Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yoplait Giveaway- Last day to enter!

I am really excited about this new giveaway I have to offer:

Yoplait for Kids wants to remind us that less than 1/2 the kids in America get the right amount of calcium in their diet. Yoplait wants to help by supplying the winners with a free six pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt products (Go-Gurt, Trix, Yoplait Kids) along with a Yoplait Get Active Prize Pack. Yoplait for Kids helps build strong bones, enabling healthy and active bodies. Perfect for a fun-filled day for your active children, the Yoplait Get Active Prize Pack includes a travel cooler (to take your yogurt on the road), a jump rope, a water bottle and an outdoor game set that includes a beach ball, paddle ball, Jai-Ali and a Frisbee. My kids have been really having fun with this kit and I have to say that my kiddos think frozen gogurt is a treat! I am happy because they are getting their calcium and they are happy they think of the frozen yogurt as popsicles! Win Win!

I would like to know what activities you implore at your household to keep your kids active, instead of in front of the tv. I have 3 of these kits to give away and will use randonmizer to decide, however if randomizer picks an entry that sounds like a couch potato, than I have to admit, I will choose a replacement winner! This contest is all about being active and getting out there and stretching your muscles. Tell me how you do that and I will pick 3 winners at 3:50 pm on Wednesday!

So let me hear your active stories and how you get your kids away from the idiot box!

Note to subscribers

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Walgreens this week

I took a break from Randalls to stop into Walgreens(ok, I admit, they are right next door to each other, lol).
I was able to get these items in 4 transactions and .13 spent on my W Card*.
Transaction #1:
Softsoap Bodywash $3.99
Skintimate shave gel $2.99
Sweethearts valentine clearacne .14 (filler item)
-$1 Softsoap coupon from Sunday's insert
-$6 RR from last weeks Reach/Listerine promo
tax .01 = .13
Earned free Softsoap coupon up to $3.99 and $3 RR for Skintimate

Transaction #2:
Softsoap bodywash $3.99
3 Reynolds wrap $1.69
-2.40 for in ad Reynolds wrap coupon
-3 * .89 for $1 Reynolds wrap coupon adjusted down(these were from prior inserts and expire 4-4, the ones from sunday restrict this size)
- $3.99 free Softsoap coupon from prior transaction
0 oop and earned another free Softsoap coupon

Transaction #3:
Softsoap bodywash $3.99
3 Reynolds wrap $1.69
7 Mentos sugarfree gum on sale for $2/2 (ring up $1 each after first 2)
-2.40 for in ad Reynolds wrap coupon
-3 * .89 for $1 Reynolds wrap coupon adjusted down(these were from prior inserts and expire 4-4, the ones from sunday restrict this size)
- $3.99 free Softsoap coupon from prior transaction
- 7 $1 mentos sugarfree coupons
0 oop and earned another free Softsoap coupon

Transaction #4:
Softsoap bodywash $3.99
- $3.99 free Softsoap coupon from prior transaction
0 oop and earned another free Softsoap coupon

*W card is the prescription drug card that you can purchase at the pharmacy or online. I can enter my receipts online after 48 hours and earn 10% on all Walgreens brand products. The cost is $20 a year, but I just signed up a month ago and have over $70 from all the GREAT deals I have gotten the past two years at Walgreens(yes, I actually keep my receipts THAT long!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Salad dressing- thanks again to Randalls!

I had to make another trip to Randalls last night after seeing that this Sunday's inserts had $1.50 Kraft dressing coupons. These are part of the Mix and match promo and are $1.50 after instant $5 savings so FREE!

