Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Great MM at Walgreens

Great MM found at Walgreens. Walgreens has these Wal-Dryl 24 ct allergy/cold tablets on 75% off clearance for $1.19 each. In the January ECR book, rebate # 9 has these listed. If you buy 5 you get a $10 rebate. Let's do the math: $1.19 x 5 = $5.95, no tax on meds in Texas. Earns $10 plus the 10% reward for adding rebate to existing gift card = $11 rebate amount. I threw in 2 dozen eggs, 2 20 oz Diet Dr Pepper(sorry I am an addict, lol), and the Reynolds Wrap was free with $1 coupon adjusted down and in ad coupon for .89. I added these items to use the $10 catalina I earned from the Sunsilk promo. After coupons and RR, I paid $1.31 from my gift card.

If you also have the Walgreens W card for prescription services, you get an added 10% off the $5.95 purchase price of the Waldryl purchase.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great deal on jarred peaches!

I had to venture over to Randalls today to snag a couple ads. Not sure if you guys are aware, but the new ad has a coupon for prescriptions for a $30 gift card. What makes this one so great is that it is NOT only for transferred prescriptions, but will also be valid for NEW prescriptions. You don't see those too often and actually I redeemed my home delivery today at CVS. My prescription was $18.24(paid for with prior gift cards) and I got back $30 gift card. I would call that a profit of $11.76.
Anyway, while there I thought I would walk the store to look for tearpads, new blinkies or hidden deals. I am glad I decided to do that. In the refrigerated section of the produce department I found these gems! Del Monte Orchard Select Cinnamon Spiced Peaches. These are regular price of $4.39 so I usually just walk on by. But today they had a 75% off tag for only $1.10. The sale price is good until April 28th!!!!!!! BUT even better, we have $1 coupons from the 11-9 RP insert(expires 2-7-09 so hurry) for these. I paid only .80 for the 8 jars. My kids
are going to love these as special "treats" in their lunch boxes and added to their waffles/pancakes on the weekends.

ETA: If you go to you can print two $1 coupons for these(thank you Catherine for this information)

Sunsilk money maker at Walgreens

I was in a different part of town and stopped in at a Walgreens. Much to my suprise they had these 8 bottles of Sunsilk stylers on clearance for $1.19 each. I used 4 of the new $2/2 coupons we got in 1-18 RP insert and paid $1.65 on my gift card. Then the magical sound of the catalina machine went off and out spit a $10 Register Reward. Woo Hoo! A profit of $8.35.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Diet Dr Pepper 20 oz or 2 liter coupon

This is open to all residents of the US age 13 and above! One per person, so make sure to sign up your spouse. I love Diet Dr Pepper, so if you don't like it you can always send your freebie to me, lol. If not, you could always use it for trading on Hcw. First 2 million to register, get the coupon. Click here. Thanks goes to Greeny for sending this my way and letting me know.

Walmart FUN with cat food

This picture is to show you that you should not get discouraged when trying to use coupons. Even if the store doesn't know proper coupon redemption, you can still get good deals.
I went into Walmart today to use the rest of my Iams $3 coupons(got some more in trade at HCW). The bags are still $3.33 and 1.8 lbs so just .36 after coupon and tax or ~.18 per pound.
Well, the cashier called over the CSM who informed me I could only use one coupon as the coupon states "Limit one coupon per purchase". As a couponer, you will learn that writing on coupons is misinterpreted more times than anyone cares to admit. One unit = one purchase! That writing it on the coupon so you will not use 2 coupons on ONE bag! Anyway, she did not like my definition of purchase vs transaction so I informed her I would be more than happy to let them ring me up 7 transactions for my 7 PURCHASES. Well, as you notice, each bag has a receipt on it. They did it the hard way, but I still walked out of the store with my 7 bags.
Oh and just for grins, I used a credit card so they would have to pay the fee 7 times, lol.

