Monday, May 31, 2010

Target HUGE money makers!

Sorry about lack of posts, I went to visit family this weekend and on my way back, my friend told me I better make a quick trip to Target to run these two HOT money makers! They have to be done tonight(at least one of them) due to expiring coupons.

Target is having a promo on various Olay facial cleaners. For each 2 participating products you purchase, you get a $5 gift card. Combine that with the rebate to get $20 back on a $50 purchase(before coupons) and coupons, and you can turn this into a money maker.
Another deal is on Venus razors. Target has the single razors clearanced for 4.24 each. Couple that with the $5 Target gift card wyb two insert coupon and the $2 off razor coupon (5-2 PG expires TODAY!) and you have yourself another money maker.

Here is how my transaction looked:
2 Wishbone dressing $1.49 each - .75 Target insert coupons 4-25 RP - $1.50/2 insert coupons 5-23 RP = -.02
3 Bounty Basic .99 each - $1 Target insert coupon 5-16 RP = FREE

22 Venus razors $4.24 each - $2 insert 5-2 P&G = $49.28
Earned $55 in gift cards

2 Olay Regenerist $6.64 each - $5 homemailers(booklet from sending in receipts) = $3.28
1 Olay Regenerist $5.99 - $5 homemailer = $.99
4 Olay cleaner $3.69 each = $14.76
1 Olay cleaner $4.69
4 Olay cleaner $2.99 each = $11.96
*There are $2 coupons in the 5-2 P&G insert(expires today) for cleaners but they beeped and Target would not let me use them.
Earned $30 in gift cards

Cost oop: $84.94
Earned a total of $85 back in gift cards and will send off for $20 Olay rebate

Final tally $84.94 + .44 stamp -$85 in gift cards -$20 rebate = PROFIT OF $19.62!
(of course, if you store allows use of the $2 Olay facial cleaners coupon, you could make even more)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eggo coupon on

I was excited to see a new coupon pop up on for Eggo's. I know I have not seen many coupons from them since the production issues they were having. Print it now in case it goes away come the first of the month with resets their selection. Keep in mind, this coupon does state valid for Target only. Friday when I was at Target, I noticed they had the Eggos on sale for $1.75.

Some coupons I like to currently print

$1 off Muir Glen product (makes the tomato paste close to free or free with sale)
$1 Wheaties Fuel cereal (cellfire is going to be resetting Tuesday and I am hoping for a loadable)
$1 Fiber One yogurt (should get a loadable which makes these free on a regular basis)
$1 Yoplait delights yogurt (Randalls regularly has some reduced 50% off, making these cheap/free)
$1/2 Lifesavers (these are currently $1 each at Kroger)
$1 Sunsilk (Randalls has been clearancing some of these out)
$2 CeraVe (my niece uses this and it is hard to find coupons on this product)
$3 Huggies diapers
$1.50 Kiss my Face product(on clearance at Randalls and I have read kids versions are on clearance at Toys R Us)
Bogo Littlest Pet Shop (I am holding for a bogo sale)
$1.50 Minute maid (does NOT specify orange juice, so you could get punch if you prefered)

$2.50/3 Huggies 64ct wipes
$4/2 Huggies diapers
.50 Betty Crocker warm delights (have not seen this value in inserts as often)

Free Pantene at Safeway - YMMV

Interesting run at Randalls! I got a call from my husband while checking out so I am not sure if my total was right or not, but it sounded good to me.
I ran in to use up several FREE coupons I had from General Mills that were set to expire at the end of the month. While there, I noticed Pantene was clearanced(old style bottles) for .99 each. We have $1 coupons for the stylers from the 5/2 P&G insert, and $1 coupons for the Shampoo/conditioners from a recent Parade magazine.
All the Pantene beeped and had to be manually entered, and a few of my frees beeped, so it was strange how my cashier ran everything through

Here is how my run looked:
1 Digiorno 200 calorie pizza $3 - free coupon(from facebook?) = FREE
2 Fiber One Yogurt $2 each - 2 free homemailers(register took 2.50 off each) = -$1
1 Oreo Cakesters $3.59 - free coupon(facebook) = FREE
2 Yoplait yogurts .50 each = $1

4 Cover Girl powder $5.04 each - 50% sticker(2.52)-bogo insert 4-11RP(took off 5.04) = FREE
2 Cover Girl powder $3.64 each - 50% sticker(1.82)-bogo insert 4-11RP(took off 5.04) = -$1.40
29 various Pantene .99 each - $1 coupons(manually entered)= -.29
2 Oscar Mayer turkey dogs $1.99 each - $1 in ad coupon - $1 peelie = -.02
3 Oscar Mayer hot dogs $1.99 each - $1 in ad coupon = $2.97 (there are $1/2 IP or 5-16 ss but I didn't have any with me)
1 Bush's baked beans $1.34
Tax: $2.25 (should have been lower, but he entered some of my Pantene coupons as non-taxable, so I paid tax on those)
Cost oop: $4.85

Friday, May 28, 2010

CVS run - yeah more Prevacid!