Here is my breakdown:

10 Kraft salad dressing @ $2 each = $20

2 Aquapods @ $2 each = $4

2 Cheetos @ $2 each = $4

2 Snapple @ $1.25 each = $2.50

4 Halls @ $1.25 each = $5

Total: 35.50

- 3.55(10%)

- $10(2 m/m promos)

-$15 (10 Kraft $1.50 coupons)

-1 (Aquapod catalina for $1/2)

-1.10 (2 .55 Cheetos peelies)

-1.69 (Snapple bogo tearpad- gave full value)

-2.50 (2 bogo Halls tearpad)

Total: $0.66 and earned another $2 catalina for the Aquapod purchase

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small Money Maker at Kroger

Select Pillsbury are on sale again at Kroger and they have an active catalina deal running through the 29th of the month.
The catalina deal is only for the refrigerated Pillsbury and is as follows:
Buy 3 Get $1
Buy 4 Get $2
Buy 5 Get $3 oynso catalinas

Kroger sale includes the Pizza Crust, crescent rolls and Grands and they are priced at $1.25. If you buy 4, you will get a $1 instant savings so $5.25 is the cost of 5. Combine this with coupons to make this a money maker.

Pillsbury Crescent rolls .35/1 from 1-25 SS
Pillsbury Grands $1/3 from 2-8 GM
Pillsbury pizza crust .40/1 from 1-25 and 1-18 SS
Also I had a loadable from shortcuts for $.50 off one crescent roll

There are cheaper ways of doing this if you go look up coupons in the HCW database, but I was running out of lunch hour since I have been spending a great deal of my time at Randalls.

Blog Award

Ok, I have to admit, I am terrible at accepting awards but want to thank other bloggers for sending them my way. I don't want you to think they go unread and unnoticed. So, I have decided to post the most recent one I received.

My blog has earned the following award. Thanks Shbrighteyes!

Here are the rules: List 7 things that you love(in no particular order) and then pass the award on to 7 people...tagging them and letting them know they won! You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole wide world web know you are Kreativ!

1. I love Chick-fil-A
2. I love coupons and rebates
3. I love all movies with Johnny Depp
4. I love 80's music and covers of 80's songs
5. I love the sound of my children's laughter
6. I love my husband's sense of humor
7. I love that I have local coupon friends to share my finds with

I will pass this awesome award onto:
1. jane4girls (Thanks for all your blogging help)
2. retailanarchy (Thanks for the humor you bring to my inbox)
3. commonsensewithmoney (For having a great one stop shopping list blog)
4. couponingaddict (For being one crazy couponer!)
5. justfrugalicious (For showing I can teach :))

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Free Origins Sample IF YOU Recycle

Origins is going out of their way to be at the forefront of recycling among cosmetics companies.

Thanks goes to Rochelle and the TexasCouponers group for this information:

Join the return to Origins Recycling Program:

Starting March 29, 2009, bring your empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars, etc. - regardless of brand - to your nearest Origins retail store or department store counter nationwide.* All returned packaging will be sent back to a central location where products will be recycled or used for energy recovery.In an industry first, Origins will accept packaging from any cosmetic company regardless of the manufacturer. We believe that the more we collect from consumers, the more we can keep cosmetic packaging out of landfills. And we hope this program will encourage other companies into following our example.To thank you for joining us in our commitment to the environment, we’ll treat you to a FREE sample of your choice of one of Origins high-performance skincare products.

Please follow this link for more valuable information on recycling and the Origins program!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Randalls run- how could I refuse

I had to go and do another Randalls run when my dh found out Cheetos were on the promo. I had both kiddos with me so my total was a bit higher than I hoped. Here is the breakdown:

8 Ozarka Aquapods $16
2 Cheetos $4
6 Snapple $7.50
1 Fuze $1.25
3 Suave body wash $4(one rings free with card wyb 3)
4 Halls cough drops $ 5
6 Del Monte fruit cups $7.50

Not part of $5 off 10 promo:
1 Nutri Pals bars $2
2 Glade scented oil candles $5

- 15 for 3 $5/10 promos
-$4.98 for 10% discount
-$2.50 bogo Glade candles inserts
- 4.78 Halls bogo coupons(each scanned at $2.39 off) tearpad
-1 wyb 2 Ozarka catalina
-4 off produce wyb 2 ozarka peelies
-2 off 3 Suave any products inserts
-5.07 bogo Snapple tearpads(each scans 1.69 off)
-2 Pediasure product(Nutripals)
.75 Fuze drink
-8 $2 catalinas for purchasing Aquapods before
tax -.13
paid oop $2.04 and earned another $8 in catalinas.

