Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hurry to Print your February Coupons

If you are interested in any printable coupons online, you might want to spend tonight and tomorrow getting them printed as most sites will reset tomorrow night!
Eat Better America
Betty Crocker
Box Tops
Coupon Network

Walgreens - Find an older friend or relative again!

I had to go to Walgreens tonight to use up my $3 RR from the AARP diaper deal I did a few weeks ago. Well, I have to admit I didn't even look at the ad before going (shame on me). So, I get there and look at all the freebies and think Baby Magic would be just perfect since it is $3 even.
Unfortunately for me, my store was sold out. Looking at the Motrin and the nasoGel, also sold out(actually I ran out to my car for a few coupons and noticed a meany lady digging out Motrin PM from her hiding place and lucky I was close enough I snagged one before she put the other 10 in her cart!)  :(
So, anyway, I looked through the rest of the ad to find something to spend my $3 on. That is when I flipped to page 11 of the ad and noticed the $5 AARP offer! Earn a $5 RR wyb $20 or more in a single transaction between 2/27-3/26.
Lucky for me, my mom's card got used again :)

This is how my deals played out:
1 Breath Right strips $6.29 - free cat (from buying the Sinex previously) = FREE
1 Colgate toothpaste $2.99 - $1 Diabetes and You booklet - $1 Wags diabetes and you coupon = .99
1 Motrin PM $3 - $1 insert 1-9 SS = $2
4 Tylenol Precise Cream $3.99 each - $6/2 insert 1-9 SS = $3.96 (I was on the phone with my friend Court, and she told me she read on a blog these should have been buy 1 get 1 50% and free, but that didn't work and I needed the dollar amt to earn my $5 so I kept them anyway)
1 popcorn .39 (filler)
-$7 in RRs
Paid .34 oop and got back $3 for Motrin, $3 for Colgate and $5 for AARP deal
So final tally $7.34 - $11 =  PROFIT OF $3.66

So my suggestion is to find an elderly older friend or family member before you run to do all the free after RR deals this week.

Applied Nutrition Anti Aging Total Body Defense 50 ct $10
Earn $10 RR
Final price : FREE

NasoGel Drip-Free Gel Spray 1 oz $4.99
Earn $4.99 RR
Final price : FREE

Motrin Pm $3
-$1 insert 1-9 SS
Earn $3 RR
Pay $2 at register
Final price : $1 profit
*If you can find 2 of these, use the $6/2 from the same insert and make it a $3 money maker!!!

Baby Magic $3
Earn $3 RR
Final price : FREE

Colgate Total $2.99
-$1 Wags coupon Diabetes and You booklet
-$1 manuf coupon Diabetes and You booklet (found in pharmacy area)
Pay .99 at register
Earn $3 RR
Final price : $2.01 profit

Poligrip $1.99
-$1 Word of Mouth booklet (found in Kroger)
Earn $1.99 RR
 Price at register : .99
Final price :$1 profit

Schick Hydro Razor System $8.99
-$2 insert 1-30 SS
Earn $6 RR
Price at register : $6.99
Final price : .99

Gillette Fusion Razor system $9.99
-$4 insert 2-27 P&G
Earn $4 RR
Price at register : $5.99
Final price :$1.99

Listerine Total Care Plus Whitening Anticavity Mouthwash  $2.99
-$2 insert 10-10 RP
Earn $1 RR
Price at register: .99
Final price: FREE

Aquaphor Lip Repair .35 oz $4.99
-$1 IP
Earn $4 RR
Price at register : $3.99
Final price: FREE

Randalls run to scout out Frozen food deal

I went to Randalls today to scout out the frozen food deal and hopefully find tons of HOT goodies. I do have to say I left rather disappointed as currently there is NOTHING we can get for free from this sale, unless you score a clearance find like I did. So, first let me tell you the other deals I found, then I will run some numbers and scenarios you can do with some of the frozen items.

Tide Stain Release spray $2.99 - $3 P&G insert 1-30 P&G (expires Monday) = FREE

O Organic apple slices $3.99 each - $2 each with Sunday in ad coupon - $1 each from Jan 2011 produce booklet(pictured up front) - $1/$5 produce purchase coupon(since price before in ad coupon was $7.98) = .98/2  woo hoo!!!

Ranchers Reserve meat$2.31 - $1.16 for 50% sticker -$2 Joy of Football booklet = -.85

And finally for my run
4 Morningstar Farms $3.99 each - $2 for 50% stickers - $5/15 frozen from in ad - $3/3 booklet - $1 booklet(I found these booklets at Kroger) = -$1.04

Another deal I did but did not picture
3 Ore Ida sweet potato fries $3.49 each - $3 instantly for buying 3 - 3 $1 Frozen food booklet
3 Eggos products $2 each - $2/3 Frozen food booklet - $5/15 Sunday ad coupon
= $3.47 for all 6 boxes or .58 an item

*Have to give kiddos a bath, but come back because I will post other scenarios later......

Thanks HCW and SD for the non frozen deals!

Redbox Groupon - 3 rentals for only $1

If you rent Redbox, you might want to get your Groupon on today.  If you go to Abilene Tx, you will see an offer for Redbox(above the boots).  For just $1 you will get 3 rentals (that is just .33 a rental).
Your rental codes will be good until June 1st.  Limit 1 per person.