I lucked out and the coupons aligned PERFECT for me to get more Prevacid for my husband. Here is how my transaction looked:

1 Prevacid 42 count $23.99 - $3 CRT CVS coupon - $10 Parade 5-9 = $10.99
3 Nivea body wash $4.99 each - $4 insert 5-2 RP = $2.97
-$5/30 CVS email coupon
-$8 in ECBS
Tax: .09
Cost oop: $1.05 and earned $5 for Nivea (spend $15 get $5, limit 5),
$5 for Prevacid and $1 for Green bag tag (recycling ROCKS)

So final tally $9.05 cost, earned $11 so profit of $1.95 to get my husband a 21 day supply of his much needed medicine (I am sooooo happy this went over the counter!)

Sunday Coupon Preview - How many papers you think you want to buy?

General Mills has decided to go against the norm and offer a tiny insert in this weekends paper. GREAT that we are gonna get papers, but not sure how much out of pocket I want to pay for such a small insert.
Just click on picture above to see the preview so you can decide how many papers you plan on getting.
Also, while there, you can see the preview for the next couple Red Plum inserts coming, so you can start planning accordingly!

Free Prints at York for new signup - just in time

We just passed a milestone moment in our household. My oldest just graduated..............kindergarten! *sob *sob

Well, I KNOW the grandmas, great grandmas and aunts are gonna want a picture of this milestone moment! I plan to go to York Prints and sign up so I can get 40 free prints. (I love free pictures) Cost of shipping should only cost me about $3. YAY! Congrats Zoey on your graduation, I am proud of you.
(by the way, my copy of this picture is much better, but I wanted to delete out others for privacy reasons)

HOT! Sale at The Children's Place!

If you have read me for any amount of time, you know I LOVE The Children's Place. You also should know I REFUSE to pay full price, especially for kid's clothing. Lucky for me, The Children's Place has come to my rescue today!

Right now, they have MANY items for $5 or less. As if that wasn't enough, there is a 20% off code good until 5/31 (memorial2010). Still not enough?
Well, I went through ShopatHome to earn 5% back on my purchase for even MORE savings! (You could also use Mypoints, ebates or Upromise, but ShopatHome had the biggest payout I could find!)

I ended up with 10 items in my cart and spent just under $50 AFTER tax and shipping.
That includes 5 pairs of JEANS, including this cute pair I got for my little one!

Race over to ShopatHome and then choose The Children's Place to shop from there to earn your extra 5% back! If you are not a member, you can sign up and earn $5 instantly in your account.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wholly Coupon!

If you want some cheap/free salsa or guac before 6/5, you might want to print this $1.50 off coupon before you go out shopping. The 7 oz has been found at HEB for as low as .99. If they are not on sale, I believe the daily price is $2.

If anyone finds some cheaper, please post a comment so all readers can take advantage of a sale!

Safeway New Dairy Coupon booklet

Safeway just came out with a new Dairy booklet that comes with recipes and $26 in coupon savings! These books should be found at Safeway, Vons, Dominick's, Genuardi's, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Pavilions, and Carrs. In addition, there is an instant win game and sweepstakes to win a Summer Backyard Makeover. Go here to enter contest and play instant win game. Let me know if any of you win the instant win game!

The coupons in the booklet are as follows:
Manuf coupons expire 7-13-10 (start with 9)
$1/2 Kraft Singles 10.5 oz +
$1/2 Kraft natural shredded cheese 6oz+
$1/2 Jell-o gelatin, mousse or pudding snacks
$1/2 Knudsen or Breakstone's sour cream or cottage cheese 16oz+
$1/5 Weight Watchers 6 oz yogurt cups
$1/2 Florida's Natural premium not from concentrate juice
$1 Sorrento or Precious fresh mozzarella or ciliengini
$1/2 Popsicle Ice Pops and Fudgsicle Ice pops multi packs
$.55 Promise Spread product
$.50/2 Simply 100% juices 1.75L

Manuf coupons expire 7-13-10 (start with 5)
$1/2 pints Ben & Jerry's ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt
$1 Nestle Coffee-mate liquid creamer
$1/2 Baby Loaf 2 lb Tillamook cheese
$1/2 Chobani 32 oz yogurts
$1/2 Sargento Natural Deli Style Sliced cheeses 5 oz+
$1/2 Kozy Shack 22 oz tubs or 6 packs
$1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough
$1/10 Yoplait yogurt cups
$.50 Fage total yogurt
$.55 Silk Soymilk half gallon
$.50 any package Land o Lakes butter
$.55 International Delight pint
$.55 Horizon Organic milk half gallon
$.55 Simply Hashbrowns
$.55 Crystal Farms all whites

Store coupons expire 7-14-10
$1/2 Lucerne Cheese 16oz shredded or chunk
$1/2 Lucerne Cream cheese
$1/2 Lucerne sour cream 16 oz
$1/2 Eating Right Pro-biotic yogurt
$1 Lucerne non-diary creamer 32 oz
.50/1 or $1/2 Lucerne Creamery Fresh ice cream 1.5-1.75 qt

StrideRite Memorial Weekend sale begins TODAY!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Striderite. What I LOVE even more, is that I am in driving distance to an outlet Striderite! What I LOVE even more, is when Striderite puts out these % coupons that can be used at the outlet store!!!!!!!
Starting today, you can save an additional 25% off your purchase. I will definitely be hitting up this sale for some new shoes for the kiddos. I might even pick up a pair of shoes for me, since the outlet also sells womens Keds etc!
Go here to print your coupon for the store, or if you want to shop online, use code FFMAY25. If you choose online and buy at least 2 pairs of shoes, you will also get shipping free. Or, to find a store/outlet near you, go here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Safeway run