Iams - one more free bag!

Thanks to Jane4girls for guiding me in the right direction. Once you go to Walmart for the free dog food, or HEB for the cheap dog food, DO NOT throw out those receipts. Apparantly there is a buy one bag, get one free by mail rebate floating around at local Petsmart stores.
Go to this blog for more info. That is totally worth the cost of the stamp to me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Kitten food and cheap puppy food at HEB

I read on HCW that there was cheap or free pet food at HEB so I went and sure enough, with the $5 coupons for Iams Smart Puppy or Kitten food(from prior P&G insert), you can score a GREAT deal. The kitten food is $4.99 so free and the Puppy food(not pictured as my sis came and picked it up before I snapped the pic) was $5.37.
When I told my mom about the deal she told me the puppy food is $5 at Walmart so if you need kitten food, go to HEB, if you need puppy food, go to Walmart(I cannot verify the Walmart price locally so YMMV)

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Randalls deals

Ok, this one gets confusing so bear with me. Randalls has two promos going. One is the get $5 off instantly when you buy 10 participating items. The other is buy $25 in participating frozen foods and get $10 oynso catalina. I really wanted Digiorno pizza so I was attempting to combine the two deals for the least oop and best price. Things did not go as well as planned but here goes:
18 Suave bodywash $2 each* = $38
1 Suave bodywash free wyb 2(this is a one time per transaction promotion, I didn't know this was gonna come off)
1 Halls naturals $1.25
1 Fuze $1.25
8 Snapple $1.25 each
1 Bertolli pasta sauce $3.29(this one rang up wrong and I didn't notice until I got home)

4 Digiorno pizzas @ 5.49 each
2 Red Baron singles @ 3 each

1 Nutripals bar @ $2(not part of either promo, but I have $2 coupons so free)

Total $81.75
- 8.18 (10% discount) - 12(6 $2/3 Suave coupons) - 1 (.50/1 Suave coupon) - 1 (.50 Halls coupon) - .75 (.25 Fuze q) - 6.76(4 bogo snapple tearpad-they took 1.69 off each) - $1 (Bertolli blinkie) - 4 (2 $2/2 Digiorno tearpad) - $1.50 (1.50/2 Red Baron home mailer) - $2 Nutripals - $15 (3 $5 promo for 30 items) = 28.56

I used $26 in catalinas I had from the Ozarka and paid $2.61 in cash
I earned the $10 catalina for the frozen food promo
*The Suave was marked $1.50 on the shelf and $1 after promo but rang up $2 each so I had to go to the service desk and get my money back on those. So 17 x .50(difference in price) + $2(scan right guarantee) + tax back = $11.21 returned to me in cash

If I have calculated right then
I spent $2.61 (cash) + $26 (cats) = 28.61 and got back
$11.21 (cash) + 10(cats) = 21.21 so total cost today was $7.40
Since I love Digiorno pizza, I can live with that!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Randalls is the place to be this week!

