Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UPDATE: Free $30 Shutterfly Credit for members of MyPhotoWorks!

WOW!  I just got this in my email and I had to laugh, because the email continued to say:

We found a great place for your 1 photos and we can easily transfer all your photos to a free account at Shutterfly, the leading photo services company.  Even better, when you transfer your photos to Shutterfly, we'll give you $30* to turn the pictures you love into award-winning photo products, or an Archive DVD.
*Offer valid only for customers who transfer their PhotoWorks photos to Shutterfly through 11:59pm EST May 2, 2011.

 HA HA!  I have exactly ONE photo there but they are giving me a $30 credit to Shutterfly, woo hoo!
It has a direct link that you click on through your email, so if you think you have a PhotoWorks account, you might want to check your spam folder for this offer!

UPDATE:  Reader Angie just went to her account on MyPhotoworks and was able to get the $30 credit AND she used SHIP30 code to get free shipping!  She did not get the email but since she had 3 pictures at MyPhotoworks she was still able to get it!  Thanks Angie for the comment


Angiecg75 said...

i didn't get the email, but went to the website and transferred the 3 pictures from 3 years ago (LOL), and added a ton more... used the $30 credit, plus tried the code SHIP30 (free shipping for orders $30+). It worked! Paid $1.08 for my whole order... happy dance time!

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