Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$1 Pineapples at Kroger

I was at Kroger today and I wish I would have had this .50 Pineapple coupon with me for Del Monte. Kroger currently has these pineapples on sale for $2, so only $1 after coupon doubles! YUM!
*All I will be able to post tonight. Heading out like an insane woman to see midnight showing of Twilight Saga and have to be at airport at 5:30 AM for a flight to Tulsa (I hope I am not asleep drooling all over coworkers tomorrow :)
Will pick winner of my giveaway tomorrow night(if I don't pass out first) So hurry and get your comments posted!!!!

Mission Tortilla printable!

You will want to print this .75 coupon if you like Mission Tortillas. They often go on sale for $1 and thus this coupon will make them only .25 each at Kroger or Randalls.
Thanks Mercedes.

CVS- Cheap Prevacid, Profit on Pantene

Stopped at CVS on my way home to scan my card. Well, I got a $2 off Pantene and a $6 off Prevacid so I decided I needed to put a deal together before leaving. I also happened to have 2 $2 Stayfree coupons left that I had to use today before they expire (I am on an all day business trip to Tulsa tomorrow)

Well, I think the CVS manager at this store was a little TOO generous with coupon usage but it is still a good deal without his generosity!

Here is what my transaction looked like:
6 Stayfree $3.79 bogo sale - bogo insert 6-27 - 2 $2 insert 3-28 RP (expire 6-30)= -$4
8 M&M pretzel .89 each bogo sale - bogo insert 6-27 = FREE
3 Scotch Pop up hand tapes .69 each - $1 IP (adjusted down) = FREE
1 Scotch Pop up desk tape .65 - $1 IP (adjusted down) = FREE
1 Prevacid 42 count $23.99 - $6 CRT - $5 tearpad from CVS = $12.99
2 Pantene hairspray clearance $2.49 each - $2 CRT -2 $2 Parade mag coupons - 2 $1 CVS peelies* = -1.02
-$4.98 in ECBS
Cost oop: .95
Earned $5 in ECBS for the Prevacid

Final cost for everything: .95!!!!!

*The peelies are CVS coupons and I think the second one beeped. I also told the manager I didn't think I could use the peelies and the CRT together, but he insisted on peelie them off and showing me that they would work(I think he had to manually put them in???)
So, if you find the clearance Pantene and the peelies you should be able to get overage on Pantene stylers using those and the Parade $2 coupons! Even bigger overage if you get the $2 off any Pantene CRT!

Kroger - FREE RICE

Ran to Kroger to get my goldfish (I wasn't able to make it to Randalls for the .88 sale this weekend)
While there, I noticed the Yellow Minute Rice ready to serve was on closeout for .94. We just got .50 insert coupons on Sunday which made these FREE.
Good luck finding some of these at your store.
Also, I noticed when using my paper coupons with loadables on the Goldfish, the paper coupons adjusted down to NOT allow overage. Seems Kroger registers are getting smart and not allowing the use of both, but not allowing overage.

Cheap cat toys - WAY off topic

If you have been following me lately, you know I have a new kitten.

Well, said kitten has been interfering with my blogging. I usually sit at the kitchen table and blog after we have put the kids to sleep. Well, said kitten likes to climb my leg, claws and ALL (with or without pants). I hope I have finally fixed that issue. See said kitten attacking that string.
I have those little mice for her to play with but they are too stationary for her. I fixed that by attaching the mouse to one of the many free shoestrings I have gotten in my couponing.
I hope to have a couple deals posted tonight, if she keeps up with playing with that!


Readers - Please help me , quick survey

I would like to ask a small favor of my readers. Will you please take a brief moment out of your day to fill out my survey? I am trying to get some demographics for my blog for some changes I have in mind. Please know all responses will be anonymous.
Thank you

Cellfire Reloaded! I am CooCoo for Cocoa PUFFS! Giveaway Bonus Entry

Cellfire has reset! This time they have Cocoa Puffs!!!!! I used to beg my mom to buy these as a kid. (Little tidbit about me, I HATE milk, can only have it if it has chocolate in it. Otherwise I eat my cereal dry. Cocoa Puffs I can have with milk because of all the chocolate)

Anyway, to celebrate the addition of the Cocoa Puffs coupon, I am giving ONE bonus entry into my giveaway. EVERYONE can enter one last time by commenting on this post. Tell me your all time favorite cereal. All comments from the 4 entry posts will be tallied and winner will be selected tommorrow night when I get home.
Good luck! This is a chance to win a $100 gift card to the grocery store of your choice.
Don't forget to load your cellfire coupons too!