I was excited this morning when I saw the goodies Randalls had in store for us in the new ad. They have a mega deal going on that happens to coincide with a catalina deal running on Ozarka water. The mega deal gives you $5 instant savings on your order when you purchase 10 participating items. The catalina deal gives you a $2 oynso catalina for every 2 Ozarka Aquapods you buy. So combining these two promos, along with the .75/2 coupons we got in the inserts, I thought I would do quite well at Randalls. Well, things just got better once I got there! I was ready to just buy the 10 Aquapods per transaction and roll the catalinas to get free water, but imagine my suprise when I got to the first store and on each and every package of my Aquapods was a peelie for $1 off produce when you buy 2 Ozarka multi packs!
Here is my breakdown of the three transactions I did today:

Transaction #1:
10 Ozarka Aquapods @ 2.00 each = $20
1 Eating Right water $1
1 Cucumber .99
1 bunch Green Onions .99
3 Fuji apples $1.91
1 Yellow onion .83
1 2lb bag carrots $1.49

On my Randalls card, I have a current promotion of 10% off every transaction until May so when they scanned my card it took off $2.72 right away so
-$2.72 for 10% savings
-$5 for mega deal
-$5 for 5 $1 off produce coupons wyb 2 Ozarka
-$3.75 for 5 $.75/2 Ozarka
-$1 Eating right store coupon
- .23 tax
Total cost paid in cash : $9.51
This transaction earned 5 $2 oynso catalinas and a $1/2 Ozarka multi pack catalina

Transaction #2:
10 Ozarka Aquapods @ 2.00 each = $20
1 Warm Delights single .99
3 Bananas .48
2 Naval Oranges $1.40
1 Green pepper $1.49
2 Russet Potatoes $1.99
1 Altoid mints $1.25*

-$2.66 for 10% bonus
-$5 for mega deal
-$5 for 5 $1 off produce coupons wyb 2 Ozarka
-$3 for 4 $.75/2 Ozarka
-$1 for $1/2 Ozarka catalina(from first transaction)
-$8 for 4 $2 oynso catalinas(from first transaction)
-.99 for Warm delights(promo comes off when your card is scanned)
-.89 tax
Total cost paid in cash: $1.06 and earned 5 more $2 oynso and 1 $1/2 Ozarka catalina
*I had to throw in the Altoid because I went negative giving her 4 catalinas to pay

Transaction #3:
10 Ozarka Aquapods @ 2.00 each = $20
1 Warm Delights single .99
1 clove garlic .50

-$2.05 for 10% bonus
-$5 for mega deal-
-$3 for 4 $.75/2 Ozarka
-$1 for $1/2 Ozarka catalina(from second transaction)
-$8 for 4 $2 oynso catalinas(from second transaction)
-.99 for Warm delights(promo comes off when your card is scanned)
-.66 tax
Total cost paid in cash: $.79 and earned $20 in catalinas*
*This was at a different store and I tried to get more produce but cashier insisted I could not use the produce coupons and the Ozarka so she voided the transaction and rerang without the produce. When she handed me the catalinas, she handed them from this transaction and the voided transaction. When I told her I only get the ones from the completed transaction, she told me to just keep them since she was going to have to throw them away, woo hoo for me.

So I spent oop:
$9.51 + $1.06 + .79 = $11.36 cash and still have $24 worth of oynso catalinas and 2 $1/2 Ozarka catalinas. Looks like I will be spending the week at Randalls!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Really great Mail Day for me

I got two of my Bzz kits today. 1 for the Glade Sense and Spray came with a sample unit and a booklet of $4 coupons. The other kit is for the take care clinic found inside select Walgreens stores. They sent me a coffee mug, a fridge magnet, an instant hand sanitizer spray and a booklet with $50 worth of coupons to be used at Walgreens.

In addition to these Bzz kits I got a $5 off $10 purchase for Petsmart,

a sample of Cream of Wheat with a coupon, a sample of Orville Redenbacher with a coupon booklet, samples of Starbucks Via instant coffee, Kraft food and family booklet with coupons, a Target home mailer with coupons, a Kroger home mailer with coupons, 2 Office Depot coupons and a $5 rebate from Energizer, that I blogged about here. I would have to say, this was a great day to come home and check the mailbox.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Walgreens run

