Monday, March 28, 2011

Kroger makes the official announcement ending doubles in Houston

For those of you that were waiting for an official word from Kroger, go here!

Keep in mind, I was informed Houston is the MOST competitive grocery market in the US (at least according to Kroger). Don't you think your doubles and triples are next on the cutting block?
Join the facebook group Kroger Couponers here to see what you can do to convince Kroger to change their minds!


Dealz said...

Thanks Stephanie - we are getting word this is National but nothing official? Thanks for all your support. A sad day!!

S. Wade said...

I asked two managers at my local Fort Worth Kroger today. They were stunned to hear that Houston stores were discontinuing the double/triple. One manager even said that the change would anger a lot of their customers. Here's to hoping Kroger sees the light and reinstitutes your double/triple before they take away mine.

J said...

okay ... I'll type this again!

Has anyone else noticed:
1. there was no date for the stacking to end, as "Part of the new policy states there is a limit of one electronic or paper manufacturer coupon per item. The opportunity to stack is no longer available."

2. •In addition to accepting coupons at face value, Kroger still offers a number of ways to save. .... everyday 10% senior discount for shoppers who are 59 and older...." -- what happened to the 5% discount for non-seniors on purchases of kroger brands??????????

... "interesting," indeed!! What's the con rule? Focus on what the "mark" wants to hear and emphasize that. (or something like that). ... It took me a while to realize "something" was missing from this "new" policy on the discounts!

Anyone else notice anything missing?

I'm afraid it's gonna cost kroger one of those high-priced "spin doctors" to put a positive on THIS fiasco ... heck, even slick Willie got caught, and he was pretty smooth at dodging the WHOLE truth! (Hey, gotta give credit where it's due, even if I don't like what he did. He WAS a SMOOTH talker!)

Personally, I'm still juggling between being MAD and having my intelligence and business-sense so greivously insulted by kroger's move.

OH! and if you're thinking, "Oh, well, that's Houston ... I don't have to worry!" THINK AGAIN! Calls to corporate customer service today had people being told it was going to be NATIONWIDE (which only makes sense ... if they get by with it here, why not in YOUR town?). So, I suggest you start checking out your other shopping options NOW!

My feeling is, if kroger doesn't want 7% of it's households (that d/t), that's fine. They will NOT get 100% of my before-coupon purchases, NOR my prescriptions, NOR my fuel purchases, etc. ... "LOVE ME, LOVE MY Qs!"

How bout some, "QPONERS DOUBLE AND TRIPLE!" or "QPONERS DO IT SO WELL, THEY GET PAID!!" T-shirts? Who has some??

Marcy said...

I am soo mad about this! I am removing my prescriptions and removing my business. Not worth my time. I will price match with Wal Mart for the Kroger ad. I hope that every couponer removes their business to show them their "7%".

Anonymous said...

The best way to end this would be for everyone to pull their prescriptions for the on April 13th, the date the new policy begins, and not shop Kroger at all on and after that date until they revise their policy.

Extreme couponing has done away with "flying under the radar" which has probably played a big part in Kroger's decision to stop doubles/triples.

Anonymous said...

I was so mad at this, I went to HEB.

Anonymous said...

I went to Kroger Tuesday to finish my shopping with the march madness sale and was shocked to noticed that none of the coupons doubles or tripled. Apparently that morning they got a call from corp. telling them to stop the d/t that same day. Worst of all customer service was closed and I could not get a refund for my purchase. I would have to go next day to get my refund. I was so upset.

couponermom said...

This is a sad day for us all! I will continue to q-pon shop - Just not there! They will loose my sales on produce, milk, bread, meat and everything I get without a qpon. I will figure out a way to say money and it just won't be with them. They will loose a lot more than they realize from qponers. They will either bring it back or loose big time!

They MAY make this nationwide but I don't expect it. There is a lot of compitition out there that we don't have in the Houston area. For example Atlanta doubles up to $.60 currently but they have Publix. Chicago has Safeway and they double and triple unlimited coupons. Miami has Rite Aid (which is starting to come out way) and Publix, Winn Dixie and others.

Keep in mind we still have Brookshire Brothers here who double and triple unlimited - although there are limited number of stores and Randells who double and triples! We are in the business of saving money and surviving this horrible economy and we will continue. We just have to work at a new stadegy and work a little harder, maybe change stores or add to the stores we go to. Even if its an extra couple of trips a week. We can and WILL still qpon shop and save $$$!


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