Ran to Randalls on my way home to see what new goodies the ad change brought. I have gotta say loadables are so unpredictable. Here is my breakdown:

6 bottles of wine reduced to $5 each - $3 10% off for purchasing 6 bottles = $27
Tide Stain release $6.99 - $3 loadable - $3 insert 5-2 P&G - $1 in ad Randalls coupon = -.01
1 Delimex taquitos $10.99 - 2 $3 shortcuts - $2 insert 4-11 SS = $2.99 (my dh got hooked!)
1 Minute Maid OJ $3.99 - $1.50 IP = $2.49 (I had a $1.50 loadable too, but it didn't come off)
1 Yoplait Fiber One yogurt $2 - $1 shortcuts- $1 homemailer = FREE
2 Precious Mozzarella cheese $3.99 each - $2 50% sticker - $1 booklet coupon = $1.98
1 Huggies Diapers $9.99 - 2 $3 loadable - $3 IP = .99!!!!!!!!! (I was not expecting 2 loadables to come off)
-$4 oynso and -$2 oynso (she wouldn't let me use more than one like)
Tax: $1.94
Cost oop: $31. 38 (seemed high to me but then I remembered $27 of it was wine!)

Kroger - Got MY Prevacid!!!

I LOVE FREE Prevacid. I think I have my husband stocked up for about 14 months, so now I only get it if FREE or really really cheap. Well, thanks to Kroger loadables I scored another 7 day supply(14 count as dh takes 2 a day)

Here is my breakdown
6 Sweet Baby Ray $1 - $1 insert 5-23 SS = FREE (Houston got the $1 off ANY size)
3 Andy Capp Hot fries .99 - .35 blinkies = FREE (traded for these since we got .55 blinkies)
1 California Pizza Kitchen $5.89 - Free loadable = FREE (from playing the March Madness Kroger online game)
1 Prevacid $11.49 - $6 loadable - $6 insert Parade mag 5/9 = -.51
4 Disney cat food(to eat overage) .44 each = $1.76
Tax: -.31
Cost oop: .94

*If you have an unfriendly Kroger or one with low limits, you might want to take the Kroger ad to Target or Walmart to price match the Sweet Baby Ray barbecue sauce!

Prevacid Loadables at Kroger!!!!!!

I was super excited this morning when I logged into my Kroger account. The Prevacid loadables have returned!!!!!!! Right now, you can load a coupon for $6 off when you buy a 14 or 28 count and a $10 off when you buy the 42 count. Load these NOW before they disappear.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Safeway, found more good clearance

I am beginning to wonder why I am a Kroger mod, since lately I have spent far more time in Randalls.
Went today to pick up some Spinach since I had home mailers making them free.
I like to always check the clearance just in case and I was glad I did. My niece is NUTS for Infusium and I found some with 50% stickers, combine that with $3 off inserts and it was a GREAT deal. Here is my breakdown:

2 Fresh Express spinach $1 each - 2 homemailers = FREE
1 Del Monte Fruit Chillers $2.50 - $1 loadable - $1 IP = .50
1 Ovaltine $3.99 - $1 loadable - $2 loadable - $2 IP = -$1.01
13 Infusium $6.99 each - $3.50 each for 50% stickers - 13 $3 insert = $6.37
Tax: .11
- 2 $2 oynso from Ziploc
Cost Oop: $1.97

So total cost $5.97 for everything and a great stock of Infusium for my niece(she is graduating yay!!!! and going away and I want to send her with a great stash of hba)

CVS, small deal!

I wanted to post this a couple days ago, but my picture came out terrible, so I am posting now. CVS has Old Spice bodywash for $4 and you get back $4 in ECBS (limit 2). I used the bogo coupon in the last P&G insert and paid with a $4 ECB.
Got back $8 in ECB so $4 money maker!!!!

HEB run- Didn't go as expected!

Went to HEB based on a post on HCW about Oscar Mayer ham on sale. Unfortunately for me, the ham was NOT on sale for the prices posted, but I did find a SWEET deal on Deli Creations subs and Cracker Combinations that will work GREAT for the $10 back wyb $30 worth home mailer rebate from Kraft.
As the first picture shows, I found 1 type of Deli Creations and 1 type of Cracker Creations for FREE after $1 coupon from 5-16 SS insert!
I warn you, I bought 4 Deli Creations and 13 Cracker Creations and the register only acknowledged 4 of the coupons(seems it only "read" the Deli creations) Luckily I had an AWESOME cashier (thank you Natalie and congrats on your wedding!) and she pushed the coupons through since they clearly state they are good for both items! = FREE
I also purchased 2 Kraft shredded cheese $2.28 each - $1/2 blinkie = $3.56
2 Borden sliced cheeses $1.88 each - $1 IP (no longer available) = $1.76
4 Oscar Mayer shaved meats $ 2.98 each - $2 IPs from Facebook(two per computer- no longer available) = $3.92
Cost oop: $9.24
Will send away for $10 rebate received from Kraft form promo posted here!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Rebate form for String Cheese

Right now, Precious cheese sticks are starting to crop up with rebate forms for $5 back for purchasing two packages 8 oz or larger. There is a limit of 5 PER HOUSEHOLD!!!!! These cheese sticks often go on sale and the rebate form is good until October 31, so plenty of time to hold out for a sale.
I was lucky to find a couple packages with 50% off stickers and a regular price of $4.49, so basically FREE after rebate and stamp! I found these at my local Randalls.

