Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kroger Mega Run - a few New finds thanks to my evening out with Kroger

As some of you are aware, I got to go out to a Kroger Sponsored Blogger event last night and in true couponer fashion I had to shop!!!! (I mean come on, a Kroger I rarely go to; I am gonna scout it out).  I am sorry to report the store was seriously lacking in tearpad coupons (don't worry, I let our hosts know, much to the snickers of the other bloggers there, but I don't care, I have always been a couponer first.  Shoot, I was a couponer before it was cool and we had to sneak them out of our purse to avoid scrutiny)
Anyway, I got there 1 hour early (I like to be very punctual when I am being invited somewhere, work on the other hand is another matter, lol).  Well, there was no one awaiting my 1 hour early arrival so I took this opportunity to SHOP! (as any TRUE couponer would)

Well, I have to say, I did find a few more deals at Kroger that I don't have already posted in my matchups here and hence the reason for this wacky post.
First, for those of you with infants, or possibly future infants, future grandma's or you simply want to donate to a good cause (shoot even if it is only for the reason you need 2 more items to round out your 10, I don't care, it is free, go get you some!)
Aquafresh Infant toothbrushes are $1.  I noticed these about 4 nights ago and came home and did a search to see if coupons existed. I really wanted printables for the kids toothpaste again, but instead I found these infant toothbrushes.(that's ok, I am visiting BFF next weekend and will give them to her for her new daughter :)

Another HOT thing I noticed was the Motrin PM was on the mega sale (how the heck did I miss that????).  They are $2.99 regular, but $2.49 after mega (hello, can you say $6/2 coupon from 1-9 SS makes these a PROFIT!)  Oh and quick tip, at this store, they "appeared" to be sold out since I went to the regular aisle and it was MT(as in empty!)  BUT, THIS IS WHY YOU READ MY BLOG!!!!!!!  I found a stash!!!!
Go to the register and be proud to look like a fool ( I was).  There were little cardboard displays on the pegs where the candy is hanging or even on the pegs facing the actual registers (as in you are in line, it is your turn and they are checking you out and you look to your left and so, oh, yeah, I needed batteries and Motrin PM, thank my lucky stars they are right here at my fingertips!)  Cha CHING!!!! Pay dirt

And finally, to round out my 10 items I went ahead and took the plunge and grabbed more of these Dole Fruit Crisp bowls.  My kiddos had one each over the weekend and really seemed to enjoy them.  They are only .49 each after mega event and coupon from 1-9 SS but if you purchase 4 in a transaction you will get a .75 oynso catalina (thanks to my good coupon buddy Dealz for that tidbit <3)

And since I was there and I had the coupons, I went ahead and threw in 5 Starkist tuna pouches(apparantly two are still in the car and I did not feel like going back out!)
They are priced at $1.50 and will trigger a $1.50 oynso wyb 5,  I went ahead and got them since I had .50/1 IPs (no longer available)   Made all 5 cost $1 which my mom is more than happy to pay.
If you have these $.50 IPS remember they expire 4-12 so don't delay in redeeming them!!!!!!

And finally, I had four more Yakisoba .50/1 coupons from 3-13 SS.  Well, they are everyday priced at .88 at Kroger so free after doubling.  Well, even though the coupons do not expire until May, I hate sitting on FREE with doubles because you never know if things will  change or stores will always be out of stock.  I mean Randalls only doubles 1 like so if you have 10 it means 10 trips.  If you have these coupons, don't delay, go get them now so you are not out like a crazy person come expiration date(I know I do that far too much)  Go get them NOW while it is NOT urgent!


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Dole Fruit Crisp bowls coupon can be found on 1-16 SS, not 1-9 SS.

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