Kroger run with Quaker products

I was able to make a trade for a Quaker rebate form so I had to go to Kroger for a deal that involved purchasing 5 Quaker items in one transaction. So I got:
2 Capn Crunch 2.49 - .50 coupon doubled
3 Quaker High Fiber Oatmeal $2.69 - $1 coupons
1 Sobe $1 - .50 doubled
1 Ro tel .90 - .30 tripled(I got a wonderful raok of these from HCW!)
3 French's mustard $1.49 - .50 doubled
3 Hormel pepperoni $1 - .35 tripled(not mega saver, but free so I couldn't resist-thanks goes to cynthiabutterfly at HCW)
My total was $4.52 and I can send in the receipt at UPCS from the 5 Quaker products to get a $5 off any grocery purchase coupon. Sadly, the cashier thought he was doing me a favor when he said my savings were 86% and I about cried, lol. But after the rebate, I can look at it as 100% savings, lol.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dave Ramsey In Houston

I was given the wonderful opportunity to get to see Dave Ramsey Live in Houston. I had a good friend email me Friday night to let me know she had a spare ticket if I wanted to go. I jumped at the opportunity to see this man in person. The show was great and he is a very funny and animated speaker. If you have not heard of him, I encourage everyone to google his name. I can't say I agree with everything he has to say, but I think he does have some great points, especially when it comes to budgeting. I am anxious to sit down with my husband and make a budget. The great thing is I know food and hba will not be a HUGE budget buster due to my wonderful deals I can get with couponing. Coupons are definitely the way to stretch those dollars even further and make our money work for US!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

One quick run to CVS

Feeling a bit under the weather so have not done much shopping but I did take a little time out to run to CVS. Gillette shampoo is on sale for $4.99 and earns $3 in ECBS (limit 5). We got $2 coupons for these in the P&G inserts from December or January.
In addition, the Mentos gum is on sale for $1.69 buy one get one free. We have $1 coupons from 12-14SS so free when you use 2 coupons.
I threw in the Sweethearts for my kids due to the ECB's I had to use.
Spent nothing oop except for ecbs.

Gardening indoors

Last season I bought some seeds from Walgreens on clearance. I needed filler items so I thought to get some veggie seeds for my husband's garden. Well, he decided today to plant some of them and let them grow indoors until it is warm enough to stick them in the ground. He has been saving the serving trays from those free Yakisoba we got at Kroger and using those as planters. He cut up some pieces of cardboard he had and used them as dividers and with luck, these will be nice little plants to transplant come when it is time to plant in the ground.
He let the girls help with the dirt and planting, so it also made for a wonderful FREE activity for the whole family.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kroger Mega Sale Day 2

Lunch time stop at Kroger:
3 Sobe Life Water $1 - .50 hangtags doubled
2 Tropicana Orange juice $2.69 each - $1/2 insert 1-4 RP
3 French's mustard $1.49 - .50 doubled 1-18 SS
3 Green Giant Veggie Steamers $1.49 - .50 doubled 1-4 GM
6 Glade aerosol $.96 each - $1/2 insert 1-11 SS
3 Franks hot sauce $1.49 - .35 tripled 1-18 SS and earlier insert?
-10 for mega deal= $1.22

After work run:
3 Franks hot sauce $1.49 - .35 tripled 1-18 SS and earlier insert?
3 French's worchestershire closeout priced .79 - .50 doubled 1-18SS(adjusted to price)
1 Sobe Life Water $1 - .50 hangtags doubled
3 French's mustard $1.49 - .50 doubled 1-18 SS
1 Green Giant Veggie Steamers $1.49 - .50 doubled 1-4 GM
1 Philly Cream cheese $1.49 - $1 home mailer
1 Kraft cheese $1.99 - .75 blinkie
1 Quaker Quakes $1 - $1 insert 1-18 RP
- $5 mega saver = $0.01 OOP
That is correct, I paid 1 penny for THIS transaction. This one was made up on the spot at the store because they were out of Glade when I got there so I had to improvise.

I am showing these transactions to show how many ways there are to do these. Sure I don't need the mustard, Frank's or Glade, but if it will get me cheese for .01 and Tropicana Orange juice for .61 each then I will find homes for the condiments later.

