Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food Town Matchups June 15-21st

Sorry guys for the delay, I pulled an all nighter running that HEB deal into the ground and got behind. These matchups are being done for the complete ad that can be found in stores(some of these items can be found in the home mailer ad but I am too lazy to see where I put that, sorry)

Roma tomatoes .69 lb

Sweet Juicy Mangos 3/$1

Sweet Red Seedless Grapes .99 lb

Sweet peaches .88/lb

Hot Shot Ant and Roach Spray .88 each - $1 insert 6-5 SS = FREE

Old Orchard Apple Juice 64 oz $1.44 - .50 IP - .94

Louisiana hot sauce .50 - .25 IP = .25(or possibly get cheaper with triples at Gerlands or Randalls?)

Hungry Jack mashed potatoes 6.5 oz box .77 - $1/2 insert 5-22 SS = .54/2

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning Blend 1.88 (no coupon matchups , just thought name was funny and first reader to post about this remark will win a random act of kindness envie of coupons from me :), based on time stamp of comment post - the time stamp based on when you submit NOT when I approve for publication :)- therefore if you don't see a post it might mean I am sleeping!) WOW GONE! seems you snooze you lose these days in the couponing game!

Red Gold tomato sauce 5/$1 - .55/3 blinkie(found at Gerlands) = .05/3 cans!

Red Gold Squeeze ketchup .55 each - .55/3 blinkie = 1.10/3 bottles or .37 each

Simply Singles .99 - .50 Wags Spring diabetes and You booklet @ pharmacy = .49 (free at Randalls right now with doubles!)

100% MM Apple Juice boxes 4 pk .77 each

Del Dixi Hamburger dill pickles 32 oz .99 - .55 insert 5-22 RP = .44 each!

Bic Sure Start utility light $1.49 - $1 insert 5-22 SS (not sure if same type???) = .49

Market Wrapped Jumbo Pack Boneless Skinless Fryer Breast or Tenders $1.69/lb

Bar S bologna $1.29 - $1/2 insert 5-22 RP = .79 each wyb in groups of 2

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Zena Mikel said...

Slap Ya Mama! I can just imagine how this would play out lol!

Culpepper Designs said...

I wish I had some Slap Yo Momma-in-law hot sauce!!! Ha!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

WOW Why are you readers still awake reading me? lol Since your comments are so close I am sending out 2 envies. Please email me your addresses! Use the contact me tab on the top of the blog and I will get these out asap! :) I still think that is a truly silly name

Anonymous said...

Did your heb still print both cats for diapers?

mrsdreajulian said...

That is a very good price for slap ya mama, I usually pay $4 and up for this stuff. It is pretty much the only seasoning I use. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have never attempted to coupon at Food Town. I was wondering about the Hot Shot deal you have listed. Exactly how many like coupons can you use and how do they handle the overage? Do they adjust the coupon down?

Kristin said...

I saw Community Coffee in the red bag for $3.88. There's a $3/2 from 4/10 and I know I've seen peelies and tearpads.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, most Food Towns I think have a limit of 6. They adjust the coupon down to make the item free, you do not receive overage

Anonymous said...

Hi, I use as many coupons as I have and they take them all. Most of the time it's 10, but they still take it if I had more.

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