Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reader Spotlight - Two Great Lessons!

I woke to a really funny email from a reader. This one speaks for itself, so here is the body of the email in its entirety:

I am a Dad and husband joining with my wife to find great deals on stuff I like too! Anyways, I came accross a Johnsonville coupon for their new Italian Sausage patties $1/1. Found them at Walmart, paid $5.98 after coupon. They are not cheap or free, but they were delicious. The interesting part came when I was looking the box over as they were on the grill cooking. A small tab that read "Special Offer", well having been properly trained by my wife I immediately peeled back the sticker to reveal whatever wonderful offer awaited. I was very surprised when I saw it was for a $20 survey. Indeed it was a bonafide survey for the new Italian patties my family and I had hardily consumed. So in the end I spent what my wife was certain was too much for the new patties, and actually will come out $14 ahead! This is a quick way to try out some really great tasting sausage (might I recommend serving on a toasted HEB bun, with coupon acquired Ragu marinara, with sauteed on sale onions and green peppers) and maybe make $14 on the back end! Feel free to share.

Spring (I did delete last name for privacy)

WOW!  Awesome deal (and I love the way this is written, lol.  Even better, thanks to Ron's wife for sharing our sometimes crazy zaniness for savings.)
What I love is the two lessons that Ron has reminded us of in his email (he may not even know there were lessons here, lol)

1. You NEVER know when a little "deal" you find is gonna be a much BETTER deal then you bargained for.  Gotta love those suprise deals.
2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS review you packaging before disposing(or recycling).  Sometimes there are coupons, sometimes rebates and sometimes (as Ron has proved) SURVEYS worth real money!

Thanks Ron for your email and I sure hope I find a box of these too :)  Sounds yummy.

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