Printable coupons - Several good ones right now

There are some really good coupons to print worth mentioning today. I suggest printing these soon before the limits are reached and before they reset for the month next Tuesday. These are decent coupons you are going to want due to the potential for a good deal.

Seems the Huggies $3 diapers and $2/2 wipes coupons have reset (use these to get a deal on Huggies at Kroger with the current buy $15 get $3 off instantly)
$1/2 Oscar Mayer hotdogs (save for next weeks sale at Randalls- will make them .49)
$1 Energizer batteries (potential for free 2 packs)
$1/2 Stove Top stuffing (I have seen some as low as .79 at Kroger, so .29 each after coupon)
$3/2 Right Guard deodorant(good to have since deodorant is a regular ECB or RR deal)
$1.50 Kiss My Face (seen several of these on 50% clearance at Randalls, making for free/overage with coupon)
$1 Tidy Cat litter (always a good coupon for you cat folks!)
$1.50 Huggies Little Swimmers(great for the current deal at Walgreens-combine with May coupon book for cheap swim diapers)
$1 Purina Friskies cat treats(should make for free treats with a sale)

$2 Whiskas dry cat food
$1 Dove deodorant (again ,deodorant always a good coupon to have for deals)
$1/2 Bryan meat (should make for cheap meat, if needed)

$4/2 Huggies diapers

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Safeway - Cheap Ziploc containers and FREE dog treats

Randalls has a GREAT deal on Ziploc storage containers right now. They are $1.99 each when you buy 4 or more. There is also a catalina deal that will give you a $2 oynso for each 2 you buy. Pair that with the $1.50/2 coupons we got in the inserts, and it makes these just .24 a piece. There are also $1 off tearpad coupons which would actually make these FREE, but I didn't have any of those.

Here is my breakdown:
12 Ziploc containers $1.99 each - $1.50/2 insert 5-16SS = $14.88
20 Chew Eez sticks .80 each - 5 $4/4 insert 5-16SS = -$4
1 Organic milk $4.99 - $1 tearpad = $3.99
2 Cover girl with 50% tag $3.64- 1.82 50% tag - bogo coupon insert 4-11 RP(3.64) = FREE
-$10 in oynso catalinas
Tax: -0.01
Cost out of pocket: $4.86

Earned back $12 in oynso. Makes my total cost $2.86 overall!

Target - Cheap Green Works laundry detergent YMMV

I was fortunate enough to find some clearance Green Works laundry detergent at Target yesterday. They were $3.48 and with the $3 facebook coupon, I got them for a little over .50 a piece after tax.
Thanks Mercedes for the heads up on the coupon.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chick Fil A Spicy Sandwich Reservations start TODAY!!!!!!

I posted about the Spicy Chicken Sandwich HERE and stated it was May 24, as stated on the website. WELL DON'T WAIT!!!!! The site is open now for reservations. Go get yours!!! I just reserved mine and it was super easy. Looks like you have to be at least 13 to do this and they send out an email.
BIG HEARTFELT thank you to reader DEB for the email letting me know. Been busy at work and did not get a chance to read this!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not much shopping accomplished!

I have a multitude of reasons why I have not been shopping much( I will share 3). But first, I will share the sad little representation of what I have gotten free from Monday through today
1. Bounty Basic $.99 at Target everyday price at Target - $1 insert Target Q 5-16 RP(auto adjusts) = FREE!
2. Andy Capp's Hot fries .99 everyday price at Kroger - .35 blinkie tripled(I traded for these- if you have more of these I am looking for these as my dh is an addict!!!!!!!) = FREE (I would normally get 3, but apparantly my "lunch" run store got a new manager that does not know purchase and transaction are two different words with two different meanings and I did not have time to deal with that issue!)

Now, my reasons for very little shopping:
A. My kids last "real" week of school is THIS week, so lots of EXTRA stuff going on(my kids go to a "private" school, so they function on school schedules but still go on non-school days due to my work)
B. I got a PROMOTION!!!! I was really unhappy in my current job and wanted to get out, but the money kept me there because we are working on the "snowball"! Well, I had karma step in and my "hiring" manager retired and decided she wanted me to step into her shoes and came to bat for me. I am getting an AWESOME opportunity that I know right now is the right step for my family and so I am gonna take this fork in the road and see where it leads for now!
C. Just look at my next pic........................

We have a new addition to our family. There is a coworker at my office that is deathly allergic to cats but is an animal lover by heart. She had a cat living under her porch that she felt bad for and has been feeding. Well, as most know, cats that have not been "fixed" are gonna have "kids". So, now we are +1 in the household and as you can see "Charlie" is interfering in my couponing, seeing as she is sleeping in my coupon purse I was attempting to organize(I was raised to not wake a sleeping cat, if at all possible).
*I was not going to post this pathetic attempt at couponing, but an awesome coupon friend of mine(you know who you are!!!!!) said this would make an awesome post, so you can thank her!)
And if anyone wants to share any great, pathetic coupon stories, this is the post to do it. I personally read EVERY comment left on this blog!!!!!!!!

