Sunday, October 31, 2010

Veggie Tales - Incredible Singing Christmas Tree Album - FREE download

I LOVE Veggie Tales! My kids have a few of those cds from Chick Fil A kids meals(another cool thing about CFA, they give books and cds instead of plastic toys)

Right now Amazon is allowing a free MP3 download of the Veggie Tales Incredible Singing Christmas Tree Album. Not sure how long this is going to last, so you might want to hurry if you are interested in this. My kiddos and I are listening to it right now and it does NOT disappoint!

If you don't already have an account with Amazon, you might need to enter billing information and shipping information before you get the album, but it will NOT charge you.  Just confirm the price shows $0 when you start the download(again, not sure how long this is going to be offered free)

Thanks Hooked on Bargains for the heads up!

Another decent Hefty Trash bag deal - Heb

I happened to be in HEB today and stumbled across these Hefty Basic trash bags. I was prompted to take a picture since we just recently found out about a deal at Wal*mart thanks to reader Sandy.
These Hefty basics are scented and have 30 bags that are 13 gallon capacity (typically size for kitchen trash)
That make them just .03 per bag with the same $2 coupon from the Randall's booklet as Sandy used for her deal.  This coupon does not expire until 12/31, so plenty of time to stock up.  This might be a better deal for those of you that might be boycotting Wal*mart (just saying, you guys know I am NOT a fan ).

I will be keeping my eye out at other places that might have cheap Hefty bags(thinking Family Dollar, Dollar General).  If any readers make it out to these stores before me, I would love to hear your findings :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Reader Spotlight - Cheap Hefty Trashbags at Wal*mart

I want to thank reader Sandy for sending me this deal. You guys know I don't make many trips to Wal*mart(eek) so I am glad to share this with my readers. I know some of you don't have many options of where to shop so Wal*mart is a necessary evil(ok ok, I'll stop bashing and give you the deal)

Sandy found these Hefty trash bags everyday priced for $2.83. Using the $2 Hefty coupons from the Randalls coupon booklet(pictured), she got them for just .83 + tax. That is a little over .04 a trash bag! Great find Sandy, thanks for the email.

Ihop - Pancake Revolution WARNING

Did you go get your Scary Face pancakes at Ihop? As you can see, we did. We had a "girl date" as my oldest said with my mom, sister, niece and my kiddos. Kids got their free pancakes to decorate and eat, and I brought my free coupon from joining the Pancake Revolution.  I received a coupon for a free Rooty Tooty fresh and fruity but was informed at the restaurant I could actually order that or anything of lesser value.  I went with the Rooty Tooty anyway because it has been so long since I have had one, and I knew my kids would want to share my bacon and eggs.

Anyway, upon receiving the check, I noticed the full value of the Rooty Tooty was NOT taken off the ticket.  The meal rang up $6.79 but the coupon only deducted $5.99.
We inquired with the waitress and she fixed it and informed us the menu price had changed recently on the Rooty Tooty, but apparantly the Pancake Revolution discount has not been updated for this change and only takes off $5.99.  So, for those of you doing this, make sure you get your full value off!  It was no trouble and the cashier was super great.  So dinner tonight for me was pretty cheap.  I only had to pay for 2 drinks and the tip(and yes, you are supposed to tip on PREcoupon price!  Don't forget your servers, most work really hard and don't even make minimum wage without tips)

And by the way, the food was yummy!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday Coupon preview

Do you wonder what coupons are coming out Sunday?
Go here and here to check out the lists.  Remember there are some regional differences between brands and values on coupons, but these list will give you an idea of what to expect.

I am excited about several of the P&G coupons (make for more freebies!)

We are expecting 3 inserts this weekend

Yay for Kroger this week!!! Some goodies

Everything you see pictured was purchased for $3.11 total (after deals and cats)
Rather than itemize just my trip, I am going to list all the matchups I did on this trip and that is still going on to make Kroger an awesome stop for couponers this week!

