Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Town Matchups June 22-28th

Sorry for the delay in working on these, just didn't make it to Food Town until yesterday.  These matchups include the items advertised in the LARGE in store ad as well as the homemailer.

Roma Tomatoes .69/lb

Sweet peaches .69/lb

Peeled baby carrots 1 lb bag .79

Calabacita squash .69/lb

Wish Bone dressing 8 oz .99
-.75/2 IP (must sign up, I am having printer issues, so not sure if this coupon has size restrictions?)
-.40 IP (not sure if this is the same as above link?)

Langers 32 oz apple juice cocktail .77
no coupons, but you can get a Jumpstart spanish cd with 6 juices and 2.99 s/h

Kikkoman's soy sauce 5 oz .69
$1/2 insert 5-15 SS
OR .55/1 same insert (regional variances)

Red Gold squeeze ketchup 24 oz .55
-.55/3 blinkies (I found these at Gerland's)

Pop Secret 3 count .99
-.50/2 insert 6-19 RP

Hungry Jack mashed potatoes 6.6 oz box .66
-$1/2 insert 5-22 SS

La Creme creamer 16 oz $.66
-.75 tearpad

Tyson boneless skinless chicken breast or tenders $1.49/lb

Bar S jumbo hot dogs or bologna 1 lb $1.29
-$1/2 insert 5-22 RP

Oscar Mayer turkey hot dogs 16 oz .99
-$1/2 IP or insert  6-19 SS

AND the Oscar Mayer meat catalina I posted about doing at Randalls on this post is also happening at Food Town
The follow meats are advertised at .99 each and should qualify for the cat

Turkey bologna 16 oz
Turkey salami 16 oz
Meat bologna 12 oz
Regular Cotto Salami 12 oz

So mix and match 5 meats for 4.95 get $4 catalina back.  (Please make sure your store has catalina machines as not all Food Town stores do)

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rosanna said...

Stephanie, thanks for the match-ups! Is the LaCreme tearpad AT FT? and what brand are the meats listed at bottom?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

rosanna, yes I saw some there, at Gerlands, at Randalls and Kroger

Kristin said...

I found $1/1 Langer's blinkies at Foodarama yesterday.

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