I also made a stop at Walgreens since I had a $10 catalina expiring today. I needed milk anyway so I needed to get a few other items to use up the $10 total. I really lucked out at the store I stopped in. They had 6 bottles of the BioInfusion conditioner on clearance for $2. That does not sound too great until you look in the monthly EasySaver book and notice there is a $2 coupon on BioInfusion!!!!!! So with that Walgreens coupon THEY provided me I got all 6 bottles FREE.
I also found some Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo on clearance for $1.50. There was $1 coupons in the 12-7 RP but I didn't have it with me so I went ahead and got it without a coupon GASP!
Also, the Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Macademia Nuts were on sale for $2 and in the easy saver, there was a coupon for $3 off when you buy 2. With that coupon, they are only .50 a bag (thanks goes to happysoul at HCW for this find) so I threw in 3 to get my total above $10. Total paid on gift card: $.58.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I LOVE Kroger Mega Sales!!!!!!!!!!!! Day 1

For those of you that don't know, Kroger is having a Mega Sale. For each set of 10 qualifying items you buy(limit 3 sets of 10 per transaction) you get an automatic $5 off your bill when the cashier hits to total key. I did 3 transactions today and reports state this promo is going for 2 weeks: Whoop!

Transaction #1:
2 Chex Mix @ 2.19 - .50 doubled - .60 shortcuts and -.60 cellfire loadable
3 Franks $1.49 each - $.035 insert tripled
1 Kraft Mayo $2.99 -.75 insert coupon
3 Kraft 2% Cheeses(slices not pictured) $1.99 each -. 75 blinkies
2 Frenchs mustard $1.49 - .50 insert doubled
3 Green Giant Steamers $1.49 - .50 insert doubled
6 Glade aerosols $.96 each - $1/2 insert coupons
- 10 for 2 $10 mega events + .13 tax=
$3.80 oop
*I have a rebate for $4 back when you buy 2 Chex Mix so after stamp, this really only will cost me $3.80 .+ .42 - $4 = 0.22!

Transaction #2:
3 Franks $1.49 each - $.035 insert tripled
3 Frenchs mustard $1.49 - .50 insert doubled
3 Green Giant Steamers $1.49 - .50 insert doubled
6 Glade aerosols $.96 each - $1/2 insert coupons
1 Sobe Life water $1 - .50 tearpad doubled
2 Rotel .90 each NO COUPONS!
2 Daisy sour creams $1.99 each -.50 insert doubled
- 10 for 2 $10 mega events - .18 tax=
$0.62 oop

Transaction #3:
1 Franks $1.49 - $.035 insert tripled
1 Frenchs mustard $1.49 - .50 insert doubled
1 Green Giant Steamers $1.49 - .50 insert doubled
4 Glade aerosols $.96 each - $1/2 insert coupons
2 Hormel Chili's $1 each -.55/2 insert coupon
2 Quaker Quakes rice treats $1 - $1 coupon
1 Kraft 2% block cheese $1.99 - .75 blinkie
1 Sargento shapes reduced to $1.29 - .50 insert doubled
Tax .06
OOP $4.81
*The $5 didn't come off and when I checked my receipt, the cashier forgot to scan my Green Giant Steamers BUT he had overrode the coupon so I had to go to the service desk.
At service desk they rang up GG Steamers and then applied $5 savings so got cash back of $3.51 so total OOP $1.30.
This was more than I wanted to spend BUT this store will only double 1 like coupon so I had to improvise!

Katy Coupon class Feb 14

If you can see the right most column, please read about our upcoming coupon class there. If you cannot see a column to the immediate right ---------------------->
then you most likely have an older version of Internet Explorer and the right column will not be noticable to you unless you scroll to the bottom of the posts in the middle column and then you will see it. To avoid this issue, you will need to upgrade your IE browser or just scroll down to the bottom to sign up.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Got a 3.4 lb boneless ham for just over $1

Transaction #1 at Kroger: 3 Bounty Basic $1.03 - .25 tripled= .28 each
3 Quaker Quakes $1 - $1 coupon = free
3 Yakisoba $1 - .35 tripled = free
3 Nesquik $1 - .50 tearpad doubled = free
1 Pillsbury Crescent rolls $1.50 - .50 shortcuts loadable - .35 triplied = -.05
1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste $2.50 - 1.50 PG loadable - 1.50 insert coupon = -.50
2 Ragu sauce $1.53 each - .50 loadable for 2 jars - $1 loadable for pouch(not sure why this one came off too?) - .25 triplied each = 0.03 each
Total oop $0.38

Transaction #2:
2 Bounty basic towels $1.03 - .25 tripled = .28 each
3 Quaker quakes $1 - $1 = free
3 Nesquik $1 - .50 tearpad doubled = free
1 Hormel cure 81 ham(3.4 lbs boneless) $10.17
Total oop $ 10.78
BUT, I have a $10 rebate wyb any one Hormel Cure 81 boneless ham(price must exceed $10)
so, after the cost of my stamp and the rebate
$10.78 - $10 rebate + .42 stamp = $1.20 or ~.35/lb!