I needed to roll some register rewards so I made a quick trip to Walgreens and got the following:
1 Listerine 500 mL $3
1 Reach toothbrush two pack $3
1 Reach Ultra Clean floss $3 (earns $6 RR when you buy all of the mentioned 3)
- $3/3 coupon found in this past Sunday SS inserts
Crest Pro Health toothpaste .95 clearance - $1 coupon(adjusted to .95)
1 Speed stick on clearance for $1.69
1 Christmas cherry lipgloss $0.25
1 Valentine hearts candy $0.14
Paid with $8 RR and .08 in cash and earned $6 for Listerine/Reach purchase, $1 for Crest toothpaste and $1 for Speed Stick purchase so total oop of $0.08

Sunday, March 15, 2009

FREE Chick Fil A Breakfast all this week

I received a flyer at my Chick-fil-A informing me that they will be offering free breakfast from 6 am- 10:30 am Mon-Fri of this week.

There is no purchase necessary and no coupon needed. Just go in and get one per person. The menu of freebies for the week is as follows:

Monday: Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit

Tuesday: 3 pack Chick-n-Minis

Wednesday: Cinnamon Cluster

Thursday: 3 pack Chick-n-Minis

Friday: Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit

You many want to ask at your local store to see if they are participating.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hidden Money maker at Walgreens

I went to Walgreens real quick in search of Glade Sense and Spray and struck out on those but I did find these toothpaste on clearance for .95 each. With the $1 coupon from the last P&G we received, it was free, then to my suprise the cashier handed me a $1 RR. Apparantly, this week when you buy 1 Crest, you receive a $1 RR and it is working for the clearance Crest Pro-Health.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kroger Mega Deal

Excuse the horrible picture,my husband has strep throat- again, so I had to be quick

Kroger is having another mega deal promo going : if you buy 10 items you get $5 off your order instantly. You can do a total of 30 of these promotional items for $15 off per transaction. I went on my lunch hour and got the following for just .87 thanks in part to my home mailers, my insert coupons and loadables from cellfire, shortcuts and P&G. I am so happy I saved my February home mailer Kroger coupons for this week!
Here is the breakdown:
2 Chex snack mix $1.99 each- 2 .50 doubled(2-22 SS) - .60 cellfire - .60 cellfire - $1 mega deal = -.22

1 Cheerios snack mix $1.99 - .50 d(2-22SS) - .60 cellfire - .50 md = -.11

2 Powerade .99 each - .40 d(home mailer from kroger) - $1 md= .18

3 Shedds country crock w/calcium $1.49 each - .50 d(1-18RP) - 1.50 md = -.03

1 Shedds country crock $1.49 - .25t(1-18RP) - .50 md = 0.24

2 Pillsbury Toaster strudels $1.99 each - .35t(2-8GM) - .60cellfire - .60 scuts - $1 md = -.32

6 Whisker Lickins treats $.99 each - $1/2(2-8RP) - $3 md = -.06

1 Whisker Lickins treat $.99 - .40d(home mailer from Kroger) - .50 md = -.31

2 *Suave deodorant $1.49 each - $2/2(home mailer from Kroger) - $1 md = -.02

Not part of mega deal:
3 Johnson buddy bars $1.09 each - $3 catalina = .27

1 Kroger toddler wipes $1 - $1 peelie = free

1 *Gillette Shampoo $4.39 - $2 (3-1 P&G) - $2 loadable = .39
3 Yakisoba noodles $1 each - .35 t(3-8SS) = free

1 Tropicana orange juice $2.39 (to eat the overages!)

* I got the Gillette because I also had a Kroger home mailer for $1.50 off wyb $7 worth from the health and beauty department, so
2 Suave @ 1.49 and 1 Gillette @ 4.39 = $7.37 so I qualified to use my coupon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Entertainment Courtesy of Target

This Saturday, March 14th the Children's Museum of Houston is going to be having a Grand Opening Celebration to unveil their new exhibits.

Thanks to Target, admission is FREE to the public!

I am so excited about the activities they have planned all day from 10am-8pm!