You might want to cut and paste into word and print the list as your shopping list :)

Banquet fruit pies .80 each
.35 insert 10-24 SS (triples)

McCormick Grinders $1 each
Purchase 3, earn $3 oynso cat

6 Meow Mix cups 2/$1.19
-$1/2 insert 9-26 RP, earn $1 oynso cat for each 6 purchased
= Better than FREE

Dole fruit jars $1 (on the canned fruit aisle)
-.50 insert 7-25 SS

Del Monte fruit smoothies $1
-$1 Randalls booklet coupon EXPIRES MONDAY

Eveready Economy Flashlight .99
-$1 insert 10-3 SS (Energizer coupon, according to back of pkg, Eveready is owned by Energizer)
= FREE (coupon will beep so YMMV whether cashier will allow)

Dawn hand renewal $1
-.50 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY!
-.50 pgesaver EXPIRES SUNDAY!
=Better than FREE

Dawn dish detergent $1
-.25 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY!
-.50 pgesaver
=Better than FREE

Bounty paper towels $1.39
-.50 homemailer
-.50 pgesaver EXPIRES SUNDAY!
=Better than FREE(there is a .25 coupon in the inserts and the Bounty basic is only $1.09, I just like the regular bounty better)

Crest toothpaste $1
- .50 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY!

Safeguard soap $1.19
-.35 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY! or 10-10 PG
-.50 pgesaver  EXPIRES SUNDAY!
= Better than FREE (even without the ecoupon, only .14 for 2 bars of soap)

Ivory soap $1.29
-.25 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY! or 10-10 PG
-.50 pgesaver  EXPIRES SUNDAY!
= .04

Vicks Sinex $6.79

-4 pgesaver  EXPIRES SUNDAY!
-4 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY! or 10-10 PG
=Better than FREE

Laundry Promotion, buy 2 participating items, get $2 off (shows up as separate line item on receipt, but I will list price AFTER promotion)

Tide stain release 18 count $4.99
-3 pgesaver  EXPIRES SUNDAY!
-3 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY!
 = -1.01

Tide detergent $4.99
-1 pgesaver  EXPIRES SUNDAY!
-1 insert 9-26 PG EXPIRES SUNDAY! (there are also $2 homemailers)
= $2.99  *so $1.98 for both detergent and stain release)

General Mills, Buy 4 participating items get $6 off instantly
(I am listing the AFTER $6 off price)

Chex Mix .99 wyb 4 participating items (these are the BIG 15 oz bags)
-.50 printable here or here or here or here
-.50 cellfire
-.50 shortcuts
= Better than FREE (I purchased 4 and 3 ecoupons came off)

Cheerios $1.49 wyb 4 part. items
-.55 cellfire
-.55 shortcuts 
-$1 peelie
= Better than FREE (I purchased 2 and both ecoupons came off)

Flavored cheerios (banana nut, frosted etc) $1.49
-.75 cellfire
-.75 shortcuts 
-.75 IP or  IP or IP
=Better than FREE

Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.49
-.55 cellfire
-.55 shortcuts 
-.55 IP or IP or
-.65 IP
= .29-.39 (I purchased 2 and both ecoupons came off) 

Frozen food promotion - Buy 10 participating items get $5 off instantly
(I am listing prices AFTER $5 is taken off price)

Hungry Man $1.78
-$2 IP
=Better than FREE

Healthy Choice steam meals $1.39
-.50 insert 9-12 SS
= .39 each

Kid Cuisine $1.39
-.50 insert 9-12 SS
=.39 each

Did I miss anything?

California Pizza Kitchen $2 printable

California Pizza Kitchen is offering a $2 printable coupon right now.  Just go here and enter an email address to share the videos (right hand upper part of screen)  When you do, a $2 coupon link will appear and you can print 2 coupons per computer.
Print them now and save for Monday or Tuesday to use at Randall's.  Randall's currently has a frozen food promotion with CPK included.  When you buy 3 or more(don't have to buy in groups of 3), they are only $3.99 each.
There are also rumors of a catalina promotion that begins on Monday
California Pizza Kitchen 11/1/10-11/28-10
Buy 2 and get $1.00 coupon off your next shopping trip
Buy 3 and get $2.00 coupon off your next shopping trip
Buy 4 and get $3.00 coupon off your next shopping trip

Sooooo, if you have access to 2 computers, print 4 coupons and your scenario would look like this

4 pizzas $3.99 each = 15.96 - 4 $2 IPs = $7.96 oop but earn $3 oynso = $4.96
so $1.24 a pizza!

CVS $5/15 coupon - does require a little work

Do you have a CVS near you with a Minute Clinic? If so stop by MinuteClinic to get your coupon good for $5 off a $15 purchase at CVS/pharmacy.

Go here and click the $5 off offer on the right and print that page to present to the practitioner at any MinuteClinic inside select CVS/pharmacy stores. You’ll receive a $5 off coupon to use on a $15 purchase at CVS/pharmacy.* Use this coupon for front store items (See exclusions, coupon cannot be used on pharmacy purchases).