CVS cheap/free batteries and greeting cards

Two transactions at CVS:
Transaction 1: 2 Duracell batteries $2.99 each
3 American Greeting .99 cards
Paid with a CVS $5/2 Duracell battery coupon that I traded for on HCW, 2 .75 Manufacturer Duracell coupons and a $2.48 ECB adjusted down to $2.45.
Spent $0 oop and earned $3 for the American Greeting cards(some regions are doing Hallmark).

Transaction 2: 2 Duracell batteries $2.99 each -$5/2 CVS Duracell coupon - 2 *.75 manuf coup.
1 Olay ribbons bodywash clearanced for .49 - $1 manuf coup(adjusted down)
1 Herbal Essence shampoo clearanced for .42 - $1 mc (adjusted down)
1 8 pack of CVS chapstick .49
1 Oceanspray cranberries .16
Spent $.13 oop.
So overall spent $2.48 ecb + .13 oop = $2.61 - $ 3 ecb earned = Profit of $0.39

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday's Shopping Run

First stop, Walmart. Walmart has these 1.8 lb bags of Iams Healthy Naturals cat food for an everyday price of $3.33. Using the $3 Iams Naturals coupon we got in a previous P&G insert gets them for just .33 a bag or ~0.18 cents a pound.

Second stop, Kroger. Todays newspaper has $1 off any Quaker rice snacks coupons. Combine that with the current sale price of $1 and that makes them FREE. Yakisoba is still on sale, so free with .35 coupon from prior week. Act II popcorn still on sale for $1 so .20 each with .40 coupon doubled. Nesquik on sale for $1 so free with .50 tearpads I found at CVS a few months ago. This store was also clearancing out the holiday varieties of Coffee Mate for $1. Since I had .50/1 coupons, that made them free but since I am NOT a coffee drinker, these will be going to my friend's stockpile. They had Gingerbread, Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog and Caramel Apple. Finally, this store also had T. Marzetti Caramel dip reduced to .99. Using the .55 coupon from a previous insert, I got it for just .44. Now I can section off the caramel into little Tupperware containers for my kiddos and pair with apple slices and make my own version of McDonald's apple dippers for a fraction of the cost. I paid a total of .99 for all that is pictured(the T. Marzetti coupon beeped and so when they overrode, it took off tax as well)

At CVS this week they have this CVS 24 hour 5 count of Non Drowsy Allergy Relief. This is the CVS version of Claritin and they are on sale for $3.79 and generate a $3.79 ecb. I used prior ECBS to pay so ZERO oop on that find and got my limit of 2.
At Target, they are clearancing out the Gillette shampoo for dandruff control for $2.14. Since we got $2 off coupons in today's paper, I took the last two bottles the store had. I was hoping the toys had been marked down further, but they had not so at least I didn't leave the store empty-handed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Target Toy Clearance finds

Did a quick run into Target today and found a few 75% off toys. Most toys at my store were still 30% off so I guess I might miss the big stock-up sale this time around. I was able to find the following however. Above is a Train table that comes with a cover that you can add so kids can use it just like a table. Regular price was $99 and I was able to grab it for $24.98.

I was really excited about this find! I have several nephews so this will make an awesome gift next year for Christmas. The Little Tikes 2 in 1 Buildin' to Learn Motor/Workship with Bonus build a racecar kit. This toy retails for $69.99 and I was able to snag it for $17.48! I was lucky enough to find these because I chose to look up! These were on the risers above the game shelf, no where near the clearance toy aisle. Just a reminder to keep your eyes open as you never know where you will find that next great deal.
Happy Hunting.