$1 any package of 8-Count Colombia, 8-Count Italian, or 7-Count Italian Decaf Starbucks VIA Ready Brew (Safeway Only)
$.50 any box flavor/variety Nature Valley Granola Bars
$.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups OR Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz Fruit Flavored Snacks
$.50 any 40 OZ.+ Original Bisquick OR Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix
$.75/2 Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes
$.75 MultiGrain Cheerios cereal
$.55 Cocoa Puffs cereal
$.75 Golden Grahams cereal
$.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups (Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, OR Whips!) OR any flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothie.
$.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls OR Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis Bowls
$1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters
$1 Yoplait Delights Yogurt Multipack
$.50 BOX any flavor/variety Nature Valley Granola Thins

Monday, June 28, 2010

Last day to Load Cellfire and Hurry to Enter my Giveaway

Cellfire will reset tommorrow, so if you have not done so, load the coupons today. Tommorrow there will be a new round to use and the ones you load today will still be good to use for 2 more weeks(but you MUST load them today!)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for $100 gift card to the grocery store of your choice. Wednesday will be the last day to enter.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

CVS - Yay Stayfree!

If you don't know yet, Stayfree is a GREAT money maker for the next couple days if you have any remaining $2 off coupons FROM 3-28 rp. Right now they are bogo at CVS and this weekend we got bogo coupons. Well, using these bogo coupons and the $2 coupons that came out (expire 6-30)$2 MM(limit 6 per transaction).

Here is what I did:
First Transaction, first store:
1 Schick Shave gel $3.99 - $1 insert = $2.99
2 Schick Hydro 3 razors $8.99 each - $4 insert = $9.98
-$13 in ECBS (adjusted down)
Zero oop
Earned $10 in ECBS
Will mail in for Schick rebate for $8.99 back

Second Transaction, first store:
4 Aveeno shampoo, conditioner $6.49 each- $1 insert = $21.96
2 John Frieda Root Awakening $5 each - $3 insert = $4
12 M&M pretzel .89 bogo - bogo inserts from today paper (max value .79) = .60
6 Stayfree $3.79 each - bogo sale - 3 bogo coupons - 3 $2 insert = -$6
25 Coppertone Water babies $1.49 each* - 8 $4 insert = $5.25
1 Fruit stripes gum .89
1 caramel .33
-$27 ECBS
Cost oop: 03
Earned $3 ECB for John Frieda and $10 for Aveeno.
Also will mail in for $10 Aveeno rebate
*Cashier rang up more Coppertone than I actually had and did not ring up all my coupons, thus resulting on the Coppertone costing me.
-$27 in ECBS
Cost oop: .03

Trans #3, Second store(hoping to find Ben Gay.... failed):
1 Cristophe $1.99 - $2 tearpad = -.01
2 John Frieda $5 each - $3 insert = $4
3 Powerbar Pure and Simple .99 each = $2.97
14 M&M pretzel .89 each bogo - bogo insert = FREE
6 Stayfree $3.79 bogo - bogo insert - $2 insert = -$6
Cost oop: .96
Earned $3 for John Frieda and $2.97 for P0wer bars

Final tally for CVS: -$13 -$27.03-.96 -2* .44 stamps + $18.99 +$23 + $5.97 = $6.09 profit

Saturday, June 26, 2010

With a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there......FREE Chick Fil A

Wow! Chick Fil A has been keeping this chicken lovin family FULL! I am sorry I didn't post some of these promos sooner(this job is keeping me super busy). Anyway, our local Chick Fil A had Luau night on Thursday. You dress for a Luau and get a free spicy Chicken sandwich(our store let us get the kids the regular sandwiches) This is my eldest posing with the Fire Cow(the little one was still too scared). We had fun going and getting our free food and with our receipt(hey I wanted fries :) we got a survey for a FREE Sandwich!!!!! BONUS!!!. Check your local stores for participation.
On the way out, I also noticed a sign on the door for another promotion on Saturday July 3rd. Dress in Red White and Blue and get a free Spicy Sandwich 11:30 AM - 9:30 PM for all Greater Houston area stores. Again check your local stores for participation, maybe you will be lucky too.
THEN, let us NOT forget the most important Chick Fil A event all year long. Dress Like a Cow, get FREE food!!!!! Dress to the 9's (as a cow anyway) and get a free combo or wear an accessory and get a free entree. This is a yearly all day event on July 9th. Go here to print your cow spots and ears for this event.
There is even a photo contest you can enter or vote on found here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

CVS- Yay! I found free Coppertone!

Ran into a CVS on my way to Randalls really to just scan my card. Well, I like to walk the stores just in case I find something good and I did! I found these Coppertone Water babies 1 oz tubes @ 1.49 each. I also had a CRT for $3 off a $15 suncare purchase so I used it to help pay down the price of the bread my dh really LOVES!

2 Nature's Own bread $2.59 each = 5.18
26 Coppertone Water Babies $1.49 each = $23.84 - 6 $4 coupons(last one adjusted down) = FREE
- $3/15 suncare CRT coupon
$2.18 oop. (I could have gotten one loaf of good bread and something smaller but I am gonna be gone a bit for work next week and didn't want dh to go without for the girls.

