Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walgreens HOT Almay Money Maker!

Ok, I got this deal from my good coupon bud IMM93 but I can't say with 100% certainty where she got it because she is a coupon ho like me! lol
Anyway, I am glad I have such awesome coupon buds that know I cannot know everything going on at every store all the time!  This is where I think it is VERY important to find a coupon buddy or NINE ( I would have said seven since it is a lucky number, but I have always been partial to 9). *

Anyway, my bud told me that select Almay was on sale for 30% AND we had $2 insert from 3-6 SS.  Not only that, but that awesome book you see pictured can be found in the HBA(that is health and beauty aid section for those non-retail workers) of your Walgreens stores(if you don't see it, ask your BA- Beauty Advisor at the cosmetics counter).  Inside is a Walgreens coupon for $2 off Almay!
Combine the two and you have yourself an awesome money maker and great opportunity to start your register reward stash for those of you that are a little light in the pockets right now!

The four Almay items pictured above were all on sale for just $4.19 each.  After the $2 manuf coupon(hand over this one FIRST) and the $2 Wags booklet coupon, they were just .19 and I earned a $5 RR for purchasing 1 participating Almay product!  Sweet $4.81 money maker!
Even if you don't wear makeup, there are many items to get you started at Walgreens and then you can donate them, I know several Women's Shelters who would be more than happy to take donations of these items!

*If you need a coupon bud  in your area of town, feel free to leave a comment here and perhaps you can find one(they don't even have to be in your area of town, just someone that can do half the research for you and report back to each other, I would love to help hook you guys up :)


Nina said...

anyone in the Heights area?

Katt said...

I'd love to be anybody's Q bud! :P

I usually just read blogs at the moment, but I'm also interested in trading Qs that I don't use.

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