Kraft First Taste - Check your accounts

Today I got an email from Kraft First taste that I was very excited about.
It stated the following:
Here's an exciting chance to be among the first to try - not just one, but six - great new & delicious products from Kraft Foods. And just in time for easy summer get- togethers! Treat your friends and family to this exclusive early bird's enjoyment of what's new & delicious from Kraft Foods. What an exciting way to kick off the summer!
Receive up to six (6) coupons* for ONE (1) FREE package each of KOOL-AID Fun Fizz Drink Drops (up to $2.49), OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Shaved Meats (up to $4.50), RITZ CRACKERFULS Filled Crackers (up to $3.49), KRAFT 100 CALORIE PACKS CHEESE BITES (up to $3.29), KRAFT HOMESTYLE DELUXE Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (up to $3.99), and DIGIORNO® Deep Dish Pizza (up to $3.30).
Now you and your family and friends can be among the first to enjoy what's new & delicious from Kraft Foods. *All coupons are delivered in 6 to 8 weeks and are offered while supplies last. Offer expires 8/31/2010. Over a $20.00 value.
Log into your accounts now to see if you have this HOT freebie too!
I was able to get this in additon to the box I receive yesterday of the Kraft goodies I blogged about HERE.
Since my freebie box yesterday came with a rebate form for $10, with a $30 Kraft purchase, I plan to use up the freebie coupons I get for these to help turn this into a GREAT rebate(rebate does not start for about a week, so you might want to hold onto those coupons a bit!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

More Kid's Summer Reading Programs!

I already mentioned Half Price Books reading program on this post. (This is by far my favorite of all the reading programs- super easy and an opportunity for 5 free books per kid) Goes June 1- July 31st(I suggest writing all these dates down on your calendar)

Well, for those of you that do not have a Half Price books nearby(or for those that want to do ALL the reading programs- why not?!!!!), maybe you want to take a look at these offers.

HEB has a summer reading program too. Just read 10 books(parents can read the books to the younger kiddos) and fill out the form. Mail in your completed, initialed form before October 1st to the San Antonio address listed, and you should receive a free t-shirt in the mail.(one per child) These shirts either run really big, or my kiddos are just really small!

You can download the form here, or you can find the forms in stores near the Buddy Buck crane game.

(Either way you choose, you might want to also take the time to pick up a Birthday club form too. They send out HEB brand coupons on your kiddos birthday and mine included free bread!)

Next: Borders!

Borders requires kids to be 12 or younger. Kids can earn a free book just by reading ANY 10 books they choose(can be the same books you do for the other promos too!) Fill out the form
and bring it in to any Borders, Borders Express or Waldenbooks before August 26th to choose 1 book from 12 titles (I am excited to see Ramona the Brave on the list, lol)

And finally(for the corporate sponsored reading programs): Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble requires the reading of 8 books and asks that the kids write about the places they visit in each book. Their program begins May 25th and goes through Sept 6th and is good for 1st-6th graders(This is the first year my oldest is going to be old enough to participate in this one!)
Just download the Passport to reading form and bring it in completed before Sept 7th. Your child(ren) will be allowed to pick a book from the preselected list printed on the form and they will be entered in a drawing to win an autographed set of books from The 39 Clues series.

What about your local library? Well, the Houston Public Library System has a reading program too! You can register as early as May 1st, and the program begins June 1st and continues through August 1st. Their program is open to kids up to 18 years old!!!!!

Read or listen to books, enter book titles or time read on your online reading log either at home or with the help of your librarian, and come to your local Houston Public Library location to pick up your prize at 5, 10 and 20 book level.The more books you read, the more prizes you are eligible to win.

For all my non-local readers, be sure to check out your local libraries for similar programs! Let's get these kids on the right path to reading!

Mark Your Calendar - Reserve Your Free Chikin May 24th!!!!!!!

If you have been reading me long enough, you know I LOVE Chick-Fil-A! Well, they are coming out with a new Spicy Chicken Sandwich and they are offering up a chance to try it free between May 31st and June 5th. BUT, you have to go here and make a reservation at your local Chick-Fil-A. My sister actually noticed a sign up at our Chick-Fil-A you could sign up for. Apparantly, you make a reservation for day and time you want and supply your email address. They will email you a coupon/confirmation that you print and bring to your Chick-Fil-A on the day and time you selected, and you get to try this new Spicy Chicken Sandwich before it makes its debut on the menu on June 7th.

You can also go here on May 24th, Monday, to make your reservation online! Good luck and I will see you at Chick-Fil-A!

Cellfire should reset tommorrow

Cellfire didn't have many coupons to load last cycle, but this coming one should have much more. If you have not already loaded the few from 2 weeks ago, today is the last day. I can't wait to see the list of coupons they are offering up tommorrow!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Huggies Wipes $2 Printables

Wow, has two printables for $2 off one two Huggies wipes! (zip 14213)
Better print now, before they reach their limit! This should net free cheap wipes with a sale just about ANYWHERE!

