Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free LapTop Buying Guide 2011

Wow! Talk about timing. My husband finally convinced me to let him work at getting me a new laptop. To be honest, he is SICK of hearing my sighing as I am in the middle of a blog post and my computer does the dreaded hourglass and says NOT RESPONDING! GRRR. This is one of the big reasons my post have been fewer these days! Seriously it can take 30 minutes to get 1 post up!
I just ordered this guide (I do like FREE!) myself and I hope it comes FAST so I can get my new computer soon.

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Greenie said...

I've figured out the more $$$$$ the laptop, the worse it is. The cheaper, the better :) I recently got a dell at bestbuy for under $400 and it's been great so far. After 3 hp laptops have crapped out in less than 5yrs, I'm so done with that brand and their horrible outsourced customer service.

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