some contests you can enter! I have my little one entered in the photo contest! She was actually the Chick Fil A cow for her first Halloween(YES! I love CFA that much!!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome BzzAgents

For those of you coming from the BzzAgent FrogPond, thanks for visiting my blog. I would also like to thank everyone that has posted a review of my blog and appreciate that the criticism has been constructive and polite. I am working on a couple of the points brought up(tags on my post, clarifying my lingo link), because they are some very good suggestions. I would also like to welcome comments from everyone on this post and suggestions you might have to make my blog more user friendly for the readers.
Please keep in mind, this blog is a posting primarily of the deals that I have taken advantage of or plan to participate in. It is not in any means a listing of ALL the deals that are out there. I also may not always do the deals in the cheapest or most optimizing way. I would rather miss out on a money maker way of doing a deal so I can purchase the items I will actually use.
So with that, please feel free to provide constructive critism as to what you think my blog is missing. Keep in mind extremely rude comments will not be posted as I don't want this to turn into a roast!

For those of you who are NOT bzzagents yet. Check it out and sign up! It is free and you get a chance to try some really cool stuff.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Hefty One Zip at Walmart

Stopped into Walmart yesterday at lunch and got 10 boxes of Hefty OneZip FREE.
Everyday price for these appears to be $1 and I found $1 off any Hefty One Zip blinkies so FREE.
As you can see in the picture, these are full size boxes(22 and 17 count) NOT trial size.
(Coupons do beep for some reason, but cashier read them and approved)

ETA: Apparantly, there are also coupons in the 5-17 insert for these but I didn't get papers that week. So those of you that cannot find the blinkies in their area stores, check your inserts.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gerlands Grand Market

In Sugar Land, there is a store called Grand Market. It used to be a Gerland's and still has the name Gerland's on the building. It is typically an overpriced grocery store so I only good when I am near the area and only really to scout out for blinkies I cannot find elsewhere. Well, yesterday I stopped in and they are tripling .50 and under coupons for a limited time(didn't have a date listed) The catch: They will only triple one like coupon and you cannot use internet printables. Also, you do not get overage(coupons adjust down to the cost of the item)
Well, I got the 7 items above for .36 after coupons.
Here is the breakdown:
Worchestershire sauce .99 - .50 insert 5-10SS = free
Casa Fiesta refried beans .89 -.25 taped to can = .14
Lipton tea bags $1.09 - .50 insert 5-17 RP = free
Dawn liquid $1.49 - .50 homemailer = free
Cling free sheets $1.79 - .50 insert 6-7SS = .29
Tony's pizza $1.25* - .50 insert 6-7SS = free
Kraft 2% cheese $1.50* - .50 tearpad = free
Tax -.07
Total paid .36

*The cheese and pizza rang up a different price than the shelf tag so manager came over and manually entered those. He then had to manually enter the coupons for them as well, hence the negative tax.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Randalls- Milk Catalina promo, profit on Huggies

Randalls has a catalina promo going through tommorrow, 7-7-09. Buy 3-5 boxes of GM cereals and get a catalina for gallon milk up to $4.50, buy 6+ and get two catalinas for free gallon milk up to $4.50 each. I had several $1/1 Cheerios coupons for signing up at their website over a month ago(You signed up and they sent you a new link each week to print $1 off regular Cheerios). Also, Cheerios are on sale for $2, so I thought this would be the cheapest way to do this deal. Of course, before I left, I made sure my Randalls card was 100% loaded up with Shortcuts and Cellfire coupons!

(At Randalls, it appears ALL loadables for an item come off if you buy just the min required of the item, so it is VERY VERY important to load ANY/ALL coupons of products you might even remotely consider buying. These coupons usually become unavailable to load weeks before they expire)

I walked the store to find items I could purchase that would provide overage by combining loadables with paper coupons. Here is what I scored:

5 Cheerios $2 each - 3 $1/1 Cheerios and 1 $1/2 Cheerios (printables emailed to me)= $6

1 Total cereal $2 - .75 cellfire - .75 homemailer = $.50

2 Fruit roll ups $2.50 each - FREE wyb 3 GM cereals peelies - 2 .50/2 cellfire - .50/2 shortcuts = -$1.50

1 Pedigree dentastix $3.99 - 3 $2.50 shortcuts loadables - $1 blinkie at Randalls = -$4.51

1 Cascade Crystal Clear drying agent $4.99 - free homemailer - .50 PgEsaver - -.50

1 Lucerne milk(not pictured) $1.99 - .50 in ad coupon = $1.49

2 Starbucks ice cream $1 each - $1 insert coupon 6-21SS($2 coupon adjusted down) = $1

1 Huggies diapers $12.49* - $1 cellfire - $1.50 shortcuts - $1.50 shortcuts - $1.50 insert 6-21SS = $7.49

Tax .87

Total OOP $10.34

*The diapers were marked $9.99 so I was getting them because I thought with loadables, paper coupon, upromise savings and caregiver rebate, they would only be $2.74 for the pack