Thanks Erin.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kroger Cart Buster EVENT and $25 Gift Card Giveaway

WOW!!! Kroger just keeps rolling out the sales and deals lately!!!!

Kroger will official kick off this sale tomorrow in some Kroger regions, but we will not get the sale until Wednesday here in Tx and La.  Normally I would wait until closer to our start date BUT Kroger has decided to raise the bar on this sale!!!!!

Not only will this be Kroger’s biggest-ever promotion BUT they are also going to be offering a "Deal of the Day" promotion.  Simply visit to participate in their “Deal of the Day” promotion! During each day of Kroger’s Cart Buster Savings Event, be one of the first 1000 people to click on the deal link and receive a free load-to-card coupon for the featured daily item.  This deal of the day promo starts tomorrow at 12 EST (11 AM for those in the Central time zone).

There will be more than 35 brands, across more than 60 categories from General Mills, P & G, Nestle, Pepsi and Kroger Banner Brands. During the Cart Buster Savings Event, you’ll find great savings in almost every department at the Kroger Family of Stores, which includes Kroger, Ralph’s, King Soopers, City Market, Dillons, Smith’s, Fry’s, QFC, Baker’s, Owen’s, Jay C Food Stores, Hilander, Gerbes, Food4Less, Pay Less Super Markets and Scott’s Food & Pharmacy.

Here are just a handful of the great brands participating in the event: Multigrain Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Hamburger Helper, Yoplait, Progresso, Totino’s, Green Giant, Cascadian Farm, Tide, Charmin, Bounty, Pampers, Pantene, Crest, Iams, Febreze, Old Spice, Bounce, DiGiorno’s, Nestle Toll House, Juicy Juice, Coffee-Mate, Edy’s, Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine, Hot Pockets, Nestle Candy, Purina and many more!

Make sure to also channel your inner superstar and break out the video camera to “Show Us Your Deals!” Post an original video on YouTube letting the YouTube universe know about your saving tips and which “Deal of the Day” you loved.

WOW!! Sounds like we will be living in Kroger for yet another 2 weeks during this HOT sale!  I can't wait to get the ad and start working matchups of the deals.

BUT, even better, how would you like to win a giftcard for $25 to use at Kroger?????   I know $25 goes a LONG way for me at Kroger, and with this sale, it might for you as well.

One lucky reader of mine will win a $25 Kroger gift card, yay!!!!!
Contest starts NOW and will close on March 5th sometime in the evening.

You can enter as many of these ways as you like.  Each method will count as a separate entry.  Enter via the attached form (for security reasons).  You need only submit a form once filling out only the portions that pertain to your entry, I will separate them into separate entries before choosing a winner.

1. Subscribe to me via email or Rss Feed
2. Like my page on facebook
3. Follow me on twitter
4. Like Kroger on Facebook and leave a comment telling them KatyCouponers sent you
5. Tell me other ways you save money everyday (I will move these from the form over to the comment section for everyone's benefit :))

Disclosure: Kroger Family of Stores and General Mills/Nestle/P&G through MyBlogSpark provided me with the information on this sale as well as a $25 gift card for myself and second one to one of my readers.  No other compensation was given for this post and all opinions as always are my own.

ShopKick - WOW, so super easy to earn points

Have you joined the Shopkick bandwagon yet?
If you have an Iphone or an Android you should really consider it. Not only do they offer unique coupons for stores like American Eagle, Wet Seal, Sports Authority and Macy's. but you can earn points simply by walking into select stores or by simply pressing a button to "check in" to a store. (you don't have to physical be in these stores to check in. Not only that, but they have select products you can scan for additional points, 10 shopkicks for some, 20 shopkicks for featured items.
For only 1250 Shopkicks you can get a $5 giftcard to the above mentioned stores or Target and Best Buy. WOW!!! It took me about a week of scanning to earn that. Simply free, easy money! Just scan the items and take the pics the next time you are grocery shopping, then just sit back and earn. While you are gassing up, open up the app and click the 2 point and 1 point check ins. Super simple!!!!

For those on android, just go to the Marketplace and look for Shopkick app and download. Once you do this, go to the main collect screen and tap on the banner at that top that says "Got a promo code?" Enter the code apple3101 within 24 hours of signing up and you will instantly earn 50 Shopkicks to get you started.
For those of you on Iphone, I am sure it is similar but not sure where you have to go to get your apps (just search for Shopkick and you can use the same code!)

For those of you that have already joined, how are you doing? How many Shopkicks do you have? Are you finding it easy to earn? Have any questions for me on the app?

JcPenney $10 off $25 coupon - No Exclusions Saturday Only

JCPenney has a $10 off $25 purchase coupon available right now for today only (was valid yesterday too but I just found out about it today.)
You can go here to print or text COUPON to 527365 to get the coupon on your phone.

Thank you reader Maria for this awesome coupon find.

Sweet new feature on Coupon Network

Yay!!! It seems Catalina has finally gotten enough gripes about their offers being a mystery to do something about it. There used to be a site when I first started couponing that would sometimes tell you about hidden catalina deals and everytime I have called Catalina I have begged them to make a site.