Edit: Sorry, I read $2 off one, but after printing noticed it is off wipe and refill and then there is a $2/2.

Hey, Can you freeze that Do-Whopper!

I get so many comments asking this very question when I blog about a deal I just got a ton of. Can you freeze cream cheese? Can you freeze tortillas? Can you freeze guacamole? Can you freezer butter? Can you.........well, you get the idea.
The best way to find the answer to these questions is Google(ok Swagbucks might have the answers too and earn you some points, while at it, but I am a google NUT!)! I use it ALL the time to answer this very question.
An example of what I do:
Just today I got people asking if you can freeze tortillas, since right now HEB has that great deal going on for it. Well, since this is a store brand, I thought of a more popular brand to google, in my case, I chose Mission. Googled to get the Mission website and headed straight for their FAQ section. Lucky me! Scroll all the way to the bottom of their faq and what are the last two questions? Is it okay to freeze corn tortillas? Is it okay to freeze flour tortillas?
And, voila, my answer is yes, with a recommendation to thaw them in the fridge over a couple days rather than microwave thawing!

Hopefully having this knowledge will save you the time of having to wait around for me to get back online and answer this very important question. I know sales come and go quickly and getting an answer quickly is very important. Nothing worse than saving money stocking up on something you are just going to have to throw away. I know I can't always be strapped to my computer, and I don't currently have mobile internet, so if I'm shopping, I am not here to answer comments.

By the way, another cool guide I found while clicking around to make this post, can be found at this Freezing Guide PDF.

Safeway - Thank you for your 50% clearance tags, no coupons, and paid .25

Oh my!!!!!! I am having soooooooooooo much fun with Randalls new clearance tags!
Stopped in today since I was nearby and even with NO coupons, I only paid .25.

Kroger Randalls has a promotion that basically takes off $1 per box of participating cereal when you buy at least 4 in one transaction. Well, lucky me!!!! I found a store that had 4 participating boxes with 50% tags (I think because they were banged up!)

Here is how my transaction played out:
3 Capn Crunch Peanut Butter $2 each - $1 50% off tag per box -$1 per box for sale promo = FREE
1 Cheerios $2.50 - $1.25 50% off tag - $1 for sale promo = .25
Cost oop: .25*

*I could have had $1.75 overage if I had of thought about the .50 Capn Crunch coupon that just came out in the Sunday paper, or that you can print here!
Even without the clearance sale, the IP makes the Capn Crunch .50 a box! MMMMM, it has been FAR too long since I have indulged on a box of Crunch Berries, lol.

Edit: Sorry about the typo, thanks to my readers for catching my errors! It was a LONG shopping day yesterday.

Target- Yay, they had razors

Made a final run to Target today and was happy to see they restocked the Schick razors. While I was there, I noticed they had Air Wick I-motions for $5.99 and I still had Target coupons printed for $2 off (since I could not find them in stock after I printed them). Here is how my transaction looked:

3 Air Wick $5.99 each - $2 Target Q (no longer available) - $4 insert = -.03
6 Schick Hydro 5 $7.99 each - $1 Target Q - $5 insert = 1.99
-.10 (.05 for each reusable bag I brought in)
Total cost: $11.81 and earned $15 in Gift Cards back ($5 for each 2 razors purchased)

Kroger - final run for P&G deal

Kroger sent me a home mailer for $5/50 so I decided I wanted to try and get some newspapers free with that deal. I combined this with the current Procter and Gamble promotion(Buy 4 participating items and get $4 off instantly). Also, to up my total to $50, I used some free Kitten Chow coupons. Here is my breakdown:

7 Purina Kitten $1.89 each - $2.19 insert free coupon = -2.10
1 Oscar Mayer lunchable $2.79(not picuted because my kid ate it, was supposed to be free from Kroger instant win game during March, but did not come off!)
2 Mirra bubble bath $2.99 each - $5/2 tearpad = .98

6 Cover Girl eyeshadow $2.24 each - $2.50/2insert 5-2 PG = $5.94
2 Secret deodorant $3.50 each - .50 insert 5-2 PG - $3/2 loadable = $2
2 Old Spice deodorant $3.50 each - $3/2 loadable = $4
2 Old Spice bodywash $3.50 each - $3/2 loadable - 2 x $4.29 bogo insert 5-2 PG= -$4.58
-3 x $4 P&G promo

7 Houston Chronicles $2 each = $14
-$5/50 groceries home mailer
Tax -.67
Cost oop: $5.36 oop

HEB - cheap Tortillas

Last weekend, we got a coupon for .75 off HEB 20 count + flour or corn tortillas.

Well, HEB has the corn tortillas for .79 each, so only .04 after coupon.
For the flour tortillas, they have some for .95 and some for $1. The store we shopped was all out of .95, so we purchased $1 ones for .25 each after coupon.
We also bought 4 more Wholly Guacamole and they ARE still ringing up .99(though not posted on sale).
If you want the tortillas, hurry, because those coupons expire in about 3 days!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Safeway (Randalls) Found some good clearance today!

Today is the last day for the Kellogg's $4 catalina so I wanted to go out and do another round with the few coupons I had. While getting those, I found some GREAT clearance items that were free or money makers.

