Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Pot pies at Safeway (Randalls, Tom Thumb)

Sometimes it is great to have coupon buddies that call you about a deal they found and somethings it is NOT so great. Today, it was both, lol.
I really needed to be at home preparing for a business trip and cleaning my house (my poor husband has to be Mr Mom this week, hah)
Well, I could not stay cooped up and cleaning when I had free pot pies to get!!!!! I have not seen pot pies for free since 2 years ago when Kroger had them on mega and had a blinkie right in front of them!

Anyway, on to the deal!

The first store I stopped at I rarely shop, but I needed to drop off a ton of recyclables(my trash pickup will not collect bottles) and it was nearby. Well, this particular store has these single serve Marie Callender's Pot Pies for $1.99.  They only have turkey and chicken in this size.  I grabbed 8 for a total of $15.92.
Well. $15 is the magic number to get to use that in ad coupon for for $5 off a $15 frozen food purchase!
I did this
8 pot pies @ 1.99 = $15.92
-$5/15 in ad
-8 $1.50 off any Marie Callender's or Claim Jumpers pie* from the Safeway frozen food booklet.
= -$1.08!!!
*This coupon does picture actual pies but says ANY pie and the packaging of these clearly has the word pie (I had NO issues using these at two stores :)

While there I was excited to see the Blistex was FINALLY on sale for $1. I had those Blistex .35 coupons from 1-16 SS
clipped just waiting for a sale.  Hurry because these expire on 3-31.  For those of you that shop the Williams Trace store in Sugar Land, I left the rest of them next to Blistex since I won't be shopping again before they expire. :)

Also, the Simply Orange (and lemonade and apple ) are $1 right now, so free with the .50/1 coupon found in the most recent copy of Diabetes and You at Walgreens.(I found this about a month ago at one store and emailed Courtney a picture in my car I was so excited when I saw these!)

I also noticed the Go Gurt with 50% tags @ 1.99 each.  So .99 each and I used a .75/2 insert from the 2-13 GM.  These are also specially marked to get a free Chiller tube with 2 UPCS :)

And finally, I noticed the Reach toothbrushes were marked on sale for $1.72.  The $4 oynso catalina wyb 4 is still active, so I used my $1 coupons to make this a small money maker!  (too many inserts to mention so just go here and enter Reach in the search)

Then, after CVS, we were pretty close to another Randalls and my mom wanted more pot pies. Well, we couldn't find the small ones here, but we still made a good deal on the 2 serving pies.  They had a wider selection of varieties on these so this is what we ended up doing:
4 pot pies $2.79 each
1 Morningstar Farm $3.99 -50% sticker
-$5/15 coupon
-$6 (4 1.50 off pot pies)
-$1 Morningstar farm from booklet I found about 3 weeks ago at Kroger and Randalls (expires 3.31)
-$2 for 50% off sticker
= $1.15 for 4 pot pies and 1 Morningstar Farm.
Not free but good enough for me


Anonymous said...

were did you find the frozen food booklet?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, they were located at Safeway on the freezer doors. Some stores might still have some, you might want to check your freezer section or ask customer service. A picture of what you are looking for was posted here
(top left of the add shows the booklet.

Nina said...

Thanks so much. I got 8 pot pies, 2 nature sweet tomatoes, 1 package tortillas, and 2 bottles of Simply orange juice all for $.20!!!

Casey said...

Thank you for the headsup! I got 8 Pot Pies, and found some Eggos still on sale at $2 each, I stocked up those as well, all for a faction of the price!! Thank you again!!

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