Well, it might not be a 100% offerings, but it is a start.
Next time you go to CouponNetwork, create an account and log in.
Next, click the tab at the top that says My Account. Toward the bottom of the pop up it will ask you what stores you shop. Populate this with your local stores (I put Kroger, Randalls, Gerlands, Foodtown, Walgreens, Heb and Fiesta). Once you have done that, close that pop up and click the YourBucks offer tab. Then if you scroll your mouse of the Mystores tab in the middle, you will see it list your stores and a number next to it.
Click one of your stores and voila, you have a list of catalina offerings for that store. (Again, it does not seem to list ALL the offerings, but a good way to find out some of the catalina offerings and details about end dates and purchase requirements) YAY!!!

Thanks nessykins on SD for this info.

Stomping Ground Groupon Just $6 for admission and meal

YAY!!! It is back. 
For those parents in or near Sugar Land area, you might want to consider this groupon.  I bought this one the last time it was offered and it was GREAT.  My husband was invited to a football game and I had an online homework assignment for a marketing research project I had signed up for.  Well, the kiddos and I went to Stomping Grounds and while they jumped around and played, I was able to use FREE wi-fi and sit in a very comfortable chair and finish my homework.  It was a steal at only $6 because when the kids got hungry, they got their free meal right there.  You can stay as long as you want during that day and is a great place to go when it is raining outdoors. Woo Hoo.
Limit 2 vouchers per person. Expires May 31.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Zoey - Free Pancakes from Ihop - March 1st -Tuesday

OMG! My daughter is gonna be so excited. Not only does the girl LOVE her some pancakes, but she LOVES IHOP! Now I can tell her IHOP is celebrating her special day by offering her and EVERYONE free pancakes (shh, she doesn't have to know the full truth)
Yep, it is time for the annual National Pancake Day offered by Ihop and the Shriners.  Everyone that goes to Ihop between 7am-10 pm can order a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes.  And after dinner, feel free to drop off a donation to support your local Shriners Hospital for Children.  (Don't forget to tip your waitstaff too) You will probably even see a Shriner there in his cool FEZ!  Go here for more information.

And feel free to leave a comment here wishing my kiddo a happy birthday. She is getting really good at her reading, so I will show her your comments :)

RUN - Don't Walk to RecyleBank to get your $2 off Kashi coupon

Not sure how long this coupon is going to last, but RecycleBank has brought back the reward of a $2 off Kashi cereal coupon for only 10 50 Recyclebank points.(guess they saw how popular it was and upped the value :(  If you have not joined yet, go here to sign up.  Right on the Earn points page, you should easily be able to score about 110 points just by playing a game, telling them you saw them on tv, etc.  Hurry as these coupons probably will NOT last long. (The Naked Juice, Coors and Seen on tv)
These coupons will make the Kashi FREE at CVS next week as I reported here.

*Hint, if you hit back button and refresh after your first print, you will be able to print a second coupon!  And then say HI to your free Kashi on Sunday :)

HEB HOT!!!!!! $10 Rebate for P&G purchase

WOW!!!!  HEB is just rolling out the good deals right now!  Reader Sandi just found this tearpad at her area HEB for a free $10 Prepaid Visa card when you purchase $35 worth of Procter and Gamble products in a SINGLE TRANSACTION!  Purchases need to be made between 2/23 and 3/8 and postmarked by 3/15.

For you lucky readers that live in and around Houston, the stars are really aligned.  If you go out and get your early edition papers on Saturday, you will have the new P&G insert as well as the OLD P&G inserts that will not expire until Monday.  If you check out the P&G preview, you will notice we are supposed to be getting the free Puffs wyb Vicks product coupon.  If you also have the $1 any Vicks product from the prior P&G inserts, you can purchase the .99 cough drops for free and work down that $35 without a penny out of pocket.  ADD to that the savings coupons I mentioned here and WOW!  you have a trifecta!

I would love to get emails/comments that you gusy are finding this tearpad and the scenarios you end up doing!  This is a GREAT chance at loading up on P&G items for very little out of pocket!!!!
Don't forget those $3 Gain coupons too!!!! Might make for easy money.

Thanks reader Sandi, looks like I have a trip to HEB planned this weekend :)

Bubbles Car Wash Groupon certificate

Ok, got to say I am definitely interested in today's Groupon. My car is terribly dirty (I have graffiti writing on the back begging me to wash it!)
Well, I just never really find the time to wash a car myself and I don't know if I want to use all that water to do it.
Bubbles is offering certificates for 3 Supreme Combo Express car washes for just $18! These include rain protection, so definitely beats the basic $6 wash you can get at Shell gas stations.
You will have until August 28th to use your 3 washes at 7 Houston area locations. You do have to redeem certificate online before going for your first wash. Boy is my husband going to be surprised when I come home with a sparkling clean car, lol.

Limit 4 vouchers per person, can buy 2 more as gifts.