It only takes a minute! No appointment necessary. Simply stop by a MinuteClinic and meet the practitioner to redeem this offer. We're open 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends.

*Valid at MinuteClinic locations inside CVS/pharmacy only. Offer must be given to practitioner to receive coupon. No purchase necessary, while supplies last.No substitutions. Offer valid only for intended recipient. Limit one coupon per customer. No cash back.

Thanks Mary.

Toy Story 3 $8 printable coupon

Toy Story 3 comes out next Tuesday FINALLY!!!!  Before going to pick yours up, make sure to sign in to your Disney Movie Rewards account and print the $8 coupon

You will have to be a Disney Movie Rewards member to print the coupon, but it is free to join and they will give you a 25 point code on the print out with your coupon to get you started.

Thanks Mercedes.

Reader deal - Ihop Pancake Revolution - (FREE FOOD!)

This deal was sent in by a reader (Thank you Jennifer)
Ihop wants you to join their Pancake Revolution.  Within 24 hours of joining, you should receive an email for a free meal (no purchase necessary).  On your birthday, you will receive a second free meal. And on the anniversary of joining the revolution, you will receive a third coupon for a free meal.  Jennifer mentioned she received a coupon for a free Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity (YUM!).

When I signed up this morning, it also allowed me to add family members birthdays on a separate page, so they can get something on their special day.  Oh how I do love pancakes!

Thanks again Jennifer for this deal.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clabber Girl coupon - .75 baking powder

Currently, you can print a .75 coupon for Clabber Girl baking powder. This should make for cheap or free baking powder very soon with the upcoming holiday baking season. (I used zip 77083)
I tried various zip codes hoping to get the .35 coupon they offered last year since Kroger and Randall's triple everyday, but I had no luck with that.

Kroger run for freebies

Ran into Kroger today to grab a few more grinders and check some prices. Here are a few things I got for free as well as a few deals still going this week.

Banquet fruit pies .80 each
.35 insert 10-24 SS (triples)

McCormick Grillers $1 each
Purchase 3, earn $3 oynso cat

6 Meow Mix cups 2/$1.19
-$1/2 insert 9-26 RP, earn $1 oynso cat
= Better than FREE

Eveready Economy Flashlight .99 (per ad in picture)
-$1 insert 10-3 SS (Energizer coupon, according to back of pkg, Eveready is owned by Energizer)

Other deals I noticed:

Dawn hand renewal $1
-.50 insert 9-26 PG
-.50 pgesaver
=Better than FREE

Crest toothpaste $1
- .50 insert 9-26 PG

Chex Mix .99 wyb 4 participating items (these are the BIG bags)
-.50 printable here or here or here or here
-.50 cellfire
-.50 shortcuts
= Better than FREE

More to come from me later.  (it is late and I'm tired)

Free Scary Face Pancake at IHOP

I LOVE IHOP (much to my husband's dismay,lol).
How cute are these? If you bring your kids 12 and under in on Friday, they will get a free buttermilk pancake with whip cream, a strawberry nose and the oreos and candy corn to make their own scary face pancake. Limit to 1 per 12 year old or under on Friday at participating locations. Dine in Only. Check with your server for further details.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sally Beauty Supply - Free shipping and $5 off

Sally Beauty Supply has a really good promotion going right now (through October 31st).
I went through ShopatHome this time (as opposed to Upromise, Ebates or MyPoints) since they are offering the most cash back - 10%.

My total for my 5 items after the two codes was $ 1.74.  You could certainly do better but I really wanted the tea tree conditioner that is $2.99 as my splurge.  I also got my kiddos some glitter to have fun with 

(got 2 in different colors so they can mix and match with each other. Rounded out my order with a detangling comb and a orange sanding block (because it was only .19 and I needed a slight filler to get to $5.99 for the codes).

So basically, pick $5.99 worth of stuff and all you will pay is whatever value over $5 your order is plus tax.  
Use code 555202 for free shipping and 555657 for $5 off at checkout and you will see your total drop!

Food Should Taste Good - Free bag homemailer

Hurry over to facebook and "like" Food Should Taste Good.  When you do, you will have an option to enter your address and they will mail you a coupon for a free bag of chips!  Up to 100,000 and it looks like they currently only have 75K likes.

