Friday, June 3, 2011

Safeway, Randalls, Tom Thumb - Mix and Match Promo - Free Kitty Treats!

I had a little time to tour Randalls today after work and I know my husband and kids are appreciative(they are Cheeto fiends!)
Anyway, if you have not noticed, in the ad this week, Randalls is doing a promo where you can buy 8 or more items (mix and match) and get .50 off each. I LOVE when Randalls does these promos because they are sooooooo much easier then Kroger's pesky mega events. Unlike Kroger, you don't have to buy in "groups" of 8, you simply just have to purchase 8 items.  After that, each item just automatically takes of the additional .50!
While I did not see any money makers in this promo, I did find a few freebies and cheap enough for me's!

All prices listed are AFTER .50 promo (thus I am assuming you get AT LEAST 8 participating items)

6 Temptations mix ups treats $1.00 - $1 insert 5-1 RP = FREE

1 Suave Pro Shampoo $2.49 - $2.99 FREE home mailer(I am sure I posted about this in the past?) = -.50

1 Febreze air effects $1.99 - $1 Randalls q homemailer - $1 insert 5-1 P&G = -.01

2 Cheetos puffs and regular $1.79 each - $1/2 peelie (this was a suprise find) = $1.29 each

2 Cheetos White Cheddar $1.79 - $1 peelie(this was an even BETTER find!) = .79 each

not pictured as they got left at the store :( (I called and they found them so will replace when I make it back)

2 Oscar Mayer ready to serve (or cooked) bacon $2.49
-50% reduced for quick sale sticker  -$1.50 (since they ring up $2.99 before promo) = $.99 each

Not part of mix and match promo:
1 Dozen Eggs .99
-$1 off eggs or produce wyb 2 OM ready to serve bacon = -.01

Chicken of the Sea can $1 - .50 IP = FREE (sorry pic does not show can too well)

*I also earned a $1 oynso for purchasing 6 Temptations in one transaction

I took tons of pics of the items with the coupons and will add to the bottom of this post shortly
(I am doing this to show you what to look for and the coupons available, it seems some do not believe I have some of these "homemailers" so I have started taking pics to show you I am not insane!)

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile and totally believe you about the homemailers and other great coupons you happen to find. Uhh, just like the $1/1 cheetos!!!
Is that coupon just for the white cheddar? Keep rockin' the good deals!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

yes Anon the $1/1 were just for the White Cheddar. I did also find $1/2 for any Frito (guess I forgot to add that picture, but I did take it too, lol)
Good luck. I hope the white cheddar are good, we have never tried them but for .79 for a big bag, I was willing to try

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