Free $10 Rue La La Credit - Must sign up by March 3rd

Rue LaLa is yet another deal site that sells closeout name brand items for rock bottom pricing (like the online version of Tuesday Morning).  Right now, they have a promotion for a free $10 credit just for sign up.  It does take up to 48 hours for your credit to show up, so you may want to sign up now so if a HOT new sale comes along, you will have your credit ready and waiting.  I just signed up myself since it costs me NOTHING but the 2 minutes it took to sign up.  Now, I will have until May 31st to find a deal to use this $10 credit.  If I don't find anything I want, then it will just expire and I will only be out 2 minutes :)

Thanks dealseekingmom.

Dr Seuss Storytime at Target - Saturday 9-11am

Wow!  I just got an email from Leapfrog about a Dr Seuss storytime event going on FREE at Target tomorrow.  If you are looking for something to do tomorrow morning with your kiddos, you might want to hop into your area Target store for this event.  According to my email, they will be offering giveaways and coupons while special guests read Dr Seuss favorites. (offered by ReadAcrossAmerica)
To find out more information and for some online fun, you can go here.

New Link - Home Made Simple HomeMailer

HomeMade Simple has a new link to fill out for this awesome homemailer.  Typically this book has higher value coupons than what we get in our inserts, usually including a $1 off Dawn Renewal.  Dawn is on sale at CVS next week (and usually about once a month).  With that booklet, you get it free.

Go here to request your free one.  Also, you might want to consider filling out the form for friends and family nearby that might be willing to give you the coupon book :)

Thanks imm93 for the link ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wowsers!!! CVS is gonna be awesome next week! 2/27-3/5

I can't remember how I did it because it was so long ago, but somehow I got on a mailing list with CVS.  They mail me the ad and I normally get the next weeks ad on Monday or Tuesday.  I usually just browse through it and not really pay much attention since I am lucky to just keep up with the current week of sales.
Well, since this week is boring for CVS and Walgreens, I decided to try my hand at matchups.  Bear with me here as I am usually not this up to date, lol.
I am gonna post the pics first(since I love actually seeing pics, not just reading the deals), and then all the matchups I see so if you want to just print, you can use my print friendly feature and remove the pics for easy shopping on Sunday :)  (start getting those coupons ready now!)

Revitalens multipurpose solution 4 oz $5.99
Earns $5.99 ECBS (limit 1)
Final price : FREE

Thermacare Heat Wraps $6.99 current online price
Spend $10 get $4 ECBS back (limit 1)
- $3 IP (must sign up)
- Free coupon - home mailer from facebook
Final price : FREE
*If you have the free coupon and print the $3, you should be able to get these free if price is in fact $6.99

Oral B crossaction toothbrush $6
Earn $3 ECBS (limit 2)
- bogo insert 1-30 P&G (expires 2-28)
-$3 insert 2-27 P&G
Final price : FREE OR $3 Money Maker
*If you combine two bogo with the 2 $3 insert, get 4 free after ECBS OR
If you buy 2 , use 1 bogo and 1 $3 to make $3

Excedrin $5.69 (price at one store I checked today)
Spend $20, get $10 in ECBS (limit 1)
-$2.50 tearpad for Excedrin PM
Final Price: as low as 2.76 for 4

Axe shampoo, styler, shower gel or deodorant $4.50
Caress, Dove or Lever bar soap 6-8 pk or Dove body wash $6
Dove Shampoo, conditioner or styler $3
Vaseline body lotion, gel body oil or moisturizing body gel $5.79
Dove or Degree Ultimate, UltraClear deodorant or Dove body mist or Men+ Care $3.50
Dove Men+ Care body and face wash $4.99
Spend $15 get $5 ECBS on above listed items
-$2 Dove Deodorant or body mist 1-30 RP (expires 2-27)
-bogo Axe deodorant 1-30 RP
-$1.25 Dove bar soap 1-30 RP
Final price: as low as $2.50
*Scenario: 2 Dove deodorant, 2 Axe deodorant $7 +$9 = $16 - $4 - $4.50 = $7.50 - $5 ecb = $2.50
Hershey Pieces $2.50 each (limit 4)
-$2 CRT coupon (printing this week so scan your card!)
-$2/2 insert 1-30 SS
Final price: .50 PROFIT each

Kashi Go Lean Crunch, TLC bars or Fiber One Cereal $3
$2 ECB wyb 2
-$2 RecycleBank coupon for Kashi (no longer avaiable :( - I didn't get one either)
-$3 Vocalpoint Kashi coupon homemailer
-$1 Kashi TLC IP
-$1 Kashi Go Lean Crisp IP (if they carry it)
Final price: as low as FREE

Crest or Oral B Pro Health etc $3.29
Earn $3.29 back (limit 2)
-$1 Crest insert P&G 2-27
-$1 Crest premium blinkies (found just about everywhere)
-$1 Crest homemailer
Final Price: Profit of $1 each

Physician's Formula ( I forgot to take a pic of that page, so will add later)
Spend $10, get back $7 in ECBS
-$7 CRT coupon
-try me free peelies
Final Price : varies but should be a money maker

Folgers Coffee $2.50
-$2.50 IP (zip 90210)
-$1.50 IP (zip 77083)
Final Price: as cheap as $1

So far that is what I show for CVS.  Do you see any good deals I might have missed?
Would you be interested in me trying to do this weekly?