*I found the Coppertone in a cardboard display on the check out counter. Happy Hunting!

Safeway - Kraft dressing and FREE GUM!

I won't have time to do my usual Saturday shopping run, so decided to run out tonight to get some freebies(had a few free homemailers expiring at month end I wanted to use before I forgot). Lucky for me the husband managed the kids (even bathed them YAY!)

Here is what I did:
17 Dentyne gum $1 each - $1 insert = FREE
17 Dentyne Pure gum $1 each - $1 insert = FREE
1 Betty Crocker Warm delights closeout $1.49 - .75 shortcuts - .50 Randalls loadable - .50 IP = -.76
3 Kraft dressing $1.49 each - 1 $1 insert - 1 .35 peelie = $2.42 (I had 2 coupons but one got missed?)
1 Safeway green beans .50 - .30 hurricane map = .20
1 Safeway tuna .69 - .50 hurricane map = .19
1 Sunkist fusion $.99 - .50 insert = FREE
1 Minute Maid OJ $2.79 - $1.50 Randalls loadable - $1.50 homemailer = -.21
1 Yoplait Go Gurt $2.50 - .80 loadable? -.40 loadable? - free homemailer = -$1.20
1 Philadelphia cream cheese minis $1.99 - free homemailer = FREE
1 O Organic Yogurt .79 - .40 50% off coupon - .79 O Organic tearpad = -.40
1 Tide detergent $.99 - .35 P&G insert = FREE
1 Halls refresh .62 - .50 tearpad = -.38
Tax: .95
Cost oop: .81
*I honestly have no clue how to make sense of this run because in Tx we pay taxes AFTER coupons???

Earned a $2 oynso for purchasing 3 Kraft dressing.

Kellogg's Cereal recall - Froot Loops, Apple Jacks etc

Better check your stockpiles, it seems Kelloggs has just issued a voluntary recall on select lots of Kelloggs Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks and Honey Smacks. Please visit this site for more information on what dates to look for and what you can do.

Another bowling offer - B1G1 free game

AMF is really rolling out the bowling coupons. They are offering a new one now that will give you a buy one get one free game.

Were gonna bowl -owl -owl tonight - $5 off coupon

We're gonna rock we're gonna roll, we're gonna bop we're gonna bowl!!!! (If you are 80s movie nut like me, you know these words are from Grease 2!)
Anyway, AMF is offering $5/10 Split coupons. Print one coupon and you can save $5 per person up to 10. (Much better than the dreaded 7-10 split!)
Sign up and you can get the enewsletter two that will tell you when events are happening in your area.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coupon previews!

Don't forget to check out the coupon previews so you know how many papers you want to purchase.
These are the coupons I am excited about:
Smart Source
Cheerios .50 - can net free Cheerios at Safeway during sales
Schick Quattro Titanium $4 - always good for drug store deals and Target

Parade magazine
$2 Pantene (I hope we get that one in Houston!- CVS has old style on clearance right now)

Red Plum
$2 Luvs diapers
Smart Balance milk rebate

Other good printables I see

It is getting close to the end of the month and so I am looking over all the printable coupons I can to print before they disappear. These are the deals I have rounded up from my readings and my own finds:

Like Tresemme on facebook and you can print $1 off any product (trial size is sold at CVS)

$2 Smart Balance milk (use zip 30157) these have been $2.99 at HEB and Kroger making for cheap milk

$2.50 Luvs homemailer - just sign up or log in and update your account and they will mail you a coupon(should be cheap at Dollar General)

Several good Kellogg's cereal coupons including $1.50/2 boxes (always good coupon to have for Randalls/Kroger sales)

Simply Organic coupons (multiples in pdf with long expirations for my organic readers!)

$1 Ocean Spray coupon

$1 Dole Salad - don't get salad coupons very often
$2 Huggies 240 ct baby wipes - might be good with a sale
$2 Goodnights - wish I had that today with the clearance find at CVS
$1 Trop50 juice (also a loadable from Randalls)

Scotch Pop-Up Dispensers CHEAP

I don't know if you have ever used the Pop Up Dispenser tape, but I LOVE THEM!!! I got several free one year at CVS after Christmas and they make gift wrapping so much easier. Anyway, when I was in Walgreens yesterday I noticed they had the dispensers on clearance for $1.07 or $1.09. I just checked tonight and found $1 printables HERE! I will definitely be printing these and taking them to Walgreens to get these cheap.