While on Facebook, head over to my page and like me for up to the date feeds.  I sometimes post pictures while out shopping too :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Potential small Money maker at Safeway stores

Silly me went to Randall's and forgot to print the $3 Similac baby formula coupon before I left.  I have been noticing these clearance formula and multiple Randall's I have been and had  I had this coupon with me, it would have been a .50 profit on each one.  Then, on top of that,  I could donate to the women's shelter as they are always in need of formula, diapers, baby food etc.

 I suggest printing this coupon and having it handy for your next Randall's run.  Here is what is should look like rung up.

Will ring up $4.99.
Then cashier will ring up 50% sticker that will take off $2.50
Then your IP will take off $3 (should be beepless because the formula rang up $4.99)
Then, you will have -.51 overage to buy whatever you need or want (per formula you buy)

I am off to print the coupons, then to bed :)

Free Hummus at Kroger! Readers post

Thank you to reader Courtney for emailing in this deal for posting.
Right now you can score free Athenos Hummus at your Kroger store with the $1 coupon in the 10-10 SS insert.
According to the tag, sale ends 10-26 so HURRY!

Such a nice picture too :)

Remember readers, feel free to email in deals (with pictures please) that I might have overlooked or not posted about to everyone can benefit.  Just click on my profile on the left hand column and email me(I need to figure out how to have a direct email link, but again I am NOT that tech savvy)

Warning: I picked up a few of the Black Olive hummus and those rang full price, so make sure to watch the register!

Winner of Butterfinger Snackerz chosen

Thanks everyone for your comments, sounds like Halloween is gonna be loads of fun.
Here is the winning comment:
sue r. said...
Halloween will be spent in the DARK!!! Just enough lights for giving candy to the kids that come to the house. SPOOKY GHOSTS that have hands to give the candy out!! (BUT NOT MY BUTTERFINGERS) Happy Spooky Day To Every Kid of all ages!!! Please email me your postal address so you can receive your winning CHOCOLATE, yum! Everyone else, stay tuned for more giveaways!  More to come very very soon!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kroger, a decent week for deals!

Stopped into Kroger to pick up more grinders and got a few other deals while there.  Here is what I was avle to score.
3 Yakisoba $.80 - .50 insert 10-10 SS = FREE
3 McCormick grinders $1 - $1/3 tearpad = $2 earned $3 oynso catalina
3 Dial soap $1 - .35 insert 10-10 RP = FREE
3 Dawn hand renewal $1 - .50 insert 9-26 P&G = FREE
6 Dole jar fruit(found on the canned fruit aisle) $1 - .50 insert 7-25 SS = FREE
(8-22 SS also has a .75/1 so only .25 with that one, the fruit is in juice NOT syrup :)
2 Wholly Salsa $1.50 each - $1.50 IP = FREE
3 Quaker oatmeal $2 (in store special)  - $2 IP = FREE
2 Del Monte fruit smoothies - $1 Randalls produce book = FREE (for those in Katy, I noticed the Mason road/Highland Knolls store still has these booklets with coupons in them!)
1 Gatorade (so I could roll the $3 oynso from the McCormick grinders)

This is the display of Quaker oats I found.  For those interested, this was at the Kroger on Westheimer near Beltway 8.

Safeway, needed to get some pumpkins

My husband wanted me to pick a pumpkin for the kids to decorate but I have girls, ONE pumpkin would never work. I could already picture the screaming. Lucky for me, the pumpkins are buy 1 get 1 free at Randalls. Not only that, but I found a hangtag for a free 2 liter of Crush with the purchase of a pumpkin(pumpkins were $5.99).  While there, I also got Joint Juice on sale for $1 (free with 10-3 SS).
3 hilarious Hallmark cards for $1.49 each (earned $5 oynso for purchasing these)
1 Colgate toothpaste $1 - .35 insert any (not sure where this was from, got in a trade envelope)
1 Softsoap $1 - .35 from 9-26 Spanish insert
4 BC fruit snacks .99 after in ad coupon - 2 .50 insert 9-12 and 10-3 GM = -.04

While I was at Randalls, I took a picture of the display with the $1/3 McCormick grinders coupon. Hopefully others can find this display in their stores to turn this deal into a moneymaker too.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another 10 points Pampers Gift to Grow Code

There is another free 10 point Pampers Gift to Grow point available.

If you are NOT a member, go here to sign up.

If you are a member, go here to enter this code.

New code: PAMPERSGTG10PTS  worth 10 points.

If you are just joining as a reader, you might want to check out this post for more codes.

Thanks HCW.

