Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heb Run for P&G rebate

I am sorry I did not get this posted last night, but I was home after 10 and had to clean the kitchen :(
I went out last night to purchase $35 worth of P&G items to get $10 back via MIR.

I ran out of HEB last night because my mom was finally able to mail me the Gain and Vicks product coupons I had given her (guess I should have saved some for myself just in case, huh!)
Anyway, those pesky P&G coupons with their limit 4 likes makes it a bit more challenging doing these deals, but I think I made it work ok. You can still get everything I did, however, it will cost you $4 more because the Vicks coupons are now expired :(again, sorry, I didn't know prices of everything until I got there, Also, a friend did tell me last night, she bought Vicks Sinex, so maybe you can sub that in your scenario)

Here is what I did:
4 Puffs tissues $1.98 each - free wyb Vicks product coupons 2-27 PG = FREE
4 Vicks Cough drops .99 each - $1 any Vicks (expired now)= -.04
1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.97 - $4 insert 2-27 PG = $5.97
1 Gillette Fusion ProSeries Thermal Face Scrub $6.97 - free wyb razor yellow HEB coupon(found near razors AND face scrub) = FREE
2 Gain sheets $3.93 each - $3 insert 2-13 RP = $1.86 (these coupons beep and require pushing through)
Final cost BEFORE coupons: 36.68
Final cost OOP: 7.79

Profit of $2.21

*For those of you in Katy, the HEB Plus had several tearpads for the rebate near the razors and Vicks cough drops :)

Tell me your scenarios!


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