They rang up $12.49 so I went to service desk and they confirmed the shelf tag said $9.99 so with the right price guarantee Randalls has, I got $13.27 refund($12.49 +tax)

So all in all, I got paid $10.37-$13.27 = $2.93 by Randalls to purchase all this PLUS

I got 2 catalinas for a free gallon of milk and I will still earn $1.50 from upromise and .75 for caregivers rebate form so

PROFIT OF $ 5.18 today

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snapfish- Prints for Pennies!

To help us print all the wonderful pics we got during the 4th of July festivities, Snapfish is offering prints for just one penny(limit 50- additional prints at 9c each). Just enter the code PENNY at checkout. You have until July 10th to use this code. Normal shipping and handling rates apply.

CVS deals DONE! $1.13 Total Cost

Mom was here visiting for one more night so I decided to hit up CVS and help her out with the scenarios for the week. We found a store that starts the Sunday sales on Saturday afternoons and I just wanted to get the week overwith. Here is MY haul(didn't take pics of hers) and my breakdown:

Trans #1 :
1 Febreze spray $5
1 Febreze Air effects $3
2 Febreze Noticeables $6.50 each
-$3 free Febreze air effects wyb spray insert coupon from this Sunday's early edition
-$8 2 $4 coupons for Noticeables in this Sunday's paper
-$10 ECB from prior deals
$0 OOP and earned $10 for Febreze(Spend $10 and get $5 ecb, limit 5)

Trans #2:
Exact repeat of Trans #1 with another old $10 ecb

Trans #3:
2 Dawn $1 each
1 CVS pantiliners .89
3 CVS invisible tape $1.49 each
3 CVS pencils .99 each
1 Chia pet thingie for my girls .75
-$1 2 .50 home mailer coupons for Dawn(P&G booklet I sent for in Jan)
-$10 ECB earned in Trans #1
$0.09 OOP paid on gift card
Earned back $1 for Dawn, .99 for pantiliners, $2.97 for pencils and $5* for tape
*Tape ecb didn't print and manager confirmed I purchased the correct type via the ad. When she went to force the ecb for $4.47 it rounded up to $5 Woo Hoo

Trans #4:
1 Febreze spray $5
1 Febreze air effects $3
2 Head and Shoulders shampoo $4.99 each
13 St Ives apricot scrub face wash $1.49 each
-$3 free Febreze air effects wyb spray insert coupon from this Sunday's early edition
-$4.99 bogo Head & Shoulders coupon in this Sunday's paper
-13 * $1.50 St Ives coupons 5-10 SS(last one adjusted down)
-$9.99 ECB ($10 ecb from Trans #2 adjusted down)
$0 oop and got back
$5 for Febreze, $4 for H&S
I didn't have to buy $10 worth of Febreze since before the trans, my tally was at $42

I have now reached my limit for Febreze, pencils, dawn, pantiliners and tape and will not have to go to CVS this week unless I find something I missed!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cascadian Farm Cereal Score!

Mom and I went to HEB to see what good tearpads and coupons we could find and scored 12 boxes of Cascadian Farm Organic Clifford Crunch Cereal for FREE!
In the clearance bin at the HEB we found these cereals marked down for .50 a box!(Best buy dates of Oct and Dec 2009)
Right on the boxes were peelies for $1/2 any Cascadian Farms cereal or granola bars. How could we pass that up! Took them to the registers and even the manager was excited for us!
12 boxes of cereal = Cost $0 oop (6 peelies :) )
We were so excited, we forgot to ask for our Buddy Bucks, lol.
BUT, we did not forget to pick up the new My HEB Texas Life magazine with $45 in in-store coupons!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Randalls run with my mom