Chick Fil A - Free FryDay March 4th!

Fryday, March 4th Chick Fil A will be offering free french fries to celebrate the launch of Heinz Dip & Squeeze ketchup.  Just go into a participating location between 2 and 4 pm and get a free medium order of fries when you mention you're there to try the new Heinz Dip & Squeeze.

Box Tops for education $10 rebate or 100 Bonus Box tops to your school

This is really odd. I heard about this rebate offer but when I tried to view it a week or so ago, it told me I was not eligible. Well, today, I got an email saying hurry, this offer is soon to expire and it will NOW let me view the form, woo hoo!!!!

Ok, so I am not sure if you can participate in this if you have not gotten the invite(it does state in the fine print of the email that it is exclusive to emailed members, but your spam filters might have not delivered yours?), but if you are already buying many of these items anyway during the Daytona deal at Kroger, it might be worth trying for the cost of the stamp. It did auto-populate my email address, so hopefully it will work for you.

Basically, this offer is for a $10 prepaid Visa card OR 100 Bonus Boxtops for Education to your selected school. Sweet. You just need to purchase
10 participating products between Feb. 9th-March 2nd and submit the upcs along with your register receipt and select your reward.

Go here to see if it will let you qualify for this promo.

Also, if you have not done so yet, make sure to register your Kroger card over here to earn bonus box tops for education for your school for purchasing cereal, biscuits or Totinos products at Kroger.  I have been getting tons of extras just from this mega sale.

Walgreens - Free Collage Print today 2-24 only!

Sorry for posting this so late. I got this in email this morning and just forgot until I was in my email again.

Today only, Walgreens photo is offering 1 free 8 x 10 collage print. Just go to the Walgreens photo page and upload and create your print. Select in store pickup and be sure to select to  "pay" for your order online instead of in store.  If you do that, you won't actually have to pick the print up today to get it for free, but can go in the next week or two when you are at Walgreens doing your other shopping.

Safeway - WOW!!!! Can't wait to get my Sunday paper

Again, I have a super awesome friend that sent me this ad she found by accident at her store yesterday (thanks Courtney). Lucky for Courntey, her store accidently put out the wrong 3 day Sunday-Tuesday ad and she didn't realize it until she got home and looked at the dates.

Readers, you need to start clipping those frozen foods coupons, because you will be busy at Randalls loading up on cheap goodies!
First off, notice the HOT $5/15 coupon(excludes meat and seafood) on this page of the 3 day ad!

WOW!  Right off that is 1/3 savings!  This is a store coupon too, so you can combine with other manufacturer coupons.  Also, notice above this coupon there is a picture of a new Randalls coupon booklet. You will want to start looking NOW for this booklet as it is chock full of GREAT coupons to combine with this upcoming sale.
Safeway Q's expire 4/30/11 minimum 10.00 purchase required, all with card and coupon.

Safeway Select complete meal 9.99
Safeway Select Pizza 14.25 to 32.7oz
Eating Right or Safeway Select entree 5.45-12.4oz. 1.00/4
Lucerne 12ct novelties 1.99
Safeway Select 1.5ct Ice Cream 1.99

Manufacturer Coupons expire 4/30/11, LOCPV=limit one coupon per visit
Birds Eye, Steamfresh or C&W vegetables 1.00/2
Wanchai Ferry Frozen entree or Romano's macaroni grill (excludes dry kits) 1.00/1
Michael Angelos single serve entree 1.00/2
Ore-Ida sweet potato fries 1.00/1
Ore-Ida frozen hash browns 1.00/2
Green Giant valley fresh steamers or boil in a bag veg. 1.00/3
Boca meatless product 1.00/2
Kashi frozen entrees, baked products, or pizza products LOCPV 1.00/2
Morningstar Farms veggie food products LOCPV 1.00/2
Stouffers entrees or dinners 1.00/3
Lean Cuisine entrees 6-16oz. 1.00/3
Healthy Choice entrees 1.00/2
Alexia 1.00/2
Freshetta multi-serve pizzas 1.00/2
Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets sandwiches or snackers 6.5-25oz. 1.00/3
California Pizza Kitchen 1.00/1
Digiorno Pizza 12.6-36.8oz. excludes singles 1.00/1
Kelloggs Eggo 5.3oz or larger LOCPV 2.00/3
Jimmy D's 1.00/1
Hungry-Man entrees 1.00/2
Weight Watchers Smart Ones breakfast items 2.00/4
Krusteaz breakfast products 1.00/2
Pepperidge Farm bread or dessert product 1.00/2
Weight Watchers frozen novelties 1.00/2
Dove Multi-pack or miniatures ice cream items 1.00/2
Snickers or Twix multi-pack or 8.67oz. or larger ice cream items 1.00/2
Haagen-Dazs 3.6oz, Dreyers Fun Flavors 5.8oz, Skinny Cow 5.8oz Cups B5G1F
Skinny Cow frozen treats 4pk or larger 1.00/1
Marie Callenders or Claim Jumper Pie 1.50/1
Marie Callenders Meal 1.00/1

Different Expiration dates, Manufacturer Coupons

Tony's product 1.00/2 valid 3/1-4/30
New York Brand 1.00/2 5/15/11  (Thanks to therealstarlett on SD for the list of coupons)

Another great page was this one:
I was excited to see the Dr Pepper is going to be .77.  I have been finding several hangtags for .55/1 so I can get my addiction for cheap :)
Also, the Skippy peanut butter is going to be $1.49 again, so you have 2 days to get cheap peanut butter with the $1 coupons from the Joy of Football Safeway coupon booklets. (There is also a loadable on the Randalls website for Skippy)
Also, the Kens dressing is going to be $1.19 with in ad coupon and there was a regional coupon for $1 in the 1-9 SS.