Here is how my transaction looked:
5 Kellogg's cereals(Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies) $1.50 each wyb at least 4 = $7.50
-1.25 50% sticker on ONE of the Rice Krispies (50% comes off ring up price of $2.50)
-$1/2 insert 4-11 RP -$1/3 insert 4-11 RP
= $4.25

1 McCormick seasoning $1.99 - $1 insert 4-25 RP = .99
2 Go gurt $2.50 each - $1.25 50% sticker on each - 2 .80 shortcuts - .35 insert 4-18 SS - .50 homemailer = -1.15
1 O Organic cottage cheese $1.49 - .75 50% sticker - $1 tearpad(found at pharmacy) = -.26
3 Axe bodywash $3.99 each - 3 * $1 (Randalls price wyb in groups of 3) - 3 * $2 50% sticker - 3 $1 IP = -.03

$3.80 total and earned $4 for buy the 5 cereals and $1 for buying McCormick
Also got 4 more boxes with the movie ticket promotion from Kelloggs.

P&G home mailer booklet

Those that read me probably wonder why I have so many homemailer coupons all the time! Well, in all my free time I seek out links to order coupon books where ever offered. If my readers would like, I can do my best to post these offers for you when I am ordering for myself.(and my mom, and my sister) Is this something, you, as my readers, want?
One trick is to know some offers have multiple links, giving you an opportunity to get multiples of the same homemailer at one address. An example is this $30 Home Made Simple Homemailer from P&G . Here are one FOUR different links right now for this homemailer: here, here, here and here. (That means 4 copies of this book per address!!!!!!
If you get the error message, just click where it says click here, and it should give you the screen to request the booklet :)
This booklet usually will give you a chance at free dish soap with the high value (compared to newspaper coupons) coupons offered, especially for Dawn.

If you would like to see more posts like this, please let me know. I know many of you read several other blogs that cover a lot of this already, hence the reason I don't post these. But if this is something I readers want, I will do my best to accomodate.
Thanks Mercedes for the extra links!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Cereal at Randalls - Possible MM after rebate

Randalls new ad has a promotion on various cereal, buy 4 get $4 off. Luckily, it appears you do not have to buy in groups of 4 after you purchase AT LEAST 4. I still had some leftover .70/1 blinkies from about a month ago, so that is what I used. Pairing nicely with this deal is a catalina promotion on select Kelloggs cereals: Buy 3 get $2, buy 4 get $3 and buy 5 get $4.
This is how I did the deal:
10 Kelloggs Apple jacks/Froot Loops, and Corn Pops $2.50 each - 10 .70 blinkies - $1 per box for promotion = $8
1 McCormick Spice $1.99 - $1 insert = .99
2 bottles of wine clearanced for $2 each = $4
$12.99 total cost and earned $4 oynso for cereal and $1 for the McCormick spice.
Will also mail in receipt for the $10 Kelloggs Calendar rebates I keep mentioning ( I traded for these on HCW - limit 8 PER HOUSEHOLD!!!!!)
This gives me a profit of $2.01 for the transaction.

If you don't have the blinkies, you can still make a decent deal by using the $1.50/2 IP coupon or the $1/2 IP coupon or $1/2 here, the .55 Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast crunch or $1.50/2 IP for various GM cereal, or the 4-11 RP insert for select Kellogg's cereals.

Also participating in the $4 off promotion are Nature Valley granola bars and nut clusters, Cheerios, Reeses Puffs cereal, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Frosted Flakes, and many more I can't think of at the moment. Make sure you have all your cellfire and shortcuts loaded before you go!

Each box I purchased also was specially marked for the Kelloggs Toy Story promotion discussed here.

Coupon Savings Basic- Free Ebook download

I am always reading and trying to find information I don't know about coupons and savings (and I suggest you always do the same). Well, I stumbled upon this ebook download giving some basic couponing tips and hints. While there were a few items I disagreed with on this article, there was some good information too, especially if you are fairly new to the coupon game and the lingo. It won't cost you anything (but a little time) to download this, so go for it, and if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Half Price Books Summer Reading program

I was super excited to see that Half Price Books is again offering their wonderful Summer Reading program! They even extended the age to include children up to 14.
Kids 14 and under can earn a $3 Half Price Books shopping card for each WEEK they read at least 15 minutes per day!

You can pick up a log sheet at your local Half Price Book store or you can print your log here.

Reading Rewards available only at Half Price Books locations. Limit one per week, per child.
I know last year they would adjust down if your child didn't pick something worth at least $3, so you don't have to worry about a few pennies if your total is $2.99 or so.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Walgreens - using up expiring RR

Not much to report for Walgreens, but I had some $3 RR expiring so I ran this quick deal
1 EOS shave cream $2.99
1 Schick Hydro 3 razor $7.99 - $5 insert 5-9 = 2.99
1 Walgreens straws .99- .49 = .50
-2 $3 RR
Tax: .04
Cost oop: $0.52
Earned $3 for the EOS shave cream and $5 for the razor

HEB - short run for free Guacamole

Wanted to use the rest of my old Johnson product coupons since the new ones exclude buddy products. Got a couple other freebies while stopped
5 Johnson Buddy bars .97 each - $1 insert 3-7 RP = -.15
7 McCormick spices $1 - $1 insert 4-25 RP = FREE
8 Wholly Guacamole $.99 each - $1 insert 4-25 SS= -.08
1 Mission Chicarrones(blech, dh eats these nasty things) $1.89 - $1 tearpad = .89
Cost oop: 0.66