Yummy New Giveaway - FREE Butterfingers Snackerz

This is gonna be a quick 48ish hour giveaway so hopefully you might get them in time for Halloween.  If you don't get them in time to give out to trick o treaters, then even better, you can keep them for yourself (I promise I won't tell, lol)
I love Butterfinger and I have to admit the secretary at work put some on our desk for the sales team and I have been sneaking them myself(he he).  The new Butterfinger Snackerz are bite size treats very similar to the real deal. While quintessentially “crispety and peanut buttery” like the original Butterfinger, Snackerz are delicately smooth, refined, and simply irresistible, as described by some of the nation’s top taste-makers.

I had the opportunity to sample these at BlogHer and they did not disappoint.  Their booth was placed very close to the milk booth too so talk about a GREAT combination.  YUMMY!    
The winner of this giveaway will receive either four fun size bags of product(16 pouches inside) or 2 boxes of full size pouches (24 pouches inside).  Winner will be selected Sunday evening and will need to provide their address to me quickly so you can get your candy before Halloween.

To enter leave a comment on this post of what you plan on doing for Halloween this year and if you win do you plan on sharing your Butterfingers, lol.  One entry per person.  Good luck everyone! 

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated in any way for this blog post.  The winner will be sent the Butterfinger directly from the sponsor.

Winners Selected- Olay Regenerist Giveaway

Thank you everyone for participating in my giveaway.  The winners (via are comments #2 and #8.

#2 Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} said...

I plan on using four $1.00 off any one Covergirl product, two $1.00 off on one Bounce, and two $3.00 off any one Iams Premium Protection dry dog food :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

#8 katychick said...

i used the sinex and crest pro at walgreens already this week- maybe i saw you there :)

I'm from katy too.

Please email me your addresses so you can receive your Olay! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Randalls - Free fruit snacks, Softsoap ...

I finally broke down and rented a car since I still don't have mine fixed.  I was having shopping withdrawals and at least got a quick trip to Randalls in today.  I didn't have all my coupons with me of course, so this is all I purchased.

4 BC fruit snacks 2.29 each - $1.30 each with in ad coupon wyb $10 worth of stuff = $3.96
-.50/2 insert 10-3 GM - .50/2 insert 9-12 GM = $1.96*****
1 Softsaop $1 - .35 insert(tripled) 9-26 or 10-3 SS (hurry they expire soon)= FREE
1 Quaker Oatmeal reduced because box was banged up $2.50 - $1.25 50% sticker - $2 IP = - .75
Cost oop : $1.21 and got back $2 oynso catalina for buying the fruit snacks

******It is VERY important you use 1 coupon only from each insert. Both coupons have a slightly different bar code which makes BOTH double and hence FREE fruit snacks after cat deal.

I also noticed a ecoupon came off after he scanned all my products, but when the cashier scanned my in ad coupon to make the snacks .99 each, the ecoupon cancelled out.  I noticed it on the register screen when he hit total RIGHT AFTER scanning the ad coupon.  So don't plan on any e-coupons on this deal.

Thanks Courtney for the heads up on the fruit snacks :)

 While I was there, I noticed this sweet little tag.  I was hoping for a coupon, but no such luck that I can find.  Still pretty good price if you are a fan of mango!

Also, the fruit natural cups are on sale for $1 at both Kroger and Randalls.  If you have the produce booklets from Randalls, there is a .25/1 blueberry variety in there making them just .25 each.
If not, you can print a $1/3 coupon here (you might have to change your zip code, I usually look in my own and 90210 and 60110)  to make for a pretty decent deal, I am gonna print a couple of these since they are not exclusive to just the blueberry or mixed berry variety.  My kids love the mandarin oranges and pineapple chunks and it beats me peeling and slicing, lol. (also, I like that most are floating in apple juice NOT syrup!!!!!!!!)

Sunday Coupon Preview - How many papers you think you want to buy?

Well, it is that time of the week again. Check out the coupon lists for this weekend, here or here. Please remember there are some regional differences on brands and values.

So what coupons are you excited about?  I personally like

$4 Opti Free twin pack or 2 bottles
$2 Wisk laundry

$5 SonicCare toothbrush heads (yay!  These are expensive little buggers)

*Is it just me or does this weeks coupons look a little lame?

