Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food Town Matchups June 29th- July 5th

Ok, I stopped in Food Town today for the full ad. All matchups are being done from full in store ad. To find a store near you, go here. Sweet Plums or Peaches

.69/lb Fresh Calabacita squash

.99 each Fresh Bunch Spinach

$1.44 Wishbone Ranch, Italian, French or 1000 Island dressing 16 oz
-$1 tearpad found at Fiesta
Final Price: .44 each

.33 Ortega mild taco sauce 8 oz
-$.50/2 any Ortega product 4-17SS(expires 6-30)
Final Price: .16/2

.55 Red Gold Ketchup 24 oz
-$.55/3 blinkie (found at Gerlands)
Final Price: $1.10/3

.99 Del Dixi hamburger dills 32 oz
-55 insert 5-22 RP (expires 6/30)
Final Price: .44 each

.99 Heluva Good! refrigerated dips 12 oz
-.75 insert 6-19, or 5-15 SS
Final Price: .24 each

.99 Dr Pepper 2 liters
-$1/2 tearpads (found at CVS)
Final Price: .99/2

.99 Brut stick or oval solid 2-2.5 oz
-$1 insert 6-5SS
Final price: FREE

$1.49 Market Wrapped Boneless, Skinless Fryer Breast chicken

That is really all I see this week, anything I missed, feel free to add!
Added per reader comments:

KoolAid 12/$1!!

b2g1 free All You July 2011 magazine
b10g2 free tearpad
b2g1 free tearpad
Secret deodorant is $.99
-$1 P&G Saver rebate booklet homemailer (expires 6-30)
Final Price: FREE

The food town in Highlands, TX had 2-litter Dr. Pepper for $.77.

Imperial Sugar $1.99
$.50 IP 
Final Price:  $1.49

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Leslie said...

KoolAid 12/$1!! My favorite!

Anonymous said...

Secret deodorant is $.99 and If you have the P&G saver rebate booklet it had a coupons for $1.00 off any secret ex. 6/30 so free.

The food town in Highlands, TX had 2-litter Dr. Pepper for $.77.

Imperial Sugar $1.99 use $.50 coupon from
$1.49 each

marilyna said...

Do you know offhand where the Ortega coupon was?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

oops forgot to put it, corrected post. It is from 4-17SS

Brittany said...

They also have ortego taco shells 2/$1.00 I used the $1/1 to get 5 free. In the past I've been able to use the "overage" on the same item. (or buy 2 packages for $1 and use 1 Q, but the Q's beeped this time so they wouldn't allow it. They just adjusted the Q's to .50) This was at Jones/West rd. Maybe try it out with 1 Q first to see if they beep at your store, you can just hand over a 2nd Q if they have to adjust down instead of having to take items off.

Hope all that makes sense. :)

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