CVS run - Found a couple Clearance goodies

Ran into CVS at lunch to see what coupons would print when scanning my card. The wonderful machine spit out a $4/20 that was only good through Sunday so I decided to look around to see if I could make a deal. Well, this is how I made that work:

1 Zegerid OTC $9.99 - $4 insert = $5.99
2 Powerbars .99 each = $1.98
1 Goodnights clearanced @ $2.99
8 Gillette shampoos clearanced @ $1.17 each - $1 insert P&G = $1.36
1 Cristophe shampoo clearanced @ $1.99 - $2 CRT = -.01
-$4/20 CRT
-$8 ECBS
Tax: .16
Cost oop: .47

Earned $1.98 for the Powerbars and $1 for my Green Bag tag(for bringing in your own reusable bag)
Will mail off for Zegerid rebate for $5.99 (purchase price less coupon)
So $8.47 + .44 stamp cost - $8.97 profit = -.06

Skinny Cow Printable Coupon

Go here and you can print two $1 coupons for Skinny Cow. Now to find a store that has it on sale for $1 for the single service cups.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kroger Daytona Deal starting TOMMORROW

Kroger is going to have a Daytona sale starting tommorrow. These typically are buy 10 items get $3 off instantly. I hope to have a working matchups list for you in the morning (wish me luck), but I wanted to at least give you the heads up.

Also, if you were able to print those .35 Goldfish coupons I told you about a week or so ago, you can add those to your list. Kroger has these on sale now through the end of the NEXT ad for $1.25. Shortcuts just added two loadables for Goldfish(one for regular and one for graham- I checked at lunch and both types are on sale) which should give you a little overage on purchasing them!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kroger run - ZERO OOP

Ran a quick run at lunch for freebies
Reach flossers and floss $1, free after insert coupons, multiple weeks
Listerine pocket pacs $1, free after insert coupons, multiple weeks
Ivory soap $1 free after homemailer (there are also coupons in 6-6 P&G)
Gillette bodywash bogo @ 4.29 - bogo insert P&G insert = FREE (also have $4/2 coupons making these .29 for 2)
Chicken of the Sea tuna .79 - $1 facebook coupon(I posted about before) = FREE

Garden Goodie

Ok, I gotta tell you something.....my husband has a garden. Don't ASK me what is out there that is HIS project, lol. I just humor him and enjoy the spoils from time to time when we actually get something from the harvest(hey, he is learning!)
Anyway, I have taken pictures before and just always forgotten to actually post them, so I am posting now. This is perhaps the biggest tomato I have ever seen and it came from HIS garden. The little ones to the left are still ripening in the house(dang varments outside) but this baby is ready to eat up. (we are gonna make an awesome salad with it tommorrow night)
Oh and husband decided to take the photo next to a 12 oz can for perspective.(ignore the honey, peanut butter and cheetos in the back ground, he took the pic :P)

On another note, I am sorry readers that my posts are so few and far between. My new responsibilities at work are really having an effect on my couponing time and so much has come up that needs to be tended to. I DO hope to get back to FULL force couponing soon as it is one thing I truly do love and anchors me. Until then, I will try to post deals I "read" about but just don't have time to run myself. I hope you will stick with me and I promise I will still bring you nice goodies and suprises as much as I can find time for.
Also, don't forget the month is winding down and so will my cellfire giveaway. If you have not taken a shot at chance #3 do it now! I will be pooling all entries to pick a final winner at the end of the month. Good luck everyone.

Whataburger - FREE BREAKFAST this Tuesday

I am sooooo glad Whataburger is offering free breakfast tommorrow. I have had such a hectic schedule lately. Been working late so not as much shopping accomplished. This weekend was my 11 year anniversary with my husband. And let us not forget Father's Day. I have had very little sleep and eating at home means DISHES. I know the family will be stopping by on the way to work and school tommorrow to pick up our FREE breakfast thanks to the wonderful folks at Whataburger. (Did you know I am from the hometown of Whataburger?)
Anyway, for those who have never had these, their sausage has a little spice to it, so just a word of caution on your decisions for the kiddos. AND for those of you who want it really spicy, you can even add picante and jalepenos for no additional charge.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

CVS deal on diapers and toothpaste

CVS was nice enough to send me a $5/25 in my email that expired today so I decided to run the diaper deal. Right now CVS has the box diapers on sale for $19.99 and earned $10 ECB. I also had a $3 CVS receipt coupon for the diapers, so I got a GREAT deal.
Here is my breakdown:
1 Huggies $19.99 - $3 CVS CRT coupon - $3 IP = $13.99
2 Colgate Total $2.99 each - $1 from Kroger pharmacy booklet = $3.98
-$13 in ECBS
Tax: .27
Paid $0.24 and got back $10 for the Huggies and $4 for the Colgate
Small profit of $.73 (Even if you don't have the CRT or the $5/25, the diapers will cost $6.99 which at least for the size 3's I got would come out to .09 a diaper.