Okay, to show you how much of a math nut I am, this also happens to be Einsteins birthday and also Pi DAY! You will have the opportunity to see Albert at the museum from 2-5:30pm. I hope to see some of you at the event on Saturday. Don't forget to bring a change of clothes for the kiddos so they can play in the outdoor interactive water fountains.

Go to the site calendar for more information on this Grand Opening Celebration!

Monday, March 9, 2009

For the avid reader or those school reading lists

I want to discuss paperbackswap . com .
My husband LOVES to read and I got tired of spending all this money going to Half Price books and getting him books. They were still pricey and after he read them, what were we to do with all those books. He had enough books to fill 3 five shelf bookshelves, so it was time to let some go.
Well, for anyone that has taken their books back to these half price book stores, you know they don't pay you much, if anything for ALL those books. That is where paperback swap came to the rescue. It is a great program to recycle your read books and get new ones for very cheap!
Here is how it works: You sign up and list 10 books you currently have that you no longer want. For doing just this, you get 2 free credits for 2 free books. You search for books you want and make a request. The member that has the books you want mails them via media mail through the USPS and you just got 2 FREE BOOKS.
Now, if someone requests a book from you, you pay the postage to send it out to them (starts at about $2.25) but when they confirm receipt of your book, you earn another book credit. So, essentially this is the breakdown.
List 10 books, earn 2 free books.
Mail out 1 book @ $2.25(depending on weight of course) , earn a FREE BOOK!
I don't know about you, but I think $2.25 is a GREAT price to pay for a book. I am actually a member of this club and I have a Dave Ramsey book coming my way!
This would also be a great program for those classic books you need to purchase for your student's reading lists. AND it keeps these books out of landfills.
The books you receive are yours to keep as long as you like. NO late fees, no rental fees. Check it out!

PaperBackSwap.com - Our online book club offers free books when you swap, trade, or exchange your used books with other book club members for free.

Friday, March 6, 2009

More Walgreens GREAT deals

I really scored at a Walgreens on my drive home!
First transaction:
8 Dove deodorant .99 each - $1.50/2 coupons = $1.92 (earns $10)
Vaseline lotion $2.69 - $1.50 manuf coupon = $1.19
1 Lifesavers jellybeans .59 (filler so I could use a previous RR)
- $3.50 RR from prior Colgate purchase
-.12 tax
= .08 OOP on gift card and received back $10 for Dove and $2 for Vaseline

Second transaction:
3 Pepto Bismol child 24 ct chewables Watermelon on clearance for $1.39 (earns $8 wyb 3)
1 Blink tears $7.99 - $2 manuf coupon from this past sunday(earns $8 RR)
-$10 RR from previous Dove purchase
= .16 OOP on gift card and received back 2 $8 RR

So total OOP (including RR spent) $ 3.50 + .08 + $10 + .16 = $13.74 spent, $28 RR earned
so overall, a profit of 14.26 for this stop!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wonderful Hidden Clearance find

I read today about someone finding a hidden deal on Hello Kitty Digital Camaras(I am sorry, but I cannot remember where I read about this deal) at CVS. Apparantly this camara was part of the Valentine clearance so is ringing up 90% off. Regular price of $29.99, but ringing up for just $2.99. I found these 3 at the store near my house and now I have a birthday gift for my niece for her birthday this weekend. Even better, now each of my kiddos will have their own camara so no fights!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Target and even more Walgreens

Target has these 8.4 oz Gillette products for $2. Last weekend we got $2 off coupons for Gillette body wash and $2 off coupons for Gillette hair care.
If you purchase the Gentle clean shampoo + body wash you can use the $2 hair care coupon.
For the body wash you can purchase the above mentioned type as well as the Oil Control Face wash + body wash or the Dry Skin Hydrator + body wash variety.
I got all 15 of these items for $0 oop with the $2 coupons!

