Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Food Town Matchups - Week June 1-7th 2011

I am going to try to do weekly highlighted matchups for Food Town(don't hold me to it) I hope some of you are able to use this. Feel free to point out any highlights I missed.
Food Town locations can be found here. They do NOT double/triple and according to a sign at the location near me, they take 6 like coupons.

Happy Hen Grade AA Large White Eggs .99/ dozen

Roma Tomatoes .59/lb

Cucumbers 5/$1   WOW!

Crisp baby carrots 1lb bag .79

Mild Yellow Onions .39/lb

Red Gold Tomato sauce 5/$1
.55/2 blinkie (I found some at Gerlands)
=As cheap as free!
(if Walmart* carries this brand, price match for overage!)
*update, I went at lunch and my Walmart does not carry this brand

Deli-Dixi Hamburger Dill Pickles 32 oz jar .99
-.55 insert 5/22 RP
=.44 for a HUGE jar of pickle slices

Hunt's squeeze ketchup 24 oz .99
-.25 IP
= .74
*Went to Walmart at lunch and it is .94 there
For those in Sugar Land, Gerlands has it for 1.39 and will triple 1 like coupon making it .64 there)

Gain liquid dish detergent .77
-$1 P&G Everyday Savings homemailer
= As cheap as free!
(or price match at Walmart for overage!)

Blue Bell 1/2 gallon $3.99
-$1 IP (requires registration)
= $2.99

L.A. Looks hair gel 20 oz bottle .88
-$1 insert 5-15 SS
= As cheap as FREE!
(or price match at Walmart* for overage!)
*successfully price matched at Walmart at lunch- overage paid for my cucumbers and roma tomatoes I also price matched :)

This covers the 2 page ad, will try to add the full ad as time allows!
This will be posted below this statement and I will remove this statement when completed!

Hungry Jack mashed pototoes (can't read size on online ad) .77
-$1/2 insert 5/22 SS
= .27 each wyb 2

Ken's Steak house dressing $1.33
-$1 insert 5-8 SS
= .33 each

Old Orchards asst nectars and asst apple cocktails .99 (I think it says 64 oz but print is small)
-.50 IP
*Noticed this says cocktails but not sure if the nectar asst are more real juice

Lawry Marinades $1.39
$1/2 insert 5-15 RP
= .89 each wyb 2

Lawry's Seasoned salt .77
-$1/2 insert 5-15 RP
= .27 each wyb 2

Zatarain's rice mixes .88
-$.75/2 insert 4-17 RP
=$1.01 for 2

Ronzoni Smart Taste or Healthy Harvest Whole grain pasta .66
-$1/2 IP or IP
= .16 each wyb 2
(not sure if second link is still live as firewall is blocking it)

Marcal Small Steps toilet paper .88
-free up to $1 insert 5-22 SS
= As cheap as FREE!

*If you are attempting to do a catalina deal at Food Town, be sure your store/register has a machine.  It seems not all stores have catalina machines (Thanks reader Veronica for this info in chat :)

don't understand my lingo? Go here.
see my disclosure statement here.


Gille said...

Thanks! I love foodtown!

Davotney Rodriguez said...

Awesome. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Thanks!! for the web site! Love it - Just went to walmart price matched the gel, and the cashier freaked out because i was getting money back. She had to call a mgr, and they were like yes, give her the money! I love there new coupon policy! I actually used it to by milk. :)

Ajules said...

my food town ad is only one page front and back :( I only price match at walmart but thank you for the matchups I have a gard time finding all the coupons to go with the sales!!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Ajules food town has an in store ad that is about twenty pages long. The home mailer one is only two

Anonymous said...

I went to FoodTown last night and they have 14 oz. Frosted Flakes for .99. We have $1 off 3 Kellogs cereal coupons.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Thanks Anon, did these boxes have the Cars2 Codes by chance?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't remember....

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