Safeway run - netted free milk, yogurt, Sunkist and Season all

My husband needed to have his propane tank refilled and I noticed a local Randalls sells the Blue Rhino Brand for only $16.99 for the exchange. Since I found a beer display with a $10 mail in rebate, I decided to take his tank there, since that is pretty darn cheap(he uses the propane for his beer brewing).
Anyway, while there, I couldn't NOT shop (much to my dh's dismay - luckily this store has a lounge area he hung out in while I worked my magic, lol)
I got SUPER lucky with a deal on Capn Crunch and milk thanks to 50% stickers and a tearpad I found for free Lucerne milk(up to $4) wyb 3 Quaker cold cereals. Since I went through the uscan, the register prompted the cashier for the prices on the beer and the Capn Crunch and he put higher prices in for each one(he used the price printed on the tags, but both items were on sale this week)
This is how my transaction played out:
1 Morton Sea Salt $2.24 - .50 insert 6-20 RP = $1.24 (we are completed out of sea salt!)
1 Morton Season all $1.50 - 2 .55 cellfire - .55 loadable(not sure where this one came from????) - .55 insert 6-20 RP= -.70
1 Sunkist Solar fusion .88 - .50 insert 5-9SS = FREE
1 Fage yogurt $1 - .50 dairy booklet coupon = FREE (this was on overstock sale)
1 Tide trial size .99 - .35 insert P&G = FREE
1 Halls refresh closeout .62 - .50 tearpad(found at pharmacy) = FREE
2.34 lb bananas $1.08
1 Safeway tuna .69 - .50 hurricane booklet coupon(says .30 but it took off .50) = .19
1 Fat Tire beer $7.99 - $4.50 50% tag = $3.49
3 Cap n Crunch $1.99 each - $1.33 each 50% tag - 3 .50 insert 5-16 RP(1 doubled) = -.02
1 Lucerne milk $3.18 - $3.18 tearpad buy 3 Quaker get free milk = FREE
Tax: .25
-2 $2 catalinas
Cost oop: $1.53

Friday, June 18, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards - Free 50 point code

There is a new code out that will earn you 50 more points in your Disney Movie Rewards account. Just enter 9EKSMN38SH once you log in. Thanks Hip2Save.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money Maker deal at Petsmart - started today

Remember me mentioning a $3 printable for World's Best Cat litter on this post?
Well, in that post I also mentioned a FREE Mail in Rebate for that same cat litter. Combine the two and you already have a profit of $3 (not counting stamp or tax).
Well, today was the first day of the rebate and I headed to Petsmart since I had to take the new kitty to the vet anyway. While there, I decided to pick up a few more free bags of Science Diet dog treats (I mentioned this deal here). Well, today the cashier did NOT adjust the coupon down and I got overage of .50 per treat bag I purchased.(I got 8)
So, for my transaction above, I paid 0.53 and will mail in for a rebate of the $7.49 ring up price of the cat litter. Almost a $7 PROFIT!
This would be a great money maker deal to do even if you don't have animals. You cannot guarantee you are going to get the overage from the Science Diet treats, so I liked the idea of getting the litter because it is already a small money maker as it is. IF they give you the overage from the treats, it becomes a bigger money maker. If you don't have animals, there are several local organizations or animal shelters that would love your donation(even vet clinics love donated dog treats!)*

*Keep in mind for the rebate on the litter you need to have the UPC, so you need to clip that first if you choose to donate. You can use a piece of packaging tape to seal the hole and trust me, shelters are NOT going to be picky! Rebate is for up to $12.99 on a 7 or 8 lb bag only and must be purchased between 6/16 and 8/15. Also keep in mind $2.50 price on Science Diet treats and $7.49 price on litter is ONLY with your Petsmart loyalty card(free at checkouts)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cellfire - Another Cinderella Coupon Thurs. 2pm Central time

Cellfire is gonna have another Cinderella coupon to load come noon Pacific time tommorrow and they are promising less glitches this time. I hope some of you will be able to get in on it, but I will be at work and unable to take advantage this time. Good luck and set your watches for 2 pm Central time to rush to Cellfire and see what the offer is (they also promise to have some worth more than $1- we shall see)

Safeway run to use loadables !!!!!!

Ran to Randalls on my way home and paid .07 oop but got back $1.50 oynso catalina(for buying 3 BC fruit snacks), so $1.43 PROFIT!
(I used my mom's card for this run and wanted to go today since the buy 8 get $4 deal ends today)

Here is my breakdown:

3 Hamburger Helper $1 each - 2 .75/3 cellfire - 2 .75/3 shortcuts= FREE (there should be insert coupons, but I didn't have one)
1 Chex Mix $1.49 - .50 cellfire - .50 shortcuts - .50 IP = -.51
Betty Crocker fruit snacks $1.49 each - .50/2 cellfire - .50/2 shortcuts - .50/2 IP = $2.47
1 Fiber One 90 calorie bars $1.99 - 2 .50 cellfire - .50 IP = -.01
1 Nature Valley Granola bars 1.99 - .50 cellfire - .50 shortcuts - .50 IP = -.01
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.99 - 2 .55 shortcuts - .55 IP = .34
1 Cheerios $1.49 - .55 shortcuts - .50 insert = -.06
1 Honey Nut Cheerios $1.99 - .55 cellfire - .55 IP = .89
1 Lucky Charms $1.99 - 2 .55 cellfire - .55 IP = .34
1 Nature Valley Nut Clusters $1.99 - $1 cellfire - $1 shortcuts - $1 IP = -1.01
1 Warm Delight $1.49 - .75 shortcuts - .50 IP = -.26
1 Bisquick $2.89 - 2 .50 cellfire - .50 shortcuts - .50 IP = .39
1 Yoplait Fiber One yogurt $2.50 - 2 $1 cellfire - $1 shortcuts - .50 IP = -$1.50
1 Fage greek yogurt $1 - .50 Randalls dairy book = FREE

Cost oop: .07
Earned $1.50 back so PROFIT!

*I also logged back into cellfire tonight and was able to reload the 10 coupons I used onto my Kroger card. Now if Kroger has a deal, I can use those coupons AGAIN there.
Hopefully they will put the Fiber One yogurt on sale again soon so I can try some of those wonderful recipes my readers shared with me! Easy and yummy way to sneak more fiber in my husband's diet.

Groupon Houston - Kids Cooking Academy

I am very excited about the Groupon offer today for Houston area. They are offering a Young Chefs' Academy Cooking Class (2 90 minute classes) for only $15! This is being offered at the Katy location only and you must take the classes by Dec. 31st so that gives you plenty of time to get booked for this. I am going to get one for each kiddo and take them together when my little one turns 4 this fall. Classes for ages 4–17.

For those of you not in the area, Groupon is nationwide and seems to have some pretty cool offers from time to time, you might want to check it out.

Cellfire to reset TODAY! And entry #3 into my $100 Giveaway

You will have 2 weeks to save these new coupons and one month to use them. Log into cellfire and load them now!
Only valid at Kroger, King Soopers, Dillions, Fry's or Smith's)
$1/2 Kellogg Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops and Frosted Mini Wheats Cereals
Only valid at Safeway
$.55/1 5oz or larger Season-All product
$1/1 package of 8-Count Colombia, 8-Count Italian, or 7-Count Italian Decaf Starbucks VIA Ready Brew
Should be valid everywhere
.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals
$0.50/1 box Nature Valley Granola Bars
$0.50/2 boxes Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups OR Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz Fruit Flavored Snacks
$0.50/1 box Fiber One Chewy Bars or Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bars
$0.50/1 40 OZ. + Original Bisquick OR Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix
$.75/2 Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes
$0.55/1 Trix cereal
$0.55/1 Honey Nut Cheerios cereal
$0.55/1 Lucky Charms cereal
$0.50/1 4.5 OZ. + Chex Mix OR Chex 100 Calorie Snack
$0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups OR any flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothie
$1/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks
$1/1 box Wheaties Fuel cereal
$1/1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters
Now for requirement #3 for my giveaway.
One entry per person. I want you to post in the comments how many coupons you have redeemed through cellfire and what your $ savings are so far.
For example I have redeemed 372 cellfire coupons for a savings of $272.48
What have you done? *
*When you are logged into cellfire and have loaded your coupons, go to the saved offers tab. If you click on each store, it will bring up your saved coupons and in the header it will say Total saved with cellfire. Do this for each store you have and tally it for your entry. (if you don't have the coupon count that is fine as I think you only get the count of coupons used from the email savings statements)

Monday, June 14, 2010

HOT Printables!!!! Goldfish .35 IP

Went to coupons.com (I was in zip 44144) to check for new coupons and found some good ones
.35 Goldfish crackers (should be free with sale at Kroger/Randalls)
$1/3 cans Rotel
Bogo Vanish toilet bowl cleaner(there is a Target IP for bogo YMMV if you store allows)
$2 Listerine (see my Walgreens post below to make money on this)
$1 Muir Glen product (I think I read the tomato paste is free at Kroger?)

.55 Honey Nut Cheerios (on sale at Randalls until tomorrow)
.50 Bisquick (will go good at Randalls with loadables from cellfire)
$3 World's Best Cat Litter (combine with try me free rebate here)

More to come if I don't fall asleep first......

Chicken of the Sea $1 printable

Just got my latest email from the Mermaid Club and if you LIKE Chicken of the Sea on Facebook, you will have the opportunity to print a $1 coupon (twice) off any of their products. This should net you free tuna(no pun intended) during a sale at Kroger or Safeway.

Cellfire to reset tomorrow- June 15th

If you have not done so already, head over to cellfire and load your coupons(I recommend loading to Safeway cards since multiples will come off)! They will reset tonight and that also means you have 1.5 hours to enter entry #2 of my giveaway. At midnight MY time(I am central!!!!!) I will be closing entry #2 and you will only be able to enter entry #3.