Great sock giveaway

Frugal and Fabulous is having a great giveaway on some very cozy looking socks. Since the weather has been down right frigid you might want to put your entry in the hat. Good luck!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Target Clearance clothing

I stopped at Target at lunch time hoping the Christmas toys had gone down to 75% off. They hadn't, so not to waste a stop I decided to browse the girls' clothing section. Apparantly today was a good day for that as I found the Hanes childrens' sweatshirts and sweatpants on 75% clearance for $1.48. They had the choice of a couple colors but I chose the navy since these will qualify for my kids for their school's modified uniform policy. I also found turtlenecks for $ 1.12 and tshirts for only $1.24. Again, I went with the neutral colors they are allowed to wear at their school. Finally, I found a pink 2 piece pants nighty (my girls are fighting over that find at this very moment) for only $2.24.

Win $15 in free Kraft coupons

I am not one to spend my time playing online instant win games, but when I hear of one with a large number of winners, then I take the time to try and play. This instant win game offered by Kraft is one of them. Lots of winners, 43,000 total according to the website. You can play 4 times per day per household and you can only win once per household. The prize: $15 in FREE product coupons. I am not one to turn down FREE especially if cheese is in the same sentence. Try your luck, I just won yesterday, my 3rd day of playing. Good LUCK!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy 8's Clearance Blowout

Crazy8 is having a big clearance sale on some of their winter childrens' clothes. Shipping is a flat rate of $5 and if you subscribe to their site, they will send you a $10 off coupon (look at the bottom left side of the mainpage to subscribe). I believe the coupon requires a purchase of $30. Looking at the site, it appears they have a ton of long sleeve shirts for $2.99. They also have some little leggings for $2.99. Lots of really cute stuff.
For those of you that don't know Crazy8 is owned by Gymboree (kind of like the Gap owns Old Navy). They offer this as a discounted line of their clothing.

Free Starbucks 12 oz tea beverage at Randalls

I was browsing my grocery ads this morning on my way to work and spotted a GREAT coupon in the Randall's ad. No other purchase necessary. Redeem coupon at the in-store Starbucks and receive a complimentary TALL TEA beverage of choice (12-oz.). Limit one coupon per visit. Coupon expires on 1/20/09 so you have all week to enjoy these teas. Looks like I am heading to Randalls today for lunch!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One more Kroger run before the ad changes

I went back to Kroger today to get one more round of Powerade Zero before the sale ends. Glad I went because I found Hillshire Farm Deli Select Roast Beef on manager special for .99. I had .65/2 coupons from 1/4 insert that I was able to use to help bring the cost down a bit more.
Here is my breakdown of todays shopping:
1 Bounty Basic on clearance for $1.03 - .25 coupon tripled - .25 P&G esaver coupon= .03
3 Powerade .79 - .40 doubled = free
3 Reynolds baking cups .75- .25 tripled = free
3 Franks hot sauce .99 - .35 tripled = free
1 Act II popcorn $1 -. 40 doubled = .20
6 Hillshire Farm Roast beef .99 * 6 - .65/2 *3 = 3.99
My total for the whole transactions was $4.06*
*the Hillshire Farms coupons beeped since they were on manager special so when they manually overrode them, it took off tax so that is why the totals don't ad up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Scotch tape at CVS

I went to CVS today in search of hidden Christmas clearance and struck out at lunch time. I rang up the Scotch tape there, but they were all ringing full price of $1.99 each. Well, I decided to hit the CVS near my house on my way home and I am glad I did. I hit the motherload at my store! On a special cardboard display of Scotch products near the stationary aisle I found these Scotch Pop-up Tape Dispensers and Scotch Pop-up tape refills. These are part of the Christmas Clearance and are ringing up .19 each. What is even better is we have $1/2 Scotch Pop-up tape(12-7 RP insert) coupons so you can get at least 5 PER coupon. I had 8 coupons so I got 42 and they had to adjust the last coupon down to .98. That means 0 out of pocket and I am set on gift wrapping for the next several years! Some stores may also have these mixed in with regular inventory so check those UPC numbers.
For the Dispenser you are looking for upc 0 51131 99540 6
For the refills you are looking for upc 0 51131 99539 0
Good luck and happy hunting.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cheap Juicy Juice at Randalls and yet another trip to Walgreens

I had a $3 catalina from Randalls expiring today so I had to go shopping. The Juicy Juice is on sale for $2.50 right now and Randalls has a promo going on too. If you purchase 5 juices in one transaction, the register will take off $5 instantly. Pair this with the $1 coupons that came out this past Sunday and that would make the Juicy Juice $0.50 a piece. The Yakisoba are on sale for $1 and we got $0.35 coupons this past weekend that tripled making it free. I threw in the can of kidney beans so I could use my $3 catalina and I paid an out of pocket of only $0.10! AND all 5 of the Juicy Juice have box tops for education on them, so I just earned my kiddos school another $0.50. If you want to take advantage of this juice promo, hurry because it ends on Jan. 13th. Also included in the promo is Tree Top, Ocean Spray, Capri Sun and Motts. Each has a different price so you may need to check your local ad paper for prices.