Walgreens - Free 8 x 10 Collage Print thru Saturday October 23

I love these! They are so easy to do and 100% FREE. Just go to Wphoto and create your print, enter code : 8X10TREAT,  choose pick up in store and select your closest store. Then pick up your print and pay nothing. I usually forget I have ordered these until past the free date so I suggest "paying" online. You will have to enter credit card info, but nothing gets charged (since you used the code). Then, even if you pick up the print after Saturday, it will still be FREE!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zarbee's - Print this coupon now for an upcoming deal

Do you have problems giving your kids Cough syrup?  Does your kid behave like this after taking OTC cough syrups.  (I know mine won't even go so far as to drink it)

You will want to go here and print the ZarBee's Cough Syrup coupon for $3 off. (might need to use zip 60606).  Halloween week this should be free at Walgreen's after register reward.  I am definitely excited about this deal!
Try this link, original has been removed.  I got home and was not able to print it either :(  Still the video is pretty funny

Thanks Mary for the heads up on this deal.
Thanks Mercedes for the new link!

Readers Deals of the week! Asking for your help

This post is for all my readers out there that like to send me deals. I thank you and I must admit I sometimes do not get around to posting them all. Well, I want to try and fix that and have a dedicated post at least once a week to all the deals you guys are getting. I admit some deals I don't bother doing. They might be GREAT but due to time and/or the fact I don't particular need that item, I don't run the deal. I also hate just posting matchups because I am a very visual learning and I like pictures. Even if the pics are crappy, I still like knowing what I am looking for.
So readers, email me your deals (with pictures please, even camara phone pics are fine) and I will dedicate a post (maybe more if I get enough emails) a week to the deals YOU guys are finding. Let's see if we can help each other get the goodies!
You can email me your deals at catladyfour4 at gmail dot com:)

Walgreens - a decent week in deals

I actually did the run earlier in the week and I guess I forgot to post it. Armed with the Walgreens coupon policy (and trust me, I had to whip it out!) I went to go score some free Nivea Mens body wash.  While there I looked around for the rest of the deals to roll my register rewards. Here is what I did:

6 Nivea for Mens $2.50 each - $3 insert  10-17 RP(adjusted down) = FREE
1 Blistex Ointment $2.59  (got back $2.60 RR)
1 Mucinex Full Force $7.99 (got back $8 RR)
2 Ricola cough drops $1 each - $.50  October booklet q(takes off $1)  - $1/2 insert 10-17 SS= FREE
1 Buffrin low dose $5.99 - $3 insert 10-17 SS - $3 October booklet q = -.01 and will mail for rebate form in 10-17 SS for $2.99 back
3 Halloween sacks .42 after in ad coupon (filler items)
- 10 in multiple RR
Total oop: .96

So final cost 10.96 - 2.60 - 8 - $2.99 = Profit of ~ $2 after cost of stamp.

The GREAT thing about the Nivea body wash is that it is NOT a Register Reward item, so be sure to pick up rainchecks when your stores are out.  Rainchecks at Walgreens NEVER expire and the coupons are good through end of November.  Plenty of time for them to restock and for you to get these free as well!

My White Chariot Ride

Sorry to go way off topic, but a heads up!  The next couple days you might not see too many ACTUAL shopping posts from me.  Yesterday, on my way to get more grinders and cat treats at Kroger and more toilet paper at Randalls, the unexpected happened.  I stalled at a red light.  A wonderfully nice gentleman stopped and came to my aid only to find my car was not "jump-able".  He did push me to "safety" (not safe safe, but the best he could do considering where my car decided to strand me).
Anyway, I got to take a trip on this wonderful White Chariot to the shop and leave my car.  So, right now I am at home carless (wimper wimper) and probably won't get to do much shopping in the next day or two)
So, don't be suprised if I just post matchups or other non-normal(for me anyway) stuff for the next couple days.  Seems my timing belt broke and they may have to keep my car into tomorrow!

Great deal at HEB - overage with Ore Ida

This deal will require you to have access to a coupon that can only be found at Safeway stores (Randalls).

The OreIda Easy Fries are currently on sale for .85 at HEB(regular price is .97).  There is a coupon in the Randalls $70 Dairy booklet for $3/2 Ore Ida products.  This coupon scans for the full $3 at HEB!!!!!
I got 6 boxes of the fries and all this produce for only .47!

The Randalls booklet was found all over the dairy case and near some of the frozen food.  Here is a pic of just one spot I noticed these booklets

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cellfire HAS Reset !!!!!

Today cellfire has reset!  Lots of good coupons to work with previous ones for great savings!  Don't forget to load up your Kroger or Randalls card before going on your shopping run!