Walgreens run - a few money makers

I was happy to go to my favorite Walgreens and see they still had Nivea bodywash in stock(I stopped at 3 stores yesterday on the way to the bookstore and they were all already sold out)

Anyway, did 3 transactions

Tran #1:
Heinz Vinegar $2.19 (filler and dh uses it to clean his coffee pot)
1 Listerine $5.99 - $3 in ad coupon - $2 IP(use zip 44142) = .99
1 Schick razor $7.99 - $4 insert 6-13 = $3.99
-$10 RR from Neutrogena deal
Cost oop .16

Earned $4 RR back for the razor

and I can use the receipt for the Listerine $10 rebate(READ this is while supplies last so get that sucker in FAST!) or the Schick razor try me free for purchase price (obviouslyI will do the Listerine, but I have other receipts with the Schick and I will try to find the highest ring up price to mail in for that one)

Trans #2:
3 Neutrogena lip balms $2.99 each - $1.50 booklet coupons(from Safeway) = $4.47
1 Laser cat pointer(filler -the new kitten LOVES this new toy) $1.29
-$5 RR from prior Gillette razor deal
Cost oop: .82 (.06 tax)

Earned $10 for Neutrogena

Trans #3:
1 Nivea bodywash $5.99 - $3 insert = 2.99
1 Laser cat pointer(so the girls wouldn't fight over one!- not pictured) $1.29
-$4 RR from trans #1
Cost oop: .30 (.02 tax)

Earned $6 for the bodywash

So final tally
Cost: 10.16 + 5.82 + 4.30 + .44 stamp = $20.72
Receive: $4 + $10 rebate + $10 + $ 6 = $30
Profit of ~ $10 (or close to free if I don't get the Listerine rebate)

Thanks goes to hip2save for the info on the Listerine rebate.

*you can purchase any 3 Neutrogena products to get the $10 RR and we just got $1 coupons so other scenarios can still be money makers
Gillette razor is also still on sale with RR attached making it under $1 (new proglide) with P&G insert coupon

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Krogers - lucked out AGAIN!!!!!

Tonight must have been my lucky night(makes up for the loss I had last night of many GOOD coupons- will explain in a different blog post).

I had to run an errand tonight that happened to take me past 2 Krogers. Since I was out anyway, I decided to stop in and purchase 4 Reach Toothbrushes for a catalina deal posted on HCW(Buy 2 get $1, buy 3 get $2, buy 4 get $4). Well, the cheapest toothbrushes they have are $1.99 , but with our Bogo insert coupons(5-16, 1-3, 12-6 RP) and our $1 off coupons(5-16, 4-11, 3-7, 10-18 RP), this becomes a HOT deal. Imagine my suprise when I stumbled upon THIS sign(notice the coupons hanging off the side)

I took a closer pic of one of the coupons so you could read the AWESOME coupon I found before it was spent!

WOW!!!!!! No other purchase required and just get $3 off PORK. Well, if you notice the expiration date, that would be TODAY! Since this was at ~ 8 pm, I decided I needed to save these poor coupons souls by redeeming them (all 7 of them!) So 2 stores later I had this:

I purchased the Yakisoba since I was in a hurry and I wanted to use $4 catalinas I already had to make my oop as cheap as I could each time. Here are my transactions:
Trans #1
6 Yakisoba .89 each - $1/2 insert = $2.34
4 Reach toothbrushes $1.99 each - 2 bogo - 2 $1 insert = $1.98
1 Pork ribs $4.66 - $3 peelie = $1.66
1 Pork ribs $4.50- $3 peelie = $1.50
1 Pork chops $4.58 - $3 peelie = $1.58
-$4 catalina
-$1.06 tax
$4 oop earned $4 back (catalina machine didn't work so they gave me $4 on a gift card)

Trans #2
(same store so I didn't try the Reach again)
1 Pork chops $4.85 - $3 peelie = $1.85
1 Pork chops $4.85 - $3 peelie = $1.85
1 Pork ribs $5.39 - $3 peelie = $2.39
-$4 oynso catalina
-$1.20 tax
$.89 oop

Trans #3
6 Yakisoba .89 each - $1/2 = $2.34
4 Reach toothbrushes $1.99 each - 2 bogo - 2 $1 = $1.98
1 Pork ribs $3.22 - $3 peelie = .22
-$4 oynso catalina
-.07 tax
$.47 oop
Earned $4 oynso

I basically found $21 worth of free pork tonight!