I had to make another trek out to Walgreens because I read about a really great money maker deal on the South Beach Living bars.(Thanks goes to nessy at HCW) Walgreens has these on sale right now for $2.50 and there was a link for a $2 printable coupon(sorry link is dead now) that was allowing you to print unlimited. In the easysaver catalog, Walgreens has a rebate for Kraft food products. Purchase $15 worth and get $5 rebate back. That breaks down as follows
6 boxes @ $2.50 = $15
6 coupons @$2 = -$12
Cost: $3 but earns $5(actually $5.50 if you get it added to Walgreens gift card).

I had to go to 2 Walgreens to get this deal as the first store I went to only had 2 South Beach bars left. The first store I flubbed up and forgot to give the cashier my $1/2 coupons for my Reeses so I spent $4.53 from my gift card.(should have only been $1.53) I found a couple more Garnier on clearance for $2.19 so I grabbed those and some more $2.99 ones. I happened upon a tearpad for the Garnier right on the cardboard display. At the second store I was lucky enough to find more of the L'oreal makeup on clearance for $3.59 but remember it is buy one get one free this week. So that broke down as follows
4 Loreal @ 3.59 = 14.36
2 bogo sale =-7.18
4 coupons @3 = -12
Overage of $4.82
Also at the second Walgreens I found Glade candles (Dewberry scent) on clearance for $3.19. I had $2.50 coupons and there is an easysaver rebate for $1 back!(limit 4) I threw in some Cheetos for my dh(he begs me for these) and some chicken broth that I can always use. My total for all this was $0.48 paid with gift card.

So in summary for Walgreens tonight:
Spent $4.53 + .48 = $5.01 and will get back $5.50 from the Kraft rebate and $2.20 for the Glade candles
$5.01 - $5.50 - $2.20
PROFIT of $2.69 even with my mistake on the candy bars.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

FREE Chick Fil A Breakfast on Thursdays!

I know, all I seem to talk about is Chick-fil-A lately. I went to the Sugar Land FSU (free standing unit) Chickfila today and there was an ad posted on the cash registers for free breakfast EVERY Thursday in January.

January 8 - Free Chick-fil-A Chicken biscuit
January 15 - Free 3 piece Chicken minis
January 22 - Free Chick-fil-A Chicken biscuit
January 29 - Free 3 piece Chicken minis

This is only good for stores that are open during breakfast hours, between the hours of 6:00 am - 10:30 am. No coupon necessary for this deal, just show up and get your free breakfast. Limit one per person. This should be for all the Houston and surronding area so you may want to check the Chick-Fil-A near you.
*I am gonna keep changing the date on this to keep it up near the top of the page so you don't forget to get your free breakfast!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Pampers 3 point code

Thanks to ryliesmom on HCW for this, I earned another 3 points for FREE.


Just go to Gifts to Grow , log in and enter code. For only 50 points you can earn a coupon for a free box of Cheerios.

There are also numerous Shutterfly rewards.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walgreens and CVS shopping FUN!

I love Walgreens and CVS and here are the pictures to prove it. First stop CVS! I had a $11.98 extra buck burning a hole in my pocket so I went to CVS. I got the following for exactly zero actual money oop (out of pocket)!
Here is how I did it:
Soy joy 6 pack $6
2 Speed stick 24/7 $6 - 3(bogo coupon from 1-4 inserts)
Garnier styler $2.99 - 1 (from 1-4 inserts)
26 Febreeze candles* clearanced for $1.99 each - $2(P&G from 12-14, they adjust down so NO overage)
1 Cheetos grab bag .99
Total at register after coupons $11.98 - 11.98 ECB(extra care bucks) = $0
I earned back $6 for Soy Joy, $3 for Speed Stick, and $2 for Garnier so I am less $1 in CVS money BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12-14 P&G insert has a special promotion:
Purchase $50 worth of ANY Procter and Gamble products between 12-14-08 and 1-31-09 and receive $120 worth in P&G coupon savings!
So the Febreeze candles I got for FREE qualify me for even MORE coupons!
You can find the form here: P&G coupon offer
*Thank you goes to Courtneyrtr at HCW for alerting me to this deal. The holiday candles are on sale but mixed in on the regular candle aisle. The fragrances are Vanilla, Apple/Cinnamon and the green is called *Snow.