Great news is it looks as though you can load the coupons to BOTH your Kroger AND your Randalls card now, so don't forget to switch stores when logged in to save to both.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Candy at Randalls

I went to Randalls today to get more Cottonelle toilet paper (see this post if you don't know what I am talking about) and I scored these two items free while there.

Softsoap is on sale for $1, so free with .35 insert
Wonka candy is $4.99 (regular NOT sale price)  - $2 Randalls loadable - $1.50 Randalls loadable - $1.50 IP = -.01

While you are at the Randalls site, load up the other potentially good coupons posted. 

Free McCormick Grinders - NO COUPON REQUIRED!

I ran into Kroger tonight to get some of the free cat treats (after mega deal) and stumbled upon this awesome hidden deal.
Currently the McCormick grinders are 10 for $10 (you don't have to buy 10 to get this price $1 each)
I knew there was a catalina deal going because I got the informational catalina the other day. Buy 2 get $1.50, buy 3 or more, get $3 oynso. WOW!!!!! That makes them FREE!!!!!!!
I was able to turn it into a money maker because I found a tearpad coupon at Randalls for $1/3!
Even without the tearpad, it is FREE. I was so excited as I was almost out of salt.

The $1 sale tag has an end date of Nov 7 and the catalina deal ends Oct. 31st, so LOTS of time to stock up.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pampers Gift to Grow 10 point code!

There is another free 10 point Pampers Gift to Grow point available.
If you are NOT a member, go here to sign up.
If you are a member, go here to enter this code.

New code: PAMPERS4MOMSOND  worth 10 points.

If you are just joining as a reader, you might want to check out this post for more codes.

Thanks Mercedes.

New $2 Quaker Oats Coupon

There is a new Quaker $2 off coupon available here.  Press the back button and you will be able to print two per computer.  This should make for some free or cheap oatmeal.  Great deal as my oldest LOVES oatmeal :)

Thanks reader Jennifer for the heads up on this coupon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safeway (Randalls) A very good week to go shopping!

There are quite a few deals going on at Randalls right now.  You will definitely want to load up all your cellfire, shortcuts, PGesaver and Randalls e-coupons before you head out.
I will list for you the deals I did and after that I will list other deals you could get if you have the right e-coupons.  You can also do better or worse than I was able to depending on how many multiples of ecoupons you have on your card.

2 Chex Mix Bogo @ $2.55 - 2 .50 cellfire - .50 shortcuts - .50 IP = .05 (possibly less if you have 4 eqs)

Banana Nut Cheerios $1.99 with in ad coupon - 2 .75 cellfire - .75 IP = -.26

Joint Juice $1 - $1 10-3 SS insert = FREE

2 Finish Quatumatic $10 - $3 tearpads = $4 earns $3 oynso*
 *I only earned a $2 oynso so I will need to call catalina to inquire why?

Pillsbury Sweet Moments $1.99 with in ad coupon - $1 cellfire - $1 IP or blinkie = -.01

2 Cottonelle 12 packs $4.99 each with in ad coupon - $2 blinkies(right in front of product) = $5.98 and earned $2 oynso for buying 2 (since these are double rolls, it is like paying .08 a roll)

Fiber One yogurt $2.50 - 2 $1 cellfire - $1 shortcuts - .50 IP = -$1

4 Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowls $1.50 each wyb 4 - $1 facebook qs = $2

Artichoke hearts $1 - .50 Randalls produce booklet q = FREE

Del Monte smoothies $1 - $1 Randalls produce booklet q = FREE

3 Campbell's kids soups $1.49 each - $1.49 shortcuts - 2 $1 shortcuts -.40 8-29 SS insert = .18 (will use my receipt to mail off for the $5 rebate from Beauty and the Beast) This will be better if you can still print the $1/3 IP

Simply Orange $3.49 - $1 facebook = $2.49 (I love this juice, but if you can wait, I hear it is going on sale next week for $2.xx so save your coupon for that, this juice is AWESOME!) for the coupon, like them and then look for the link on the left side of the page.

Other potential deals, but I didn't have my coupons together:
 Gardetto's $2.55 bogo -2 .50 cellfire -.50 IP = .55

Progresso vegetable soups .88 - 2 .50 cellfire - 2 .50 shortcuts - $1/4 9-12 GM =  .52

Softsoap $1 - .35 10-3 SS inssert = FREE

Ivory bar soap $1 - .25 10-10 P&G - .50 PGesaver = -.25

Mentos gum $.99 - $1 10-3 SS  insert -.55 Randalls = -.56

Glade Lasting Impressions $8.99 - 2 $3 Randalls - $3 IP = -.01

Cheap/Free Dinner and a Movie - YMMV

I am not sure if this is a store specific promotion for Chick Fil A or if it is company wide.  However, I can confirm the Mission Bend Chick Fil A in Houston is giving a free Spicy Chicken Sandwich today if you wear pink.  Take the whole family and get dinner free (or cheap if you want fries and drinks, in my experience with these events, they have let my kiddos get the regular sandwichs too).

