Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cool Cuts 4 Kids - $5 off coupon - any LOCATION

WOW! Summer is here and that is the easiest time to make appointments for kids haircuts (and other much needed items).
Well, the deals keep rolling in when it comes to keeping them neat and tidy! Cool Cuts 4 Kids is offering a $5 off coupon (good through 7/31) for any service $11.95 or higher, WOW!!!! AS low as $7 for a kids cut!!!, guess where I will be sending the hubs to test out their services? I am all about giving places a chance. (I actually have a personal hair dresser that only charges me $12 a cut and I personally LOVE and trust her- sadly she lives in Corpus, so I don't always get to use her, but it just goes to show, you don't always have to spend $$$$ to get the best!)

For $7 how can you go wrong and I really love that Cool Cuts 4 Kids offers entertainment for my kids. My personal hell is waiting with my kids in chairs with NOTHING to keep them entertained! Seriously, 1 minute can last an infinity if my kids are bored!!!! Well at Cool Cuts 4 Kids, they don't stand a chance of that because there are two entertainment zones built in for kids. The first in the waiting room, offering video games and movies to keep your kids entertained.
When it is your kid's turn, they have additional entertainment at their chair to keep them entertained and distracted from the fact that haircuts SHOULD be pretty boring, lol!

(I am personally jealous and want a place like this for adult WOMEN!!!! I mean come on, Men have Sports Clips!)

In addition, I am really interested in the Cool Rewards Club because it offers my favorite thing................COUPONS!
Check out the cool perks you receive as a Cool Rewards Club member:

1 point for every regularly priced service ($11.95 or higher)
Reward coupons for reaching 4, 8 and 13 points, emailed right to your inbox
20% off all retail products the day you join
10% off Cool Cuts 4 Kids haircare products
5% off all other haircare products
Advance notice of fun specials and promotions

and AFTER only 4 cuts you get $2 off, after 8 another $2 off, and then at 13 $4 OFF! SWEET!

If your kiddo is going in for their first haircut, there are a few offers for you as well, check those out here!

I think I am gonna send the hubs out to one of their 2 locations near us this week and beg for pics to be sent! My kids are in dire need of a clip (especially my little one!)

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I was notified of the coupon and asked if I would like to post for my readers.
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BaileyRose said...

Thank you so much. My son loves going there. I am too cheap so he only goes when Grandma takes him.

Ajules said...

I am so excited we have one in Friendswood so I am soo excited to take my girls they need a slight trim and I am afraid to do it!

The Undercover Couponer said...

We have a few of these in my area (CO), and I am going to post this info on my Around Town page (and give you credit, of course!). Thanks for the hot tip!

Great Clips Coupons said...

that is also a good website if anybody was wanting some more!

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