Second stop Walgreens #1

3 Garnier clearanced at $2.19 - 2 easysaver coupon - 1 mc = .81 overage each

5 Garnier $2.99 - 2 esc - 1 mc = .01 overage each

6 Reeses Whips 2 @ 1.59 - 7 day coupon(for $2/1) - $1/2 = free

2 Reynolds Wrap $1.69 - .70 7 day coupon(for .99) - $1 mc = .01 overage each

2 Walgreens activity books .99 each

1 Pecan praline $1.49 ( I miscalculated my overage and went negative so had to grab the praline cause walgreens will not let you walk out with a negative balance)

Total oop(paid on gift card) $1.09

HOWEVER, the two Walgreens activity books I bought EACH have coupons in them with a value OVER $20! These coupons do not expire until March 31, 2009 so I have almost 3 months to find a deal at Walgreens on each product.

Third Stop Walgreens #2:

3 Garnier clearanced at $2.19 - 2 easysaver coupon - 1 mc = .81 overage each
7 Garnier $2.99 - 2 esc - 1 mc = .01 overage each
6 Reeses Whips 2 @ 1.59 - 7 day coupon(for $2/1) - $1/2 = free
2 Reynolds Wrap $1.69 - .70 7 day coupon(for .99) - $1 mc = .01 overage each
2 Conair Christmas hair accessories .49 each
4 Flintstone vitamins $5 each - $1 mc = $4 each(Earns $10 Register rewards for $20 purchase of participating products)

- 11 in Register Rewards from prior promos
Total oop(paid on gift card) $3.21
In the 1-4-09 Inserts there is a rebate offer for Bayer products 1/2 price rebate. They take the price you spent on bayer products(Flintstone) and subtract the coupons you used for the Bayer products and send you HALF your cost

So $20 in Flintstone vitamins - $4 in coupons for Flintstone = $16/2 = $8 REBATE

Hence I spent $3.21 on gift card and $11 in RR but got back $10 in RR and $8 rebate so PROFIT of $3.79 for the total purchase!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Shopping Trip to Walgreens and Kroger

I had to run a couple errands on Sunday night so I stopped into Kroger and 2 Walgreens along the way. Here is what I was able to score.


3 Yakisoba $1 each - .35 tripled(1-4 SS) FREE

3 Franks hot sauce .99 each - .50 doubled (12-14SS) FREE

3 Powerade Zero .79 each - .40 doubled (1-4 SS) FREE

3 Reynolds baking cups .75 each - .25 tripled (11-9 SS) FREE

3 Cottonelle $1.19 each - .50 doubled (12-14 SS) .19 each

1 .50 catalina earned from Fleischmann's yeast

Spent .08 on Kroger gift card (received from converting other .50 Fleishmann catalinas)


Reynolds Wrap $1.69 each - .70 Walgreens coupon - $1 mc (12-14 SS) profit .01 each

Garnier stylers/shampoo/conditoner $2.99 each - $2 Walgreens coupon - $1 mc (1-4 RP) profit .01 each

Electrasol tablets $3.49 each - $2.50 mc (1-4 SS) - $1.50 ES rebate profit .51 each after rebate(REMEBER I COUPON for 4 households-limit one per household)

L'Oreal foundation $3.19 each - $3.19 bogo sale - $3 mc *2 (1-4 RP) profit of .81 per 2

Pampers Feel n Learn clearanced for $1.19(couldn't say NO at that price)

Gallon of milk $3.19

64 oz Tropicana Orange Juice $4.29

Spent $4.77 on gift cards and will get $3.30 back in rebates(10% for adding to gift card)

So overall $1.55 spent for the night. I am a little disappointed in the cost, but I had family over this weekend so had to get home quickly.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Easy way to Earn Free Photo Prints at Shutterfly!