You might want to check your area Chick Fil A to see if they are participating.  Also, consider finding your area Chick Fil A and following them on Facebook so you will get reminders of these events.  Just go to the Chick Fil A website and find your store and get their facebook page from there.  While on facebook, feel free to Like my page for all these updates.

THEN, text TREAT to 727272 and Redbox will send you a unique code for a free Redbox rental tonight!  Dinner and a movie on the cheap :)

Thanks Hip2Save for the redbox info.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kroger Gift card winner selected

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. I am sorry I forgot to pick my winner yesterday. I just realized I forgot to pick. So without further ado, by random org. the winner is
Fun times with the Larsen's said...

I've been following for about a year and a half. :) You're inspiring! Keep up the awesome work!

Please email me your contact information so I can get your gift card out to you.

Everyone else, don't forget to enter my new giveaway.

Randalls - Pretty good deal on Finish Quantum

I'm sorry I forgot to get this posted yesterday. I was still laughing so hard about the Glade "discount" that I didn't realize I didn't publish this deal.

Randalls right now has the Quantum sets on sale for $5 each. Right in front of them there was a $3 tearpad, making them just $2 each. Well, my friend let me know there is currently a catalina running for $3 back when you spend $10 or more on Finish products.
So the math looks like this
2 Quantum $10 - 2 $3 coupon = $4 get back $3
So for $1, you get 24 loads or .04 a load.
The sale price on the Quantum goes until 10/26 (according to the tag) and the catalina goes through 10/31.
If you can't find the tearpads, there are printables here and here.

The Del Monte smoothies are also $1 again so free with produce booklet coupons.  Go to this post for a picture.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Does Safeway Seriously think this is a good deal?

Ok, I can't help posting this because I just thought this was hilarious when I saw it in the store. Not only did someone actually put this in the computer to print, but then someone had to walk the store and hang this tag. I am hoping their scan coordinator works either overnight or really really early in the morning so they can use exhaustion as their excuse, lol.

So, how many of you are motivated to purchase 3? Wonder if the cashier would hassle us if we ask to break up the transaction to SAVE money, lol.
And finally, notice the bottom of the tag. They even clearly tell you your NEGATIVE savings. Funny funny

Heb run - Got some fruit with overage from cough drops

I was extremely excited when I noticed we got a $1.50 off any Vicks product in this weekends insert. Not only will P&G donate .02 to breast cancer research, but I knew there was the potential for overage at HEB. I confirmed it tonight when I went to see if they still sold the Vicks cough drops for .99 per box.

I got all the items above for only $ 0.64!

The Vicks are .99 and each $1.50 coupon takes off the full amount with no beeping. That means .51 overage for each one you buy. Great way to stock up on other items that we don't always get for cheap or free.

 While on the topic of HEB, did you know there is an instant win and sweepstakes going on all month long for HEB?  The Halloween Goodie Giveaway.
You can enter the sweepstakes daily for a chance to win a trip for 4 to Orlando, a $100 HEB gift card
a $50 HEB gift card or a $25 HEB gift card.  According to the official rules, it seems there are 101 chances to win.  Good luck everyone and be sure to tell us if you win.

Also, while I was at HEB, I noticed the Blue Bell Ice Cream is on sale once again.
Head over to the Blue Bell website to print a $1 coupon before you go.  Yummy.

Pampers Gift to Grow 50 point code!

There is another free 50 point Pampers Gift to Grow point available.
If you are NOT a member, go here to sign up.
If you are a member, go here to enter this code.

New code: 2beginearning50  worth 50 points.

If you are just joining as a reader, you might want to check out this post for more codes.

Thanks Mojosavings.

Target free cat food and Shout Wipes

I didn't have a lot of time at lunch so I just ran to Target.  I was able to score
The Goodlife cat food .69 each - $1 insert 10-10 RP (adjusts down)  or IP= FREE
Shout wipes .97 - $1 from Randalls booklet (adjusts down) = FREE
I also found a few pieces of clothing for 75% off as well.

For more current deals going on at Target that I have not personally done, you might want to visit Totally Target.