Randalls is having a 4 day sale to celebrate the 4th of July, so I finally made a trip out. The sale ends on the 4th, so if you have the coupons, I suggest you make the run tommorrow. Hopefully this post will not be too confusing.
Randalls has 2 in ad coupons I used for this sale. One for $5.99 Kingsford charcoal (limit 1) and one for $0.99 Kraft singles (limit 2). Both coupons require a purchase of $20 (before coupons are applied) to be valid. For this reason, I will list my items and prices, then coupons at the end.
Here is my breakdown:
Trans #1(my moms transaction):
1 Safeway green beans $1.15
1 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce $1.58
1 Kingsford charcoal $7.99
1 Kraft Velvetta sliced cheese $3.49
1 Kraft Sharp cheddar slices $3.49
1 Pork Loin Roast $6.50
Total : 24.20

-$1.15 Free Safeway veggies from Hurricane maps found in store
-$1.88 Free KC Masterpiece wyb Kingsford charcoal (5-10RP, cashier entered nonsale price)
-$2 Randalls in ad charcoal coupon
-$4 Kingsford manuf coupon (6-28RP)
-$2.50 Randalls in ad cheese coupon
-$2.50 Randalls in ad cheese coupon(you might have to tell cashier they have to ring this coupon twice if you get 2 cheese)
-$1 Two Kraft sliced cheese .50 coupons from dairy booklets found at Randalls
-$6 Pork wyb 1 Kingford charcoal and one other participating product(KC Masterpiece in my case - this coupon beeps and cashier will need to override)
Tax -.49
Total spent $2.68

Trans #2(my transaction):
1 Safeway green beans $1.15
1 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce $1.58
1 Kingsford charcoal $7.99
1 Kraft Velvetta sliced cheese $3.49
1 Kraft American slices $3.49
2 Smithfield bacon $6
Total : 23.70

-$1.15 Free Safeway veggies from Hurricane maps found in store
-$1.89 Free KC Masterpiece wyb Kingsford charcoal (5-10RP, cashier entered nonsale price)
-$2 Randalls in ad charcoal coupon
-$4 Kingsford manuf coupon (6-28RP)
-$2.50 Randalls in ad cheese coupon
-$2.50 Randalls in ad cheese coupon(you might have to tell cashier they have to ring this coupon twice if you get 2 cheese)
-$1 Two Kraft sliced cheese .50 coupons from dairy booklets found at Randalls
-$6 Pork wyb 1 Kingford charcoal and one other participating product(KC Masterpiece in my case - this coupon beeps and cashier will need to override)
Tax -.33
Total spent $2.33

So for about $5 we got ~ 20lbs of charcoal, 2 meals of pork(with green beans) and 4 packs of sliced cheese. I think it was a pretty good run.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get paid $1 to buy Chiquita Bites

Right now, there is a Chiquita Bites $1 coupon available for printing. These are typically sold for $1 at Randalls, Kroger and most local grocers. Thanks to Mercedes for the heads up on the $1 printable.

Well, before you go using your coupon, go to upromise! They have a $1 loadable coupon for Chiquita Bites. The $1 will get added to your upromise account so you will pay nothing at the register and will earn $1 profit to your upromise account if you purchase at a participating upromise store.

Who says you can't get milk coupons? - Good only for ID and UT readers! has reset their coupons. Thanks again to thewanderingshopper at Texas Couponers Group, I have been alerted to a milk and cheese coupon.

If you go to and in the top left of the screen make sure to enter zip code 83642, you will notice the following coupons show up for your selection:

$0.75/1 gal or 2 half gallons of white or chocolate milk(excluding soy milk)

$1 any 2lbs or more of Cheese as brick, cube or shred

$0.75/1 32 oz or 4 any size yogurt!

You should be able to print 2 of these per computer. Sweet deal!!!!!!!
ETA: I was just made aware the dairy coupons do state only good on the purchase of Dairy products sold in ID and UT. Sorry about that guys, I am bummed now too!
But, the Eggo Bake Shop coupons have been reset and those are good for the deal still going on at Target!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kroger and HEB - yet another Beef Recall

For all those that purchased store brand beef at these stores, please check your dates:

From Channel 13 news
Possible E-coli contamination prompts a ground beef recall by Kroger and H-E-B.
This move is connected to last week's voluntary recall of beef by JBS Swift Beef Company in Colorado. Kroger is asking customers to check for the store brand and store packaged ground beef with sell by dates between April 27th and June first.
H-E-B also has several beef products you need to check for.

Nabisco coupon and rebate book

Hurry over to the Nabisco website to request this coupon book/calendar. It comes with 2 $20 rebates and $15 in coupons for Nabisco, Planters, Capri Sun, Ritz Bits , and Easy Cheese. Thank you to thewanderingshopper on Texas Couponers group for the heads up!