Coupon Database

I don't have my own database because to be honest, all other blogger databases lack many coupons that are out there and you wouldn't know about otherwise if you use them exclusively.  That is why I refuse to put a personal database on my blog.  But I know many people want to know how to find coupons so here are the resources I use to find where a coupon might be in my stash.
If you want to know if a coupon exists for a product there are 4 resources I rely on that work best!

1. Check the manufacturer's website to see if they have a coupon offer.  Usually listed as special offers or coupon offers on their toolbar, or if they have a site menu check for special offers or promotions.
2. Check the manufacturer's facebook to see if there is a coupon offer.  Check the left sidebar for a tab saying coupon, special offer or promotion
3. Check CouponMom's database for your region to find out what value you most likely received in your inserts. Keep in mind CouponMom exclusive lists inserts and not other coupon avenues.

If at any time you want to scout out the main printable coupons out there check out my HotLinks tab.  I list the printables first, then the ecoupons and then other useful resources.

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