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Safeway (Randalls) run this weekend

I really planned to get this posted last night, but I reorganized and rearranged my two chest freezers and that KILLED my back! I was on the heating pad all night and didn't get this posted.
So anyway, some good stuff on sale at Randalls right now, plus I walked into a store with TONS of clearance!
Here is what I did:

5 Juices, takes $5 off when you buy 5 participating(prices are after $5 was taken off)
1 Welch's $1.99 - $1 loadable - $1 IP = -.01
4 Capri Sun $1.15 each - $1 insert 4-25 SS = .60

4 Nabisco 100 calorie packs $2.50 each - $1 loadable - 2 bogo IP = $2.42*
1 Pampers extra protection $9.77 - $2 pg esaver - $3 homemailer - 2 * $1.78 in ad coupon(not sure why it took off $1.78 twice?) = $1.21
1 Secret deodorant $2.99 - $2.99 pg esaver - .50 insert 5-2 PG doubled = -$1
1 Metamucil $4.99 - $2 pg esaver - $3 insert 5-2 PG = -.01
1 Old Spice deodorant $3.79 - $3 pg esaver = .79
1 Old Spice bodywash $3.99 - $3 pg esaver - $3.99 insert 5-2 PG bogo deod/bw = -$3

50% off clearance items
1 Puffs with lotion $2.49 - $1.25 50% sticker - .50 homemailer(vocalpoint) = .24
10 Always pantiliners $3.49 each - $1.75 50% sticker - $1 insert 5-2 PG= 7.40
11 Stayfree maxi $1.72 - $.86 50% sticker - $2 insert 3-28 RP= -$12.54
1 Ob tampons $3.49 - $1.75 50% sticker - $1 peelie = .74
1 Nature Bounty Acetyl $6.49 - $3.25 50% sticker - $2 insert(kroger supplement, man. coupon) = 1.24
2 Nature Bounty Salmon Oil $5.49 - $2.75 50% sticker - $2 insert(kroger supplement, man coupon) = $1.48
4 Centrum kids $3.59 - $1.80 50% sticker - 2 $3 homemailers = $1.16
Tax: -.25
Cost oop: $0.47
*Earned a $3 oynso for purchasing 4 Nabisco 100 calorie packs

Winner chosen - HEB Gift Card giveaway

Congrats to comment #12:

Super coupon mom said
One year when I was too young to drive my brothers and I walked up to the craft store at the front of our neighborhood and got her a t-shirt and painted it. She did this as a gift for people a lot and when knew how much thought and love she put into each one and we wanted to do the same.

Congrats Super Coupon Mom, please email me with your information so I can get your prize out and again Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy readers.

Happy Mother's Day!

Want to wish all my mommy readers a Happy Mother's day today! Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a $20 gift card to HEB! I will be announcing the winner later tonight.
I will also post my GREAT Randalls run later tonight after I spend some time with my family.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kroger P&G deal - FREE Covergirl!

Kroger has a Proctor and Gamble deal going that for each 4 participating items you purchase, you save $4 instantly. This is how I made this promotion work for me:

20 Covergirl eyeshadow $2.24 each - 10 $2.50/2 insert 5-2 PG(a generous friend gave me these because the Chronicle didn't get them) = $19.80
2 Old Spice bodywash $3.50 -$3/2 loadable - $4.29 bogo insert 5-2 PG = -.29
2 Old Spice deodorant $3.50 - $3/2 loadable - $4.29 bogo insert 5-2 PG = -.29
-6 $4 PG promotions

Coffee filters manager special .74
6 Old El Paso burrito mix .53 each - 3 $1/2 tearpads = .18
6 pack St Arnolds $6.99
Tax: .24
Cost oop: $3.37

Earned $3 oynso for beef or chicken for purchasing 6 Old El Paso products.

Walgreens- a pleasant suprise

My close family and friends always told me they never understood my dumb luck. My poor husband is jealous of it, but it seems it follows me occassionally in the coupon world too. I finally made it out to Walgreens this week to get a few Sure deodorant and Nivea before the end of the week. Well, a couple weeks ago I read that the No Nonsense Knee Highs are 2/$1 making them free with the $1/2 insert in 3-21 SS
I finally got around to clipping those coupons, so decided to pick up a few at the store I was shopping. Well, I went to the register with Skittles as my 2 fillers to use my 2 expiring $2 RR. Imagine my suprise, when my total was only $2.70 at check out, not the $4.20 I was expecting.
Well, apparantly the No Nonsense are B1G1 free!

Here is my breakdown:
2 Skittles .49 each (filler)
4 Sure deodorant $1.50 each with in ad coupon - $1.50 insert 5-2 SS = FREE
1 Nivea 16.9 bodywash $5.59 - $4 insert 5-2RP= $1.59
2 Nivea 8.4 oz bodywash $4.79 - $4 insert 5-2 RP= $1.58
6 No Nonsense knee Highs $3 - 4 $1 insert 3-21 SS - $1.50 bogo sale = - $1.50
Tax: .05
Spent $2 RR and .70 oop and earned $5 RR back!