How the promotion works:
Between 12/30/2008 and 2/2/2009

Create a new Share site and receive 30 free 4x6 prints.
Add photos to your Share site and get 10 free 4x6 prints each week.
You’ll receive your free print credits in your account early the following calendar week, and will have until 2/13/2009 to redeem them.

Fine Print:
Between December 30, 2008 (12:01 AM PDT) and February 2, 2009 (11:59 PM PDT) you will earn free 4×6 prints when you create a new Share site or add photos to your Share site. If you create a new site during the time of the promotion you will earn 30 prints. You can earn up to 10 prints per week per account during each week of the promotion by adding photos to your Share site (only photos posted by site owner will be rewarded). Content is defined as follows: a photo.
Qualifying Action: Receive:
Create a Share site ………………………………………30 free 4×6 prints (Awarded only once per account for the entirety of the promotion.)
Adding photos to your Share site……………………10 free 4×6 prints (Awarded only once per account per week for the entirety of the promotion). Only content posted by site owner will be rewarded.
Customers can earn up to 90 free 4×6 prints during the promotion period. Share sites created in excess of 1 will not qualify for free prints.The week is defined as Sunday through Saturday. Typically by end of day Monday of the following week, Shutterfly will tally the number of site owners that made a qualifying action and will then add the free 4×6s prints earned to Shutterfly accounts. Customers will receive an email confirmation when free prints are available for use.

This is extremely easy and I have created a site to show how easy it is. This also is a great way to share my stockpile pictures with you. I have spent the last week rotating stock and taking inventory so I can start filling in holes in my stockpile.
To see my share site go here: Zms stockpile

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yesterday's shopping Haul at Walgreens

I needed to go out to use a couple more of my expiring coupons yesterday so I went to a different Walgreens yesterday and scored the following:
3 Karo syrup clearanced for .74 - .40 coupon
16 Sunsilk products clearanced for $2.29 - 2/2 coupons(earns $10 RR wyb 8)
9 Garnier clearanced for $2.19 - 1 coupons - 2 esc coupon(gives overage of .81 each)
6 Garnier clearanced for $1.79 - 2 esc(adjusted down to cost of item)
8 Celestial Seasonings teas clearanced for $.75 - $1 coupon(used 6)
1 Listerine 500 ml $4.99 - free coupon(from rebate I did)
10 Royal gelatin 5/$1 with in ad coupon - $1/5 blinkie(got this coupon in trade)
1 Christmas oven mitt .33(would have gotten more if I knew they were THAT cheap)
2 Christmas lip balms .25 each
2 Christmas coloring books .75 each
Spent $16.70 oop(1 $10 catalina, and 1 $5 catalina and $1.70 on gift cards)My total was $1 more than it should have been because somehow my cashier added a $1 charge when she was scanning the coupons???
Got back 2 $10 catalinas for Sunsilk so $3.30 profit for the day! It would have been better with more Garnier coupons for the 6 that were $1.79(would have been $6 less oop)

FREE Dr Pepper?

Ok, everyone who knows me personally knows my favorite soda is Diet Dr Pepper! Even Chick-fil-A is wonderful enough to have this on tap for me.
Anyway, in about 21 hours, you can enter your 20 oz bottle cap codes and every cap is a WINNER. I am not sure if they will all be soda winners or the worthless screensavers they keep giving me, but I know I have several caps laying around my house I have not entered YET. Just go to to see the countdown of when to enter those codes.

*Todays the day* Mark your Calendar for FREE Chick fil A

Chick Fil A is giving away coupons for free Chicken biscuits (on your next visit) when you make any purchase on January 1 between 10:30 - 6 pm.

Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I LOVE Chick-fil-A! The great thing about Chick-fil-A coupons is they never truly expire. Ask your store, most will take expired coupons. I have used coupons that are over a year old with no problem. Another GREAT thing about CFA coupons- you don't have to get the item that the coupon is for. You can substitute as long as the item you substitute is equal or lesser value. If it is over the value, many stores will let you pay the difference to get what you want! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Chick-fil-A!

So mark your calendar for January 1. Nowhere on the promo does it say you can't use a coupon for your "purchase" to earn the free biscuit coupon. Those of you that have the calendar, go get your free soda on Jan. 1 and earn a free biscuit for your next visit!