Then, we have this page that has some promise
Quaker Oatmeal for $1.77 (limit 4).  Combine with the $1 off insert from 1-30 RP.  There is a current catalina deal:  buy 3, get $1 back, buy 4 get $2 back, buy 5 get $3 back,  through 3/6, combine with the $1 coupons for a cost of $1.08/4 after catalina.

I am excited!!! Are you?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WOW! HOT printables for Houston HEB shoppers!

Before I share the HOT printables I have to say I have some really awesome coupon friends. I have been couponing like this for quite awhile and I even helped my mom back in the day before internet. I started this on my own and have met some great people along the way. Some I still keep up with, some I don't, as is life.
So right here I have to give a shout out to my awesome coupon bud Courtney! As my husband has told me, she is as coupon nuts as I am and she speaks my language! lol

This awesome find came from Courtney, again, thanks to Lifetime Fitness!

These coupons may not seem great to some of my readers (thanks to Kroger) however, I know I do have readers that do still shop HEB for all their "other" groceries, so hopefully these HEB coupons will save you some money (hey mom send me your shopping list!)

Just go here to print a coupon for $5/$50, $10/$75 or $15/$100
Notice how this coupon is coded with a B which means as long as you give this coupon FIRST, you should be able to use other coupons with this IP, according to the HEB coupon policy

Awesome deal for you Lifetime Fitness Members!

This deal comes to you from my wonderful coupon buddy and cohort Courtney (you know I love you!)

If you are a member of Lifetime Fitness, you NEED to look for this booklet!  According to Courtney, these booklets are on a table upfront as well as a small stack near the snack/eating area.  These are some HOT coupons and you need to make sure to snag them.  Not sure about you but all I see is FREE!!!!!!  These are HEB store coupons but come on, with this many frees, you can certainly make a trip to HEB!!!! 
Hmmm, I wonder if I ask for a guided tour if I could find a booklet or two, lol (*zm totally thinking about taking the guided tour)

Free Bar S Franks -Fiesta AND HEB*

I got my Fiesta ad in the mail today and was super excited to see what is pictured above!

Bar S meat, turkey or chicken hot dogs are just 2/$1.  Combine this sale with the $1/2 insert coupon from 1-30 RP. (Sorry guys, appears coupon is for a different size :( - guess I shouldn't try watching tv and blogging at the same time)
With the ad, you might be able to price match at Walmart or Target, but I am not 100% certain if all stores will price match this sicne it is a 2 day sale.  Or you can ask for a rain check at Fiesta (might want to remember to grab an ad for price match just in case)

OR Just head to HEB where the Bar S Franks are also on sale for 2/$1 
The catch here is the HEB ad requires an additional $10 purchase which will void the chance of price matching AND there is a limit of 4 packages, so again, limiting you!
I will attempt Fiesta tomorrow and if not, will try price matching :)

Thanks Fun with the Larsens for the info about HEB sale :)

Sunday Coupon Preview

If you want to know what coupons to expect this weekend, go here and/or here to see a preview of what you might get in your inserts. Please keep in mind some brands and value on coupons are regional so this is just a guideline.

We are expecting two inserts, a Smart Source and a P& G

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Randalls run today- ends today

I apologize most these end tonight but I was waiting on the free 12 pack coke coupons from my mom (she is the coke drinker NOT me and I wanted to double her freebies)

Coke is buy 2 get 2 free and 2 free crackers.
Well, since the crackers free are a store savings, you are able to use a $1/2 Nabisco coupon too.  I used the coupon from the Joy of Football booklet along with my moms free Coke 12 pack coupons.

This is how my transaction played out:
4 Coke 12 packs $5.99 each - $11.98 for bogo sale
free crackers - $1/2 coupon = -$1
-2 bogo coupons (one was rang in for max value of $4.99, other autoed for $5.99)

6 Vitamin Zero water .99 each wyb 6 - $1.98* store booklet coupon - 6 .75 tearpads (found at Walgreens)
1 Duncan Hines brownies $1 - .50 IP = FREE
1 loaf of bread (poor dh who hates heels had a heel sandwich today, lol)
Cant find my receipt at the moment but I paid under $2 (store was also sold out of tomatoes, so I got a raincheck:)

*The store booklet coupon was for $1/2 but took off $1.98 making the Vitamin Water a .50 money maker!

Walgreens - Free Febreze Luminary Kits

Was at Walgreens for different reasons (will go into later) but I heard the Febreze Luminary Kits Citrus Green Tea were on clearance for under $5. That works perfect because we have $5 coupons from the P&G insert so FREE. Your store will need to adjust the coupon down so be sure to take the Walgreens coupon policy with you.