I stopped by the Walgreens near my house on my way home and found the following:
3 L'oreal Preference Dream Blonde on clearance for $2 - $2 Wags ESC = FREE
1 Sambucol cold and flu relief $12.99 - $4 ip - $10 esc = $1.01 MM
8 Dove trial size deodorant .99 each - $1.50/2 manuf coupons from 1-18 RP = $1.92
1 Reach prevent tb $1.79 - $1 manuf coupon = .79*
*there is also an in ad coupon that should take off .80 but I miscalculated and my total was already at .70, so I could not use the toothbrush in ad coupon without going negative, so oop .70.
I had given the cashier a RR for $1 with my coupons for payment(from last weeks excedrin deal)
So my total oop was .70 on gift card and $1 RR and this earned $10 RR for the 8 deodorants!

I then bought the following items using the $10 RR:
1 Simply Orange juice $4.29 - $1 = $3.29
1 gallon milk $3.29
1 Vaseline lotion $2.69 - $1.50 manuf = $1.19(earns $2 RR)
5 Band aid sheer 40 count clearanced for .82 each - 4 $1 manuf coupons = .10
1 Colgate Max fresh $3.29 - .75 = $2. 54 (earns $3.50 RR)
1 Reach prevent toothbrush $1.79 - $1 manuf - .80 in ad coupon = -. 01
Total oop : $10 RR and .33 from gift card
earns $2 and $3.50 RR
So overall for Walgreens
spent: $11 in RR and $1.03 on gift cards and earned back $15.50 in RR.

ZM edit: I was just informed the wording on the RR has been changed to "excludes dairy" instead of the old wording that said "may also exclude dairy". I apologize for my error in using this register reward to pay for my milk.

Some Walgreens Clearance and a few more deals

Went back to Walgreens and found some Clairol Perfect 10 hairdye on clearance for $3.59 and some Natural Instinct for $2.39.
I used the $5 Clairol Perfect 10 coupons we just got last weekend(they adjusted them down at this store) and the $2 off any Clairol for the Natural Instinct.
I went ahead and picked up another Vaseline @ $2.69 and used the $1.50 insert coupon. I threw in the facial tissues so I could use a $2 catalina I had from the Carmex and I paid .70 from my Walgreens gift card and got back a $2 RR, so total cost of this transaction was .70.

Second transaction: I picked up another Sambucol @ 12.99 and 8 Dove bars @ .99 each with in ad coupon. Used the $10 ESC coupon on Sambucol and the $4 printable. Paid with a $3.50 RR(from the Colgate) and $3.77 from my gift card and earned back $10 for buying 8 Dove products.
So after the $3.50 + 3.77 I "paid" this transaction was a profit of $2.73.
WARNING: This soap is VERY fragrant and I don't recommend leaving it in an enclosed space for very long. I bought it at lunch and when I got off work and went out to get in my car, the smell was almost unbearable! I think this soap will go in the donation pile, lol.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Walgreens, short trip

Been busy all weekend with little ones birthday party and houseguest so didn't have a chance to get too many coupons together for this week. Today I stopped at a Walgreens on my way home and picked up the following items:
Vaseline Intensive rescue lotion $2.69 - $1.50 manuf coupon = $1.19 (earns $2 RR)
Sambucol cold and flu relief $12.99 - $10 esc - $4 printable = $1.01 money maker
Rolaids tropical fruit 100count $3.29 each - $2 esc each - $4/2 manuf = $1.42 money maker
Carmex moisture $2.99 (earns $2 RR)
Also paid with $1 RR from last weeks excedrin and paid .63 from gift card
So, $1.63 "cost" and got back $4 in RR. A total profit today of $2.37

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cheap veggies

When I went to the 99c only store to pick up my Sunday papers, I noticed they had a decent price on some fruits and veggies. I was able to get 6 plums, 8 Roma tomatoes, and 1 pint of Grape tomatoes for just $1 each. Also, when I got home I saw my husband decided to pick a couple of our carrots and a radish from his garden so I threw those in the picture too.