Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Pedigree printable - Close to free at Kroger

There is a new printable for Pedigree canned dog food here.
These are still currently on sale at Kroger on their mega sale for .50 each wyb at least 10 participating products.  (they ring up $1 and then register takes off $5 at the end of the receipt for each 10 participating items, see matchups here and here).
Well, there is also a catalina promotion right now on these: Buy 8-9 get 1.00, buy 10-11 Get 1.50 or buy 12 or more and get $2.00 oynso.

Scenario example:
Buy 9 cans @ $1 each
-$3 for 3 Buy 2 get 1 free coupons (assumes you have at least 2 computers)
Buy 1 Aquafresh training toothbrush @ $1.50
-$1 for 1 .50/1 IP
-$5 for mega event
= $1.50 oop and earn $1 catalina back for a cost of .50 for 9 cans and 1 toothbrush(hey you can even use this brush on your dog :)


You can buy 10 cans, use the 3 coupons and pay $2 oop but get back $1.50 for same overall results of .50 for 10. (thanks facebook reader Robin for an easier scenario, lol)


catintx said...

Buy 12 cans of dog food, use 4 coupons (if you can print 3, you should have a 4th coupon, right?). That's $12 minus $6 (assuming you purchase 8 other mega items for 20 total), then you subtract $4 in coupons, AND get the catalina. 12 COMPLETELY FREE cans of dog food. (Time to ask my mom to print 2 for me. Heck, everyone I know. LOL)

Anonymous said...

@Catintx..Most of the Krogers that I go to only allow 3 like coupons.

Anonymous said...

Last night when I purchased a few cans for the March savings deal and the Catalina machine printed me a save $2/4. Can't wait to use that for 4 free! Does anyone know a zip code with these coupons they are gone in my zip.

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