Thanks Mary

Target Freebies this week

I know some of you have (ok, maybe most) have read these deals on other blogs already, but for those of you that have not (I know there is at least one because she caught me red handed coming out of Kroger tonight, lol)

Target has some new printables up right now here.

Two of the HOT coupons (at least for me) are the
$1 up and up pain relief item and the
$5 Women's denim

With the $1 up and up you can score free 24 count tablets of ibuprofen at just .98 each (look around, the caplets are 1.09)
The Mossimo jeans pictured were on clearance for $4.98 so FREE
Woo Hoo!!!!

Other deals you might be interested in at Target

If you have any of the Finish coupons left you can get cheap according to TT here
Garnier face care cheap here
Several other cheap up and up items here
Dentyne Pure for cheap here

Ok, you get the idea.  If you want ALL the hot deals at Target, I suggest you bookmark Totally Target. (there is a REASON her blog has Target in the name)

Free Redbox Code 2-24 Only - Facebook

Redbox is offering a free code valid for Feb. 24th only. Just go to their facebook page and like them and then select the freebie tab. You can get the code today, but it is only valid Feb 24th. You can also enter your phone number so they text the code to you so you won't lost it :).

Thanks reader Maria.
(The picture above is what I got when I just did this, but of course I marked out my code :)

Pillsbury Bake Off Contest - Enter Recipe, Get $5 loaded to your Kroger card

WOW! I am loving this promotion. Go here and enter a recipe using two participating ingredients and get a $5 coupon loaded onto your Kroger Plus card. Limit 1 per household.

It took me less than a minute to do this (of course I didn't enter a recipe with the intent of actually getting selected as a finalist- I am NOT the cook in the family, lol)
Just make sure you remember you have the $5 on your card because it will come off the next time you scan your Kroger card :)

Thanks Shawn for the heads up!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Printable Coupon Roundup

I decided to check out the new offerings with online coupons and these are the ones I came across that interest me
On Smartsource
.50 Duncan Hines brownies (according to Mary, these are free at Randalls through tomorrow)

$2 Visine (combine with $2 Feb. monthly booklet coupon and in ad coupon for $1 in ad coupon to get free at Walgreens)
Free Visine wipes when you buy Visine (combine with above to get this free too)

$1.25/4 Totinos pizzas (if combined with mega sale at Kroger, 4 pizzas will cost .31)
.40/2 Totinos pizza rolls (if combined with mega sale at Kroger, 2 boxes will cost .50)
*deal scenario
8 pizzas @.69 each = $5.52 - 2 x $1.25   = 3.02
2 rolls @ .95 each  = 1.90 - .80 = 1.10
Total 4.12 at register, but get $3 oynso cat so $1.12 for all

On Coupons
$1 Simply Orange still available
$7/2 Benefiber (these always go on special at CVS or Walgreens)
$3 Benefiber (same as above)

On Redplum
$1/2 Hefty One Zip bags (makes them .78/2 after mega with catalina at Kroger)
$2 off Greenies dog treats (specify store but I cannot print at work to confirm whether they say just good at those stores, can anyone confirm?)

Yoplait Kids Yogurt Giveaway

As a mom of two little "divas" I struggle with the daily battle of what they will or will not eat. Just this weekend, my daughter who said she HATES cheese, asked for cheese on her pasta. When we reminded her she doesn't like cheese, she responded, but I like the pasta and pizza cheese! hmmm, seems she likes cheese on grilled cheese sandwiches too, double hmm.

Anyway, the one thing I do not have to fight them to eat is yogurt! I think they don't know it is actually good for them and they think mommy is being nice and giving in to their "sweets" cravings. (shh, don't tell them it is good for them!)
I do like the Yoplait line for kids because they do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, but still have that sweet taste my kiddos demand.
My oldest gets some calcium without me begging her to drink her milk, and the little one gets excited that Dora is on the packaging (hey, whatever works right?)

To find out more about Yoplait and their offerings, follow them on facebook, or twitter.

Then you can go here for a .50 coupon.

And now for the fun part.  Yoplait (through MyBlogSpark) has provided me with a Free coupon* for any variety of Yoplait Kids yogurt products.  Along with this, they have included a foldable travel cooler, a cool four piece spoon set, a power magnet picture frame, trendy alphabet-shaped "Kiddie Bands" , a great big bounce ball and a "My First Scavenger Hunt" card game for some after snack fun.  And one of my readers gets to win the SAME!!!!  Woo hoo.

*This coupon offer for a free four pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.

So now the rules.  Pay attention as some of my rules have changed.  Due to privacy of emails etc, I will be doing this giveaway using a google document.  No one will view your comments except me.  Only comments left via the google document will be considered a valid form of entry. Email entries as well as comments left on this post will NOT be considered a valid entry.
If you are reading this via email or RSS feed, please click here to get to the google document.
Giveaway will end on Monday, February 28th sometime when I get home from work.