*another hot deal you might want to get if your stores allow bogo coupons on bogo sales. The Gillette bodywash is bogo, so if you have the bogo coupons from the most recent or prior P&G insert, you get 2 free (YMMV as to whether your stores will allow this)

Also, more posts to come if I just have the time(busy shopping weekend with my mom, but running out of time to post and my new job doesn't allow for much blog time like I used to have :(

HEB run tonight

I ran to HEB to get some bananas and lucked upon a tearpad for $3 off beef when you buy any Fiesta Bolner's spice(found near the beer). Lucky for me they sell Anise for .64 so that is $2.36 off BEEF(who says you can't get discounts on meat). My husband was in a grilling mood so I got us some Filet Mignons to eat tonight and a steak for him tommorrow.
I also picked up Smart Balance milk for $2.98 - $2 insert coupon hoping to get a free catalina coupon print that I have been hearing rumors about(didn't happen, I got a $2/2). They also had a yellow HEB coupon for free 100 Calorie packs when you buy the Smart Balance milk, so I guess it wasn't a complete loss!

Half Price Books - FREE Books!

Summertime is in FULL swing and I took the girls to Half Price books to pick out some books for Week 1 of the reading club I blogged about here and here. Well, since one wanted Littliest Pet Shop, the other had to have one too! One of the books even still had the stickers in it. I was happy because those are early readers and we are working with Zo on that. They also grabbed a second book since their first choices were only $1.98 each. The second books were .98 each so everything was FREE with the $3 coupon! (I can't wait to take them next week)

Pets Mart FREE Sciene Diet Dog Treats -YMMV

Remember my post here? Well, I went to Petsmart and picked up these 5 bags of the Science Diet Treats priced at $2.50 each. Cashier adjusted my coupons down, making them free but while there loading my cart, the Science Diet rep found me and asked how many treats I was buying. I told her 5 and she handed me 5 $1 off coupons for 1 3 lb bag, 1 bag of dog or cat treats or 4 cans of cat food! Well, I have a rebate for up to $10 back when I purchase 12 cans of cat food, so I combined that with the $1 coupons and got all this for ~ $4 after rebate.(I will use these cans as a supplement since Charlie is already devouring her dry Science Diet)
Don't forget to use those Science Diet treat coupons we got this weekend to make some happy canines(these will be going to my mom and sister!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Online Kids Clothing Swap


Has anyone heard of this yet? This sounds similar to Paperbackswap where you swap your books with other members, but instead you swap kids clothes! I am going to sign up and see how good it is and report back. I am excited about the possibilities because I have LOADS of girls clothing in excellent shape and all my friends keep having boys!!!!

If any of my readers have done this, I am anxious to hear how you like it. You can get a free pro membership for two months with the code "MYSAVINGS" (I honestly don't know how much it is after that as I am trying to read the info before my husband picks me up from work- his car was in the shop today!)

Kroger - New Instant Win Game and New Loadables

Kroger is offering a new instant win game called Summer of Savings! This is similar to the March Madness where you can earn prizes which are loadable coupons for groceries. Head over to the site and play daily and let me know what you win!
When you finish playing , it will also offer you some of the new coupons available to load to your Kroger card. (I had already loaded them, so I didn't get to load again)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Potentially FREE Dog Treats At Petsmart

Go here to log in or sign up and you will have a chance to print a $3 off coupon on new Simple Essentials Treats from Science Diet. It is rumored these are on sale at Petsmart for 2 for $4.99 with your loyalty card. Use 2 coupons for potential overage (this will be a YMMV as to if the store will allow- I have not done it yet so not sure if they beep yet)
Also, if you looked at the coupon preview I mentioned on my last post, you might have noticed we should be getting more of these coupons! This should make your canine buddies happy!

Sunday Coupon Preview

We Use Coupons has the preview out for both the Smartsource and the RedPlum. Just click the picture to take you to the listings. I am excited about the
Greek yogurt .30 coupon
Scrubbing bubbles $5 coupon and the
$2.50 Smart Balance milk (currently half gallons are $2.99 at Kroger!)

Also, while you are there, you can see they have several more weeks of the RedPlum inserts already previewed, so you can plan ahead

Quiznos Coupons- IT's BACK, you better hurry if you want it

Gone again!!!!

If you are a fan of Quiznos, then you might want to grab this coupon. It is only good through 6/16.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Safeway Updated Coupon Policy

Well, it looks like Randalls stores have updated their coupon policy and MOST of it appears to be in couponers' favor! Check it out here and be sure to keep a printed copy with you while shopping. For those that shop TT, use this link and those that shop Safeway banner, use this link (They are all the same policy, but each has the unique web address to the store, which should help at those less than pleasant couponing stores)

I personally like number 8, 9, 16 and 26(I thought rainchecks were valid for only 30 days so this was GREAT news)

Also notice how it states: The current policy will be posted at the customer service area in each store. That again, should help us with stores that try making up their own rules.

Edit to add: I just went to pick up some milk today and used 3 RR and they took them no problem! This is gonna be FUN!