Each person can enter up to 3 times, once for each entry method listed below.  You can leave all your information in one submission or break it into 3 (I will break them out into 3 entries before choosing winner)

1. Subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed.  (You must provide me your email address)
2. Subscribe to my  facebook page (You must provide me your facebook name)
3. Subscribe to my twitter page (You must provide me your twitter handle)

Cellfire to reset tomorrow - Tuesday

Today is the last day to load up your Cellfire coupons for this round. You will still have 2 weeks to use them IF you get them loaded today. Tomorrow, a new round of coupons will be available to load, with possible duplication.
It appears multiples are still coming off together at Randalls, as long as you don't use a paper coupon on the same item. I got a .50 profit last week on the Pillsbury cookies after 50% sticker and loadables coming off :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

P&G homemailers - up to $39 value!

P&G is offering free homemailers to anyone that goes here and request them! Even if you don't use some of these products, I suggest you request them all. Some of these are higher value than what comes in the inserts and you never know what deal will come around to make a money maker.
Thanks Sarah.

Walgreens run - Kleenex deal - ends tonight

Sorry for the late post, I didn't really look at the ad until this morning and just got back from my late run out.
Today is the last day for the Kleenex catalina that is going on at Walgreens (or Kroger). Well, this week, Walgreens has an in ad coupon for Kleenex for .89.
If you buy 5 you get a $1 oynso, buy 6 get $1.50 or buy 7 get $2.
I was fortunate to score some $1 off any one Kleenex so this is what I did :

7 Kleenex .89 (with in ad coupon)- $1 insert 2-13 SS
2 Diet Dp 2 liter .99 each - .55 hangtags
Cost oop: .12 and got back $2 for buying 7 Kleenex :)

If you don't have the $1 coupon, you could do the deal like this
7 Kleenex .89 each (with in ad coupon) -2 .50/3 IP = $5.23
After the catalina they come out to be just .46 each.

I will work on posting other matchups later but wanted to get this posted so you might still have a chance to do this deal.

A few good Facebook coupon offers

Like the Great Day Eggs facebook page and you will get to print a coupon for $1 off. This brand can be found at my favorite store (*insert eye roll here) Walmart!  Thanks Susan for the heads up.

Another good coupon available on facebook is for California Pizza Kitchen. Like their facebook page and they will let you print a coupon for $1.25 (no size restrictions! so perhaps the single serve will be free somewhere).  Thanks DealsnStealz for the heads up.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few good deals at your local Safeway (Randalls, Tom Thumb)

I had a friend send this deal to me so sorry for the blurry picture(thanks Jaws for sending this :)
The 3 day Safeway ad in the Sunday paper (we get an early edition here in Houston) has a 3 day sale with a few select coupons and this one drew the attention of a fellow friend on a yahoo group. When she emailed me I requested a picture of the ad because I knew we just recently got coupons for this (I LOVE grape tomatoes and rarely buy because my husband and I can wipe them out within the hour and they are usually $3 and up)
Well, when I saw this I said YES!!! We have .55 coupons from 1-30 SS, I am stocking up!
Ok, I know you cannot read the fine print due to the quality of the picture, however, it does state you have to have a minimum $10 order to get these for .99.  Well, you can either use the next items I am about to list to get you to that total OR you can simply add a $10 Safeway gift card to the transaction to get them with the same result!  Then, you can just rinse and repeat the deal.

Another deal to help you get to the $10 amount for the cherry tomatoes you might want to look at! OR if you just need other supplies that you don't have coupons for, you will definitely want to look at this.
Today I found these little bags of Millstone coffee for $1.69 OR $1.75. There is only one type of "true" coffee in this size so I spread my love around not to clear shelves. I don't personally drink coffee but my husband does and he doesn't drink what he calls "girly" coffee (ie flavored!, they have vanilla, hazelnut, etc).
Anyway, I found these tiny bags pictured for $1.69 or $1.75 (price varied by store) and the $2 insert coupon from 2-13 RP works beeplessly at Safeway(Randalls and Tom Thumb). Not only that, but I noticed on the receipt the coupon is scanning as taxable even though the coffee is not taxable (at least in TX), so basically this coupon is taking off $2 plus your tax rate even though the coffee was not taxed. (I was making anywhere from .42 to .48 a piece)  GREAT deal.  Thanks to triplets and centsable.

And finally, (sorry no pic on this since I already gave them away!).
I found some Pillsbury Valentine ready to bake shaped sugar cookies on sale for $1.50 with 50% stickers on them.  That made them just .75 each, but then, 2 $1 shortcuts coupons came off making them a .50 money maker!  Again another item to help get to the $10 threshold for the Nature Sweet tomatoes :)

Edit to add:  I cannot believe I forgot about this deal. (Thanks Nina for the reminder).  On the front page of the weekly ad, they have an offer for buy 2 coke 12 packs, get 2 free + 2 free boxes of Nabisco crackers.  I see NO reason why you cannot use the free 12 pack of coke coupons you should be getting in the mail if you took advantage of the offer from MyCokeRewards I posted back here.   That is AWESOME!  I am actually waiting for my mom to send me hers so I can double her addiction, I mean Coke supply ;P
(limit 2 free crackers per transaction, so you will want to break up your transactions if you have more coupons than 2).